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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “j7m7c7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rHGvC(rHGvC)Dead Egg6092750
lXy9M(lXy9M)Dead Egg111
IAzjG(IAzjG)Dead Egg111
3z9tC(3z9tC)Hatchling (f)3,3318194
7TCzz(7TCzz)Dead Egg5912750
YDASHam and BurgerAdult (m)7,7161,8637
SQVmFrench and FriesAdult (m)7,3751,60914
3MbXChub-Chub and ChubbersAdult (m)5,7731,5976
pfDSDoctor and PepperAdult (m)7,1931,5904
TsDRFizz and BubbleAdult (f)3,2901,1693
R7sHDip and DunkAdult (m)3,4051,1693
rs9LMilk and ShakeAdult (f)4,7541,44220
v6WHOnion and RingAdult (f)3,0429515
A5uJHappy and MealAdult (f)3,6571,0795
1sYLoBig and BangAdult (m)5,5891,1333
Ot7TgMustard and KetchupAdult (f)4,2981,0751
WqIinJelly and PeanutbutterAdult (f)5,2961,3671
WNHHXPencil and PaperAdult (f)4,3681,4732
7f4UZAlfalfa and HayAdult (f)5,0871,2343
vAahYDanny and DrewAdult (m)8,5041,5033
kkt3K(kkt3K)Adult (m)4,8751,1217
UCIOP(UCIOP)Adult (f)4,9041,0442
4xMUN(4xMUN)Adult (f)3,5828273
M68Q7(M68Q7)Adult (m)4,7431,1182
nPp1Apple and SlicesHatchling (m, F)4,3231,1364
pFBlVPeanut and ButterHatchling (f, F)3,8937802
t3n19Ranch and DipHatchling (F)2,3587101
T5qy5Sherlock and JohnAdult (m)4,8171,2343
ucjsaLestrade and MollyAdult (f)5,0461,2421
udNUIRyan and ShaneAdult (m)6,0441,1902
5QAKXJim and PamAdult (m)6,6851,2014
bXgTCWait for It Wait for ItAdult (f)7,4081,1053
XieKaMichael and HollyAdult (f)7,2051,2192
F4Gg3Michael and JanAdult (m)4,9531,1543
CeF4OGordon and RamseyAdult (m)5,7391,1932
h2Y5QAnthony and ReynoldsAdult (m)5,6081,0824
BIAma(BIAma)Adult (f)4,0639623
cuBS9Embarrassing the WizardsAdult (m)5,2531,1773
JSTVvTony the WizardAdult (m)5,9491,2134
Hg4WbDab for DrabAdult (f)8,0201,2513
3QQagPortal to the HellscapeAdult (f)4,1361,1062
Skoo9Charged with EmotionAdult (f)4,4451,0311
6S2bPStand and LookAdult (m)5,0761,1541
3hMZgRun and LookAdult (f)7,1061,3303
Gio1v(Gio1v)Adult (f)4,2711,0982
etdQmMany Parking TicketsAdult (m)4,0771,1442
B41wxIncoming JusticeAdult (f)5,2501,2680
9Qz59Think and ActAdult (f)3,4748304
8ls0q(8ls0q)Adult (f)3,7968771
4WR5A(4WR5A)Adult (m)3,4869101
1MHxdSnowy Mountaintop BreezeAdult (f)5,2451,1070
W9WeHCompile EvidenceAdult (f)5,1611,2133
q8rgMShining Soul LightAdult (m)5,1441,2472
Nj1zzReal Life RealityAdult (m)5,1291,2243
Nc8YUNo Grass Today AJRAdult (m)3,8449803
B8mlAlbino DeerAdult (m)7,8391,4448
GCMQEAlbino BlessingAdult (f)4,5438694
qIaSVThrow It Out SonHatchling (m, F)6,4551,2302
miJERBright Light of LifeAdult (f)7,6981,3122
Eb0R2Coin CollectorsAdult (m)9,2901,4622
JQ8QRTrails of RibbonsAdult (f)10,4781,5343
27dtcDazzling Sun RaysAdult (f)6,8821,2573
xKeNfCrazy SwirlesAdult (m)5,9621,2526
Kdaus(Kdaus)Adult (m)3,2326612
LCdajMurder LoveAdult (f)10,1851,5552
gkx3AGilded DaysAdult (m)3,6169673
fuzcuEvery Hour Tip TopAdult (f)4,1779382
SAPmZLet's Try TomorrowAdult (m)7,4161,3014
nYnKjMillion Dollar DreamsHatchling (f, F)5,8031,0643
rFWAnMaking Sense of CrazyAdult (m)3,8208833
eFiGFIs It Worth SomethingAdult (f)3,9518712
y8weSSwing That BeatAdult (m)4,6121,0641
pYP9zLittle NicknamesHatchling (f, F)4,3439691
5Su11The QuarantineHatchling (f, F)3,4918801
ejTbNCheep Chirp SlurpAdult (m)8,2161,2292
bGpKPOnly Meant For MeAdult (f)5,2491,0353
AePzDWhat'd You ThinkAdult (m)8,4079731
OPWzM(OPWzM)Adult (f)4,2231,0463
XIhAz(XIhAz)Adult (m)3,8779102
KYCc2Three ThirtyAdult (f)4,4719682
vpobFRadio Ga Ga Goo GooAdult (f)4,6049790
rkgaICamisado DanceAdult (m)4,5059391
sGBkAHorned HeadAdult (m)6,1361,1192
JIoK5Sweet Azure LightAdult (m)7,5781,2734
Za2znShine Those ScalesAdult (f)4,3031,0400
JfCMCValiant StarAdult (f)6,8251,1070
7ZVYjNo Time To StopAdult (m)4,9869072
b043L(b043L)Adult (m)4,4501,1672
52XUaThe White BearAdult (f)8,5531,3072
VEkhlAndy and CornellAdult (m)5,5029843
75WxLGeorge and MichaelAdult (m)5,7711,0373
ObH6YMonch and MunchAdult (m)6,2331,1012
TxpDKPrezzaAdult (m)4,3546271
adJTjJenna and JulienAdult (m)9,0201,4489
fYT26Sandra and DannyAdult (m)6,7471,0193
0kl5BPassion and FruitAdult (f)7,7631,0591
76g5LThat One Guy From Ice AgeAdult (m)4,4011,0693
zIIWQGreggggggAdult (f)6,0271,1572
l32HBouncing All Around In The AirAdult (m)6,6241,2647
vInKvFloating Cloud From Up AboveAdult (f)5,2211,0921
5D2TjBobby and WeaveAdult (m)7,8791,3170
UmpccSaf and TyAdult (f)5,7141,1564
DHirThat KnightmareAdult (m)9,0321,5384
0fQhDark Forest With ShadowsAdult (f)4,5691,0725
gFd1Dark Winged FuryAdult (m)6,6561,74413
bddLFlight Through the NightAdult (m)7,9731,3396
BfZZkJust Everything BlackAdult (m)3,3515642
oMv4PThe Fergalicious DefinitionAdult (m)3,2854112
ETJuBBlack Top Stove TopAdult (f)2,9884991
sIgPvDid You Do ItAdult (f)4,6799501
Tn0lkDarkness in the DayAdult (m)4,5421,0571
NVDsjSomewhat Murderous IntentionsAdult (m)4,5061,0612
esVWGNoises in the NightAdult (f)4,3641,0593
xJgbNWhat a BoreAdult (m)4,8801,1663
GiW0QLinking UpAdult (m)4,6231,2154
DXzeDUltra-Violet Light ForceAdult (f)4,9451,2391
chCNuReal AddictionsAdult (f)8,4031,5083
DnzNKLooking for HighsAdult (f)7,0421,2985
JeOjkMorning Has ComeAdult (f)6,9561,3041
aAAZ8Tell Don't ShowAdult (m)8,0551,2365
p1cVzTurn Us InAdult (f)7,9231,2403
5aSFzGoing to PrisonAdult (m)6,4871,3693
K56aEReady to ConfessAdult (m)6,3301,1213
RDn0wSpastic DancingAdult (f)6,2881,0973
h41TIMorally EthicalAdult (m)4,9901,1372
2x50aJump Into the Thick of ItAdult (m)5,3661,1590
xjjEfEmpathize With MeAdult (f)4,9041,1251
lqrNZOh Come With Me NowAdult (f)4,2459701
rxOc0Get the TrimmingsAdult (m)4,1379904
mpSeNAn Offer They Can't RefuseAdult (f)4,2629811
uVmkDNo QuestionsAdult (f)4,5261,0333
MQ8wnThe Chief of PoliceAdult (m)4,2731,0250
NGvEnI Have RightsAdult (f)8,2531,2643
LBa8CLittle Bit of a Rough PatchAdult (f)7,0441,3224
UMdHVWorth TapingAdult (f)4,0549611
SoSvW(SoSvW)Adult (m)4,3071,0211
PQXN9(PQXN9)Adult (m)4,3099252
1hAqo(1hAqo)Adult (m)3,0567521
aZ2WE(aZ2WE)Adult (m)5,1038841
FsNUV(FsNUV)Adult (f)4,7751,0282
X1NxL(X1NxL)Adult (f)3,0534453
BVBl6(BVBl6)Adult (m)4,3051,1092
XhgxV(XhgxV)Adult (f)4,2591,1292
j04Tz(j04Tz)Adult (m)4,1711,0842
Ccw7q(Ccw7q)Adult (f)3,8468451
c8dNa(c8dNa)Adult (m)4,1279103
IeGHZ(IeGHZ)Adult (f)4,5251,1032
L5oEY(L5oEY)Adult (m)2,5726660
4FMGJ(4FMGJ)Adult (f)2,6577121
agNXD(agNXD)Adult (f)2,5666701
y9oUK(y9oUK)Adult (f)2,5086974
pPrtf(pPrtf)Adult (m)2,5796881
1QYYPitch Black  Rocky CaveHatchling (m, F)4,7096318
bAE7B(bAE7B)Hatchling (f, F)4,1378252
Xmcn6The Void Has Its Back TurnedAdult (f)4,7179423
GV9zpWhen The World Turned UpsideDownAdult (m)6,8381,2667
yHfwq(yHfwq)Adult (f)4,2667842
FJVUi(FJVUi)Adult (f)3,3928244
An7DSWould You Rescue MeAdult (f)4,3421,0145
LejecWould You Have My BackAdult (f)4,3781,0341
D13MCThe Butterfly ChaserAdult (f)3,0991,0292
6PKuMTea Scented WingAdult (m)3,3959511
d2fEVJust for the Halibut I GuessAdult (f)3,7618993
4EvymNot Halle BerryAdult (m)6,2641,0783
BnAqaDo Something WorseAdult (f)4,3288392
aCKxF(aCKxF)Hatchling (m, F)3,9678283
8fbhqShimmering Fish Below the WaterAdult (f)6,0371,0724
Mi4R1Lovely LurerAdult (f)4,3514395
xMecGSmall WoodAdult (m)6,2051,1010
PGUx7(PGUx7)Adult (m)5,4311,1410
bLnZHThanks BPAdult (m)4,4621,0660
dTlIHOil of the RainbowAdult (f)5,7071,2100
e4cR6Paranormal LagoonAdult (f)4,8051,1831
hNhoPRussians are CrazyAdult (m)5,7051,0531
CNymbKiller in the FamilyAdult (m)5,6371,0632
WlRhbBothered About ItAdult (f)4,5061,0193
Uv03TTilikimAdult (m)3,8098611
VAGahTilikamAdult (f)3,8768841
f1XkV(f1XkV)Adult (m)4,1271,0122
n8LDz(n8LDz)Adult (f)4,0111,0560
7HmFr(7HmFr)Adult (f)2,7917190
Z3bvW(Z3bvW)Hatchling (m, F)4,3991,1492
smqjrMelting Into the ShadowsAdult (f)4,2761,2812
16LxoPure Horned TerrorAdult (f)4,0731,2350
ybxWrBlue Barn OwlAdult (f)5,1031,0972
F5YYvHeckin' ConcernAdult (m)5,8031,0563
IsiCHSherlockHolmes and JohnWatsonAdult (f)10,4891,5232
s7tLCKelly and RyanAdult (f)5,1551,2153
ip3crFaked CredentialsAdult (m)3,9211,2730
srFMpDying To Live LifeAdult (m)3,7528861
CVqZ3(CVqZ3)Adult (f)5,4121,1390
XoSY9Shane and RyanHatchling (f, F)6,1941,1011
zfyzsEve and LynHatchling (m, F)2,7908763
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