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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jocelina,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1UrKBelieve in YourselfAdult (f)3,1601,64469
fUR3My Rose-Red HeartAdult (f)3,6091,67667
N9wfYou're My Boy BlueAdult (m)3,1371,62353
aQTmGraceful as GrassAdult (f)2,8951,62244
LmIdPrince PrettyAdult (m)2,5941,35745
Y5n1Teleport AnywhereAdult (m)2,5491,43935
L8WVStill Riding the StormAdult (m)1,61490326
nojZMy True-Blue BabyAdult (m)1,14367911
wVfkGood SongAdult (f)1,16668113
8CGAFancy As Can BeAdult (f)1,0856469
mgJCPrince SteveAdult (m)90260528
MenSTeleport EverywhereAdult (m)2,66479343
exuuMy Love Is a Blood-Red RoseAdult (f)1,39284336
YcRWGrasstimeAdult (m)2,0991,21337
ECFKWater Glide Sun InsideAdult (m)1,8491,11736
UYuiTwo Heads Can Be CreepyAdult (f)2,0011,20937
yzDIShades of Blue-GrayAdult (m)1,6921,12418
jYHsI Built My House of StoneAdult (f)1,7141,14922
7xXOFall Is a Great TimeAdult (m)1,5561,09818
7glRWhite as a CloudAdult (f)1,5281,09116
bpkePrince of Roses and FireAdult (m)1,9581,30517
kIEvPrincess AmyAdult (f)2,0141,31217
5vSdTeleport MeAdult (f)2,1071,35114
5fPxFly High Bright HeartAdult (f)1,7121,16011
6KCHI Gather the CloudsAdult (f)1,7821,2187
AaCYA Winter Morning's GloryAdult (f)1,8011,22212
r1z3Lily of the WavesAdult (f)1,5311,05611
6M9aLet the Green Grass GrowAdult (m)98270010
NkrgHold Fast Brave HeartAdult (f)1,8381,25735
jSBBSpelldragonAdult (m)2,3771,64024
zgYwWhite as Snow and Half as ColdAdult (f)1,6381,12332
nZFEPrince BloodroseAdult (m)1,6391,13024
GiavI Dream of StoneAdult (m)1,7081,22538
zWCQPrince WarrenAdult (m)1,4081,07924
7oD4Guard Your Heart Sweet OneAdult (m)1,6081,25416
BeatBeat the Drum and DanceAdult (f)1,3481,04014
IzdgStone Houses Under StarsAdult (m)1,05580516
q8oDPrincess ValentinaAdult (f)87666614
3hveHave This and Hold ItAdult (m)5704905
OZmDOzma DriftingAdult (m)86364817
Yj06Prince FlowersAdult (m)85264314
AGETPrince BuddyAdult (m)83363718
NZKOFinally Phinneas FinnAdult (m)2,0801,20619
BKycFeisty FrannieAdult (f)1,27993513
MXtwHeart of Stone and StarsAdult (f)1,25490112
coduHave a Good NapAdult (f)1,36993313
Pv3KPrincess PinkaliciousAdult (f)1,05076820
IGY0Perfect MorningAdult (m)1,06276412
SyLJFinally Felicia FarewellAdult (f)1,05876415
KV1DSweet Dreams Sweet OneAdult (f)66447629
C8t8Feisty FredAdult (m)73451424
2UTtHeart of Stars in StoneAdult (m)77154327
QlFJGood Night DragonAdult (m)84161427
VxQ1Red SpikalAdult (m)62149118
RZLIGreen As Grass Is GreenAdult (m)78137525
lbNDStripes on the SkyAdult (m)97641622
kXg9GlancyAdult (f)1,17344941
f004Mermaid GirlAdult (f)1,14645041
fKvHFierce and BraveAdult (m)1,13644338
qGY7Flirts with WavesAdult (f)1,08339533
62umWater Doesn't FreezeAdult (f)77141239
SrThDradrakeAdult (m)80941939
vsX8Stripes on Her HeartAdult (m)82543534
CaDQzGilt-Edged BurningAdult (f)4,0732724
JFjtxPrincess CharlieAdult (f)4,6743124
1yKAVCerulean-Edged SkydancerAdult (f)4,3052874
2125hPrincess EmmelineAdult (f)4,1422776
Rs7tISleek As SnowAdult (f)3,8792703
zif7WWire BoyAdult (m)4,2582843
1MFPsSparkly Diamond ShineAdult (f)4,3652912
cSa2MMeteor MirrorAdult (m)4,5613052
EIUuXMy 5-Year-Old Names My DragonsAdult (m)4,8783262
CVzE6Yodel the Mountain DownAdult (m)4,8663254
6Ty8JPink Prince of HoneyAdult (m)4,8893263
8Da60Prince of Chocolatey JoyAdult (m)4,4852993
nFju2Two-Headed WyrmAdult (m)4,7413174
SVu9vShadow of My StarsAdult (m)4,4102945
27bFVHeart of Sweetness and LightAdult (f)4,4102948
b78BQAnd You Shall Be HealedAdult (f)4,1352763
gpVL2Cutie HelperAdult (m)4,4923016
PjECoSleeping RosemarieAdult (f)4,2482845
0gebESleepsea MarieAdult (m)4,7483173
OtV62Sneaky Snakey MarieAdult (f)3,3732762
lYwo8Let's Make Some New FriendsAdult (m)3,9442633
UMEK4Thoughtful in PinkAdult (f)4,2912873
QSrFMBattle the BattleAdult (m)4,4973005
IiAsFTrue Blue GemmyAdult (f)4,5223026
wNoNYBathing in the PurpleAdult (m)4,4863007
dn1YQEvil Spell UndoerAdult (f)4,1552774
jem0ECaptain JemAdult (m)4,0962748
lwQJQStudy in ScarletineAdult (f)3,8862603
ugVIvCount UgolinoAdult (m)4,0502704
zMtgdDainty Dancer on the ShoreAdult (f)4,2262823
4E8yMStarry Night in the AlpsAdult (m)4,2002807
rzLYnRazlynAdult (m)3,8862605
5JBXdLaila bint KamalAdult (f)4,0202686
6nfmKWire BabyAdult (m)3,9302623
i3PLDDramatic Jazz HandsAdult (m)4,0452843
nmI5WBig and Pretty and BlueAdult (m)4,3243013
AepKqShadow of My GlancyAdult (f)4,0343724
c7HWQEver So Pretty in PinkAdult (f)3,7833312
DVMUULet the Wind Blow HardAdult (m)4,3904022
tA5AmI Dream of GreenyAdult (f)3,8053853
1xcn4Like a Falling StarAdult (m)4,2404401
WPTWxStirring Up the SkyAdult (f)4,3474772
lFbYCPillow PAdult (f)4,2503873
MF6moSweet Dreams of TeleportationAdult (m)4,0054271
BGVYnRivulets of GlassAdult (m)4,6714312
eMNMrFleet Breezes Hear MeAdult (f)4,1184641
WwMI6Mana-Encrusted MaliceAdult (f)5,5766162
R9EcTI Dance on the Blizzard's WingsAdult (m)6,6406772
8SDeuViolet Just in TimeAdult (f)6,4666481
LBUYmPretty Plush Pink PetalsAdult (f)3,7554933
IBi19Sweet Starlight Seems RightAdult (f)4,6795701
XiIs6Gleaming SoftlyAdult (f)5,3096341
36LHLI Dream You DreamAdult (m)4,5274781
8gcjrRed and Golden GloryAdult (m)4,3224831
71eZiNice Day for a DaydreamAdult (f)4,4524682
SrH5gSweet Light Before SunsetAdult (f)4,7945951
9NI4EA Necklace of Stars and GloryAdult (m)3,6744323
rl5WwBright CoalsAdult (f)4,0074253
3wiUxSilver-Tipped Purple PrinceAdult (m)4,6584173
QHPFzDrawing SparksAdult (f)8,9258301
YJWLSTurquoise-Tipped FerocityAdult (f)8,6748161
yI9xwSweet Sun-SeekerAdult (f)4,5724541
1YLrHBeware the Black IceAdult (f)6,5717281
cTXzHBlow Thou Bitter WindAdult (m)3,4083977
pQiNyLurking in the Bubble BathAdult (f)6,5796631
4H5R7It's a Delicate DanceAdult (f)4,6444222
yf4d7Undine MarvellAdult (f)7,3387551
BTcjuRuby of the Black PrinceAdult (f)7,3507251
yTU3mSweetly Speckled DarlingAdult (m)3,6874462
q1eNfJazz Hands All Day LongAdult (f)4,1064923
q3oxrPoor ButterfliesAdult (f)3,9874322
RYH3YStirring the SandAdult (m)6,7071,0814
ypogKStars Are Softly GleamingAdult (m)7,1727261
7pQFxPrince PetuniaAdult (m)6,7287063
6oFNyBrightest SunnyAdult (f)5,7846803
ri4RKPrincess of AmazeAdult (f)7,0107192
n7SU0Blue-Green SingingAdult (m)4,7404361
BD0PBI Am Moon MoonAdult (f)6,0406433
eKa01Princess of CupcakesAdult (f)6,7566953
L2BpSLady BeepsAdult (f)4,2934521
5n1KZPrincess of PetalsAdult (f)6,5206263
luPULPretty Petty PrincessAdult (f)6,5836393
mSMQOEmerald Green as GrassAdult (f)5,8155614
ON1hRStirring Up the StormAdult (f)5,0554903
bZIhbAm I Looking At MeAdult (f)5,6595181
4IKOsElegant Evening EntityAdult (f)7,4296312
inC4vThe Light of a Fading StarAdult (m)5,5755363
i33IUStories of the SandAdult (m)5,6735171
4WbpVPrincess of BatsAdult (f)7,3816294
MmY7KThe Fire and the Rose Are OneAdult (f)4,8214872
JTAsFDream of the Green UniverseAdult (m)4,6974524
6j912Great Big Pieces of FlairAdult (f)4,4454873
tqUm9Dark MoondanceAdult (m)4,5424973
ZtAgpPrince of CupcakesAdult (m)7,0076322
OCCnyOccupied DriftingAdult (m)6,7446541
iALCPTruffle TotAdult (m)5,2745602
qjzj9I Glory in the HeightsAdult (f)4,8135513
jvuhCFiesty Frosty FellowAdult (m)4,6665322
0Apk6Brazen FiresAdult (f)5,9115354
SgagXSagacious RebelAdult (f)4,2054363
cuHpADolphin of HellAdult (m)4,5044304
FKMflFresh as Pink PaintAdult (f)5,8866023
pUbnsVolcano Pub CrawlerAdult (f)4,4525262
0dZDGI Believe in Magic SpellsAdult (f)5,5415673
zZBo8I Dream the UniverseAdult (f)6,2736153
FH1o2Pretty Prince of Scarlet FlameAdult (m)5,9146091
JVCPLI Glory in the FlightsAdult (m)5,9356123
ihxroQuite a Handful of FireAdult (f)6,6466533
I1RwYYara the BraveAdult (f)4,9494463
Xe3iMElusive with a Flick of the TailAdult (f)4,6094732
kkIyrSmolder SoftlyAdult (f)7,0426091
6vbjrSulfurous SweetsAdult (f)5,5988442
OC03yOccult DreamerAdult (f)5,0328224
eEJ2gPretty Purple PrancingAdult (f)5,0728204
o9onFOona de KalisteAdult (f)4,9748262
ucEYpWard Against WickednessAdult (f)8,0377001
rFEICPrince of PettyAdult (m)7,6596663
7MS3wSwift Sweet SwallowAdult (f)6,8066472
waCwREmerald Embers EverywhereAdult (m)7,0686391
zItbMSweet Sunrise StarAdult (f)5,7995564
21uMsElegant Embers EmergeAdult (f)6,6056352
k8uBnMinty Fresh ForeverAdult (m)6,7206374
LfNIlLife of the Holiday PartyAdult (m)5,2875562
OPBBMKicking Up Her Heels in GreenAdult (f)5,5845861
25oxjOm Nom OxAdult (f)7,2837603
SGqoEFluffy Fluttering FlyerAdult (f)7,7507954
57T9VSweet Streamy StripesAdult (f)7,8238342
OylHVHoyle Hope of His LineAdult (m)7,8648072
oyUI9Like an Alien but WeirderAdult (m)5,7406022
0mwFPHidden Heart of SweetnessAdult (m)5,8045922
PKUa7Pikua PyraliAdult (f)5,4085741
FN1n6Two Minds Hiding in the DarkAdult (f)8,7648802
cPKdBAbracadabra PartyAdult (m)5,5465712
6gaOUGaou TataiAdult (m)5,5675923
Eng9sFool's Gold KissAdult (f)5,4765783
Me5u8Shiny Shiny ShockerAdult (m)8,9609012
C3Q0BCyril the CrankyAdult (m)8,6419201
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