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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jwj8025,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
o3vL2Rika AcubensAdult (m)2,6457312
pmuOrHelia AcubensAdult (m)1,9174432
dZBC5Asward AcubensAdult (m)3,3729034
9DRlhRedspear AcubensAdult (m)4,3304691
SJGIsHeiba AcubensAdult (f)2,4447012
8c6RZenia AcubensAdult (f)1,9205445
AK4fISirius AcubensAdult (f)2,3606242
LDh1jAruki AcubensAdult (f)2,5606871
hiI1Redfang AcubensAdult (f)1,5954843
N5lWaEdan AcubensAdult (f)6,0387032
eqDcArnold AcubensAdult (m)1,40249510
IOn4Mana AcubensAdult (m)1,5196113
gQ3mgKarisma AcubensAdult (f)1,9056404
ATFlDelencio AcubensAdult (f)1,4284871
9QsDQAshille AcubensAdult (f)2,6137582
5npTmWhitenine AcubensAdult (f)4,3416132
ktsTZGoldia AcubensAdult (m)2,7047591
1gfD9Denebola AcubensAdult (m)1,2084160
feWnOKellan AcubensAdult (f)6,1177051
bNXBuMylaine AcubensAdult (f)2,4366491
Q7kaBasil AcubensAdult (m)1,6655063
3goMBlanka AcubensAdult (f)1,51051115
d0OMBlackbird AcubensAdult (f)1,3394521
fSPX9Alan AcubensAdult (m)2,2114913
8otm8Pantalleon AcubensAdult (m)1,8304722
pNs4Marcia AcubensAdult (m)1,5175151
JepBgDiallo AcubensAdult (m)1,4894280
bIKfSylvester AcubensAdult (f)1,4984713
ERXr5Pelloa AcubensAdult (f)1,1804040
XKlqdAthia AcubensAdult (m)1,6444611
rOI5hTerrania AcubensAdult (f)2,3726402
Gm79BVentellas AcubensAdult (f)2,6507280
uVYI5Graciela-cAdult (m)5,5416832
GQcQXElinia AcubensAdult (f)2,9467361
ukh2rUmberto AcubensAdult (f)1,6054210
73OcAndra AcubensAdult (m)1,4034741
IaqG2Avia AcubensAdult (f)2,7437190
5q3UFleta AcubensAdult (m)1,5905131
Eu3thKarena AcubensAdult (m)1,4924010
Xek0SNavid AcubensAdult (m)2,6057653
RK3lFlangdori AcubensAdult (m)1,5755012
4SIDoVernon AcubensAdult (m)1,7264511
P5nlCano AcubensAdult (f)1,2105079
SKv52Odilelea AcubensAdult (f)2,1745911
GcJskGrandia AcubensAdult (f)4,2844822
kqLVWhiterize AcubensAdult (f)1,5214844
lpXbVelika AcubensAdult (m)1,7515082
YL6FVKazena AcubensAdult (m)2,4266821
lVM9jMarjorie-PearlAdult (f)5,5536901
D0iMbSualocin AcubensAdult (f)1,0884090
HqOKiBeckarus AcubensAdult (f)1,4804321
I6a7Florence AcubensAdult (m)1,5935157
DnJBRCarmen AcubensAdult (m)1,4044191
8hQu8Bluefire AcubensAdult (f)2,0805843
m4O8iNero AcubensAdult (f)4,1185821
k7BVTerrynight AcubensAdult (f)1,6925585
DpqpUDevaid AcubensAdult (f)2,6087391
LJn5aBlackshaki AcubensAdult (f)2,3816511
v9MRdLucias AcubensAdult (m)1,4644091
9lh0nSerena AcubensAdult (f)2,4756322
nQm2kDeiven AcubensAdult (m)1,6384341
XQgcGEbony AcubensAdult (f)1,2534401
fT2lbOsvan AcubensAdult (f)1,3984141
hG8RnEvansia AcubensAdult (f)1,8894473
lhvSvAlbireo AcubensAdult (m)3,8164782
pNIulmerak-star in the skyAdult (m)4,1503961
mWlNMKadios AcubensAdult (f)2,9397511
E519WZeakshave AcubensAdult (f)3,8334652
bvA1Felice AcubensAdult (f)1,3334783
8AcPDustin AcubensAdult (m)1,2904713
8MHQBuletale AcubensAdult (m)1,4104711
lZo3cRudia AcubensAdult (m)1,7074512
qPl9Anais AcubensAdult (m)1,4604836
T1R3DViolenthia AcubensAdult (m)1,8924433
IbF4hSuhalla AcubensAdult (f)1,8125571
pSBrhTewi AcubensAdult (m)3,8119662
r2aLvVantallose AcubensAdult (m)2,7637791
0qKHeNellapion AcubensAdult (m)2,6307281
LCMhMSolararrow AcubensAdult (m)3,9664571
OcYkbRocio-the small waterAdult (m)7,9416801
A9j41Pongki AcubensAdult (m)2,5167072
Qg8WsMacnair-fireAdult (m)5,5636711
vpHqRoja AcubensAdult (m)1,5344744
BE1QPSizuha AcubensAdult (f)2,1776121
VSXJGlaudia AcubensAdult (m)1,4603327
8so1Noruzio AcubensAdult (f)1,4414501
LaYoYKlaus AcubensAdult (m)1,3054360
NIOo4Aboki AcubensAdult (m)2,7067352
PHZPpFelix AcubensAdult (f)4,6645841
d3krWhitesky AcubensAdult (f)1,6435183
tvocSasha AcubensAdult (f)1,5074805
ieBOpNieve AcubensAdult (m)1,6614463
QGlIOEvanshai AcubensAdult (m)1,7525461
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