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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “innerchorus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
alMB(alMB)Adult (f)4,02563814
5dbA(5dbA)Adult (f)3,4331,29344
uRch(uRch)Adult (f)2,46593457
8oW5(8oW5)Adult (m)3,9562651
Aoi5(Aoi5)Adult (m)4,8786610
VtoB(VtoB)Adult (f)5,7564641
Ju27(Ju27)Adult (f)4,7736681
n4X0(n4X0)Adult (m)3,84935315
fEA5(fEA5)Adult (m)7,1156814
UL3Y(UL3Y)Adult (f)1,92129913
uW4g(uW4g)Adult (m)2,7901,12157
YAGo(YAGo)Adult (m)3,0671,17449
I9WI(I9WI)Adult (f)2,26387026
vgvi(vgvi)Adult (f)3,4291,38546
jp3p(jp3p)Adult (f)2,43370622
KX5m(KX5m)Adult (m)2,3765399
7oQu(7oQu)Adult (m)3,05828314
XOIE(XOIE)Adult (f)4,06237921
tcUs(tcUs)Adult (f)2,15628817
NpTF(NpTF)Adult (m)4,0921,02022
a5gB(a5gB)Adult (m)2,6411,02759
72kg(72kg)Adult (m)7,5137077
eM8I(eM8I)Adult (f)5,8566082
XeK9(XeK9)Adult (m)5,8726062
CRVl(CRVl)Adult (f)5,8696012
f6Km(f6Km)Adult (f)5,5125622
vuIR(vuIR)Adult (m)3,74634617
M1Re(M1Re)Adult (f)1,25957715
PIRZ(PIRZ)Adult (f)6,0096212
fDOQ(fDOQ)Adult (f)5,5074642
G9Eg(G9Eg)Adult (m)5,7564681
SISe(SISe)Adult (m)4,6116611
VksP(VksP)Adult (f)1,40233412
gAM0(gAM0)Adult (m)1,29558919
gmCf(gmCf)Adult (m)1,6776009
WE06(WE06)Adult (f)5,9954681
sva7(sva7)Adult (m)5,5296511
MHWq(MHWq)Adult (m)2,2522548
jbrT(jbrT)Adult (f)3,63786321
UgAj(UgAj)Adult (f)2,51898832
Iaeu(Iaeu)Adult (f)2,7871,14733
NGbF(NGbF)Adult (m)1,30866014
3Lgn(3Lgn)Adult (m)1,36669026
7Tq9(7Tq9)Adult (m)2,01543816
5XRM(5XRM)Adult (m)1,68470519
VUU2(VUU2)Adult (f)7,6426216
W8dX(W8dX)Adult (f)7,3256223
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