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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ihavefoundmyfeet,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gF68f(gF68f)Adult (f)3,3486543
76Ikc(76Ikc)Adult (f)2,4406413
i7akh(i7akh)Adult (m)2,3586672
pXn9i(pXn9i)Adult (f)2,4666912
9Q99K(9Q99K)Adult (m)3,1476132
3hQSr(3hQSr)Adult (m)4,0878524
LBvLX(LBvLX)Adult (f)2,8866502
L6di3(L6di3)Adult (f)3,0687612
I0jlD(I0jlD)Adult (f)3,6298561
bfzc3Just Turn My Blue Blood RedAdult (m)2,1905073
F47Qn(F47Qn)Adult (f)2,1774685
TxKp2(TxKp2)Adult (f)2,1884984
AuTnc(AuTnc)Adult (m)2,3266222
5O9ID(5O9ID)Adult (m)2,3656512
8zGCPThe Company I KeepAdult (f)4,5359985
REX4XFive Is For PleasureAdult (m)2,2776922
vG4zqSix For PainAdult (f)2,4187072
WyVA4Played Him CoyAdult (m)2,5247243
VKtGjPlayed Him TenderAdult (f)2,4487104
IWpMi(IWpMi)Adult (m)2,7655327
ZqM2h(ZqM2h)Adult (f)2,3796982
CToCi(CToCi)Adult (m)2,4106001
xR00PDon't Know How ToAdult (m)2,3296861
gSmTzConjugate A LieAdult (f)3,0138294
a5faa(a5faa)Adult (m)2,5246983
yM9Mp(yM9Mp)Adult (m)1,9056112
pZqLz(pZqLz)Adult (m)2,7707363
E1Mxc(E1Mxc)Adult (f)2,3627223
eofJ4(eofJ4)Adult (m)2,6226022
TnlAt(TnlAt)Adult (f)2,3847222
8eWLo(8eWLo)Adult (f)3,3976433
5AbHlWe Go Out In Stormy WeatherAdult (m)2,4987163
1hs8bWe Rarely Practice DiscernAdult (f)3,1156662
9yr20Was In The SpringtimeAdult (f)2,6087801
C7lA1(C7lA1)Adult (f)2,3006124
DUX2K(DUX2K)Adult (m)1,9886392
xzlGcLately I've Been Full Of FollyAdult (m)2,2976304
EXIT0(EXIT0)Adult (f)2,7116834
d5REB(d5REB)Adult (f)2,7156525
eJtyL(eJtyL)Adult (m)2,4736161
Mzof3(Mzof3)Adult (m)2,4826031
AU9Nj(AU9Nj)Adult (f)2,5176111
SlRUq(SlRUq)Adult (m)2,7216342
zPBmA(zPBmA)Adult (m)2,6996241
t5krW(t5krW)Adult (f)2,7096583
7GtRy(7GtRy)Adult (f)2,7896614
IYGaK(IYGaK)Adult (f)2,7246571
ycOUS(ycOUS)Adult (m)2,7346721
dlYXP(dlYXP)Adult (m)2,6416461
9I6nkThe Time When This Made SenseAdult (m)2,7606632
AxuWB(AxuWB)Adult (f)3,2787583
COAEc(COAEc)Adult (m)3,3547331
FvS4Y(FvS4Y)Adult (f)2,2206382
tcvBb(tcvBb)Adult (f)2,6987051
CVkau(CVkau)Adult (m)2,6606782
K4NR5(K4NR5)Adult (m)3,4046202
kj2aeHigh Heels And A DressAdult (f)5,96061617
ZF8Wf(ZF8Wf)Adult (f)2,1826014
aY3A8(aY3A8)Adult (f)2,1377671
zYze2(zYze2)Adult (m)2,0707121
fpqOW(fpqOW)Adult (m)1,9986663
QfO5pSlack-Jawed By The SpeakersAdult (f)2,3546523
MVCET(MVCET)Adult (f)2,1256355
68YXlMy Hand Inscribes My GraveAdult (f)1,9417285
INu70(INu70)Adult (f)1,9707434
6gG0v(6gG0v)Adult (m)1,5906455
AJkEW(AJkEW)Adult (m)1,9986182
x0Ftj(x0Ftj)Adult (f)1,4826133
uWwFk(uWwFk)Adult (f)1,9587494
H7SrU(H7SrU)Adult (f)1,9207594
IW69D(IW69D)Adult (f)2,2759531
5qYoO(5qYoO)Adult (m)3,1808095
YfAz7(YfAz7)Adult (m)2,4947123
ndp6YRunning Can Be Hard InAdult (m)1,6516452
EwyK3(EwyK3)Adult (f)3,0616766
nM2R0(nM2R0)Adult (m)2,3867682
XRH7J(XRH7J)Adult (f)2,1018512
PeFoH(PeFoH)Adult (f)2,4357166
p2J9b(p2J9b)Adult (f)2,6298142
x78p4(x78p4)Adult (f)2,5168293
q4Xtq(q4Xtq)Adult (f)2,6616334
Z4VV5(Z4VV5)Adult (m)2,6736154
jcRLJ(jcRLJ)Adult (f)3,0149111
tMLbpMy Melody's My MaladyAdult (m)2,1877211
HEyHj(HEyHj)Adult (f)3,0076713
naWN2(naWN2)Adult (f)3,0026814
dtp61(dtp61)Adult (f)1,6366701
KphTe(KphTe)Adult (f)1,6966781
irm2X(irm2X)Adult (m)1,7037751
LbQ3C(LbQ3C)Adult (m)1,6717711
XePTP(XePTP)Adult (m)2,0218342
R9w4i(R9w4i)Adult (f)2,1296523
6ZkQI(6ZkQI)Adult (f)1,8576992
ercFx(ercFx)Adult (f)1,8186791
SFjNZ(SFjNZ)Adult (f)1,8296852
1fV7A(1fV7A)Adult (f)2,1905966
eOEsI(eOEsI)Adult (m)1,9766905
DZcKH(DZcKH)Adult (m)1,9936744
6jndG(6jndG)Adult (m)2,0007074
SWOOF(SWOOF)Adult (f)2,6286294
zLcTu(zLcTu)Adult (m)2,3296962
yjJjG(yjJjG)Adult (m)2,2656973
6MT73(6MT73)Adult (m)2,2626922
KeCPbToo Fast Too FarAdult (m)2,2236803
WjlH2(WjlH2)Adult (m)1,6566331
oTPIH(oTPIH)Adult (m)2,0076845
P8ODL(P8ODL)Adult (f)1,4076222
YJWuf(YJWuf)Adult (m)1,5717091
w8qn3(w8qn3)Adult (f)1,7996251
mR9Kx(mR9Kx)Adult (m)1,7716052
rb5IqOut To Satisfy Those ThrillsAdult (f)1,7786893
FF3uxMind Full of Wicked DesignsAdult (f)1,8627263
CGrySWicked Winding StreetsAdult (m)1,8267312
bx5sG(bx5sG)Adult (f)2,2628852
vUJso(vUJso)Adult (m)2,2298571
QW31h(QW31h)Adult (f)1,7076612
5FLiI(5FLiI)Adult (f)1,6785931
6DmCi(6DmCi)Adult (f)2,1486954
xcqLc(xcqLc)Adult (f)1,8517005
bmPeD(bmPeD)Adult (f)1,7936303
G43WX(G43WX)Adult (m)1,9457132
qLozV(qLozV)Adult (f)1,9877412
6283p(6283p)Adult (m)1,7397223
lRuKT(lRuKT)Adult (f)1,7836814
BAQgJ(BAQgJ)Adult (f)1,7906602
WAxlz(WAxlz)Adult (m)1,5015753
h9Bcl(h9Bcl)Adult (m)2,1377388
0QvIiI'll Take It Like A ManAdult (m)3,0189561
653mq(653mq)Adult (f)3,0721,0061
ERzWp(ERzWp)Adult (m)2,2406081
1tnwN(1tnwN)Adult (f)2,2877501
uUGdz(uUGdz)Adult (f)2,3016122
9BBhD(9BBhD)Adult (m)2,4237654
t40ekRunning Barefoot Over FirewoodAdult (m)2,1236071
xtcmQI'd Rather Go RollerskatingAdult (f)3,2859084
aWccI(aWccI)Adult (f)1,8997281
9eJbmYeah I Can BeAdult (m)1,7866871
TZ5m5Fascination Casts A SpellAdult (f)2,0888031
6nCAVBe Tongue In CheekAdult (f)2,1656172
T0hXuNo Sign Of The MysticalAdult (f)2,5028441
sLBVTSo Different And So RareAdult (m)3,3197221
3VdcwSell Your SUVs For JesusAdult (f)2,4197843
fX2yGFaster Side Of NormalAdult (f)1,7486551
j6a34Smokin' In The Girls' RoomAdult (f)2,5108141
Xm2n0Always Play The Wrong CardAdult (f)2,7589241
jMW6YYour Cherry LipsAdult (m)2,0136661
rVP4HWith Their Errant LightAdult (f)2,0396521
eSyWrPost-Apocalytic Zombie SurvivalAdult (m)1,9436982
wzH1fAgainst All ProbabilityAdult (m)1,9917451
l3nUnSand Beneath My ToesAdult (m)1,9506171
hklLaNicotine And PhonicsAdult (f)1,7356811
ovXBqFace The MuzakAdult (f)1,8246771
AqGkFI Don't Even Have A CarAdult (f)1,9786383
O1JcbHas Water Under ItAdult (f)2,3717133
w0CAmAll Yellow And BlackAdult (f)2,0827162
Pj2ImRecognize My FootstepsAdult (m)1,9126774
qzDu4In The Saddest FashionAdult (f)2,1276282
rQcvNA Life Less SedentaryAdult (m)1,7696555
TEqMXJust Where I WasAdult (m)2,0675542
IQfOdWhat A Curious LifeAdult (m)2,6496455
9pk53When The Sun-Bright SwallowAdult (f)2,1256533
ObRUqThere's No Heart BreakingAdult (m)1,9086663
lchnbNot A Lot Of Logic In ItAdult (f)2,1085954
K9wD3Sharp As A TackAdult (m)3,5779042
nPWAKAsking You To Take ItAdult (m)2,2466344
BJDLzNow You KnowAdult (m)2,6238672
MkHQBy Night We'll RustAdult (m)1,8734694
6sHg(6sHg)Egg (F)
aT2UoThe Fields Had Frozen OverHatchling (F)1,3891442
d0pijIn Here We're FrozenHatchling (F)1,6672773
NjtsYJust One Cup Of TeaHatchling (F)2,1856112
fLEWLTalk About Horses And WarHatchling (F)1,1841551
DcliLCut Out Of The SunHatchling (F)1,1461363
2pIwoWho Invented RosesHatchling (F)7191654
RtX1Now We're Brother LadiesAdult3,1857093
YMOI257 WeeksAdult (f)6,0761,14010
dNnILet The Water Come DownAdult (m)4,3591,0552
C3sSYou're Just a Line In A SongAdult (f)3,2451,0263
hkSsThere Is No Future HereAdult (m)3,1207736
897cCause I'd Have A JetpackAdult (f)2,3707944
nq0EBut I Like The CafeteriaAdult (m)3,8127107
Il8XIThe Sparks Didn't GlowAdult (f)1,7546952
pcW9Dreams I've DeferredAdult (m)3,8491,0893
1R6qGOur Brains In Mason JarsAdult (f)2,6256636
esOckSilent Down The HighwayAdult (m)3,2697946
FX5dnCurse You ThusAdult (f)2,7488851
NjcufI Am Not ShakenAdult (m)2,3228225
nYXGsPiles Of Broken BricksAdult (f)1,9107002
vtViVExcept The Sound Of LaughterAdult (m)2,0186911
LifitThe People Watch ComplacentlyAdult (f)1,7536944
vwYYhWe Can Break Blue LawsAdult (m)2,1897404
B9j53The World Is Your GardenAdult (f)1,4556434
YlvRBAs The Warm Desert AirAdult (m)1,8927354
cIbeModern Pharaoh's TombAdult (m)2,1576006
pqvBWaltzing With DeathAdult (f)3,5307118
W1sbPJust Forgot Who I AmAdult (m)1,8546084
5LvBSZombie In The Front YardAdult (f)2,5056732
aiF4Rocking Around the Dorkface TreeAdult (m)5,1391,0786
Ql94I'm Gonna Look FantasticAdult (f)2,5545382
dv3gControl Your Poison BabeAdult (f)3,0047899
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