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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jestertheproxy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aqHfARippling bayAdult (m)4,2737275
IAH7fShining MoonbeamsAdult (m)4,2197047
TZ53mSunbeam GlowAdult (f)5,0507824
TmWBUDiscord's HarmonyAdult (m)3,6424498
L3BYZMoon dipped in CrimsonAdult (m)3,5574121
tO5p2Siren's TuneAdult (m)3,3424338
ZJVPfDaemon of the NightAdult (f)2,8584116
fIYt7Impling of TricksAdult (m)2,8734212
zpfCtTwirling Whirling LeavesAdult (f)3,1904555
svG0GMistral BreezeAdult (f)3,5734522
qzhprBarbed TalonsAdult (f)3,8454832
XrB8xBlooming HeartsAdult (f)2,9894427
k3QRVSwiftwinged GuardianAdult (m)3,3946673
vAWm2Shadowstalker of the DarknesseAdult (m)3,2976847
bOp2DWinterfrost PyreAdult (f)3,4176764
Hrz3bDaemon of the LightAdult (f)4,0287574
1QWUBStargaze BlueAdult (f)5,5871,0071
4LSnpBluefeather TailAdult (m)2,7514907
j9rvxBolt ShockerAdult (m)5,8129973
XAl06Sunset's Glowing RaysAdult (m)5,6581,0061
rIBsuAstral MelodyAdult (m)2,1524663
Ux297Fluffy Feathered DownAdult (f)2,2244602
wh3SmArkeus DarknesseAdult (f)2,3714754
cM0gUSpitting PoisonAdult (m)2,0725094
2HNHURidgeback DarkAdult (m)2,2365514
sQO9iFruity delightsAdult (f)2,2175501
ZqfFYBoulder FallAdult (f)2,4015551
9VOu1Pearl White SnowAdult (m)3,1125376
WYLdDNavidad BlancoAdult (f)1,8784562
6mZ4IBells are RingingAdult (m)1,8144441
dVSfTFestive TreasuresAdult (m)1,7504381
6NWGOSoaring HolidayAdult (f)2,8134862
8uqyeCandy JoyAdult (m)2,9085102
C6kEKFrosty WishesAdult (f)2,5844694
ZlAa5Tinsel   TrimAdult (m)3,0104265
vR0e1Scarlet Moonrise's BeamsAdult (f)2,8704524
gOICxStonewhispersAdult (f)3,1144764
EImNXRidge RippleAdult (f)3,1584834
GQRb7Muneca del SolAdult (m)2,9504625
8MxE5Slytherinian NightmareAdult (m)2,6835202
aRQK1Duality Set it OffAdult (m)4,1535601
DHuX4Heart of Pain and SorrowAdult (m)2,8945404
XlkEIThe dancer of dreamsAdult (f)2,3124863
Y6NmdShockwave SyndromeAdult (f)2,9574424
OJ5lXWater  SkimmerAdult (m)2,8994472
hKP9pTerraemianAdult (f)3,6046004
15h59CassieopiaAdult (m)2,4134462
XFbjHSour MindAdult (m)2,3624003
rU07PIllusion of memoriesAdult (m)2,0794291
qABbGSkimming the tips of waterAdult (m)2,2444930
LIMKaHeart of burning desireAdult (m)2,2384940
u0LKvWave curleAdult (f)2,1414461
ZmFobSpritely wishesAdult (f)2,6254550
HWixxChai MoonAdult (m)2,2664521
rQ9PUScorpio FulminataAdult (m)2,0294420
EeSR9FloboAdult (m)2,9855062
vyQX2Dark EarlAdult (m)2,5264181
hu6obTwins of TerrorAdult (m)2,9154521
2iJHsTitan's CurseAdult (f)2,0794160
ZzLqdAries FulminataAdult (f)2,1744264
D6y7LAquarius FulminataAdult (f)2,3274341
yV3jlPisces FulminataAdult (f)2,0743971
hbTevCancer FulminataAdult (f)2,1753981
on4VaJester the FallenAdult (f)1,9843850
Ck5KcSagittarius FulminataAdult (f)5,1078790
n6VF0SekbetAdult (m)2,1874361
4NuJkAgrementumAdult (f)1,8793951
byt4ITaurus FulminataAdult (m)1,9284130
AFwivGemini FulminataAdult (f)2,1014362
Znx3oKarma FulminataAdult (m)1,6254720
6eF3fArachne's HeirAdult (m)1,5044275
CdB8uNightmares UnleashedAdult (f)1,5994715
BTqTRVoice of the DaemonsAdult (f)1,5254623
VQBs1Shockwave SymptomAdult (f)1,7604832
zkCj2Harmony in SonataAdult (f)1,5874513
hrEqyChaos the ProxyAdult (f)1,7804831
BBWPoMarsh Will O' WispAdult (f)1,7074574
LLfKcWoah What A ShockerAdult (m)1,5964261
WMMQ3Clearest Night of Shining LightAdult (f)1,9044571
TiCkxThe Plague of Annabeth ChaseAdult (f)1,6984241
XLuArThe Basilisk of SlytherinAdult (f)1,5564171
snj0FSugar into SaltAdult (m)3,0247231
ASTRDThe Day into The NightAdult (f)2,8877331
AY87ILiving into DeadAdult (f)3,0947240
m11ewSunset's Crimson RaysAdult (m)1,8504251
xmLbLHarbringer of MayhemAdult (m)6,6608696
xrjwfGraecus FulminataAdult (m)2,3365186
9XNoCLava's NectarAdult (m)4,0744871
6Bu1rEuoplecephalusAdult (m)2,3114325
MTDVcSugar and Spice-not always niceAdult (f)1,9664312
uZed6Some Legends Are GoldAdult (f)2,1554474
zoVB8HurricanetamerAdult (f)2,3504664
XP42RRippling MistAdult (f)2,3984636
KxbeVDemeter's BountyAdult (f)1,9144063
hmMvLMi Tia CallidaAdult (f)1,9664535
LbX4IThe Dance of The EmbersAdult (m)1,5904092
rEKxZHerald of Mistress MoonAdult (m)1,4803832
f4qg5MagistrymAdult (f)1,4833852
KAIfUHarbringer of ChangeAdult (f)4,1577082
vMqv8The River's WhispersAdult (m)1,4233723
wGGelFrilled Lizard AttackAdult (f)1,4823451
WK4MtSpectral WalkersAdult (f)1,5994254
LYFUHSpecter of The OperaAdult (f)1,5654152
fsRf3Pain and StrifeAdult (m)2,8566054
iCXibThe Red WraithAdult (f)1,6064953
XC59hPlumes of The PheonixAdult (m)1,7255172
PbHpyWhispers of the Night SkyAdult (f)1,6614332
1FdA1Dancing with Demons and DevilsAdult (m)2,0584334
a1USpMoonbeam ShimmersAdult (f)3,1926334
Lo47HMy Sin Of GreedAdult (m)2,0604502
tyeJmSailing and Flying in the SkyAdult (m)1,8994821
Nm1r5The Pride of A KingAdult (m)1,7124561
yu2XZThis Could Be The CrimeAdult (f)2,1244581
UxSl8Camouflage is My GameAdult (f)1,9484061
WItlfA Crescendo Of HysteriaAdult (f)2,0324332
Shg1XJust a Little Bit SaltyAdult (f)1,9054343
BDhJXBrutus FulminataAdult (f)2,1924913
0sRyyEmpress of Mistress MoonAdult (f)2,0424795
JEBtvThe Uncrowned PrinceAdult (m)2,0174591
svpgvGrove of AthenaAdult (m)2,1774961
qGvMfSpiced Cinnamon HeartsAdult (m)2,1405012
KEkCJSnow Lily ServampAdult (m)2,1804753
hjQ45Noctabs the 2ndAdult (m)1,9744316
g1Yk0Gilderoy BloodheartAdult (m)1,8534594
dHEmnThe Shadowed MoonAdult (m)2,3635753
97eYuShould The Stars FallAdult (m)1,7754521
y0bXsFeathers of the Fire BirdAdult (f)1,8154094
Mo6ZcSinlingAdult (f)1,8063962
Uz3gWDarkest Hues of MidnightAdult (m)1,7903944
CMuRJSilver into GoldAdult (m)6,2729473
eC26RTrinket of the ArcticAdult (m)1,8624021
42MZCYou Look Good Enough To EatAdult (m)2,0594296
AHExQA Harsh Frozen Death AwaitsAdult (m)1,6374527
gUKmJThe Power Of NovasAdult (m)1,6834626
wAok2Time Doesn't Phase MeAdult (m)1,5034095
AJtvYBottle of MischiefAdult (m)1,6714662
uUezUI Of The StormAdult (f)1,5834362
a8rz9She Who Controls The TideAdult (f)2,1315493
5QviUGaea's DemonsAdult (m)2,0125632
P3qkZShe Who Wields The CurrentAdult (f)2,0465342
rUI2NSeasons Change Every Passing DayAdult (m)2,0135231
F3lZ9Concealed TrapAdult (f)1,8405262
Eq9q9BofloAdult (f)1,7885041
2R0UPGilda BloodheartAdult (f)4,3063793
yrixfTears of The PheonixAdult (m)2,5674252
Q4OdJHidden Motives for MurderAdult (m)3,1554233
nV6uIThe Crown Has FallenAdult (m)3,3843872
t874iLumiere LucidAdult (f)3,6014203
NETrrCorrupted MalachiteAdult (f)3,4853802
eXYmrTerraestrumAdult (m)5,0364495
cziYLFear the Fire SnekAdult (f)3,3153824
qhADXCrops Of ApolloAdult (m)3,7973854
kS9IPI'm Worth My Weight In GoldAdult (m)3,7083287
B2NThGive Me Something Sweet to BiteAdult (m)4,0653559
XR9swThe Chaos Hidden In HarmonyAdult (m)4,2423294
3p7JPThe God's Mighty TempestAdult (f)3,6653519
TizpsThe Poison Hidden Within BeautyAdult (f)4,3317893
7FLztHurricane ElyssiumAdult (f)4,0503467
YO4LgZeros ErosAdult (m)4,1193347
85JryLook Closely and See Your WorthAdult (m)3,8753512
NtVMfThe Beauty Trapped WithinAdult (f)3,4363383
TGfptNarcissus ZenAdult (m)4,5753813
jaZCmThe Fury of the SmitedAdult (m)4,2853671
SJCPzFlying with the LeavesAdult (f)4,3303901
tqcoSNarcissus LucielAdult (m)4,2933961
yReiiBurning with ColourAdult (m)4,0553910
YYx5DWrath of DiscordAdult (f)5,9954301
BoceGThose make a Trancy ButlerAdult (f)4,0016782
DLChwThe Fury of the SmitingAdult (m)4,0383244
arde8Sunset's Glow on the WaterAdult (m)5,0373603
zhCKhLiving ContradictionAdult (f)3,9403882
LYi4JPanic the ProxyAdult (m)3,5313653
OS4HCPebblecryAdult (m)4,2683972
8ymkrKnow That Water's SweetAdult (m)4,8413564
F1tIZThough Blood Is ThickerAdult (m)4,4733492
PlX3SStars Splashed With SunriseAdult (f)4,0523372
8I6gAMonarch of AutumnAdult (f)3,6883463
bnJ2FThe Siren of LifeAdult (f)4,1093962
zTIk4Raised by the WolvesAdult (m)5,2024704
AHxC7Narcissus JaeheeAdult (f)2,4463611
bFfSKDaemon of the SunAdult (m)2,7893872
QKz4ERattlebones the 1stAdult (f)3,6853481
BCg1oThe Fury of the SmittenAdult (m)3,1353762
68DM5Zack and BreezyAdult (m)3,9193751
0XGklRose and RiddlesAdult (f)3,7593633
nvADkThe Season of FallAdult (m)3,4483244
hZMG8Ignore the StenchAdult (f)6,1484497
c8iGmWith the Dawning of the SunAdult (f)3,9113103
CH7sWHidden is my nameAdult (m)6,0204883
30prbShould the Sky FallAdult (m)7,0496802
9Yy6gWhat A Shocking ExperienceAdult (f)4,5423636
Gx3BADemonic DevotionAdult (f)6,0994444
w1DWrThe Evening FireflyAdult (m)3,4163313
nu6C0Symphony Of ShrieksAdult (f)4,4773421
y23W2The Power Of StarburstsAdult (f)3,2383330
AjnpvLook Past The MuskAdult (f)7,3514916
aAHYXGoddess Of The LeavesAdult (f)4,4513843
j1OqDPeace Of The SmitedAdult (f)3,8213613
2Gf1e(2Gf1e)Adult (m)2,8183622
DCrqh(DCrqh)Adult (m)3,7193292
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