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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “judeiiro,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZqeCbZ'Soya CincauHatchling5,2648262
8OOZMBoom the Egg CrackerHatchling5,5578771
dbNeDScourge of the Mana Labyrinth IIHatchling4,4046742
LP9iLScourge of the Cryptic IIHatchling4,4076642
vlbNjTealo AppealeoAdult (f)11,4121,6446
JkVhwAquine CedineAdult (m)9,2381,0565
KDsyrTealano Cedine IIAdult (m)9,8841,1352
evhkWToday's Moody LeetleEgg (F)
y584SAntares ShineAdult (f)11,2701,3965
UHebGOne With The CosmosAdult (f)9,9991,4515
xq3AZCosmos With The OneAdult (m)11,8041,5741
hH2upHigher Up CandelabroAdult (m)11,4281,7065
V3hj6Maro Zyuzyu IVAdult (f)11,5251,7982
Z7WK7Z'wogma ZyuzyuAdult (f)11,6581,7989
3vbpLEvoba ZyuzyuAdult (m)11,3311,4247
X5zHoXezho Zyuzyu IIAdult (m)10,4181,3552
jzlZEate many shrimps IIAdult (m)4,5256104
AU9ufAvino ManinoAdult (m)9,7261,4474
xHtsRAvano MananoAdult (m)9,6691,5082
LXSvKStrawberry FirebellyAdult (f)1,2585656
GbDi4Peppapepper Ascended FirebellyAdult (m)9,9301,7714
Wzuq6Flaming Parmesan IIAdult (f)11,9641,4092
hT3pcUndying Hero IIAdult (m)10,4221,5394
7fkE6Strawberry Blueberry NoodleAdult (f)11,3471,5975
ZZiWGZZ'Wiggy Valentine IIIAdult (m)10,8391,3656
nMHrPTally HookAdult (m)10,4851,8606
lUP0cWonderful Time IIAdult (m)6,9511,2057
P8FKITime Bending BabyAdult (m)10,8321,4925
pbp99Timey IIAdult (m)7,9251,1142
TIGxcThe Tigtogger IIIAdult (f)11,1451,77412
2JtE2Time Weaving BabyAdult (f)9,7981,4015
3ytxjTime Warping BabyAdult (f)11,6781,3394
wjiVRAeoverreAdult (f)9,6451,1421
9UMCvNebulava StarletteAdult (f)8,9831,4495
6QuY7A Midsummer Bite's DreamAdult (m)8,7481,4584
PFqiaGot My Name From A Crypt WriterAdult (m)10,6341,4338
6lUloLord VermillioneAdult (m)10,5041,7968
RzJtKTotally Sucks To Be MeAdult (m)11,1611,7558
wEvZRCount ChompulaAdult (m)10,5451,4974
S6XKDBite More Contagious Than BarkAdult (m)11,4561,4713
V2GwBCall The Doc I Cant Stop CoffinAdult (m)12,4541,5003
x4vZcHell Hath Bitten Me Back to LifeAdult (m)8,7301,2513
OrxPkThanks I'm Feeling FangtasticAdult (m)12,8441,5172
BMR5uNorseferatu the Viking VampireAdult (m)12,7981,5132
QpF5PVeincent Vein GoghAdult (m)10,6831,2323
AjdUlCannibal On A Juice DietAdult (m)13,5601,5659
VXn5CNape'oleon Bite-a-veinAdult (m)10,2841,6353
3CX9zDecoffinated NeckspressoAdult (m)11,7551,5193
vGEriA Sucker For IronyAdult (m)10,6331,3941
A5GYMI'm Not Funny- I SuckAdult (m)9,3171,3353
wqScgI'd Die For A Stake SandwichAdult (m)9,5051,3104
T2PFII'm Always A Little BattyAdult (m)9,7381,3124
lidfDOn The Bite Side Of LifeAdult (m)9,4161,2993
3RDX2I'll Always B PositiveAdult (m)9,3501,1735
Vb2fQA VeinpotAdult (m)9,3271,2094
JUHHVA CountAdult (m)10,9871,0883
iPyE1All A Vampire Has Is TimeAdult (m)10,7721,0363
vsMxVUnderbite OverkillAdult (m)8,8499392
2eQyNUmpire of the DeadAdult (m)9,2461,0854
qpvE6High Stakes No LifeAdult (m)9,8651,2994
2UInmSuin the AngryAdult (f)6,6531,1163
74rQLTarql the MadAdult (f)6,6571,1243
paknqPakn the FuriousAdult (f)9,1231,3153
HzRUuHezruu the BlisteringAdult (m)9,2751,3292
phEoFPheof the GyaruAdult (f)8,2141,0385
7QHFWHooky ShookyAdult (f)12,5551,5881
6N7qkSanta's Cookie ThiefAdult (m)10,5331,8433
oFkr1Strawberry Nebula IIIAdult (m)9,2791,4595
YhHVBSantana's Cookie ThiefAdult (m)9,8731,5033
atMuCDora ExploraAdult (m)1,2125118
12HdyHeady TotteryAdult (f)9,0741,5316
MiGBtHRH Crimson ChinAdult (m)4,9221,18210
IUIxRHRH Treacherous QueenAdult (f)10,0151,8247
ufg35HRH Crimson KingAdult (m)9,2991,1124
5Oh63Royal RoyalsonAdult (m)7,9071,1013
puVZzLitchi Pichi IIAdult (m)9,8991,1483
bCri9Beacri Leaffall IIIAdult (m)9,4841,45114
AYXUVSeeking YoursAdult (m)8,1301,4733
Bb2OOSeeking MineAdult (m)7,3391,3453
YZtO4Araseeker IIHatchling (F)1,6711901
TrN9xPennbrin Coppero IIAdult (m)12,7501,6275
XA9zBHead Full Of Flowers For YouAdult (m)9,1241,5803
wFv6WPyron PyralscaldasAdult (m)8,8111,8136
9NOmvGenopyrAdult (f)7,7978551
ogb6NKe'wyrmo of the LavasoAdult (m)10,2381,8177
lo4qfKe'wyrma of the LavasoAdult (f)11,3971,5894
G9ss3Ge'sse of the MagmaAdult (f)10,0011,1671
BELoEChersonese TerrorAdult (m)1,1844535
edH9fBlackgold Terror IIAdult (m)3,5071,0473
3mESEBloodgold Terror IIAdult (f)1,2875445
sIK1kHydrosikphius IIAdult (m)7,3461,2202
k5ypVKespyphius IIIAdult (m)7,3661,1993
1nboRSolagon HearthstoneAdult (m)8,7011,6209
vFwhcSolaria HearthstoneAdult (f)5,7301,1744
Tc1RjLychee SpecklesAdult (f)5,2991,2498
TDdocQuonebbulonAdult (m)9,9471,1801
QWGDbQueggabonAdult (m)8,6641,1164
TVC4kQuo n' NebbAdult (m)10,0031,1602
blrNcObigaxos IVAdult (f)8,6171,76910
y3xDLMean Girl Essays IIIAdult (f)9,0381,3217
bxcYuBexcyu the Obiflame IIAdult (m)9,6421,3235
EcZFhObidaxos of the Deep GreenAdult (m)10,1291,4165
oapaWBulbous FalseAdult (f)10,8391,2753
XaWFmQuonebbulaAdult (f)7,5631,0461
OpTpjNebb n' QuoAdult (f)10,1521,1384
6WcpsQuoquobunn IIAdult (f)9,6841,1754
OU7wSHellfire HotsauceAdult (m)5,3091,1667
3yzIXOtta DrakoptaAdult (m)7,8931,6255
G0VvFGovgov DrakoptarrAdult (f)9,9201,9736
6GPFkBerber BullAdult (m)10,7301,0393
MJXcEVladdion Donn IIAdult (m)11,6881,5973
EYUAHFalse BulbousAdult (m)7,1829106
23TuT(23TuT)Adult (m)5,5461,23210
BXRMqPennyjoy Coppera IIAdult (f)8,8671,3733
8qPN2Officer CopperalAdult (f)8,5509462
lDG0xLivera CoppertailAdult (f)7,4151,57211
nTS32Attractive ConductorAdult (f)9,9621,1482
3qWb3Burn Bebe IIIAdult (f)8,9431,6337
f9ZUaCrispy GlowyAdult (f)9,6221,4552
9zGhSPitfeisterAdult (f)9,3841,9204
MIsxWRaygmyAdult (m)9,4441,1633
2fhboPicasso RayAdult (m)9,8541,1582
JEWGWLooking For A Bite to DrinkAdult (f)10,4231,87712
xiqX9A Pain in The NeckAdult (f)12,1901,6966
3ZK6UI Only Drink BloodweiserAdult (f)11,1261,8114
PFWScNecktarines Are My FavouriteAdult (f)11,6681,6586
6N9DGMy Type Is UAdult (f)8,7651,29112
7fWd1You're A Bite For Sore CaninesAdult (f)7,7891,09116
7Tj8jIncapable of Self ReflectionAdult (f)10,9691,4185
21ENTNo Autocorrect- I Love Type O'sAdult (f)10,4181,2436
Jy6MKCount Ry of the Wild WestAdult (f)10,6791,3825
B8PVoKill-o-Byte the Egg HackerAdult (f)14,2231,5462
1A21lFeeling It In Your BloodstreamAdult (f)9,9661,4522
yfB7jA Bloody Good BiteAdult (f)8,9781,3745
8sfsdExcuse Me May I Have A NapekinAdult (f)6,9029583
hAPdjFangs For Nothing JerkAdult (f)7,1781,0224
EfhhTAn Artist Loves to Draw BloodAdult (f)11,1391,3964
AoLvtAlways Raising the StakesAdult (f)11,2581,1232
qoUonFeast Your Bite On ThisAdult (f)10,5859982
1b9a6Sparkle Under The SunAdult (f)10,1401,0022
FRDeD(FRDeD)Adult (f)7,7719835
7dEwLBite of IronyAdult (f)9,4161,1213
DkebEVanilla With A Dash of ABAdult (f)8,7919686
7kuJoBlood At First BiteAdult (f)8,8031,0254
25IOLOmen Can't Believe You Bit MeAdult (f)8,7271,4321
MktTzA Sucker For LoveAdult (f)6,9691,1344
txvpmPeriod PainAdult (f)9,5881,2595
0r2oiCrampy the VampyAdult (f)9,6631,2477
rj8d9Stair of Aegis IIIAdult (m)8,2281,3592
oy5yNFragrant Prince IIIAdult (m)10,6011,5701
93PIjHuoshen JinlongAdult (m)5,7481,26811
LMh4pLeodonaurus RexAdult (f)11,2541,4953
IWOrJIworgeAdult (f)10,6311,0682
i97iqMonarch of GluttonsAdult (m)12,2191,7107
2CDKSI Eat Magic For LunchAdult (f)12,5501,5641
j9mVcMatriarch of GluttonsAdult (f)13,3831,6262
vRVPETime Has Called Upon The QueenAdult (f)7,0941,1922
i5NIyRoastspice PyralseaAdult (f)11,7741,75010
ZaUX6Magixenos IIAdult (f)11,1001,7444
DbMHADabedabemhageia VIAdult (m)10,4231,3303
bNmjeLoving Mageia IIAdult (f)11,2111,3852
jJALrMageiasaAdult (m)10,6521,2375
AaHJRTengbei TianlongAdult (f)1,6587464
zfvz9Tianling HunlongAdult (f)1,3005176
UsriBTaiyang Hunlong IIIAdult (m)2,5815115
AXQgPQingkong TianlongAdult (m)12,6681,5172
X9HerXihe DanlongAdult (m)6,9779185
G1SeMThe Golden Days of Me and YouAdult (f)11,1101,5943
ZvzmjLivero CoppertailAdult (m)9,9031,7985
PbCOwSandy QuatreAdult (f)10,9951,4403
EMf6eSandy QuatroAdult (m)4,0516617
47ELYCaptain Frillon RedwyrmAdult (m)4,7581,1339
1XnFsMistress Frillianna RedwyrmAdult (f)10,1921,7784
uxHZTKohraka ZetoneAdult (f)7,8451,8477
u86tYKorakhanAdult (f)11,5541,6352
CG3mRBaby Be AvearywhereAdult (f)6,0951,2774
8pGWIBagwipis DesaAdult (m)6,7121,7393
2I6klMandar InhoardAdult (m)1,5946657
AY6VsLemon Pocket IIAdult (m)3,3861,0564
9mLDbCryptasAdult (f)10,2091,5373
M0a42CryptosoAdult (m)9,5491,5302
k95KCCryptineAdult (f)9,6991,5212
aI9zqCryptongAdult (m)9,6671,5431
4tMxKWhipping DreamAdult (f)4,6081,0736
xyqhaThe Falling Leaves of You and IAdult (m)10,3161,5753
KPYLJPumpkin Spice and Ginger CookiesAdult (m)12,8711,6244
NL6ksOrange Baby MaggieAdult (f)4,3931,0309
n1uO4Sunshine Leo Baby IVAdult (f)11,2241,7786
BzxOZOrange Baby OzzieAdult (f)11,3742,0202
OJUpIOjuju Magikyoumi IIAdult (f)10,6811,7246
MluQROrange King Marinozzie IIAdult (m)9,7871,8647
HmeybMeyblinne VIIIAdult (f)5,99378815
PA3vjPoem of Chemical XAdult (f)6,06580513
FLerAFlera Ozzlord IIAdult (m)10,9471,6775
tPtCzMagiathus VIIAdult (m)9,8701,4075
MC7NfMagiqin Kirredas XIAdult (f)10,2951,2135
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