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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jostensminyard,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wbvY7S a e t r eAdult (f)11,4261,3794
F1jQTS a r t r eAdult (f)12,1661,5195
c4w87T u r m o i r eAdult (m)7,7511,3145
Q91UoZ a e k y rAdult (f)7,5321,3733
E3I2jL a t h a e lAdult (f)4,5127616
VokqmV o i r eAdult (f)3,7487613
88Vf4H e a r t c a t c h e rAdult (f)2,6051,1947
PEnhcM a r i n a  D i a m a n d i sAdult (f)3,6767973
m69h4P a r a d o x a l  T i m e sAdult (f)8,8121,2265
BGfqbS p o t t r o nAdult (m)8,4611,2903
RnivxS o u l s t o r mAdult (m)10,3951,6348
4HtTCG e o d a i r eAdult (m)6,6959803
phd1GO m e n  o f  F e a t h e r sAdult (m)10,7321,4685
vhj2hD y o m e i d r aAdult (f)10,7931,4524
dJkSyL o r i n eAdult (f)11,6471,5456
JJ2uiT h e  A r c a n aAdult (f)5,2921,0119
h3rX2S o f t  F l a w sAdult (m)8,3441,2433
st1dZO t h e r w o r l d l yAdult (f)4,3536553
4FF6xApelles of KosAdult (m)10,0751,4125
HXKFrV a l o u n a sAdult (m)8,8651,5446
u8TMfB o d e z sAdult (m)5,0407136
gyMWhR a p h a eAdult (m)7,4131,2497
vFmv8A n t o n i oAdult (m)9,3271,71010
IKlQuT o  B e  F r e eAdult (f)5,6981,2497
CnM5fN i k a iAdult (m)6,1711,2464
zG2guZ e n o v r a s  T h u w e dAdult (f)6,3971,2417
UymE3A l a w aAdult (m)6,4451,2313
snpafLaculaAdult (f)6,5561,3104
25FPgH i g h  H o p e sAdult (m)7,5391,4587
2S9tAS t a r d u s t e rAdult (m)8,3171,64039
Jnzj3M e l i s m o rAdult (m)7,1521,5254
N3mAgL o s i n g  G l a s sAdult (f)7,6271,4646
B8pHML e o d o nAdult (f)7,3441,5754
Ra5SUR a z o r c r e s tAdult (m)7,4521,5744
A8PlhG i o t t oAdult (m)3,1737754
GTPHGL a z a r e tAdult (f)4,7971,1305
HGZn0W h i c h  W i t c hAdult (f)5,8591,1296
P5MOYA r i a  D o r k f a c eAdult (m)4,7049184
yOCpnA m n o sAdult (m)7,1021,0409
67td0S k y d a n c e rAdult (f)7,8481,3634
NCIp8F e a t h e r c l o u d  W i n gAdult (m)3,6896873
kuLguM a g e l i g h t e rAdult (f)5,9261,1461
KySLDD i t i oAdult (m)7,6121,4838
3BvGvA r i a  T h u w e dAdult (m)4,3529033
ayPdGR e a s c e n s i o nAdult (m)3,4415373
s0HH5S a t u r n  C a p r a i aAdult (m)4,5287942
jfV01A s c e n s i o n i s mAdult (f)4,3287984
tFkYwZ h i v o u r aAdult (f)4,0743452
zFKLLL e o d o n i t eAdult (m)2,1957072
ukkImK a r m i nAdult (m)2,2286101
0HKccA u r y a n aAdult (m)4,3438093
R1rf8A s t r a p i q u eAdult (f)4,3658022
EPTApZ a u r y n nAdult (f)4,3017682
hAcCER o s e  D o r k f a c eAdult (m)6,3678452
ixmkwA n a c h r o n i s mAdult (f)5,8928301
82tFLO c h r e i rAdult (f)3,2384812
c43JoK i n g  o f  t h e  C l o u d sAdult (m)3,1484702
Ls5s5S h a e s e o lAdult (m)9,2998506
ERRNXF l o r a l i t yAdult (m)4,3944235
NQUEME p i t a p hAdult (m)10,4921,4033
cIZzqN o eAdult (f)12,8491,4983
zpqYYT h a l a s s a i aAdult (m)9,8181,5565
I9IM3J u r i n aAdult (f)3,0523781
u18gcC y n i c a l  M o o n l i g h tAdult (m)3,5353803
11cplOne of the DrunksAdult (m)3,4273361
fXhvBT h e  O v e r p a s sAdult (m)3,3433603
XvsLUD e r a n g e d  S u nAdult (f)6,4001,1214
VEDzyS e p h y r o t hAdult (m)8,6611,18226
JPz8AS a c r e d  L i f eAdult (m)9,0641,4709
ZkOXqZ e n t h o r x i aAdult (f)7,7911,0781
7F3XRD r a m o r eAdult (f)7,3149782
JZgxBA r u s k aAdult (f)9,1281,2804
InvciM i l oAdult (m)8,9171,2154
JA9qCC a p e l l aAdult (f)8,8841,2492
fcXn7E l l e r yAdult (f)9,6311,1692
eIw4jG l o r i o u s  D a yAdult (f)10,7081,3742
j3DDnM i l l i c e n tAdult (f)11,4901,4381
qWUZ7G l o r i o u s  N i g h tAdult (f)11,6201,5045
RsLekR e q u o r t a l i aAdult (m)10,0181,3376
hVk86L i n hAdult (f)3,3798174
bOkGcS t e p hAdult (f)3,4617786
Sw0TKB i l l i eAdult (f)3,2998149
93xB1A r a b e l lAdult (f)7,8171,2682
ndL6VA v i d  C o n s e q u e n c eAdult (f)5,7509523
1EX10V a l d e m a rAdult (m)11,9421,4871
2XhwdR o s c oAdult (f)16,9291,60352
YfDEhA n n i h i l a t i o nAdult (m)7,0229752
oBQTzA c h a i k o sAdult (m)9,3771,0695
FrQu8B a s i l i aAdult (f)9,2491,0426
YEFaAP h e r e n i q u eAdult (f)9,2291,03810
tuDFoC o r i n n aAdult (f)1,9254660
WndNrK l e i s t h e n e sAdult (m)1,9584720
F6TvlA m a r y l l i sAdult (m)11,3291,7615
Y2gdaP y r e zAdult (m)10,9331,5728
G9XR1E u a n t h eAdult (f)10,8111,5913
40EErZ' M u k o c h e r a  iiiAdult (m)10,6981,6025
9OFp1F l u o r e s c e n c eAdult (f)2,5645930
aG1TFK a l l i a sAdult (m)7,9811,4087
yYfjgE p a p h r o d i t o sAdult (m)6,6591,1355
GuEMRD i s i l l u s i o nAdult (m)10,7051,6735
jD6jtH a n a e lAdult (f)4,7357624
ZOm1IA d v a c h i e lAdult (m)7,3331,3005
JGNREV e r k h i e lAdult (f)7,2211,3735
gNRptH a m a l i e lAdult (m)8,6771,3874
YoDmMB l a c k  T r u f f l eAdult (m)8,7481,5956
P26nqPyrovarAdult (f)8,7051,5635
HbiT3R e d u c t i o  a b s u r d u mAdult (m)9,0351,5562
sZzgyB a r b i e lAdult (m)8,5671,4682
uxGEzBlack Truffle GustitchAdult (m)8,9381,4894
NlO6LM a l a h i d a e lAdult (m)8,8831,4783
ZQtlnB a r c h i e lAdult (f)9,2941,4734
Mm5QTC a m b i e lAdult (m)9,1941,4866
31o7xS e e k i n g  A m b r i e lAdult (f)7,2371,1594
eMidQZ u r i e l  T h u w e dAdult (f)6,7571,1382
Ht7v0A s m o d e lAdult (f)5,3851,0975
e5u46O c e a n i dAdult (f)10,3951,4672
8v9pTH y a d eAdult (m)10,0571,4495
7DdS8N e p h e l eAdult (m)9,5441,5151
tF53DL e i m o n i a dAdult (f)8,1811,3445
Qh88VO r e a dAdult (m)8,0431,3202
ztCF1C h e v a l i e rAdult (m)8,1001,3172
3cDAaA z i e lAdult (f)8,9171,3103
L6XfCQ u i n oAdult (m)8,1911,3173
7m8ppC a v a l h e i r oAdult (m)11,0171,3725
8q7CnA n t h o u s a iAdult (m)5,7767884
F2W9DH e c a t e r i d eAdult (m)8,3231,2864
2Ur9tA s t e r i a eAdult (m)5,8611,1196
6yqYuY e l n aAdult (m)4,3399997
18KqVV a s q u e zAdult (m)10,7351,5522
XihvbC h e l i aAdult (f)10,5541,5423
eNJJyV e n i t aAdult (m)10,7331,5623
yUt6sI n d h y a  T h u w e dAdult (f)10,7401,4641
LTOTkN i c o l e t t e  T e m p l eAdult (f)6,2461,2705
7hVe7R i b e i r oAdult (f)11,5111,4948
2AHGkM o n t e r i oAdult (m)4,1406554
VujlCM a u l a n yAdult (f)5,3689155
5Lm74A n d r a d eAdult (m)2,1934393
L859kH o l l i g a nAdult (m)5,2486794
A01YaO b s c u r i t aAdult (m)4,5464478
mvSwwL e d aAdult (f)4,0884279
gF0eW(gF0eW)Adult (f)6,7731,1812
8k1baR e i y a nAdult (f)10,7681,5038
1s9JB(1s9JB)Adult (m)9,0851,4084
c8P1I(c8P1I)Adult (m)9,2191,3424
YE6Ll(YE6Ll)Adult (f)10,2431,3811
derYr(derYr)Adult (m)9,5691,4093
3qTRo(3qTRo)Adult (f)10,9871,4582
ohObG(ohObG)Adult (f)10,2861,4143
4sNso(4sNso)Adult (m)10,6361,4603
JYjRj(JYjRj)Adult (m)10,1461,3903
fe8Pf(fe8Pf)Adult (f)10,4481,4105
cqcHK(cqcHK)Adult (m)10,6381,5446
eTfyn(eTfyn)Adult (m)11,6451,4088
6Pf0j(6Pf0j)Adult (f)10,2431,58414
6FcHz(6FcHz)Adult (f)6,6171,2004
HClReV a l e t u d oAdult (m)6,6971,2395
JErBs(JErBs)Adult (f)7,0521,2494
QkGLh(QkGLh)Adult (m)9,3081,5397
EBZRx(EBZRx)Adult (f)7,1041,3849
mdpdcS i y a t r aAdult (f)6,7571,2663
ZZU9vM e r c u r i u sAdult (f)6,6151,2926
51sSg(51sSg)Adult (m)6,8351,2861
tYMlq(tYMlq)Adult (m)7,7081,4144
Hbxls(Hbxls)Adult (f)12,8761,6014
TlzFh(TlzFh)Adult (m)12,8191,5815
QmEV7(QmEV7)Adult (m)12,6451,5663
pnyUV(pnyUV)Adult (f)12,4741,7605
zW9xp(zW9xp)Adult (m)12,6621,7792
4GHRC(4GHRC)Adult (f)10,3011,4743
3R8sa(3R8sa)Adult (f)6,9211,3037
VhPoL(VhPoL)Adult (f)10,2201,4762
kqzfk(kqzfk)Adult (m)10,9711,4902
mYwC4(mYwC4)Adult (f)10,7041,4372
SXot9(SXot9)Adult (f)3,6354247
Tv9zT(Tv9zT)Adult (f)9,0021,38310
8A6Ik(8A6Ik)Adult (f)8,7601,3595
svb0ob 0 oAdult (f)8,8591,3626
P4wUW(P4wUW)Adult (m)11,3211,5288
SSVbc(SSVbc)Adult (f)10,7001,6086
V1yUQ(V1yUQ)Adult (m)10,5761,6053
Fa7Tv(Fa7Tv)Adult (f)10,5821,6061
16KAs(16KAs)Adult (f)7,8041,3376
0oKvV(0oKvV)Adult (f)6,2421,0102
G8Nxf(G8Nxf)Adult (m)9,0911,3893
VGIsq(VGIsq)Adult (m)7,5021,3571
Nmk5W(Nmk5W)Adult (f)7,6001,3221
L0TDeLord 0f the DarkAdult (m)7,7111,3534
uung3(uung3)Adult (f)7,9471,3552
dtL97(dtL97)Adult (f)6,5461,3082
SqKD6(SqKD6)Adult (f)7,4181,4082
PHbNa(PHbNa)Adult (f)6,8981,3035
o3Ot1(o3Ot1)Adult (m)6,7941,2843
78RIQ(78RIQ)Adult (f)7,0161,3081
WQaXr(WQaXr)Adult (f)3,1867071
NUyQl(NUyQl)Adult (m)3,4337343
ih4JW(ih4JW)Adult (f)3,2797082
mmoeW(mmoeW)Adult (f)3,2647012
LRDky(LRDky)Adult (m)3,3067052
JpwbG(JpwbG)Adult (f)3,4936935
e87T3(e87T3)Adult (f)3,4216824
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