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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “jarethetta,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    eP6f(eP6f)Adult (f)1,852674183
    lDyu(lDyu)Adult (f)8196713
    OSQI(OSQI)Adult (m)8196691
    lqsN(lqsN)Adult (m)8667031
    T2Hg(T2Hg)Adult (m)8276731
    QD57(QD57)Adult (f)9017270
    RGGT(RGGT)Adult (f)9637383
    1yyp(1yyp)Adult (f)8586722
    RGBB(RGBB)Adult (m)1,0587785
    UYqi(UYqi)Adult (f)9866630
    MJYz(MJYz)Adult (m)8155803
    lNY8(lNY8)Adult (m)4,3331,20031
    fDbA(fDbA)Adult (f)4,3151,19633
    xBj8(xBj8)Adult (f)3,6701,61133
    lc39(lc39)Adult (m)4,3261,19530
    fGCK(fGCK)Adult (f)3,1261,22631
    rrE6(rrE6)Adult (f)2,24989830
    mlcg(mlcg)Adult (f)3,1261,22934
    oadx(oadx)Adult (f)2,25590030
    L7TE(L7TE)Adult (m)3,6881,61633
    B4Hf(B4Hf)Adult (m)3,6711,61232
    14Fq(14Fq)Adult (f)3,6751,60937
    Mo7P(Mo7P)Adult (m)3,6681,60840
    bcje(bcje)Adult (f)3,5371,47749
    roV9(roV9)Adult (m)1,9851,27723
    MMQN(MMQN)Adult (m)1,9991,28221
    GbbD(GbbD)Adult (f)2,0011,27925
    GGmP(GGmP)Adult (f)2,0001,28318
    NeYG(NeYG)Adult (f)1,9541,27223
    qz5D(qz5D)Adult (f)1,20860112
    L479(L479)Adult (m)1,25562910
    f5hH(f5hH)Adult (f)1,01762610
    3Ydg(3Ydg)Adult (f)1,2005959
    YhGk(YhGk)Adult (f)1,24677213
    Rtau(Rtau)Adult (f)1,23576815
    qddf(qddf)Adult (m)1,24377213
    ekTq(ekTq)Adult (f)2,07839224
    QMb7(QMb7)Adult (f)2,06539124
    bcJQ(bcJQ)Adult (f)2,04039425
    AWBi(AWBi)Adult (f)1,1267072
    69gv(69gv)Adult (f)1,0116770
    XdmX(XdmX)Adult (m)9886621
    Hvc6(Hvc6)Adult (f)1,5891,0490
    UsMZ(UsMZ)Adult (f)1,5871,0494
    IA1h(IA1h)Adult (m)7755701
    UQou(UQou)Adult (f)7745692
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