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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “iristhegreat88,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
n5OWMr Me and Mr YouAdult (m)1,6817206
r0X2Skyree and TyrenAdult (f)1,9608313
KisGDOUBLE take THAT ooohhhAdult (m)2,8146262
Bt7WVCeline and DionAdult (f)2,2597173
uGRfNActon and BoxboroughAdult (m)2,0626391
SqL1tQuinton and RessoAdult (m)2,9087291
rXPjxTengras and SargentAdult (m)3,3157573
xQhpyLoros and KingstonAdult (m)4,0911,0561
4TLfd(4TLfd)Adult (m)2,2137053
PIDq0Ginny and HeloiseAdult (f)1,7726510
Hnn3CEgoin and FlatedAdult (m)1,4026451
8ugBQNOTICE ME CHEESE SENPAIAdult (m)8,5451,6333
X1PdDRita and QueenieAdult (f)2,6567984
LYYvD(LYYvD)Adult (m)2,2975112
RrggFWendy and XylenaAdult (f)3,1069921
V6azcUtsis and VincentAdult (m)2,7565852
eMHeIJade and IrisAdult (f)3,7939843
cFCrP(cFCrP)Adult (f)2,5066001
E6r1j(E6r1j)Adult (m)1,9236444
FNkwH(FNkwH)Adult (f)1,8206330
c5r9t(c5r9t)Adult (f)2,1775861
YlmxE(YlmxE)Adult (f)2,3547033
F1k6Z(F1k6Z)Adult (m)2,2467561
NJqbl(NJqbl)Adult (m)2,0047110
WcIeY(WcIeY)Adult (f)2,0857730
GTxnS(GTxnS)Adult (m)2,4735577
RMNOt(RMNOt)Adult (m)2,6087590
BGG97(BGG97)Adult (f)2,9286101
SVjaButty WoppscutAdult (m)2,4927093
YxbW3ARRARERAdult (m)3,3919271
kMR0m(kMR0m)Adult (f)3,0786082
qzOqR(qzOqR)Adult (m)2,6105902
aWBSt(aWBSt)Adult (f)1,9156780
lg9UG(lg9UG)Adult (f)2,4745340
pPy3BI am SUPERHERO DARGAdult (m)1,6696112
S3hOS(S3hOS)Adult (m)1,7056323
Tohdn(Tohdn)Adult (f)1,7355931
jjYnV(jjYnV)Adult (f)1,9626030
uRNb4super personAdult (m)1,8166132
HbY82(HbY82)Adult (f)1,8015871
u91ki(u91ki)Adult (m)2,5285443
lEZLB(lEZLB)Adult (f)3,2426381
AJAc7kitty dargAdult (f)2,2415621
yzyiq(yzyiq)Adult (m)2,1345470
x95DV(x95DV)Adult (m)2,3226280
TQRJS(TQRJS)Adult (m)2,7316396
fY3dx(fY3dx)Adult (m)2,3375071
fPagK(fPagK)Adult (f)2,5546491
yzc5q(yzc5q)Hatchling (F)1,4363214
JJ43r(JJ43r)Adult (f)2,2357901
nc75w(nc75w)Adult (f)2,1057820
GDfnO(GDfnO)Adult (m)2,1927720
4U8wV(4U8wV)Adult (m)2,3026912
kgRgj(kgRgj)Adult (m)2,8485981
1LiVL(1LiVL)Adult (f)2,1026612
SmU5F(SmU5F)Adult (f)1,9926881
A39Rx(A39Rx)Adult (f)1,7767640
u5Iv6(u5Iv6)Adult (f)1,8128040
Atv9H(Atv9H)Adult (m)2,0147800
SDuhs(SDuhs)Adult (m)2,4777702
3SmkV(3SmkV)Adult (f)2,1614964
cLZEwall of my old names r weirdAdult (f)1,9657280
7uYh117 memes stacked atop each otherAdult (f)1,9035822
SASce(SASce)Adult (m)1,9385991
W1qsc(W1qsc)Adult (m)3,1577334
tpMtfsnip n snopAdult (f)2,3807011
S8k7cSNIP SNIP BOIAdult (m)2,4347040
m9u6Osnip snap snoutAdult (m)2,4177051
R9jRBallon in z treesAdult (f)1,8191,0147
kVqkPop goes the Dragon of IrisAdult (m)1,2586911
Mf1rPOOF of IrisAdult (m)2,2826893
F3APIhoobly booblyAdult (m)2,3105421
SGJ2V(SGJ2V)Adult (f)5,7039573
M0vfM(M0vfM)Adult (m)2,3747011
5eons(5eons)Adult (f)2,1847070
J6zxy(J6zxy)Adult (m)2,3577110
fPAv7(fPAv7)Adult (m)2,1277092
vAIMRuined StarfireAdult (m)1,2286944
HZkfTara FlamesoulAdult (f)3,1501,0915
D9HR2More Descriptions To Review cibiAdult (f)2,5128995
V9RnEAbandoned TinselfailAdult (m)2,9168648
HPsUYactually my life is rlly sad soAdult (m)2,9598993
97Dp3seabee dargonesAdult (m)2,1936302
6e99wKeebie DrangessAdult (f)2,2126002
pDBR7seeby drangonAdult (m)1,4866541
hac78bruh i call haxAdult (f)2,02965213
rsbPJbrobrAdult (m)1,94566312
QnK1Ptypo trick me i think i got nameAdult (f)2,16465813
rtTReCeebie BabieAdult (f)2,2896598
270kdwhat the frickety fracketyAdult (m)1,8006563
FQKIpquilts existAdult (f)1,5806530
fnyzl(fnyzl)Adult (f)3,4454954
eaGO6(eaGO6)Hatchling (F)1,4634471
Xifok(Xifok)Hatchling (F)1,1114101
aHsANWEH WEH WEHAdult (m)2,6816520
kFrZr(kFrZr)Adult (m)2,4386391
wq2gA(wq2gA)Adult (f)2,8635772
xFDh7(xFDh7)Adult (f)3,4955121
oCkwR(oCkwR)Adult (m)2,4176272
2q7tFsalty breath ewAdult (f)1,7085701
RXj9Iparmesan goldfishAdult (m)1,6705860
0nFWD(0nFWD)Adult (f)1,5856402
pawYf(pawYf)Adult (m)2,5376502
GFSb8(GFSb8)Adult (f)2,1317071
xIGYY(xIGYY)Adult (m)2,3857010
C6MIZ(C6MIZ)Adult (f)2,3007021
qX3fh(qX3fh)Adult (m)2,2317551
8xPP4ermagerd i am so lonelyAdult (f)2,3775851
1PCBHDamper BabyAdult (m)1,7566141
sT4pB(sT4pB)Adult (f)1,8146952
3wADhKeko and LlelilyAdult (f)2,1477071
JSKn6IllIll and JelloAdult (m)2,1476930
riT8hnah man we gun geridda youAdult (f)1,4514522
gdzCfYarko and ZekeAdult (m)4,7858991
w9HQv(w9HQv)Adult (m)1,8505780
Y2eYv(Y2eYv)Adult (m)1,4496100
2o0vI(2o0vI)Adult (m)1,4965931
lkIaN2 much testosteroneAdult (m)2,0375560
O4OKuZenithe and YasmineAdult (f)5,7091,2654
SVcSWPeppo and OppoAdult (m)3,3187492
cnvy8(cnvy8)Adult (m)2,7697761
U5Wza(U5Wza)Adult (f)2,73547214
l9feYkufrafraAdult (m)3,5769790
3fj0MfrakikikiAdult (m)2,9219000
YiXEB(YiXEB)Adult (f)2,3256071
TWZhR(TWZhR)Adult (f)2,1906931
wr0ug(wr0ug)Adult (m)2,4037061
awRdq(awRdq)Adult (m)2,3697041
ZGXi8(ZGXi8)Adult (f)2,7857071
6toYx(6toYx)Adult (m)2,5655792
C53GSomewhere over there DorkfaceAdult (f)1,7796913
6mBAAbnormal AbbyAdult (f)2,4388934
55YGNephthrysisAdult (f)2,3845815
91J8snickerty snackertyAdult (m)2,8978495
KuAP5(KuAP5)Adult (m)2,0477190
dYegc(dYegc)Adult (m)2,7067755
bUBiY(bUBiY)Adult (m)1,3366233
dbHME(dbHME)Adult (m)3,5796768
7cWI6(7cWI6)Adult (f)2,0655695
btgXh(btgXh)Adult (f)2,6985974
K4Ax3(K4Ax3)Adult (m)2,0305865
nbJenj'adore les memes danksAdult (m)2,3944766
y5uuf(y5uuf)Adult (f)2,3247052
LMuia(LMuia)Hatchling (m, F)2,8317064
ZCziO(ZCziO)Adult (f)1,9205181
gQTWR(gQTWR)Adult (f)2,0535720
mbDrV(mbDrV)Adult (m)2,1375901
TTXym(TTXym)Adult (f)1,7637790
QZ4wc(QZ4wc)Adult (f)1,8467810
3zetB(3zetB)Adult (f)1,7947670
lpikF(lpikF)Adult (f)1,7977820
OOBrM(OOBrM)Adult (m)2,6055951
UELCBrighty of IrisAdult (f)1,8118241
OL6P(OL6P)Adult (m)2,4506621
46VP0dead af lololAdult (m)2,3266563
YEJWl(YEJWl)Adult (f)2,5085412
SNmWU(SNmWU)Adult (m)2,5265603
uraBy(uraBy)Adult (m)2,4435132
MoGKO(MoGKO)Hatchling (m, F)2,8364801
u7ZQoTaylor  SwiftAdult (f)4,7098654
p2FSv(p2FSv)Adult (m)3,9208766
wQtQM(wQtQM)Adult (f)4,79770711
dHys4(dHys4)Adult (m)4,2587904
KaSDx(KaSDx)Adult (m)3,5067751
nZOH0(nZOH0)Adult (m)1,5726152
qmMnl(qmMnl)Adult (m)5,6607501
4vXYC(4vXYC)Adult (m)1,6606161
u6mWA(u6mWA)Adult (f)3,7624868
bBf5L(bBf5L)Adult (f)1,7566261
cjFEV(cjFEV)Adult (f)6,0688532
d6l4Q(d6l4Q)Adult (f)1,8486043
1FDQbglowing ballsAdult (f)1,8626250
Mgl6y(Mgl6y)Adult (m)2,61845314
kpsZF(kpsZF)Adult (f)2,4817092
aQ2EWater love of IrisAdult (f)1,87371019
H9iX(H9iX)Adult (m)2,0146761
KKJP(KKJP)Adult (f)2,4068713
fNW3(fNW3)Adult (m)2,0986932
K5I9(K5I9)Adult (m)2,0125942
Yi3M6(Yi3M6)Adult (f)3,3055372
lhckXTrue Flying ArrowAdult (f)4,9837053
24scE(24scE)Hatchling (m, F)2,7145002
5xurL(5xurL)Adult (m)1,9016882
oE2IN(oE2IN)Adult (f)1,8066741
xner5(xner5)Adult (m)1,6846582
Iekkq(Iekkq)Adult (f)1,7746722
7e9YC(7e9YC)Adult (m)3,0269440
gvKwg(gvKwg)Adult (f)3,1559600
xclmP(xclmP)Adult (f)1,9575563
6Ns0r(6Ns0r)Adult (m)2,0536300
cNcAR(cNcAR)Adult (m)2,6549501
oef6T(oef6T)Adult (f)2,7779410
bHJR3(bHJR3)Adult (m)2,4096361
Pr9NY(Pr9NY)Adult (m)1,9877193
pNFb9(pNFb9)Adult (m)2,5496290
A15t3(A15t3)Adult (f)2,1585730
6GZZ0(6GZZ0)Adult (m)2,4766320
0VMyp(0VMyp)Adult (m)2,3116751
ew9Gn(ew9Gn)Adult (f)3,5705081
tAKj1(tAKj1)Adult (m)2,3017020
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