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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jordag23,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eQOI(eQOI)Adult (f)6,3661,58613
jja7(jja7)Adult (f)7,0101,2368
0aFU(0aFU)Adult (f)4,6508915
lqs8(lqs8)Adult (m)3,3093640
MVII(MVII)Adult (m)7,1995897
VLqP(VLqP)Adult (m)9,3431,5248
LSdv(LSdv)Adult (f)6,3311,1946
WPaO(WPaO)Adult (f)10,8171,5529
5dIt(5dIt)Adult (m)7,5476044
0T8l(0T8l)Adult (m)6,81486311
IWs4(IWs4)Adult (f)5,67382021
L8Jq(L8Jq)Adult (f)8,5266746
LO5s(LO5s)Adult (f)6,7991,6206
7lvV(7lvV)Adult (f)6,3241,1463
53Qc(53Qc)Adult (m)7,5331,52811
oK7U(oK7U)Adult (m)8,2411,7055
cS5P(cS5P)Adult (f)6,2817035
HkTg(HkTg)Adult (m)6,3556993
8drc(8drc)Adult (m)6,3417062
EIEY(EIEY)Adult (f)6,7871,0724
obe5(obe5)Adult (m)5,7411,4694
Nbpn(Nbpn)Adult (m)8,4868606
9LHN(9LHN)Adult (m)6,6101,06412
X46U(X46U)Adult (m)6,3201,5679
5UEI(5UEI)Adult (m)8,2221,2537
UqcB(UqcB)Adult (m)6,3951,5617
FYMu(FYMu)Adult (f)4,8181,2795
4iOe(4iOe)Adult (m)7,8431,5238
QVJU(QVJU)Adult (m)6,2777013
uaiB(uaiB)Adult (m)10,06699513
lDo1(lDo1)Adult (m)10,1091,6228
F8ZF(F8ZF)Adult (f)8,3831,30710
ITnY(ITnY)Adult (m)7,6986212
THHT(THHT)Adult (m)6,0615967
NTAT(NTAT)Adult (f)8,1568667
evuU(evuU)Adult (m)5,0031,2538
qiK3(qiK3)Adult (m)12,1861,2198
mbFv(mbFv)Adult (m)6,0519302
E1RL(E1RL)Adult (f)6,8851,5672
ETcU(ETcU)Adult (m)6,9801,27421
eNDl(eNDl)Adult (f)8,1411,6499
2TES(2TES)Adult (f)8,2961,2798
S3Y3(S3Y3)Adult (m)8,3261,4816
mpcG(mpcG)Adult (f)8,1361,04315
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