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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
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  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “ice9765,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2TmJ(2TmJ)Adult (f)1,33968715
B48H(B48H)Adult (m)3,58523919
aJBq(aJBq)Adult (m)2,2401,5978
2GFQ(2GFQ)Adult (f)1,62167010
NTEq(NTEq)Adult (m)6,32155510
7vtr(7vtr)Adult (f)2,0588857
tQbZ(tQbZ)Adult (f)8,57258810
R7Rf(R7Rf)Adult (f)8,59759611
bM0v(bM0v)Adult (m)8,5105797
n7nV(n7nV)Adult (m)6,99977717
7b5G(7b5G)Adult (m)1,5625954
JFEZ(JFEZ)Adult (f)2,9011,08210
tMO9(tMO9)Adult (m)1,01327593
gree(gree)Adult (m)2,2333943
bRtZ(bRtZ)Adult (f)2,1813968
maQg(maQg)Adult (m)2,1653648
30ag(30ag)Adult (f)2,02831814
mfUa(mfUa)Adult (f)1,6235607
UGvE(UGvE)Adult (m)2,1556192
AaF7(AaF7)Adult (m)2,0306082
19Xu(19Xu)Adult (m)2,1356364
SoLk(SoLk)Adult (m)4,4412975
jH9c(jH9c)Adult (f)2,26265819
2pXe(2pXe)Adult (f)4,0376789
HtIh(HtIh)Adult (m)2,1325661
D5bQ(D5bQ)Adult (f)2,4904998
PPoK(PPoK)Adult (f)2,3454995
PqYm(PqYm)Adult (m)2,57188212
XhQ6(XhQ6)Adult (m)3,1011,0075
LW7I(LW7I)Adult (f)2,1178002
WQHC(WQHC)Adult (f)2,0768035
oD5u(oD5u)Adult (f)2,7076804
WGFL(WGFL)Adult (f)2,8347495
1vJd(1vJd)Adult (f)5,4505295
NYKr(NYKr)Adult (m)5,5805524
iY3f(iY3f)Adult (f)5,3405275
NjfV(NjfV)Adult (f)7,4149044
MfMJ(MfMJ)Adult (f)3,13922215
rFYn(rFYn)Adult (f)2,2834819
kGii(kGii)Adult (f)1,8814528
RoTN(RoTN)Adult (f)2,3597565
QKlj(QKlj)Adult (f)4,4863278
e0js(e0js)Adult (f)4,19531511
1tTL(1tTL)Adult (f)4,95236510
11LS(11LS)Adult (f)1,8606497
5oob(5oob)Adult (f)2,7116429
AAqt(AAqt)Adult (f)1,9476523
v8MO(v8MO)Adult (m)1,8636153
CImm(CImm)Adult (f)2,9017841
Wtl5(Wtl5)Adult (m)2,2546623
pAnk(pAnk)Adult (f)2,3746722
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