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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “johnnalola,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
w5jj4Regal WijiAdult (m)4,1666274
8rvRkTangled RakeAdult (m)4,6448122
YA6pASin YaAdult (m)4,8468231
xfFsqAnt AnneAdult (m)6,2578512
f584lAnt FateAdult (m)5,8128322
IGcN9Lydon NeinAdult (f)7,8791,1706
mQ0EbRegal QuebAdult (f)7,4361,2767
paGaT(paGaT)Adult (m)7,9901,1485
3W2VlLevithian w2Adult (f)7,4761,31926
jyPjSPeace PjsAdult (m)7,7081,2142
km4YS(km4YS)Adult (m)5,1906932
TKmMM(TKmMM)Adult (m)4,3611,0222
J6HP3(J6HP3)Adult (f)6,5909213
RIy5WOrange Static IIIAdult (m)8,6801,3033
VCNZiOrange Olive IIIAdult (m)8,5921,3074
3TfZl(3TfZl)Adult (m)6,1496272
ACOPzFierce CopsAdult (m)5,5966020
8MXpRSin MaxAdult (f)6,4616043
KYebKSly YebAdult (f)5,7465842
vGAyCLyndon VayAdult (m)7,6921,0463
kUeKE(kUeKE)Adult (f)5,0445842
dx2x5(dx2x5)Adult (m)4,3576093
tUPk8Levithian TupAdult (f)5,2035572
F2TiT(F2TiT)Adult (f)4,7177822
jzG1p(jzG1p)Adult (f)2,9102873
IR3Eo(IR3Eo)Adult (m)5,2705838
jvcGmRegal JackAdult (f)7,4788522
rERm7(rERm7)Adult (m)3,6013691
tz43l(tz43l)Adult (m)8,3228782
Mc953Magi WordAdult (m)5,8366663
OWItWSin OwlAdult (m)7,7001,1252
YKj0JSin KojiAdult (f)7,7501,1102
5aJZ2Peace JazzAdult (m)6,1176622
a8r6D(a8r6D)Adult (f)6,1245442
Y0fuM(Y0fuM)Adult (f)6,3585181
ylWTWSin WTWAdult (f)5,0555604
rHiMj(rHiMj)Adult (m)8,2279882
QT0gaSin TogaAdult (f)5,6415627
Kq9gC(Kq9gC)Adult (m)3,96371419
mJbtU(mJbtU)Adult (m)7,6871,0053
jhc8q(jhc8q)Adult (m)7,4821,0191
t24v9(t24v9)Adult (f)7,2651,0223
wSBBoRyn Rose IIAdult (m)7,4611,0183
yGPArKingston GPA IIAdult (m)7,4761,0393
UwzEx(UwzEx)Adult (f)6,1217117
mw3B3(mw3B3)Adult (m)7,9781,0687
8ERs9(8ERs9)Adult (f)8,1691,0353
fkp7w(fkp7w)Adult (f)8,0531,0412
ItpK0(ItpK0)Adult (m)8,1521,0363
GrUCc(GrUCc)Adult (f)7,9961,0423
dJqET(dJqET)Adult (f)6,9631,0015
sEYJL(sEYJL)Adult (m)7,0111,0054
HOAfqFierce HoaxAdult (m)4,1498353
e53xfBubbled ExAdult (m)5,9125222
k7rzKPeace KarzAdult (m)4,3965203
n9YxB(n9YxB)Adult (m)3,3577401
xn5qUMagi QuAdult (m)2,9587482
xWTfs(xWTfs)Adult (f)2,9977391
XJmsD(XJmsD)Adult (f)4,0239718
MjsFNPeace Shim IIAdult (f)6,6929135
F9B5SRegal FabAdult (m)5,3229062
qgZvtFierce ZavAdult (m)4,9679213
16GEP(16GEP)Adult (m)4,5091,0862
wDZ4SFierce DiazAdult (f)4,8771,0921
R2djxFierce Horse IIAdult (m)5,6618924
S4HiABubbled HiAdult (m)4,7438782
KNpyDSin PoyAdult (f)4,1811,0853
QU0YuAria QuardAdult (f)3,7658825
1MQv2(1MQv2)Adult (m)3,6358293
LJpA6(LJpA6)Adult (m)3,7788504
R2xMQ(R2xMQ)Adult (f)4,9739742
nvA4k(nvA4k)Adult (m)5,1959653
iTeSF(iTeSF)Adult (f)6,6791,0701
HQQrP(HQQrP)Adult (f)6,6641,1163
pIDYU(pIDYU)Adult (m)6,2681,0811
ETMjp(ETMjp)Adult (m)6,5551,1023
WfzsF(WfzsF)Adult (m)6,4391,0842
gxurb(gxurb)Adult (m)6,6451,1234
VxQl6So did IAdult (f)3,2017111
0TcQH(0TcQH)Adult (m)4,9431,0804
HZPq4(HZPq4)Adult (m)4,2381,0040
3uzYP(3uzYP)Adult (m)4,6567261
FxGvg(FxGvg)Adult (f)4,9586855
DaRbK(DaRbK)Adult (f)4,7357124
oW7XV(oW7XV)Adult (m)3,3456530
kDpqk(kDpqk)Adult (f)6,3079391
fQdzL(fQdzL)Adult (m)6,2549521
hWDLu(hWDLu)Adult (m)6,5449351
oC3ML(oC3ML)Adult (f)5,2261,0205
Rdc9S(Rdc9S)Adult (m)5,2991,0364
jpZ1I(jpZ1I)Adult (m)5,2107200
6L5oU(6L5oU)Adult (f)4,9137161
tjKvO(tjKvO)Adult (m)4,0857781
IVCvI(IVCvI)Adult (m)3,7624421
fuwOq(fuwOq)Adult (m)6,2595254
pdJpC(pdJpC)Adult (f)5,8525291
InRx6(InRx6)Adult (m)5,6788462
7Sm0t(7Sm0t)Adult (f)6,8541,0484
bSxZ0(bSxZ0)Adult (f)10,6817261
CxrMp(CxrMp)Adult (m)10,2757153
L6ryn(L6ryn)Adult (f)8,0497031
Yirgb(Yirgb)Adult (f)9,1417102
o0m2O(o0m2O)Adult (m)4,9975822
RH09QI just showed upAdult (m)5,2155902
sXVab(sXVab)Adult (f)5,1625852
jvE6c(jvE6c)Adult (f)7,0481,0391
5HoEU(5HoEU)Adult (m)4,7957013
feiGx(feiGx)Adult (m)6,9571,1192
NN8Zs(NN8Zs)Adult (f)4,9707091
gbQwk(gbQwk)Adult (f)4,8906990
7TxBN(7TxBN)Adult (m)5,0676771
nKBGW(nKBGW)Adult (m)1,6785503
u8HGf(u8HGf)Adult (m)5,1055644
AVlHI(AVlHI)Adult (m)5,2326371
5JSja(5JSja)Adult (f)5,8279213
ITjc3(ITjc3)Adult (m)1,7203761
hfyLI(hfyLI)Adult (f)1,6113752
OW9SR(OW9SR)Adult (m)4,1037133
HXus4(HXus4)Adult (f)4,0206970
nrjPr(nrjPr)Adult (m)4,4087201
obizd(obizd)Adult (m)6,2491,0082
ZS7mD(ZS7mD)Adult (f)1,6273771
AFOso(AFOso)Adult (f)4,4059311
ncI46(ncI46)Adult (m)5,3468503
AXQFg(AXQFg)Adult (f)5,2308163
8ByKm(8ByKm)Adult (f)4,5213481
Oz9uu(Oz9uu)Adult (m)4,5443642
P7Jyd(P7Jyd)Adult (f)4,9636911
7HyZc(7HyZc)Adult (f)4,9146910
C3vLu(C3vLu)Adult (f)6,3391,0752
2MCVa(2MCVa)Adult (f)4,3686381
BAqDw(BAqDw)Adult (f)4,0734612
gDlkP(gDlkP)Adult (f)4,2804711
ybBYg(ybBYg)Adult (m)5,7848832
1jy5t(1jy5t)Adult (f)8,0297215
pTNioDynamite PintoAdult (f)10,1166864
MHo2e(MHo2e)Adult (f)5,9709263
PNTt8(PNTt8)Adult (m)3,6697204
poDLL(poDLL)Adult (m)3,6397392
7ugMV(7ugMV)Adult (f)3,4907245
ILdR4(ILdR4)Adult (f)3,7077422
Ne1wI(Ne1wI)Adult (f)3,5767423
3hIpE(3hIpE)Adult (m)3,7127332
QohpU(QohpU)Adult (f)3,6377304
iQCh0(iQCh0)Adult (f)3,7437354
3p0scRegal PocsAdult (m)4,6628294
DshrKAnt SharkAdult (m)7,1221,0721
OWJ95Regal Ow IIAdult (f)3,9476774
WLUFPAnt WupAdult (m)4,5917314
3joANAnt JoanAdult (m)5,2926782
p9c0UAnt CouAdult (m)5,8649801
rHEPIAnt HepAdult (m)5,5326253
qKplSAnt PlsAdult (m)5,3777661
dqAe3Ant AeAdult (m)5,1357543
cOFnpAnt ConAdult (m)5,1727533
wHFmHAnt MahAdult (m)4,8107492
G2huHAnt HuhAdult (f)6,0345261
hGWYtAnt WhyAdult (f)2,5535091
jnHDKAnt JDAdult (f)3,1015491
IItQQAnt LilAdult (f)2,7975491
iuBdjAnt BudgeAdult (f)5,4629753
GT6fSAnt FuzAdult (f)5,4369402
MXjW7Ant MaxAdult (f)5,5919552
VIlsuAnt SuAdult (f)5,5279781
MCE8SAnt CebsAdult (f)3,5339672
JaB1BAnt BibAdult (f)7,7331,5082
wlrfdAnt FordAdult (f)5,5636102
Rm018Ant MolAdult (f)4,9517432
BxOb4Sap BobAdult (m)6,4384451
vc2z0Sap VokAdult (m)5,3686832
RhypbSap RyeAdult (m)5,2906982
ZWzWfSap Z'WizzAdult (m)5,3717742
qX2vLSap QixAdult (m)5,4295904
kssA8Sap SateAdult (m)4,0448862
wYXFpSap FogAdult (m)4,1489063
RPhyqSap RaphyAdult (m)5,2626474
VvxfpSap FopAdult (m)5,3326174
oi7OdSap OiAdult (m)7,7631,5501
8pB1fSap ApeAdult (f)4,7999772
dOGh6Sap DogAdult (f)6,5864572
3SzFZSap FuzzAdult (f)5,3526883
zSaSKSap Z'SaskAdult (f)6,3675021
NhOTVSap HotAdult (f)5,3296482
2prFKSap ForkAdult (f)4,7037402
gM1LRSap GlamorAdult (f)4,8697522
HSvVjPeace VijAdult (m)6,2651,3843
1LmktPeace LambAdult (m)6,4131,3833
flJ2ZPeace FloatAdult (m)6,2041,3844
8YhQ8Peace QuateAdult (m)5,1409833
TRCiMPeace TriAdult (m)5,5849831
gEaBYPeace GabbyAdult (m)5,1806721
ZKyUAPeace Z'KuAdult (m)4,7388743
Sb9gUPeace GuAdult (m)4,8498064
P0o75Peace PooHatchling (F)2,6122751
CTfl4Peace CutAdult (f)3,2025663
1GzEXPeace ExAdult (f)5,3381,1065
HAfelPeace HafelAdult (f)6,3331,3652
s1nmlPeace SmileAdult (f)4,1626524
w2G21Peace W2Adult (f)6,2901,3632
nmOVJPeace MovAdult (f)4,6171,25413
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