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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “kaidyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    xvcC(xvcC)Adult (f)731210122
    iJrA(iJrA)Adult (m)51029390
    2OwJ(2OwJ)Adult (m)1,75634887
    OIQK(OIQK)Adult (f)622293125
    HINM(HINM)Adult (m)796380156
    7g5K(7g5K)Adult (f)597237152
    lkXG(lkXG)Adult (f)1,00253051
    i29B(i29B)Adult (m)771278176
    nxdo(nxdo)Adult (m)571229140
    5CYy(5CYy)Adult (f)659190109
    2fBJ(2fBJ)Adult (m)883387171
    UEjB(UEjB)Adult (f)877318181
    Wngc(Wngc)Adult (m)623334129
    pvsc(pvsc)Adult (m)90847252
    GnUw(GnUw)Adult (f)589273123
    hTWf(hTWf)Adult (f)1,110349177
    ACiA(ACiA)Adult (f)660195108
    uxwQ(uxwQ)Adult (m)63635774
    uZqb(uZqb)Adult (f)568319118
    BuQx(BuQx)Adult (f)878331145
    AJmM(AJmM)Adult (f)526211152
    r9Cq(r9Cq)Adult (f)614323118
    GKdR(GKdR)Adult (f)866343164
    mtdY(mtdY)Adult (m)505210141
    dEiO(dEiO)Adult (f)870309186
    Pdk6(Pdk6)Adult (f)552233149
    sF66(sF66)Adult (f)687252152
    5qZL(5qZL)Adult (f)769284181
    GSBM(GSBM)Adult (m)951401141
    849h(849h)Adult (m)1,049436202
    4iBC(4iBC)Adult (m)807315184
    AgXc(AgXc)Adult (f)765311179
    uxDf(uxDf)Adult (f)997437141
    1HFA(1HFA)Adult (f)589264133
    gvRd(gvRd)Adult (f)914359140
    T51L(T51L)Adult (m)591266140
    Qlfp(Qlfp)Adult (m)867322172
    GPe5(GPe5)Adult (m)836257152
    Fmxw(Fmxw)Adult (m)900346179
    EPma(EPma)Adult (m)898436163
    Z6lp(Z6lp)Adult (f)500209145
    huKD(huKD)Adult (f)889350183
    XnJN(XnJN)Adult (m)686278151
    krDH(krDH)Adult (m)795238156
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