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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “imcutejean,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xLIJz(xLIJz)Adult (f)2,4216382
4enwu(4enwu)Adult (m)2,4736253
5E6CE(5E6CE)Adult (m)2,5436283
hFgXC(hFgXC)Adult (m)2,8156702
ob8Mg(ob8Mg)Adult (m)2,2406721
R2Ew6(R2Ew6)Adult (m)2,1536792
TvXcR(TvXcR)Adult (m)2,5218924
hwgFO(hwgFO)Adult (m)2,1466665
1dBEV(1dBEV)Adult (m)3,9351,0225
Ng9j5(Ng9j5)Adult (f)3,9799383
5luoe(5luoe)Adult (m)2,5976951
Cfluz(Cfluz)Adult (f)3,2703633
UGVPR(UGVPR)Adult (m)2,6134950
2Mnvj(2Mnvj)Adult (m)8,0451,1663
9uSwm(9uSwm)Adult (m)2,6037382
1VKaT(1VKaT)Adult (f)2,5787342
jP37H(jP37H)Adult (f)3,91672510
a2JuP(a2JuP)Adult (m)2,8424624
2WCKZ(2WCKZ)Adult (f)2,8244384
BycUa(BycUa)Adult (f)2,3654104
GtbGB(GtbGB)Adult (m)2,6214294
DwR84(DwR84)Adult (m)2,6434305
jCpL8(jCpL8)Adult (f)2,1265113
F7RVOoO Welcome to Banha's Scroll OoAdult4,7743911
OAsHWoO Have a good time o3o OoHatchling (f, F)3,2583590
dnmzFKrazel von PeditoAdult (m)6,2541,3709
3wedC(3wedC)Adult (m)3,3108855
OCO2s(OCO2s)Adult (f)3,5701,0564
ccryF(ccryF)Adult (m)2,0696784
5gXgk(5gXgk)Adult (m)3,0166373
3u6NjVikaorr S PonheumitAdult (f)6,2704469
T85Kl(T85Kl)Hatchling (f, F)2,4982363
lIEad(lIEad)Adult (m)4,1933410
2kMdP(2kMdP)Adult (m)4,2213570
010DXLenka de BanAdult (f)3,9483661
FO70GJelonica ThuwedAdult (m)4,2893792
JQlbJ(JQlbJ)Adult (f)4,1323720
Q1YCZ(Q1YCZ)Adult (f)3,0927072
JNVcA(JNVcA)Adult (f)4,3773250
suBMT(suBMT)Adult (f)5,4363632
VU8fi(VU8fi)Adult (f)2,4772504
S3StURaven von PeditoAdult (f)8,1385442
dNdMFRiamson von PeditoAdult (f)9,4206282
msqvY(msqvY)Adult (f)9,4806320
DJKm3Zecota von PeditoAdult (f)8,35458712
MU1i5(MU1i5)Adult (m)5,9759924
t2nVY(t2nVY)Adult (m)3,4124830
RrpH3(RrpH3)Adult (m)3,4504662
ebW4S(ebW4S)Adult (f)4,5293910
SAJKR(SAJKR)Adult (f)3,5564801
ZunX6(ZunX6)Adult (m)3,4494810
Pblhc(Pblhc)Adult (m)3,9993651
3QACB(3QACB)Adult (f)6,8994610
9OcDs(9OcDs)Adult (f)4,1745406
d8ck2(d8ck2)Adult (m)4,2415405
s7Zj6(s7Zj6)Adult (m)4,3485566
MTtiu(MTtiu)Adult (m)4,0225323
4rfag(4rfag)Adult (m)4,3435506
M5rb4(M5rb4)Adult (f)4,2025465
oIFYX(oIFYX)Adult (f)4,4735453
gMtUn(gMtUn)Adult (f)4,7283350
ou9H3(ou9H3)Adult (f)5,3043540
25JUo(25JUo)Adult (f)5,2753520
mPJrb(mPJrb)Adult (f)5,2243521
pqvBg(pqvBg)Adult (f)4,0323390
jJlft(jJlft)Adult (m)5,3263560
TDs0l(TDs0l)Adult (f)5,1813460
dMRv6(dMRv6)Adult (m)5,1853932
DstYA(DstYA)Adult (f)3,3833722
C669C(C669C)Adult (m)4,8303221
Y5Hm3(Y5Hm3)Adult (f)4,0703192
1KVa5(1KVa5)Adult (f)5,4313632
s0t4nNokia de  MosiaAdult (m)3,4645922
AqmPr(AqmPr)Adult (f)4,8263821
ZZO7b(ZZO7b)Adult (m)4,4794041
VmFGeKalham von LateaAdult (m)3,4445733
iuVg0(iuVg0)Adult (m)3,1138352
cctgBNiagro von LateaAdult (m)3,5285291
DhohENuan von LateaAdult (f)4,1753951
7668jLiham von LateaAdult (f)3,8688185
7snLcOmia von LateaAdult (f)4,3314761
odJaS(odJaS)Adult (m)5,1961,47821
W37LILennon von PeditoAdult (f)9,4426307
0dUoTContanium von PeditoAdult (f)10,0066687
e228CTayen von PeditoAdult (f)5,0174896
UrL7OOzenin von PeditoAdult (m)9,9086610
MCgirPonteum von PeditoAdult (m)9,0756051
Y3r79Ozan von PeditoAdult (f)9,5476373
ZV3kOWatler von  PeditoAdult (m)9,9816661
vb841Hurahn von PeditoAdult (m)6,67177610
V12cpNucalin von PeditoAdult (f)5,3884157
QRl5NKaemis von PeditoAdult (m)5,04247610
iYlrQLazuli von PeditoAdult (f)8,8925944
H5LJWMilo ThuwedAdult (m)9,1806128
MqRbCHazel von PeditoAdult (f)6,9814668
1fh1GJessin von PeditoAdult (f)10,0896737
oDaptPantonia von PeditoAdult (f)6,0924072
HDO2A(HDO2A)Adult (f)6,4225753
VU7GJFanbia von PeditoAdult (f)6,5994408
CWnb7Demonce von PeditoAdult (f)9,1646127
8ghMmRoham von PeditoAdult (m)9,9776665
4u7aKZekota von PeditoAdult (f)6,4714617
7bg89Ashico GeaoAdult (m)4,9764495
mlDIeHemmon TimecrossAdult (m)4,5433661
EhXhRadian PilowAdult (f)4,6554152
XoWQIBenela PilowAdult (f)4,6783121
fDcKHonceda de BanAdult (f)4,8674221
VOoPVoop le peditAdult (f)5,1374071
uA0nUan le petitAdult (m)4,5564060
sgafJunker le petitAdult (f)4,5894100
5g6iMannon le petitAdult (f)4,5573990
g6kDlOpenne le petitAdult (m)4,1334990
FPTD2(FPTD2)Adult (m)5,5753740
P35Zk(P35Zk)Adult (m)4,5183471
c9L4(c9L4)Adult (m)3,1254682
epbe(epbe)Adult (f)4,5554252
WTYm(WTYm)Adult (f)3,9219833
CDt2(CDt2)Adult (f)2,43745213
5CG6(5CG6)Adult (m)5,6855250
njus(njus)Adult (f)3,5083971
mQIj(mQIj)Adult (m)2,94225411
cjdN(cjdN)Adult (m)6,03457610
8PWK(8PWK)Adult (m)3,8414941
7AHU(7AHU)Adult (f)3,2562183
XWS2(XWS2)Adult (f)1,9114683
0FP6Lisanel DorkfaceAdult (f)2,6302673
UUS1(UUS1)Adult (m)3,0842192
u3IY(u3IY)Adult (m)3,3062312
Rim96oO GOLD SILVER  FAMILY 2 OoHatchling (F)2,6171762
JcBhD(JcBhD)Adult (m)5,4043611
5ITBF(5ITBF)Adult (f)6,4184293
IISRR(IISRR)Adult (m)4,6113254
dOnG(dOnG)Adult (m)6,4444348
Nnr2(Nnr2)Adult (m)5,6494755
1Z0aLadian von LateaAdult (f)5,1775574
pUa0(pUa0)Adult (m)3,1114356
07sjm(07sjm)Adult (m)5,0573983
ERPAC(ERPAC)Adult (m)5,63542910
gLti(gLti)Adult (f)5,7304033
NRoL(NRoL)Adult (m)3,5432394
270H(270H)Adult (f)3,6962474
SiIV(SiIV)Adult (m)2,0604776
lICA(lICA)Adult (m)3,9203343
AYUFRekan le ErtisAdult (m)3,6832479
pZT5Leverner le ErtisAdult (m)3,3822263
YPOk(YPOk)Adult (m)3,0494625
i34A(i34A)Adult (m)4,2902935
s9MELeyior le ErtisAdult (f)3,0462046
aVsP(aVsP)Adult (f)3,6514742
91U0(91U0)Adult (f)2,5323874
Lc5N(Lc5N)Adult (f)3,0962362
aNja(aNja)Adult (f)2,8622695
6AIf(6AIf)Adult (f)2,6802142
tGtP1(tGtP1)Adult (f)3,1823282
2Ac6M(2Ac6M)Adult (f)4,9373605
hTllLamiz le SoleoAdult (f)3,3564722
SFTPZenoa le SoleoAdult (f)3,6344512
etg4Evanne le SoleoAdult (m)2,6004311
ZsHJLareta le SoleoAdult (f)2,9221954
GQ8gLaos le SoleoAdult (m)2,8961946
3dX2Latzer le SoleoAdult (m)3,5092626
29jULagze le SoleoAdult (m)2,8442793
WroPt(WroPt)Adult (f)5,3083541
oZ54Lerna le QuartusAdult (m)3,2153002
hub0Gagosian le QuartusAdult (m)3,4472305
GsQFfApes le QuartusAdult (m)1,6916624
drGYu(drGYu)Adult (f)5,3573691
uLk7Pensor le QuartusAdult (f)2,4542043
N9K8Annavet le QuartusAdult (f)3,3192243
mfaORainblur le QuartusAdult (f)2,9712002
Bp4mg(Bp4mg)Adult (f)2,1272647
Cg1us(Cg1us)Adult (f)2,3312716
NkqU(NkqU)Adult (f)7,3536375
cIv9(cIv9)Adult (f)4,3013904
vQH80(vQH80)Adult (f)3,7364991
guhFaOan le QuartusAdult (m)4,5333843
mEu3(mEu3)Adult (m)4,5548545
Jm5t(Jm5t)Adult (m)5,5625868
dQEP(dQEP)Adult (m)2,4304488
UMfhi(UMfhi)Adult (m)4,2612854
QcHrIcren le LeviumAdult (f)2,1913193
9NMOFroid le LeviumAdult (f)3,3552255
CirfNPetimme le LeviumAdult (m)4,0953224
douiDaiere le LeviumAdult (f)2,95722910
JlHLG(JlHLG)Adult (f)4,6583551
gniI4(gniI4)Adult (m)4,2394181
ctS1Laveila MagmaAdult (f)3,15653710
gUlNMadmel LavaAdult (m)2,36027013
hFeLLaflame LavaAdult (m)2,8562914
CkAug(CkAug)Adult (f)4,7154435
bjmg(bjmg)Adult (m)3,7334295
aNec(aNec)Adult (m)4,3028301
JvjubanieAdult (f)3,47669123
QojpNessie de BanAdult (m)2,3819128
qHAWBechabel BanAdult (m)1,2294342
H3Dao(H3Dao)Adult (f)4,4453810
eBJg(eBJg)Adult (f)4,9055140
2OSc(2OSc)Adult (f)4,0302693
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