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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “jenzaquinn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lXfTGin and Tonic SplitsAdult (m)2,16669411
DlCKRum and Coke SplitsAdult (m)1,9211,0647
r7y8Amaretto and Cream SplitsAdult (f)1,5451,0047
QymhBlack and Amber SplitsAdult (f)1,2758897
4V6VBeer and Bite SplitsAdult (m)1,2097913
p6ygBailey's and Amaretto SplitsAdult (m)1,2739161
fNG5Black Bush and Ginger SplitsAdult (f)1,0427774
0zeTmCB Tequila and Tonic SplitsAdult (f)2,2885941
qATcBCB qATcBAdult (m)3,1936961
LymasBourbon and Branch LindwurmAdult (f)2,2055951
Hb3vBBourbon and Sprite LindwurmAdult (m)1,8426181
bO8BmCB Bourbon and Water LindwurmAdult (f)3,1734334
HnU2lCB Alize and Hpno LindwurmAdult (m)3,6655053
w4T11CB Adam and Eve LindwurmAdult (m)2,9464543
9GOG5CB Darek and Jerry LindwurmAdult (f)2,0195651
4n4oPCB 4n4oPAdult (m)3,2807940
NlCnWCB NICnWAdult (f)2,3023055
81YlkCB 81YlkAdult (m)2,9747552
UXksMCB UXksMAdult (f)2,0352914
NHAFLCB NHAFLAdult (m)2,5223123
PEarCB White Russian AlbinoAdult (f)3,2894601
hETYToasted Almond AlbinoAdult (m)1,5954661
X2uhAcapulcoco AlbinoAdult (m)7,4939673
Eo46ECB Eo46EAdult (f)3,9879543
57aZhCB 57aZhAdult (m)4,1409840
rXIjpCB rXljpAdult (f)3,3667771
RCoCvCB RCoCvAdult (f)3,3607810
m3t9fG1 m3t9fAdult (m)3,8128262
KccKWG1 KccKWAdult (f)4,6418453
c6VxFCB c6VxFAdult (f)6,1478171
mJIe8CB mJIe8Adult (f)6,2818131
2sNkqCB 2sNkqAdult (m)5,3878020
N8by0CB N8by0Adult (f)4,2187751
DRQgxCB DRQgxAdult (m)4,3287750
tJk9iCB tJk9iAdult (f)2,7252962
NY18xCB NY18xAdult (m)2,8303131
ROzQVCB ROzQVAdult (m)3,6608211
eGrmM(eGrmM)Adult (f)3,6517934
GkUfCosmopolitan PinkAdult (f)2,29077861
EIIw(EIIw)Adult (f)2,4081,25810
3fh0e(3fh0e)Adult (m)2,3096144
6tres(6tres)Adult (f)2,3446282
qEtGU(qEtGU)Adult (f)3,4977241
X4j1E(X4j1E)Adult (m)3,4847230
gkvkE(gkvkE)Adult (m)4,3726090
6cer4(6cer4)Adult (f)4,3716070
MsCYCB Float Bomb BalloonAdult (m)1,0758193
e1FCCherry Floating Island BalloonAdult (f)2,38853610
ZSfrcCB ZSfrcAdult (m)3,3759432
nHo8VCB nHo8VAdult (f)3,4999441
EbqTeG1 EbqTeAdult (m)2,7387092
VRyOKG1 VRyOKAdult (m)2,6796981
xMBAJohnnie Walker BlacksAdult (m)1,9051,12013
pthiChivas Regal BlacksAdult (m)2,0341,32117
fGUsCutty Sark BlacksAdult (m)2,1771,17320
EXhfHankey Bannister BlacksAdult (m)1,55392810
CTvkGrand Macnish BlacksAdult (m)1,5509259
uF84Queen Anne BlacksAdult (f)2,4011,2579
8svFQueen of the Moorlands BlacksAdult (f)2,4041,2505
xCEhHighland Axe BlacksAdult (m)1,2108546
u2sbLiquid Sun BlacksAdult (f)1,2028456
5zpoRoyal Salute BlacksAdult (f)1,8811,35312
rYSELong John BlacksAdult (m)1,2798897
G2f5Glenury Royal BlacksAdult (f)1,4518414
e69HSomething Special BlacksAdult (f)1,3789433
zrGzMonkey Shoulder BlacksAdult (m)1,5721,0262
FwO6Morriston Gold BlacksAdult (m)1,8461,1426
XxXCOld Inverness BlacksAdult (m)1,0326502
ae1wJim Beam BlacksAdult (m)9627153
mL4ROld Smuggler BlacksAdult (m)1,2189057
p0rHSmith Sinclair BlacksAdult (m)1,4531,0113
6O5wGlen Moray BlacksAdult (m)1,3139474
2DbAEcho Springs BlacksAdult (f)1,4099822
hQAVEzra Brooks BlacksAdult (f)1,0648215
lQspRed Stag BlacksAdult (m)1,0728152
lFFPRebel Yell BlacksAdult (f)8226044
dM5WWild Turkey BlacksAdult (f)3,2604571
CaKHMaker's Mark BlacksAdult (m)1,6593906
OHgRJack Daniels BlacksAdult (m)2,33883722
TZqpBen Nevis BlacksAdult (m)5,7645942
KucVFour Roses BlacksAdult (f)5,7635991
YY01bCB Clan Macgregor BlacksAdult (f)2,7537461
AIzpAlize XOAdult (m)2,0521,25213
QMfyRemy Martin XOAdult (f)2,3321,61817
W9XZCourvoisier XOAdult (f)1,12781010
NJa4Hennessy XOAdult (m)1,19791412
BgugOtard XOAdult (f)8155793
8c3pPolignac XOAdult (m)2,2964071
l1gKMartell XOAdult (f)2,0793566
LrWG3CB Arnold Palmer TeaAdult (m)1,6516811
2bonxHot Toddy TeaAdult (f)2,7946301
VYF9PCB Michelada BlacktipAdult (f)2,4001,1790
IH3MOChilton BlacktipAdult (m)1,5354832
VXP6w(VXP6w)Adult (m)2,3543096
y2XXP(y2XXP)Adult (f)2,7982552
K8mfw(K8mfw)Adult (m)3,0842714
6HOM9Bleeding Peach MoonAdult (m)1,2335611
hqAONBleeding Apple MoonAdult (m)1,4944941
5T1yPCB Bleeding Cherry MoonAdult (f)2,6204302
F2xdiBrandy and Soda BloodscaleAdult (m)2,4625891
7TzjjCB Campari and Ale BloodscaleAdult (f)2,2135613
7LhrfCB 4th of July BBandedAdult (m)2,6401,0071
Q8JMGCB Captain on Acid BBandedAdult (f)2,6301,0250
5f5nqCB Jellyfish BBandedAdult (m)2,6451,0000
f7M3MCB Undertow BBandedAdult (f)2,6711,0341
8pyzP(8pyzP)Adult (f)4,3406490
gDIff(gDIff)Adult (m)4,3416410
u2k5Black Opal BlunaAdult (f)1,7883733
H0TgElectric Popsicle BlunaAdult (m)1,8274552
oW5KRCB Blue Haze BlusangAdult (m)2,6404911
Amj4G(Amj4G)Adult (f)3,2347660
1nn80(1nn80)Adult (f)3,2217660
o431j(o431j)Adult (m)3,2407621
JWHD5(JWHD5)Adult (m)3,2497620
FXw11(FXw11)Adult (m)2,7995412
cGgtV(cGgtV)Adult (f)2,7476573
abT3CB Rose of the Ritz BrightAdult (f)2,91679124
n7dfCB Classy Razz BrightAdult (m)2,34662621
SebBFruit a La La BrightAdult (m)4,21253512
ftBnChekhov Cooler BrightAdult (f)4,9754575
pHyiECB Lillet Noyaux BrimstoneAdult (m)3,2044804
GgIogThree Planets BrimstoneAdult (m)5,7886354
zforFCB Korbel BruteAdult (m)1,6285661
PWDB8CB Veuve Cliquot BruteAdult (f)1,5965540
pElF9CB Ace of Spades BruteAdult (m)1,5905540
bLM1ICB Krug BruteAdult (m)1,7045110
UDV5ICB Taittinger BruteAdult (f)1,6344910
SIohJ(SIohJ)Adult (m)2,9378330
EYpGCB Caipirinha CanopyAdult (f)1,9465503
beVjCB Batida Abacaxi CanopyAdult (m)1,9105495
rLstY(rLstY)Adult (f)3,9576780
O2AWw(O2AWw)Adult (m)3,9146792
CLo6LCB CLo6LAdult (f)2,7251,0031
238wPCB 238wPAdult (m)2,6801,0040
AaVVPCB AaVVPAdult (m)4,4248651
h0HPoCB h0HPoAdult (m)2,7141,0061
HnX7yCB HnX7yAdult (m)3,4031,0881
PQBXfCB PQBXfAdult (m)4,5197771
DD8m6CB DD8m6Adult (f)5,0198240
cIx0v(cIx0v)Adult (m)5,0807320
tsboCB Chunky MonkeyAdult1,84541010
ViZC5CB ViZC5Adult2,8044774
QW8tCB Gogl-MoglAdult (f)9987844
NwN5VChristmas in a GlassAdult (m)4,0369261
UvAjmNuts n' HollyAdult (f)4,3221,0171
0P4oUJMW's Pointsettia PunchAdult (f)3,4048812
Xf3O0(Xf3O0)Adult (f)4,2976511
qxmq3(qxmq3)Adult (f)8,0346820
oRZyK(oRZyK)Adult (m)2,9137791
2Npg0(2Npg0)Adult (m)2,1123102
9K48CB Candy Cane SwirlAdult (m)1,15581414
Sv55Peppermint PiperAdult (m)1,27548711
yQnttPoinsettia PunchAdult (m)2,3805820
2ceJAReindeer CaesarAdult (m)2,4345832
leVY5The Santa's SleighAdult (m)1,8125022
CRkUaCandy Cane CoolerAdult (m)4,2879970
te0fICreamy Peppermint PunchAdult (m)4,6289701
NhfhDRudolph's Tipsy SpritzerAdult (m)4,8759892
zM7Hu(zM7Hu)Adult (m)4,3226511
3NUJo(3NUJo)Adult (m)3,3447721
vTXoCB Cuppa Good CheerAdult (f)1,5274926
eNsuCB The Carolling CupAdult (f)1,3245202
FeztUJingle Jangle PunchAdult (f)2,2885604
TofH1Naughty FrostyAdult (f)1,7564902
BKS9gBrandy-Kissed SnowflakesAdult (f)4,0321,0252
KvsUNApple-Ale WassailAdult (f)3,3698591
nPvaCB Holiday Mischief MakerAdult (f)3,8439732
7QhXCB Nice 'N NaughtyAdult (f)3,8015933
UH3MWCB Sassy Little ElfAdult (m)2,9525442
jvMbWCB Nutcracker SweetAdult (m)2,9275351
pfYRSCB Christmas CosmoAdult (m)4,5234381
vvMMECB Christmas JonesAdult (m)3,3624161
qeCmSCB Holiday HopperAdult (f)2,0915552
3QjCDCB Holiday SpiceAdult (f)2,1015600
lLKRiCaptain on HolidayAdult (f)4,0058230
0wyQsHoliday CrushAdult (f)4,0108240
uOfdH(uOfdH)Adult (f)2,8027523
am7TDCB Grinch PunchAdult (f)3,4388691
yzE9zCB Evergreen SwizzleAdult (f)3,4348710
fJDqJ(fJDqJ)Adult (m)4,6296261
QKMwe(QKMwe)Adult (m)4,4266251
6oVlK(6oVlK)Adult (m)4,4256371
nzWIx(nzWIx)Adult (m)3,2507681
jp48n(jp48n)Adult (m)3,2857703
VDlHv(VDlHv)Adult (m)3,1997091
rpW82(rpW82)Adult (m)3,2257150
jqa5b(jqa5b)Adult (f)2,5737382
utjdR(utjdR)Adult (f)2,5997483
6ZgIt(6ZgIt)Adult (f)2,6634613
ph6K0(ph6K0)Adult (f)2,6734851
0c7qe(0c7qe)Adult (m)2,6868121
5ydzC(5ydzC)Adult (m)2,6428090
3IGqK(3IGqK)Adult (m)4,0899980
k3SFCB Kamikaze Kool WaverunnerAdult (m)1,8835413
6LLPCB TeMoKa WaverunnerAdult (m)1,2915211
SdFKNuclear Kamikaze WaverunnerAdult (f)1,7444971
uMd0k(uMd0k)Adult (m)3,9281,0630
TgPzd(TgPzd)Adult (f)3,3911,1121
CDeWTCDeWT 2genAdult (m)3,1175202
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