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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “hotchocolattie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YXtJk(YXtJk)Dead Egg1,073843
19zct(19zct)Dead Egg1,5611579
K3DEg(K3DEg)Dead Egg3481004
dN9moinactive due to school atmAdult (m)8,9031,4219
oJS6Dalmost doctor strangeAdult (f)8,5291,2615
7ArgZ(7ArgZ)Adult (m)8,4561,2138
6djQAfroggy danceAdult (f)7,8381,2532
dOpl6yeehaw froggyAdult (m)7,7251,2353
Nigjffroggy vibeAdult (f)7,8341,2254
qbDuo(qbDuo)Adult (m)7,8111,1116
DaLUv(DaLUv)Adult (m)8,1571,4077
SmSaZJungle Blue CBAdult (f)9,7311,4565
frOBG(frOBG)Adult (f)9,6011,4745
Ns12nForest Blue CBAdult (m)7,1571,3704
2NOAM(2NOAM)Adult (m)6,0531,3402
ljks7Jungle Brown CBAdult (f)7,6921,4422
4mBvei'd rather use emailAdult (f)11,0371,5452
uO1Nfglorified carrier pigeonAdult (m)9,6241,4473
ezpgd(ezpgd)Adult (f)3,2985024
PPM8gfroggy singsAdult (m)2,9767382
8ROT2(8ROT2)Adult (m)9,1601,4554
eMi15(eMi15)Hatchling (F)3,4657093
04chu(04chu)Adult (f)7,5601,3162
wxNpi(wxNpi)Adult (f)3,5028086
4HwJUa q u a d r a g o nAdult (m)5,5398253
OAXRuThis Day Aria  CBAdult (f)6,5551,1013
Jtaxi(Jtaxi)Adult (m)5,7579564
vf38V(vf38V)Adult (m)5,1411,1484
LnZQy(LnZQy)Adult (m)6,5991,1134
on8Vi(on8Vi)Adult (f)7,1951,1782
DpAMm(DpAMm)Adult (f)9,6171,28315
nSV88(nSV88)Adult (m)8,7981,1164
PCoyG(PCoyG)Adult (m)6,8759035
g3y0sfloppy fish CBAdult (m)9,9341,5262
GIHvo(GIHvo)Adult (f)7,5051,2846
HULUQ(HULUQ)Adult (f)5,1669011
B36DpMasked in Gold CBAdult (f)6,9341,1173
zZckz(zZckz)Hatchling (f, F)6,2501,1215
WggUI(WggUI)Adult (m)9,5041,4673
ZWL5nRaccoon Eyed CBAdult (m)7,3251,2273
mrRtJBlackened Honour 4g PBAdult (m)4,8457734
dq3bONyxillianAdult (m)3,2324273
OFALpBurnt PeanutsAdult (m)6,3101,2966
aQP9dA Light Green GlowAdult (f)9,1181,1909
boY89(boY89)Adult (m)6,3131,2053
OvvUU(OvvUU)Adult (f)3,8568535
3T94VGreen Eyed ImpHatchling (F)3,9918144
rU6GMMaster of MischiefHatchling (F)1,8284283
yf1hRA Snicker of MagicHatchling (m, F)3,4548473
2iDJEOiled Gears CBAdult (f)7,2121,4272
XmFEYDr Jekyll and Mr Hyde CBAdult (m)8,2621,5969
ETYsD(ETYsD)Adult (m)11,7261,4693
ZcFlvTrader Joes CBAdult (f)11,2831,5673
z8ftS(z8ftS)Adult (m)6,7261,1693
c9KNNmoonlight miloAdult (m)3,6316315
jweR7Numbered ChancesAdult (f)7,5731,2144
m0o0A(m0o0A)Adult (m)9,2791,2696
wibBa(wibBa)Adult (m)7,5861,3952
WaxKu(WaxKu)Adult (f)8,0001,2917
fuo1gcon-stellar-tionAdult (f)10,5621,4285
lisMZ(lisMZ)Adult (f)5,0028745
8N0IP(8N0IP)Adult (f)2,5896372
ezRg5Look to the Moonlit SkyHatchling (F)4,3446522
yyFDNhanahaki auHatchling (f, F)5,9609462
wDKmfInk 'AriaHatchling (m, F)6,3791,0227
s77Hpmuch floof CBAdult (m)7,1731,4613
aFmGPfluffy fabienne CBAdult (f)7,9421,3383
vjLaKSwiffers CBAdult (m)6,1861,1693
QhcZkYonder CBAdult (f)8,2061,2182
zkRjn(zkRjn)Adult (m)2,4893149
X9tVv(X9tVv)Adult (f)7,7921,1561
RKIz6(RKIz6)Adult (f)7,3141,3536
F6b8h(F6b8h)Adult (f)7,6201,1538
KQbop(KQbop)Adult (m)7,1131,3272
bl7bPSince I Saw ViennaAdult (m)3,3437554
cIGyMForest Gump 4gAdult (f)5,6881,0972
YkebxLes Amis de FarinetHatchling (F)3,0432593
fcacbAcledaHatchling (f, F)6,5391,1035
1GrOUDemon of the DepthsHatchling (m, F)6,1391,0852
F4NCfChasing ChancesAdult (f)6,3471,2072
KT60U(KT60U)Adult (m)7,5651,2014
TSJNWElectric Eevee CBAdult (f)11,0551,4406
raK3e(raK3e)Hatchling (f, F)6,1665392
F7ySwNorthern HopesAdult (m)6,6121,2604
sRngiLights of the Northern SkiesAdult (f)6,6251,2475
9XzNk(9XzNk)Adult (m)7,0139814
7mwDf(7mwDf)Adult (m)7,5748942
TiQoA(TiQoA)Adult (f)7,8161,1543
mG3zrVersillus BrutalfellbornAdult (f)5,5351,2944
z8T4YInsommiacAdult (m)7,0681,1422
N9sjgVolcanic Fire CBAdult (m)7,5881,5255
3KDf2Fireborn Green CBAdult (m)11,3501,5833
R7l7jAsh Green CBAdult (m)9,0721,4143
WkP3pSpicy Green Gem CBAdult (m)9,2621,5596
RtEWUFlorielizardAdult (m)5,7091,1044
MoT6I(MoT6I)Adult (f)7,7561,3055
Z8lJS(Z8lJS)Adult (m)7,8401,1265
waFj2Golden Flowertail CBAdult (f)9,7571,4736
zGcvREstetico CBAdult (m)7,3851,3125
67WLbSpotted PeachwingedAdult (f)3,0117042
sMuM5(sMuM5)Adult (f)10,3891,5126
kIvTc(kIvTc)Adult (f)4,9541,0316
eTwTq(eTwTq)Adult (m)5,9451,0872
BumGY(BumGY)Adult (f)6,3061,0763
DXDsKJelly Jams CBAdult (f)4,5259832
GODLo(GODLo)Adult (f)7,7501,3302
kwTdlEsteticoAdult (m)8,4921,4016
oHM8E(oHM8E)Adult (m)7,7331,3002
3mMMG(3mMMG)Adult (f)3,5968582
JynkAGolden Minty MistsAdult (m)6,9831,38115
Q20XqDorkfaced Golden StarsAdult (f)3,3217706
dci4W(dci4W)Hatchling (f, F)6,2148425
tW6jb(tW6jb)Hatchling (m, F)6,7358604
ZZfap(ZZfap)Adult (f)8,4221,3074
1yZOO(1yZOO)Adult (f)7,7721,1772
cnzVLcnn liveAdult (m)9,2601,3734
PDxUVYou Found Me CBAdult (f)11,6941,5575
aOU8hWuthering Heights CBAdult (f)6,5201,3827
3l6Oy(3l6Oy)Adult (f)6,8731,1162
jAoUwi forgot you could do earthquakeAdult (m)5,0477973
8H2k2K i n g  of the  C l o u d sAdult (m)8,1731,2544
JgTbgFloral SAltsAdult (m)9,0081,3435
ngQvqcrafty connorAdult (m)8,1891,2543
uWxzM(uWxzM)Adult (m)12,9011,1745
b3Y4SY o u  F o u n d  M eAdult (m)8,0781,3265
MThqiY o u - F o u n d - M eAdult (f)7,0821,1544
8muxubuzzy buzzy bee CBAdult (f)10,9611,5233
Vw89Rbusy busy bee CBAdult (f)10,2831,4813
3GSrR(3GSrR)Adult (m)5,2828812
8rBkk(8rBkk)Adult (f)5,8351,0978
OOtp8Imperial Crowned CBAdult (m)6,8591,2844
YLJRfbase for a saltkin lineAdult (m)8,4741,3283
Ltia0(Ltia0)Adult (f)7,6641,3527
cB8wvCrowned Curly HornsAdult (m)6,1671,1494
0B7nxvery good boyoAdult (m)7,1921,3922
OH8kvOH   W  O  R  MAdult (m)6,9961,4102
iUQX7hello brave adventurerAdult (m)7,4001,4382
k7unEshiny wormyAdult (f)8,6171,4511
YXT4YK a m o l lAdult (m)7,5361,2534
63A3MNarcissus dragonAdult (f)11,1521,4642
qDvG3(qDvG3)Adult (m)7,7471,2765
lTxLy(lTxLy)Adult (f)6,0151,0872
AzHoNGifted LunarsAdult (f)7,8221,2864
mAdZu(mAdZu)Adult (f)7,3461,2241
8cON4(8cON4)Adult (m)7,6831,1662
eqVu2bippity - boppity - booAdult (f)8,0591,1907
8e5x0(8e5x0)Adult (m)6,1531,0752
wMYJUGold Dusted BronzeAdult (f)7,7051,2773
8PeW5Wings of Bronze CBAdult (m)7,5191,5695
bOv6W(bOv6W)Adult (m)7,9891,3572
PgPSh(PgPSh)Adult (m)8,8751,2402
fFOzD(fFOzD)Adult (f)8,5981,2804
cdNN1(cdNN1)Adult (m)5,2338422
GmLi5Nemorial HoilmAdult (m)6,4491,1644
LPaucDemmo PemmoAdult (f)3,5137643
FKJtYBrook GedmarAdult (m)4,8651,1167
N6vfn(N6vfn)Adult (f)5,0711,0945
yh5Ts(yh5Ts)Adult (m)7,2411,1864
M69Sd(M69Sd)Adult (m)4,6616285
Qr4Vu(Qr4Vu)Adult (m)8,1151,2447
w4FB7(w4FB7)Adult (f)8,3671,2175
owOzz(owOzz)Adult (f)7,8671,1438
X7Fbn(X7Fbn)Adult (m)4,8028963
zIZRI(zIZRI)Adult (m)2,8035033
QQMwj(QQMwj)Adult (f)3,6969646
gN5qt(gN5qt)Adult (f)6,5361,2495
dL0xl(dL0xl)Adult (m)3,3155823
7jSV9(7jSV9)Adult (m)6,7341,20711
xJ7rPDetroit ThuwedAdult (m)6,8391,2267
IXrwFCharles the Second IBAdult (f)9,2411,0593
o62xL(o62xL)Adult (f)3,5278466
oxlcTView of A Starry Night ThuwedAdult (m)4,3619333
HSUUZ(HSUUZ)Adult (m)3,6048752
xUInw(xUInw)Adult (f)7,1101,3673
Y0Lo2(Y0Lo2)Adult (m)6,1331,0626
gWqtN(gWqtN)Adult (m)9,6031,4814
lAjup(lAjup)Adult (f)5,8639454
UY0tQ(UY0tQ)Adult (m)8,6951,3653
ODgjN(ODgjN)Adult (f)9,5261,7524
JwFpM(JwFpM)Adult (m)6,4751,2512
Uklhb(Uklhb)Adult (m)9,8711,3164
4FgsS(4FgsS)Adult (m)8,2771,4093
wn6ZH(wn6ZH)Adult (m)11,1251,6261
5nvno(5nvno)Adult (m)8,9691,3914
bR1an(bR1an)Adult (f)9,8131,4876
V55yL(V55yL)Adult (f)7,2961,2625
Ae13O(Ae13O)Adult (m)7,3341,1461
ad724(ad724)Adult (f)2,9946641
Fapd3(Fapd3)Adult (m)3,7436756
1rJU9(1rJU9)Adult (f)8,9841,3344
3JbSJ(3JbSJ)Adult (f)6,3471,1092
UG7PD(UG7PD)Adult (m)7,8001,2102
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