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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ilia_The_Elf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hzVrB(hzVrB)Adult (f)1,6155780
4RNrS(4RNrS)Adult (f)1,6945741
1jolN(1jolN)Adult (f)1,9096290
aRYcW(aRYcW)Adult (f)3,0845761
GbwIi(GbwIi)Adult (f)3,3135431
4Tctw(4Tctw)Adult (m)2,2916130
JGt0s(JGt0s)Adult (f)2,2576251
KVq1m(KVq1m)Adult (m)2,1506200
toe7o(toe7o)Adult (m)2,3235941
oUac8(oUac8)Adult (f)2,1566090
3rL8i(3rL8i)Adult (m)2,1136330
uHPNO(uHPNO)Adult (m)2,2366570
5tI39(5tI39)Adult (m)2,5845022
16WhA(16WhA)Adult (m)2,4696080
ocHTd(ocHTd)Adult (f)2,4256530
miuzp(miuzp)Adult (m)2,1576391
QeAg7(QeAg7)Adult (m)2,2075761
ghnDm(ghnDm)Adult (m)2,2936010
NwVDj(NwVDj)Adult (f)4,0457891
B163q(B163q)Adult (f)2,5836221
ENqoh(ENqoh)Adult (f)2,6536080
p7fVn(p7fVn)Adult (m)2,3094921
6z8Pu(6z8Pu)Adult (m)2,2706660
FjuMw(FjuMw)Adult (m)2,2396370
AHJFQ(AHJFQ)Adult (f)2,6056291
huADs(huADs)Adult (m)2,1377140
gT4ND(gT4ND)Adult (f)2,1167092
XaYc8(XaYc8)Adult (m)2,1477120
kDKc9(kDKc9)Adult (f)2,0937060
zH5Pe(zH5Pe)Adult (m)2,0007024
jQ7QX(jQ7QX)Adult (f)2,0376430
cmtQN(cmtQN)Adult (f)1,9396380
oxWhn(oxWhn)Adult (m)2,1377033
cy3D2(cy3D2)Adult (m)2,1766861
7RXMY(7RXMY)Adult (f)2,0717011
ncrUB(ncrUB)Adult (f)2,4086680
SqmLR(SqmLR)Adult (f)3,8668772
Qzk0R(Qzk0R)Adult (f)2,7496161
h3GGo(h3GGo)Adult (m)2,2147010
e5Mxi(e5Mxi)Adult (m)2,2137150
KRsgY(KRsgY)Adult (f)2,3687030
MUt8i(MUt8i)Adult (m)4,4348252
qqTBU(qqTBU)Adult (f)3,1007031
lHv8k(lHv8k)Adult (m)2,4097010
NdJWt(NdJWt)Adult (f)2,4447070
8BBKA(8BBKA)Adult (f)3,1128010
f7puT(f7puT)Adult (m)2,4387031
Ad0mG(Ad0mG)Adult (f)2,3697050
345hH(345hH)Adult (f)2,4897072
c9S0R(c9S0R)Adult (f)1,7657061
KfEbD(KfEbD)Adult (f)1,7507060
UT11hAero-y-AthosAdult (m)3,8341,0360
CMQxrMist and IceAdult (f)2,2314713
gn2JvOrina-OriyaAdult (f)4,7121,0222
0YYuTGriyora-GrivyaAdult (f)3,9531,0720
5UidAHell yeah I have issuesAdult (f)7,1571,0071
wFoKTI'm just so epicAdult (m)1,5905891
71DqaDesert GryphonAdult (m)5,2419631
3jbEo(3jbEo)Adult (m)2,6379201
0OlsiPlease Give me a ChanceAdult (f)6,3318514
ouu4KGlayaAdult (f)5,0241,0531
jWESwMaliveraAdult (f)5,4159186
oH8L4Dark Empress of ShadowsAdult (f)2,3744525
neIftTeayaAdult (f)3,5007904
kgPlSTigearaAdult (f)2,6019460
WLxptGliveyaAdult (f)2,0686061
SC5WYOff the Coast in Morning TideAdult (f)5,8071,0493
LX9THSeafly of dragonsAdult (f)5,7309606
TXP8YTo sink or swimAdult (f)5,7798431
lE82rScraytyaAdult (f)2,6267386
V7GMdBSL Labrador RipleyAdult (m)5,1721,0254
w7YmvRikraAdult (f)1,8916971
LZ8IH(LZ8IH)Adult (f)2,5719230
0c0wCDraythursteAdult (m)2,5639470
rSWdwScrayaAdult (f)2,2956525
0HoWkMortizanAdult (m)2,7879481
Ve6vDCorporeal No MoreAdult (m)2,5315841
dGQu7Incorporeal Ever MoreAdult (m)2,5095951
Bo7VbMake me into a SandwichAdult5,4487798
C9VLGCuccoaAdult (f)6,8838519
6XbDSgimchi gimchi gimchi kkokkodaegHatchling (F)3,2954917
VDEMnMistle ThuwedAdult (f)2,7409250
SBTkTWhere's the MistletoeAdult (f)4,0081,1324
kzJ0GThe most Festive of them allAdult (f)4,5401,1597
0IHRiA Holly Jolly ThuwedAdult (m)3,7631,0915
Nr6bjI'm not Festive at allAdult (f)4,1621,0406
1zLmwGreen-tipped Candy CanesAdult (m)1,6035540
OxyOtGrihollynAdult (m)3,2911,1810
rz8lDYuleikAdult (m)3,4531,3031
vn9K6Sugar-coated Candy CaneAdult (m)4,5581,0683
I8YAhI have the best name everAdult (f)2,5766804
chCidGreen-tipped toenailsAdult (f)4,0961,1342
xMQyGThe Christmas DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7421,1378
hoMx8Angel with gilded wingsAdult (f)4,3171,1843
XESO8AvernyaAdult (f)3,4281,3311
vw8D1FramiaAdult (f)3,2551,1612
0S38zYivaylaAdult (f)2,6219141
HK95gDeriyaAdult (f)3,2351,0450
63FvHPheridAdult (m)3,4591,2571
OOF83I need a new Paint jobAdult (m)4,0701,1545
eaM7kAgrivainAdult (m)3,4221,2432
PQEvvNoricAdult (m)3,2411,1491
Vnr4WReignaAdult (f)3,2751,0531
rhIZMIcy winter antlersAdult (f)4,3821,1425
b6WgVMistletoe of the Misty MountainsAdult (f)4,0611,0370
qVyQ4The Fair Winter's OracleAdult (f)4,2201,0241
HWkgtChristmas  LuckAdult (m)2,3809222
GAMsUChristmas MisfortuneAdult (m)2,3549271
FkMbWGrandfather of TimeAdult (m)4,1798672
trpD8Color of tarnished CopperAdult (f)5,9551,2484
ENBsPColor of Pure CopperAdult (f)4,7629725
mAOUVColor of Corroded CopperAdult (f)4,8291,0302
wWNP9Ryu's baneAdult (f)4,7851,9221
VvbHvRiharjaAdult (f)2,0555514
HJQMcBeneath the Golden LiliesAdult (f)5,7801,6298
At6xGAriferalAdult (m)1,6545680
pDPkfQumissalusAdult (m)4,1958871
D7HL7But I wanted to be RedAdult (m)2,9975852
xXqmJBut I wanted to be PurpleAdult (f)6,5947370
45tVICrimcrestAdult (m)2,65073219
httuiAlimeraAdult (f)2,5025929
wVHn2EfearidAdult (m)2,2486214
dp3NiFuegolnaAdult (f)3,4901,0873
yANYJGrameraAdult (f)1,8736670
2OsDMCrycorenAdult (m)1,8465471
mWjqVAgrivinaAdult (f)2,9107415
DyCwIAirimeaAdult (f)1,7765681
HpHpN(HpHpN)Adult (m)2,6329121
CoYzkFrozorinAdult (m)3,6491,0711
BepzzAlaglaziaAdult (f)2,2396669
uWKBkI laugh at DangerAdult (f)4,0988144
PGIiOWhats so FunnyAdult (m)6,2341,0387
5FhorStone cold dreadAdult (m)7,1251,05210
5xr31What' this is my happy faceAdult (m)7,2681,0847
kg8LEGeodrayaAdult (f)4,7511,0634
a87X5A diamond in us AllAdult (f)3,8381,0394
DgUt9CobalaAdult (f)3,4711,0721
e0LGlFreyneaAdult (f)6,8501,0448
QyHqdSelesteaAdult (f)1,8546391
Z9WmxLirenaAdult (f)1,8966801
g9mAPThe Snooty gold oneAdult (m)7,6477265
W33i6Daughter of Royal GoldAdult (f)2,9608865
TBj4sMaia of the seaAdult (f)3,3719161
OGhpTErainaAdult (f)2,3716138
oXZZ7The dragon of many SpotsAdult (m)3,0208441
S6u1VPravorAdult (m)5,6529401
7PS0iArizerAdult (m)2,3906622
NOL9eGreat Guardian MasterAdult (m)4,8261,0302
ySyP8GlimnaAdult (f)5,8969474
W1WgIGlefaryeaAdult (f)2,3006520
NJtbGArvainelAdult (m)2,8757146
RMqduSmaugorAdult (m)5,4021,0041
l0C5rRyegorAdult (m)4,3371,2201
i6jkyGoladinaAdult (f)2,9661,0702
17uiFHarvestiollaAdult (f)4,6469515
QM0lmMarownaAdult (f)3,5351,1183
va7y4JsheenaAdult (f)4,6439415
3pvvQBone HallowAdult (m)3,3819441
hRviQGlayshiaAdult (f)3,7901,1134
HxR0iAfraytaAdult (f)4,8289386
76nLEGrimmeonAdult (m)3,1141,0653
twVfdZorainAdult (m)4,4101,1543
nBdz4GravinaAdult (f)4,3879295
YCyLw2nd to RiseAdult (m)4,1331,0463
uVVilGrayvinAdult (m)2,8791,0222
KJWQLCoalzaAdult (f)2,8301,0453
cv4mOSootaAdult (f)2,9561,0472
xJGWnGraven OmenAdult (f)1,5335910
FJogyGuilded GraveAdult (m)1,6895900
9wkVaLifrayraAdult (f)1,9026601
tV8vMRabid and RedAdult (f)3,0308450
ZBd20HorrivikiAdult (m)3,1879421
GPLnDBeing of IceAdult (m)5,8899854
367anKeeper of Nature and CosmosAdult (f)6,4361,0793
LDTWUOf Destruction and SurvivalAdult (m)7,5661,1175
VELXrThe Dragon GanondorfAdult (m)5,8031,1182
NcTATI wish I was a butterflyAdult (f)5,1611,1568
alDOIOf Change and NormalityAdult (m)3,2791,1962
P3cjDOf Creation and ExtinctionAdult (m)6,3401,1862
7nC4DNarsistAdult (m)3,9941,1852
LQMepGleaming SignAdult (f)1,9235932
zUs0bCrystalline  FateAdult (f)4,3141,0631
m17fUDance like Uma ThurmanAdult (f)2,4826420
HndYhHopeless LightAdult (f)3,1747311
CDSqSFateless GlowAdult (f)2,4046240
vPKWIHeartless ShineAdult (m)2,1165971
ZypJeThe power within meAdult (m)4,7721,0610
VaReqShediAdult (m)4,3041,2011
60ZKNWise beyond many OrangesAdult (m)4,7379562
SiQRuBeing of MagmaAdult (m)4,8901,0493
sHZibWinter Peppermint BreezeAdult (f)2,2846201
lNuM2What a Minty LineageAdult (f)5,1191,1361
jXxUxPeppermint-BreathAdult (f)5,4609235
vge95ShamrickAdult (m)2,4466182
dZ4TTPepperminty GoodnessAdult (m)7,5829093
w2i0iAerodynAdult (m)1,8085852
03NrB(03NrB)Adult (f)2,5979180
jXZAuThe Light of the Sky at NightAdult (f)4,9068673
4KnvBFrosty dark blue MorningAdult (f)7,5061,3164
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