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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “irismichi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
e4uvsEvis A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,8694972
2wSpNWispon A KinkeilnAdult (m)3,4445022
k5owSKowl A  KinkeilnAdult (f)3,0805821
jKFYJJake A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,6374984
29dEGDegira A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,7325202
Izh0vIzark A KinkeilnAdult (m)3,0085462
4AVdZAvideil A KinkeilnAdult (m)4,8153880
syhnNShyne A KinkeilnAdult (m)4,5605324
pQYAtPoyat A KinkeilnAdult (m)5,0365352
Esd3H(Esd3H)Adult (m)4,0514062
sRtfC(sRtfC)Adult (m)4,8273851
p8TVT(p8TVT)Adult (f)3,6204130
eOIgn(eOIgn)Adult (f)3,9863931
0hHJ7(0hHJ7)Adult (m)2,8375722
8okDv(8okDv)Adult (m)2,1416359
NDDyA(NDDyA)Adult (f)2,0686587
wtk7p(wtk7p)Adult (f)2,4116401
wYp7R(wYp7R)Adult (f)2,1125633
oUNOQ(oUNOQ)Adult (f)2,5444702
j33Xd(j33Xd)Adult (m)2,5345552
0Vkh8(0Vkh8)Adult (f)2,2055751
ZcPWw(ZcPWw)Adult (f)1,9855841
YHF0R(YHF0R)Adult (m)4,7046863
dA08LDaol Nature Tw KinkeilnAdult (m)3,1625933
jFU78(jFU78)Adult (m)3,3626230
b27lW(b27lW)Adult (f)6,3031,0126
fBd6t(fBd6t)Adult (f)1,9535551
AdAdY(AdAdY)Adult (f)2,3496162
42qAy(42qAy)Adult (f)1,6516830
WI9XU(WI9XU)Adult (f)2,0177111
uJNLg(uJNLg)Adult (m)2,4297340
iJp0Y(iJp0Y)Adult (m)2,5547320
yJWE4(yJWE4)Adult (m)2,1165781
L66sd(L66sd)Adult (f)1,9315930
vofqo(vofqo)Adult (f)2,6355933
g2caF(g2caF)Adult (m)3,2494872
WquyV(WquyV)Adult (m)2,5027380
9y7if(9y7if)Adult (f)2,4227170
BXoRn(BXoRn)Adult (m)2,5637462
eGU5z(eGU5z)Adult (f)2,5787401
rELIu(rELIu)Adult (m)1,8657790
eaLTm(eaLTm)Adult (f)1,8927400
UiT66(UiT66)Adult (m)1,9017950
1wUQz(1wUQz)Adult (m)1,8907790
PjURj(PjURj)Adult (f)1,8907781
wtwMr(wtwMr)Adult (f)1,8537760
VMdMl(VMdMl)Adult (f)5,3561,1591
6gBXU(6gBXU)Adult (m)5,4701,2042
vTZVo(vTZVo)Adult (m)2,0237650
MPl3JH Grave for albi Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)5,0413877
c8JXpV Leodn Tw KinkeilnAdult (m)2,0207063
erYI1V13 Lolita ery Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)5,4777932
cSJuQ(cSJuQ)Adult (m)2,5945381
3im6gC12 Lolita Eimly Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)1,8825981
6Iuk0V10 Ambion Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)5,1335661
cjzkLH14 Leukia Tr KinkeilnAdult (m)3,0246672
9STyKC12 Stykt Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)2,7301,0172
2ADUo(2ADUo)Adult (m)3,3288941
e0yu5(e0yu5)Adult (f)2,9956011
9SPW9(9SPW9)Adult (m)2,2616804
vbakO(vbakO)Adult (f)1,7946300
zjFZJ(zjFZJ)Adult (f)2,1298041
pIucI(pIucI)Adult (f)1,9206780
zoAbf(zoAbf)Adult (m)2,2158062
Idd8o(Idd8o)Adult (f)1,7796840
DPnG4(DPnG4)Adult (f)1,7776350
Cj3ft(Cj3ft)Adult (m)1,6626510
NSPCy(NSPCy)Adult (f)2,1496760
TKrbF(TKrbF)Adult (f)2,0487110
GGbYZ(GGbYZ)Adult (m)1,7027050
mS97c(mS97c)Adult (m)2,8957041
TWWzn(TWWzn)Adult (f)2,8806982
ixcU1(ixcU1)Adult (m)2,6875081
TgkJE(TgkJE)Adult (f)2,6024661
eggGn(eggGn)Adult (m)3,0983981
Aup9N(Aup9N)Adult (m)2,2366763
CitBR(CitBR)Adult (m)2,4896610
8gXzc(8gXzc)Adult (f)1,9755910
j4FHB(j4FHB)Adult (f)2,0276300
di4QI(di4QI)Adult (m)2,1516280
ibYlP(ibYlP)Adult (f)2,4466560
agHzEShimmerkin hazel Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)2,2707043
SWUit(SWUit)Adult (f)3,0466912
r9CuSKain's Shimkin Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)3,4786001
4e0xL(4e0xL)Adult (m)2,6367022
1aA5m(1aA5m)Adult (f)2,0887341
4OqOv(4OqOv)Adult (f)3,0545412
4ACf4(4ACf4)Adult (f)2,2466992
bBhiV(bBhiV)Adult (f)1,6077433
HorM3(HorM3)Adult (f)1,6917372
mOn1a(mOn1a)Adult (f)4,0368631
xjpIi(xjpIi)Adult (f)4,0164342
T54cO(T54cO)Hatchling (F)1,8501371
GqcC8Fanagallis A KinkeilnAdult (m)1,7146631
mTxXzManagallis A KinkeilnAdult (f)1,8836860
d4nE5Drunkenose A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,2265994
HK6FPRanagallis A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,3316502
87DxT87Dexter A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,6856621
xkJRIFangalis A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,4146601
UMzrvV12 Muraz II LempikaAdult (f)5,6186821
0nPsAOndas A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,2125631
15yy0With GoN Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)2,7467082
Ks2WzC14 Kaswiz Tw KinkeilnAdult (m)2,1766703
gL7hG(gL7hG)Adult (f)2,0116711
ceKNe(ceKNe)Adult (f)3,0217414
sPA3Y(sPA3Y)Adult (m)2,0766931
3mhBXAntarean Mar KinkeilnAdult (f)2,3075780
041YAAiya A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,4115812
8NJKDJakin A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,1895644
dR7s6Delosa A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,2105491
VQEi1Voi A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,3575922
OEtbWEcstas A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,5666414
JGiZtOdett A KinkeilnAdult (f)4,5587510
8dBWMNalja A KinkeilnAdult (f)5,0637391
hgYBbHigher A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,9866180
7UbNAAuna A KinkeilnAdult (f)5,0577121
3OuO5OuO A KinkeilnAdult (m)4,7227411
7nD6LOvO A KinkeilnAdult (f)4,5787641
nUxxXNuxx A KinkeilnAdult (f)4,9877432
o7XmJmOoOm A KinkeilnAdult (m)4,9776270
EVA90Eva A KinkeilnAdult (m)3,3625790
mP9lvPlaiv A KinkeilnAdult (f)5,2986431
dGwZTGuerzt A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,3135773
vlnLYViliny A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,4146161
hVEoPValkiry A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,1706062
nhxJR(nhxJR)Adult (m)2,0765231
yWJbU(yWJbU)Adult (f)1,6756161
6QNa9(6QNa9)Adult (m)2,0516630
ct4a9W15 Catac B KinkeilnAdult (f)1,7896581
7w50IV14 Oi B KinkeilnAdult (f)1,7026510
vdtR0(vdtR0)Adult (m)2,6255900
5GPbhGAbbe A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,2057061
qyzJnH14 im for desi Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)3,0637052
wEAAK(wEAAK)Adult (m)2,6606442
yhFFr(yhFFr)Adult (m)6,6259413
a5qJc(a5qJc)Adult (f)2,0126050
CRA5I(CRA5I)Adult (f)2,9396262
F8MTD(F8MTD)Adult (m)2,0227350
V1eSG(V1eSG)Adult (f)2,4297790
HqqML(HqqML)Adult (f)2,1546520
6nXeK(6nXeK)Adult (f)2,0637051
AeNrc(AeNrc)Adult (f)2,0746611
1Carp(1Carp)Adult (m)1,7826580
fDtEl(fDtEl)Adult (f)2,7765802
TmI0I(TmI0I)Adult (m)1,9126430
W2xhN(W2xhN)Adult (m)2,1066140
FSX4f(FSX4f)Adult (f)1,9536970
XFDQO(XFDQO)Adult (m)1,9446951
qLLCq(qLLCq)Adult (f)1,7716761
9Rwli(9Rwli)Adult (f)1,7816410
COnho(COnho)Adult (f)1,6196550
yQkPb(yQkPb)Adult (m)1,5326380
TTxoF(TTxoF)Adult (m)1,5406190
7iXrQ(7iXrQ)Adult (m)1,5446170
sShQD(sShQD)Adult (m)2,7845241
SPesr(SPesr)Adult (f)3,1975501
e8Ney(e8Ney)Adult (m)2,4466383
HY7hJ(HY7hJ)Adult (f)2,3786493
2aq8w(2aq8w)Hatchling (F)1,4724353
9VorzLe Mia A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,0355725
YzVtN(YzVtN)Adult (m)2,0785955
KVIBd(KVIBd)Adult (f)2,0416993
AYDWR(AYDWR)Adult (f)2,0186884
GVAkr(GVAkr)Adult (m)2,1047053
fwp24(fwp24)Adult (f)1,7326172
BdZ02(BdZ02)Adult (m)2,1156350
svsgi(svsgi)Adult (m)2,2104715
wOnAz(wOnAz)Adult (f)2,4744995
op9Zp(op9Zp)Adult (m)2,8205012
SGESc(SGESc)Adult (f)3,2364892
59HO6Yoho A KinkeilnAdult (m)2,5254991
raqQUSilvemia Tw RaquiteAdult (f)2,0435871
zl2TCV10 Alts lefeil Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)4,3275902
FwfG8V11 Farose III FreakyAdult (m)2,7566204
JOV5fV12 Wapping da joy IIAdult (f)2,7407021
LSmJuC12 Lamoos II KinkeilnAdult (f)2,7011,0151
yxww8(yxww8)Adult (f)2,4207023
oRnlT(oRnlT)Adult (m)3,2447022
KR8xn(KR8xn)Adult (f)2,7736192
IJd3o(IJd3o)Adult (m)1,9336830
mpQP2Le Mio B KinkeilnAdult (f)3,2118517
XEW3I(XEW3I)Adult (m)2,5016482
7TCD8Arsarni'13 A KinkeilnAdult (f)2,0806591
iVm49luv blacktea Fr KinkeilnAdult (f)2,1677035
FXpP2Silver pop Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)1,9276013
EffmMPaired Golunar Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)1,8857063
ti2MbJelly on Silverspoon Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)1,9907183
G4hQYRidly Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)1,9227011
Hzs5xGold Hesses Fr KinkeilnAdult (f)2,0337032
5ytP2C12 Wrapped heart Tr da NoiteAdult (f)2,1457061
0ifXcpink oif Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)1,7366730
AbLL3Gold Abell Tw KinkeilnAdult (f)1,6876480
rFTflSilv Rafflus Tr KinkeilnAdult (f)3,2136815
k4oXo(k4oXo)Adult (f)3,3987074
eoeIk(eoeIk)Adult (f)2,1837031
UoFkt(UoFkt)Adult (f)2,1937091
la10l(la10l)Adult (f)2,9993821
OD2W3(OD2W3)Adult (f)2,0917040
4XGUi(4XGUi)Adult (f)1,7776440
XRuA2(XRuA2)Adult (f)1,9176820
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