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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “ilovestork,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tq7qt(tq7qt)Adult (f)2,1405502
pqMxR(pqMxR)Adult (f)2,2835331
nB38W(nB38W)Adult (m)2,6425871
21Ac2(21Ac2)Adult (f)3,0876252
4EsnM(4EsnM)Adult (f)2,8326363
6htxP(6htxP)Adult (m)2,9786511
8GMuK(8GMuK)Adult (m)2,6296140
CEIgF(CEIgF)Adult (f)2,8716392
Dp26y(Dp26y)Adult (f)2,9676291
EDpPB(EDpPB)Adult (m)2,6676381
F41wy(F41wy)Adult (m)2,1905852
Awxgq(Awxgq)Adult (f)2,4956352
zEKPd(zEKPd)Adult (f)2,0665990
izDqc(izDqc)Adult (m)2,3326402
yMx4l(yMx4l)Adult (m)1,9436010
U1Znh3G Gold Starsinger G 1Adult (m)3,3056663
KNFnP(KNFnP)Adult (f)3,8329382
KlKso(KlKso)Adult (m)3,7839522
r5YTe(r5YTe)Adult (m)3,6959376
pffJf(pffJf)Adult (f)3,7529521
m2owE(m2owE)Adult (m)3,7339885
kCD2o(kCD2o)Adult (m)3,7119113
auVMx(auVMx)Adult (f)3,7909353
vaBLF(vaBLF)Adult (m)3,7149613
YbDiv(YbDiv)Adult (f)2,5285698
0sBI6(0sBI6)Adult (m)2,5295547
EQuUx(EQuUx)Adult (f)2,1435068
mAuhF(mAuhF)Adult (f)2,4825836
rCLIu(rCLIu)Adult (m)2,4455807
AHwU2(AHwU2)Adult (m)2,0785025
AduSj(AduSj)Adult (m)2,4165564
FdBop(FdBop)Adult (f)2,6345946
N2DX3(N2DX3)Adult (m)3,0936033
VY0aD(VY0aD)Adult (f)2,6766201
MvyQc(MvyQc)Adult (m)2,0385560
dlgKm(dlgKm)Adult (m)2,1615803
fEIEQ(fEIEQ)Adult (m)3,9986872
fsOKN(fsOKN)Adult (m)2,0895741
Yh4qz(Yh4qz)Adult (f)2,2685103
n9A6e(n9A6e)Adult (m)1,9826813
5zuS4(5zuS4)Adult (m)6,6241,0406
CHKHP(CHKHP)Adult (m)5,2559543
8KgqG(8KgqG)Adult (f)1,5816751
FWJCC(FWJCC)Adult (m)2,2516991
KcPix(KcPix)Adult (m)2,3727296
Z19dnCB Sandwaste F 1Adult (f)1,9086141
f2lphCB Sandwaste M 1Adult (m)1,8095620
5aa34CB Sandwaste M 2Adult (m)2,0336332
BjG0BCB Sandwaste F 2Adult (f)1,9966153
Z7NrQ(Z7NrQ)Adult (m)2,6675541
sOXCG(sOXCG)Adult (f)2,8156560
bWn70(bWn70)Adult (m)2,6686410
qvABX(qvABX)Adult (m)2,3896431
QGjHM(QGjHM)Adult (m)4,0538052
efgoT(efgoT)Adult (f)2,3106461
5FHOW(5FHOW)Adult (m)2,8219261
vJpq5(vJpq5)Adult (f)2,8359263
0iKpk(0iKpk)Adult (m)1,6036920
K9mHu(K9mHu)Adult (f)1,6277080
r6utq(r6utq)Adult (m)3,4209140
n9FVI(n9FVI)Adult (f)1,6227081
KeNpa(KeNpa)Adult (m)2,5876333
rW5yI(rW5yI)Adult (f)2,5266343
UBda6(UBda6)Adult (m)2,1835562
Ysh85(Ysh85)Adult (m)2,3245571
B6dkM(B6dkM)Adult (m)1,7596912
3coH5(3coH5)Adult (m)1,9607290
d0vVg2G Snow Lunar S 2Adult (m)1,5896141
SNnny3G Snow Lunar S 1Adult (m)1,6105821
EDMeZ2G Gold Starsinger S 1Adult (f)1,8186451
pAovu2G Gold Starsinger G 1Adult (m)3,2178034
GRrZKyeongbokgungEgg (F)
wKc8RS Sinomorph M 1Adult (m)
Hi1sFS Sinomorph F 1Adult (f)
tA8UrPeacemaker ToraAdult (f)5,7289805
HWgUPeacemaker LigenAdult (m)3,69492920
e4VGv(e4VGv)Adult (f)2,0868092
UcV4k(UcV4k)Adult (f)2,3608051
HRx6nDalia FerangAdult (f)5,1081,0304
YocAdTrawin FerangAdult (f)3,0507153
9rI1V2G Snow Lunar S 1Adult (m)2,8535584
b0CbdEun SilversnowAdult (m)2,2884994
cZLn0Sul SilversnowAdult (m)2,8715653
iPIMn3G Snow Aria S 1Adult (m)2,9695762
i6iSJMuta MirionAdult (m)3,1518082
e9MAwAinol MirionAdult (m)3,1838040
5N1CuRenon TumberburgAdult (m)2,3125630
MacjCPelis TumberburgAdult (m)1,9235130
GJKX1Jian SilvertoeAdult (f)2,2385112
d9mJdJiun SilvertoeAdult (m)2,9265711
JxMbTChorok LemontreeAdult (f)1,4365741
kJo8qYondu LemontreeAdult (f)1,4505613
1VGASBlue GoldticeAdult (f)1,6618051
iGeG22G Silver Solstice O1Adult (f)2,6617671
3fnBoSung by ShadowdrakeAdult (f)3,0288042
QMOqEHollymingoAdult (f)3,0158091
rYPYmRypym GoldticeAdult (f)1,6405873
fg9hZHolan MerryhopeAdult (f)2,7905442
4K42IPanten MerryhopeAdult (f)2,8256203
GpCyg(GpCyg)Adult (m)2,3438041
sSTCKChris FireheartAdult (m)2,2455390
HB22XHappy and HappyAdult (m)1,4857241
c67WoRon MasqueradAdult (m)2,3975931
sWFPqRupert MasqueradAdult (m)2,2885172
pGCEjRibbon FloofAdult (m)3,0268103
Aej6OLope PinchoAdult (m)5,8017333
sAhHtLuis PinchoAdult (m)5,1526852
lQQDk(lQQDk)Adult (f)2,2808102
SwVNDMerry Gold ChristmasAdult (f)4,0506711
7C9ynGoldmasAdult (f)2,0985150
jmLeqGypsy DangyAdult (f)1,4737133
WgnoRincha FiestaAdult (f)2,1215827
igmfMu FiestaAdult (f)1,9495818
LVFWj(LVFWj)Adult (f)2,2178061
MU00GGrey and GoldAdult (f)1,2095642
E3bCcWonderful AngeloAdult (f)1,7796351
htSCOfanim AuratusAdult (f)2,2876967
oo54Dominion AuratusAdult (f)1,2846213
9iiK1(9iiK1)Adult (m)2,3328021
n8m9oWhite Christmas CaneAdult (m)3,0248053
PASLtIcy Holly08Adult (m)1,9225670
bEHMuBehimus ArdelAdult (m)1,5725810
JxYOHJoy TerraYuleAdult (m)1,5355842
FMmJoDead GuardianAdult (m)1,8426522
T2JL7Radiant YulebuckAdult (m)1,8856532
QFnZeFane YuleGoldAdult (m)1,6586952
MGGg4Mac LeeAdult (m)1,5846572
fgIgJPhilip LeeAdult (m)1,7017161
mOMHlMom HiAdult (m)1,3475923
CCuVnMerry RoyalGoldAdult (m)1,6206763
Kh2PDeera LeeAdult (m)1,07144938
34jlDeero LeeAdult (m)1,07344337
wYvJRWinner ThuwedHatchling (F)8062935
wJj4F(wJj4F)Hatchling (f, F)2,2476291
GSfFH(GSfFH)Hatchling (m, F)1,2505454
Anb1qNoname HollyAdult (m)1,9005061
xiKWcKix HanAdult (m)1,5646644
CfAfVFav HollyAdult (m)1,5206602
sP7ktRedite HollyleafAdult (f)1,5086178
TIwdsThuwedly HollyAdult (m)1,2886056
x1gyEXyle FrozralcAdult (f)1,6396528
HuCtiHuchi ClosbudAdult (f)1,7316357
GCnB2Hongbaek ChristmasAdult (f)1,35852211
RY2pqHysia HollyAdult (m)3,56663262
34Be1(34Be1)Adult (m)3,2508091
AzzJi(AzzJi)Adult (m)3,0928121
LGIpH(LGIpH)Adult (f)1,9368042
gbrUZ(gbrUZ)Adult (f)2,0638031
0v4s1(0v4s1)Adult (m)2,2547152
XVPt4(XVPt4)Adult (m)2,3927034
Kz7l2(Kz7l2)Hatchling (f, F)2,8587013
6KL0u(6KL0u)Adult (f)3,5937062
JjYHJ(JjYHJ)Adult (f)3,7887145
MJLx0(MJLx0)Adult (m)2,5995020
As0nt(As0nt)Adult (m)2,4565243
jc2bJ(jc2bJ)Adult (f)2,6877022
XSeFFHeartstolen GirlAdult (f)2,1986681
MoDY1Red Velvet Icecream CakeAdult (f)2,1986531
rszDf(rszDf)Hatchling (m, F)2,5495242
zoTYS(zoTYS)Adult (m)2,5767142
fwyHY(fwyHY)Adult (m)1,2836033
Z7XQI(Z7XQI)Adult (m)1,3286213
n8v5K(n8v5K)Adult (f)2,5945333
rnFeM(rnFeM)Adult (f)2,6645232
lmlpo(lmlpo)Adult (f)2,4745102
YCLqF(YCLqF)Adult (f)2,7237062
sujSnSujin LovequusAdult (f)1,8085801
Pov6WPolina LovequusAdult (f)1,9315570
8a7nB(8a7nB)Hatchling (F)3,9725315
bCMSW(bCMSW)Hatchling (m, F)2,8317073
4Y394Brown Solstice SeekerAdult (m)2,6746915
SzV2GRed Solstice SeekerAdult (m)2,7286904
f2GcFHarry HartlustAdult (m)2,3726532
8HfupFub RomanticaAdult (m)1,7837172
fNDVcDemian RomanticaAdult (m)1,5556600
AhyWI(AhyWI)Hatchling (F)2,1564552
vgMPFMagi BlackroseAdult (f)2,8337032
dBYTvDebi BlackroseAdult (f)2,9547062
oX7wMOxion ArdelAdult (f)2,5176133
hBbJgDark Blue RoseAdult (f)2,7576431
L5FSTOrange Rose TeaAdult (f)2,7286323
04OI9Matilda ArdelAdult (f)1,5796012
icFOsRipa HanAdult (f)1,6956101
WVQ1ERamey CaligoAdult (f)1,7176812
RMXSpVerdandi RoseAdult (f)1,7546912
RqUAdSkuld RoseAdult (f)1,7346652
k74OpUrdr RoseAdult (f)1,7556662
k9HBIHibi TugwelAdult (f)3,2106562
rtjxwRose Merian TugwelAdult (f)2,9166573
nM0fwNei Lichentet ArdelAdult (f)1,6456562
dyoatDianne Lichentet ArdelAdult (f)2,2326213
ulLtIYuria RadiancAdult (f)1,3536382
aZaBAdelia MerianAdult (f)2,7745326
CsXeCes MerianAdult (f)2,4354995
8MvnB(8MvnB)Hatchling (F)2,0184673
x2JIOSweet Love SolsticeHatchling (m, F)1,2195893
0zDmaYohan LoireAdult (m)2,8125270
OcXD7Jun LoireAdult (m)2,4034882
n70izSweet Pink DevilAdult (m)2,4244930
Qa4PuDream of FlamingoAdult (m)2,9605650
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