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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “iiiidragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MW7ZqSkywing CB1Adult (m)6,1291,10146
v1M1ISkysilk-WSAdult (f)4,85191134
6MdaRSapphire-WSAdult (f)6,2111,10146
Hw2aZBloodscale-WSAdult (f)6,1601,12821
CvgaZWyvern-WSAdult (m)6,1361,09628
C3N2cSnow Angel-WSAdult (f)6,45274318
5mdC7Solstice-WSAdult (f)6,41176217
3Caw7Garland-WSAdult (f)6,55777415
0qGkkSolstice-CBAdult (f)6,74986214
4NU5eAegis-2019Adult (m)8,9828528
egVqjMistletoe-2019Adult (f)9,0238516
JKtoUWinter Magis-2019Hatchling (F)2,6971981
EMuZBStarsinger-2019Adult (f)8,8866946
ZRyksSnow-2019Hatchling (m, F)8,71871813
zxn2mSnow Angel-2GAdult (f)7,6467217
WBT7cMiddle MagisHatchling (m, F)4,5179773
7repGMistletoe CB1Adult (f)8,8587456
6lZwwWrapping CB1Adult (m)6,1188076
ndWygSolstice-BluewingAdult (f)5,3799379
1vbNxCute WrappingHatchling (F)1,6652231
2zpBYSnow CB1Adult (m)7,3876825
KTVCgKTV Center girlAdult (f)4,2607885
WB15FWrapping-NLAdult (m)6,7896856
d0ynvHolly-CB1Adult (m)5,6648753
T0D8kGarland-CB1Adult (f)8,7748239
yU1jpa cool waterAdult (m)5,56687210
l4yWcAegis-CB1Adult (m)7,7528024
lUSmHSmall StarsingerHatchling (F)1,5132493
n60UULittle-SnowHatchling (F)1,3192512
9uVbvI can bite youAdult (m)3,91652611
MrgZOGarland-babyHatchling (F)1,4332264
ircJmMagis-CB1Adult (m)4,8337395
MWpNRWintertide-2019Adult (m)7,4166808
Jm9d2Cute-GarlandHatchling (f, F)4,4018276
UW6XSGreennmanAdult (f)4,3308495
LSgK1Colorful-AngelAdult (f)5,2529159
XkTTSSolstice-blue2Hatchling (f, F)4,5608614
v2Hp8Solstice-pink4Hatchling (f, F)3,8697182
9C0zFAegis-coolAdult (m)3,81072111
11vacWintertide-CBAdult (m)4,4727357
5gyRja cool redladyAdult (f)6,14379413
nU1sQhello little boyAdult (m)5,98480515
eQX98red-blue with loveAdult (f)6,8038675
ufCfBI am purple babyAdult (m)6,3567516
qhBuZI have a swallowtailAdult (f)4,8566556
icgp9Pink lady o3oAdult (f)5,7117706
Aj89hgrow up be coolAdult (f)10,2791,16922
7QOCGMagi is orangeAdult (m)5,6997168
m7xd6Stars in my wingAdult (m)5,06081813
lMe24IMe24Adult (f)6,0627686
HbKmqDancing BoyAdult (m)5,79168412
d4ewVPrincess of Aristocratic familyAdult (f)5,47165525
jc7i7aaa its darkAdult (f)6,8607408
x9yaoxiaoyaoAdult (f)5,6236669
gPvzqcircle o f lifeAdult (m)8,2299873
8Ye7Z87 leavesAdult (m)7,0078458
SeULSSee U Last SummerAdult (m)6,5538669
0UKHIpink and orangeAdult (f)5,8456814
Qnaq0It's my lovely treeEgg (F)
w6R2CA in my dreamAdult (m)6,53281712
MDGsJTiny Green BirdAdult (f)6,8348274
S2o9QTiny Red BirdAdult (m)7,3508177
N17RgFly to groundAdult (f)7,1698126
V2xHMwith nice timeAdult (m)4,3236464
CSvzIMorphodrakes flyAdult (f)6,3807725
Ks8BoAmazing zupuAdult (f)5,7628167
9ii8SDiamond of greenAdult (m)4,0996477
TzuIETzuleAdult (f)6,62877026
Mt899Mt899Adult (f)6,5227965
KsH76763Adult (f)5,9387325
6CVMDDouble red eyesAdult (f)5,7937255
P0U7MDouble blue eyesAdult (m)8,2668566
VzSTgStvzgAdult (m)5,4737398
4edL949EDHatchling (F)2,9005343
8B5HyHy85Adult (f)3,4776643
zlomEblue flyersAdult (f)5,1229015
9faGYNine flowersAdult (m)4,0655764
287aEBaby like horseAdult (m)4,1326025
VmV29Boom PiliAdult (m)3,6645853
oGdzLCute never growupHatchling (F)2,5414334
oLCN9Aligent WaterAdult (f)3,6305902
2gB4DSwallowtail 2gAdult (m)3,6936856
LJgFHRed Diamond tailAdult (m)3,9536174
l0bUOBrown ButterflyAdult (m)3,7956077
TJd1vPurple Lady-CBAdult (m)4,0916283
GG6eqTiaowen greenAdult (f)5,1556825
JLwYGJinchi LongAdult (m)6,1228045
HqvI5Dong zhu pinkHatchling (F)3,1204836
VO6ZkvozkAdult (m)5,0968034
MoZDrI am Dr MozartAdult (m)5,5307946
WjIppDouble blue tailsAdult (f)5,6208095
Vvbcseverybody caresAdult (f)3,3846253
bXRu1R U 1 BoxAdult (m)2,6235282
TjuoCTC juoAdult (m)4,2396669
N5XEjRedGreen looks niceAdult (m)3,2036305
ZaPUmSupermarket StoreAdult (m)3,6427455
NcUt5I can bite uAdult (f)7,7771,30927
lhYh82g sunrisesAdult (f)3,6487097
sNE01Fish KingAdult (f)3,22862510
2TYIxTY x LXAdult (m)4,3987345
NCr79Silva tinyAdult (m)4,7648126
xtIQCMee AngleAdult (m)2,4085794
ElrRNTiny red ButterflyAdult (f)3,8746827
v3lhPZyu red womanAdult (f)5,61696711
UqFeDunique fedAdult (m)4,8508676
2b9F2OvO freeze meHatchling (F)1,9954267
6VGBsTiny Green ChickenAdult (m)4,0516184
HfBgaI love woodAdult (f)3,4545775
1nczHmice tailHatchling (F)1,6574644
z1PZsRED011Adult (f)6,4379934
3DBiHRED012Adult (f)6,2629924
tEhztRED013Adult (m)4,1237775
0C6WFRED014Adult (f)5,8718844
MeIEIMeIEIAdult (m)5,6808773
UlCPGICUPigAdult (f)5,8978962
A8OvlRED17Adult (f)5,6018823
2UtlDRED018Adult (m)5,4457914
cBuBHBrimstone messyAdult (m)7,1086675
r6DK1(r6DK1)Adult (f)4,6936244
LtGTtNebula orange CBAdult (f)2,3165796
tjLlDTJ ledAdult (f)3,1996875
j1cmDXenoPink-CBAdult (m)5,20987813
6asVbSha Ma TeAdult (m)1,6844922
pkxPkSquare PKAdult (m)2,8768241
wVTIo(wVTIo)Adult (f)6,2499764
IME0bIME MintAdult (f)2,8754853
mWvCs(mWvCs)Adult (f)2,7275155
EU7c8Ecu IdragAdult (m)2,9494949
eSRbg(eSRbg)Adult (f)3,9846173
8L2nX82linixAdult (m)2,4434522
OZxgRLUNAR-CBAdult (m)3,8326018
JFPyP(JFPyP)Adult (f)1,9364584
4BWnwww4nAdult (m)3,4496522
HoTq1(HoTq1)Adult (f)4,8446570
WBGJm(WBGJm)Adult (f)3,6586373
2e3MD(2e3MD)Adult (f)3,5756723
T0sGG(T0sGG)Adult (m)4,1716771
wqollwollqAdult (f)4,7376932
VuTUJ(VuTUJ)Adult (m)4,5206764
ie68t(ie68t)Adult (f)2,8464223
JNRFIMINTNIMAdult (f)2,4685631
Ervsb(Ervsb)Adult (m)4,7458021
4i0nz(4i0nz)Adult (f)4,6617641
KogjuKog juAdult (f)3,3276500
QPjMV(QPjMV)Adult (f)6,7469302
nMlsp(nMlsp)Adult (f)6,8589241
VbWCzhello little girlsAdult (f)7,4011,0694
hBkEc(hBkEc)Adult (m)6,6917343
ypX7M(ypX7M)Adult (f)6,8247171
3rfT3(3rfT3)Adult (f)4,7847751
zOWBwPink boy muaAdult (m)5,2497963
MUs6GGreen stone eyeAdult (m)4,3848011
bpmObBompbAdult (f)4,1818592
JU4peJupe FourAdult (m)3,1884066
VOZDnVozndAdult (m)3,6844403
AppOqGold with redAdult (m)3,8264644
pGvyhA deer valentineAdult (m)3,6424552
DVuLNDu ValentineAdult (m)3,2564552
eZwJEHeartseeker-CB1Adult (m)3,3537234
3Uhq7Sweetling CB1Adult (m)3,3777887
DIGfY(DIGfY)Adult (f)3,3897855
JsIXtFloral Crowned CB1Adult (m)3,9158834
QRsZ8Arsani CB1Adult (f)3,4147795
RK5Wa(RK5Wa)Adult (f)3,3738154
KohWg(KohWg)Adult (f)4,6298052
UqF5W(UqF5W)Adult (f)4,9888132
jovD5(jovD5)Adult (f)4,8918093
TTGetT T GetHatchling (m, F)3,2216793
gwNoF(gwNoF)Adult (f)5,1699894
5sQAcHeartseeker-CB2Adult (m)4,2718604
VgQFO(VgQFO)Adult (f)3,1936534
8Y1Ra(8Y1Ra)Adult (f)4,1337573
CzHfI(CzHfI)Hatchling (F)2,2254009
jhgg8Rosebud CB1Adult (f)4,2658202
s51nB(s51nB)Adult (f)4,5078453
ulmfY(ulmfY)Adult (m)3,5547192
rC0w8Val-2020 CB1Adult (m)2,9977235
8a5H9Val-2020 CB2Adult (m)2,9957173
khnsj(khnsj)Adult (m)3,2395496
fd4a1(fd4a1)Adult (f)4,1146791
bOWAr(bOWAr)Adult (f)4,5678837
m67xU(m67xU)Adult (f)4,2056950
7CgCQ(7CgCQ)Hatchling (f, F)4,5817815
l4JeR(l4JeR)Hatchling (F)1,9792372
O70vo(O70vo)Hatchling (m, F)4,2427458
i1DRg(i1DRg)Adult (m)3,9496703
Ni5FM(Ni5FM)Adult (f)3,7825780
DI2gF(DI2gF)Adult (f)4,8637803
NI5Yu(NI5Yu)Adult (f)4,9087792
RqR9S(RqR9S)Adult (m)3,7263481
G1YWu(G1YWu)Adult (f)4,0933745
l0pAJlive in cloudAdult (f)4,7913911
bGJlPBG jumpAdult (m)4,0873561
TcisZ(TcisZ)Adult (f)4,4423791
rGZtK(rGZtK)Adult (m)3,4805952
VbPD1PD vb1Adult (f)3,1935634
1FWYsRED019Adult (m)2,8766680
kntiM(kntiM)Adult (m)2,4326340
zpzkY(zpzkY)Adult (m)2,5596341
Qs0tC(Qs0tC)Adult (f)2,4906481
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