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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jinglepupskye,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YIj36(YIj36)Adult (m)3,8138383
ckW96(ckW96)Adult (f)2,4767622
rKixJ(rKixJ)Adult (f)2,3747601
LP2hM(LP2hM)Adult (f)2,3807621
FR6Wi(FR6Wi)Adult (f)2,3197621
YF4FE(YF4FE)Adult (f)3,6679804
1pqNi(1pqNi)Adult (f)2,3367711
OiIKP(OiIKP)Adult (f)2,3777432
OIJHW(OIJHW)Adult (f)4,3949812
6tJdO(6tJdO)Adult (f)4,0499951
pGFPf(pGFPf)Adult (f)4,0359492
vLKxm(vLKxm)Adult (f)3,8669631
ye58P(ye58P)Adult (f)3,6258601
lZPwf(lZPwf)Adult (f)3,8998801
4iLLs(4iLLs)Adult (f)3,7668772
I2R4v(I2R4v)Adult (f)3,4688202
LQi8d(LQi8d)Adult (f)3,6818631
oQrQW(oQrQW)Adult (f)3,6888522
YlzmO(YlzmO)Adult (f)3,4968260
McqJd(McqJd)Adult (f)3,0858141
Lzxyi(Lzxyi)Adult (f)3,0818112
BXfi8(BXfi8)Adult (f)2,8787891
DxjuR(DxjuR)Adult (f)3,1057861
XQXSs(XQXSs)Adult (f)3,0998081
HCfpU(HCfpU)Adult (m)3,2429985
vYnbr(vYnbr)Adult (f)2,6008521
8Txi7(8Txi7)Adult (f)2,6278440
PGjCI(PGjCI)Adult (f)2,8936832
RYwCt(RYwCt)Adult (f)3,3936053
BOkqL(BOkqL)Adult (f)2,8366213
V7wnW(V7wnW)Adult (f)3,2907062
R99q9(R99q9)Adult (f)3,3577484
TlBFf(TlBFf)Adult (m)3,9528252
HJpA7(HJpA7)Adult (m)3,4517501
XgUhn(XgUhn)Adult (m)3,7318052
VnpPU(VnpPU)Adult (f)3,6788101
11Ef5(11Ef5)Adult (f)3,4277662
KLcY5(KLcY5)Adult (f)3,8446644
2S3Hs(2S3Hs)Adult (m)3,6437350
B4NdJSkye WightwonderEgg (F)
ZcnMbBirthday Flowers for 500Adult (m)5,0294754
gqWkGone Away - Gone AheadAdult (m)3,1842145
KDlShEchoes Away - Gone UnansweredAdult (f)4,3914183
JDRAEmpty - Open - Dusty - DeadAdult (m)3,4632326
3jWBkWhy Have All The Weyrfolk FledAdult (f)9,0321,52210
qhf2Where Have DragonsAdult (m)3,4212295
LAhVnGone Together - Leaving Weyrs ToAdult (f)4,6609105
UP39Wind And Weather - SettingAdult (m)2,6122676
e5GO6Herdbeasts Free OfAdult (f)5,7514475
iir6HTether - Gone - OurAdult (m)6,7721,1030
VQXTGSafeguards - Gone - But WhitherAdult (f)5,4173991
9hriIHave They Flown To Some New WeyrAdult (m)4,0074494
gXnvhWhere Cruel ThreadAdult (f)4,4523452
CAchjSome Others FearAdult (m)3,7191,3711
aVm0jAre They Worlds Away From HereAdult (f)4,6191,2784
koESZWhy - Oh - Why - The Empty WeyrAdult (m)4,6101,2983
ZvCdNBlack - Blacker - BlackestAdult (m)4,3613982
mtrgfAnd Cold Beyond Frozen ThingsAdult (f)2,1737972
doakmWhere Is Between When There IsAdult (m)4,7651,12117
LoUqgNaught To Life ButAdult (f)3,2111,1853
P5RulFragile Dragon WingsAdult (m)3,6641,0025
ShF1BCold As Death - Death-BearingAdult (f)2,4236934
o9H2RStay And Die UnguidedAdult (m)4,1547953
eJE5vBrave And Braving LingerAdult (f)4,1171,0952
2CHEGThis Way Was Twice Decided - AAdult (m)4,8771,2404
QQhO2Fleck Of Red In A Cold Night SkyAdult (f)6,0788516
v3BGLA Drop Of Blood To Guide Them ByAdult (m)4,4671,1114
leH95Turn Away - Turn AwayAdult (f)3,7158892
4NrodTurn - Be GoneAdult (m)3,8271,0223
TeamVA Red Star BeckonsAdult (f)2,9558243
m7tnWThe Travellers OnAdult (f)4,9909096
UKGtGWorlds Are Lost Or SavedAdult (m)2,8016254
NrHh7The little queen allAdult (m)1,7618329
veYC4Golden - Flew hissingAdult (f)4,6269263
tYMchat the sea - To stopAdult (m)5,3701,1403
tQrs1each wave - Her clutchAdult (f)5,6841,0453
jAiYEto save - She venturedAdult (m)1,6427078
4nkOCbravely - As sheAdult (f)3,4695926
74mEYattacked the sea inAdult (m)4,34197511
d0KKSrage - A holderman cameAdult (f)2,5968045
pCCCXnigh - Along theAdult (m)3,0407204
lMNeAsand - Fishnet in handAdult (f)2,12978511
DvisbAnd saw the queenAdult (m)5,1511,0373
14B7Kmidsky - He stared atAdult (f)3,0509304
u26m8her in wonder - ForAdult (m)2,6158535
bkNJHoften he'd been toldAdult (f)4,5229382
R6i1qThat such asAdult (m)2,2056677
T4H7ishe - Could never be - WhoAdult (f)9,1421,4605
4wgykhovered there - brightAdult (m)2,8368922
0n0CPgold - He saw her plightAdult (f)1,6017033
l4H05and quickly - He lookedAdult (m)2,7949302
cJoYSup the cliff he facedAdult (f)1,6476913
FbsdjAnd saw aAdult (m)3,8427272
qvxvNcave - Above the waveAdult (f)1,5186433
T5itKIn which herAdult (m)1,6907612
DGOPDeggs he placed - TheAdult (f)2,5516456
avylClittle queen allAdult (m)3,1877341
pDAbSgolden - UponAdult (f)1,3945891
gjOTnhis shoulder stoodAdult (m)1,8785951
w2l2KHer eyes all blueAdult (f)1,8608121
0TIC4Glowed of herAdult (m)2,7086072
5A4Datrue - Undying gratitudeAdult (f)1,5736072
4fUj2From Those DangersAdult (f)2,5846957
h78rCDragon BravedAdult (m)2,6656854
W2H15Gen 1 9Adult (m)2,7934912
EbXqy(EbXqy)Adult (m)2,2503937
1p2Ut(1p2Ut)Adult (m)3,0839623
5KinS(5KinS)Adult (m)2,0186519
7UaCo(7UaCo)Adult (m)4,8971,3743
07huY(07huY)Adult (m)6,3401,3243
KG6bt(KG6bt)Adult (m)3,3344463
HBbCj(HBbCj)Adult (m)6,0568823
IXxOO(IXxOO)Adult (m)7,6415872
WhDDb(WhDDb)Adult (m)3,6266481
kNAcc(kNAcc)Adult (m)3,0417093
00uGN(00uGN)Adult (m)3,9307592
tnR9f(tnR9f)Adult (m)2,9844932
vJxif(vJxif)Adult (m)5,4289391
KPhlQ(KPhlQ)Adult (f)1,9037663
nJUkE(nJUkE)Adult (f)6,7111,0155
KbVX3(KbVX3)Adult (f)3,3343830
2QW20(2QW20)Adult (f)3,7635891
vCxYI(vCxYI)Adult (f)4,7938762
S0SN3(S0SN3)Adult (f)4,6218671
hD8Jl(hD8Jl)Adult (f)5,8061,0431
9WLLe(9WLLe)Adult (f)6,0911,0210
ddM3y(ddM3y)Adult (f)6,1071,0180
pBa2B(pBa2B)Adult (m)3,3208553
p4ByH(p4ByH)Adult (m)1,9797574
am7to(am7to)Adult (m)2,6719564
4AKUk(4AKUk)Adult (m)2,0177776
cJf0C(cJf0C)Adult (m)5,3201,1124
HKF9l(HKF9l)Adult (m)2,4698052
ZecWM(ZecWM)Adult (m)1,96079010
qEkip(qEkip)Adult (m)2,8815053
jGULD(jGULD)Adult (m)6,1459835
A8gsk(A8gsk)Adult (m)3,4055213
b09HM(b09HM)Adult (m)4,4536792
1MYw7(1MYw7)Adult (m)4,6436901
jhbDB(jhbDB)Adult (m)6,3668875
FIiLm(FIiLm)Adult (m)4,3075484
52zv8(52zv8)Adult (m)3,2035985
FybdY(FybdY)Adult (m)4,7468445
ayvMH(ayvMH)Adult (m)4,1487772
0yP0N(0yP0N)Adult (m)3,4734130
B8Jhd(B8Jhd)Adult (f)3,4391,1023
DSiof(DSiof)Adult (f)2,5898963
52C3A(52C3A)Adult (f)2,1556947
zgpGC(zgpGC)Adult (f)3,4748414
mX9Xt(mX9Xt)Adult (f)6,0501,0722
qgWkt(qgWkt)Adult (f)2,3027852
FwYj0(FwYj0)Adult (f)2,4738152
2f9Gz(2f9Gz)Adult (f)6,4418724
NW12p(NW12p)Adult (f)3,1327993
Gaey7Flittering NebulaAdult (f)3,1448166
PFxm8(PFxm8)Adult (f)3,4966108
uL8nn(uL8nn)Adult (f)4,5896762
y6wY5(y6wY5)Adult (f)3,0415251
4Qnw5(4Qnw5)Adult (f)4,1267451
V11Ht(V11Ht)Adult (f)3,1255812
ePqkJ(ePqkJ)Adult (f)3,3906093
ez5hy(ez5hy)Adult (f)3,0777320
KiBQw(KiBQw)Adult (f)3,8297651
YEq2p(YEq2p)Adult (f)6,0591,0231
mjfbm(mjfbm)Adult (m)5,3369683
5LAG3(5LAG3)Adult (m)5,3939873
4898i(4898i)Adult (m)5,3169521
KZAt4(KZAt4)Adult (f)5,4119601
sSNFVEleven Stars of Rakuen ThuwedAdult (f)7,0049834
9vi1pLaurelin Rakuen Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)5,4721,1647
VcC9dLuminous Rakuen of Khazad-DumAdult (f)5,50997411
guf2qWinter's Feral RakuenAdult (f)8,83866417
Za8SJSinful Rakuen Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)7,9481,0233
7AAWu(7AAWu)Adult (f)10,1516775
qd6wx(qd6wx)Adult (m)6,3157124
yR7G1(yR7G1)Adult (m)8,4809729
HAPiK(HAPiK)Adult (m)7,4826967
8tk4nMagical Infinity Rakuen DorkfaceAdult (m)7,6807184
tC57bDevilish Love of RakuenAdult (m)9,30780319
d6KePKnowledge of Rakuen DorkfaceAdult (f)9,6976664
9QDBHBorn of Stars RakuenAdult (m)5,1521,0267
lZqt5Blessed Rum RakuenAdult (f)4,67998511
GiEJNRum of RakuenAdult (f)4,9681,0687
67KUeFeminine Kuschel of RakuenAdult (f)6,2091,08010
V5mIdArgentum Healing RakuenAdult (m)6,83094810
gI0DfEaldor RakuenAdult (m)10,1266764
o7eaiLittle Birdy RakuenAdult (m)9,1506104
bIbEvTanith RakuenAdult (m)5,5121,10413
u5ApTWolf's Rain RakuenAdult (f)8,9265962
FNMli(FNMli)Adult (m)7,44778812
gqa0JDawn of RakuenAdult (f)7,4511,03915
t2hJDPalantir of RakuenAdult (m)6,2511,1858
jABY0(jABY0)Adult (m)6,86379411
lXP8dArgentinian RakuenAdult (f)7,1719703
A6Xgc(A6Xgc)Adult (m)8,1017532
sTFZy(sTFZy)Adult (f)7,7546217
AkMxG(AkMxG)Adult (f)7,0836375
g5f19(g5f19)Adult (f)7,5026688
hhcmW(hhcmW)Adult (f)7,0759287
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