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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “hoshino2009,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0K1oTArmand Field PBIIIAdult (m)3,7701,00815
Dr9s7Erica Field CBAdult (f)3,43781815
2OJ04Victor Field CBAdult (m)2,72466815
QqIvYTavis Field CBAdult (m)3,49171915
XLA5XBen Lilieth PBVIAdult (m)5,4337231
b45l3Bradley Semmelweis PBIIAdult (m)5,3797933
iQIKEDG Semmelweis PBIIAdult (f)5,9399392
CYmUS(CYmUS)Adult (f)3,3154823
tDQyt(tDQyt)Adult (m)3,0116792
Ba9LW(Ba9LW)Adult (f)4,9553972
xXFt7(xXFt7)Adult (m)4,6575201
1ZLFkAzu Field CBAdult (f)1,6286281
0xfqfShise Field CBAdult (m)2,1316292
0TAouShie Field PBIIAdult (f)1,8686291
dbnEQEvan Opall PBIIAdult (m)4,9037583
vQeYsBon Re IVAdult (m)2,5498473
oASAY(oASAY)Adult (m)3,1094970
L38gT(L38gT)Adult (m)2,9137322
DdQ0q(DdQ0q)Adult (f)3,1824573
GhlF7(GhlF7)Adult (m)3,2034551
4Nd5AShinba Field CBAdult (m)2,3915982
PQjZLRyokuu Field CBAdult (f)2,1656660
UjhTISuzuha tea Field CBAdult (m)1,8866281
KvHRgGreen tea Field PBIIAdult (m)1,8386371
wmIsCBeverly Pedersen PBIIIAdult (f)5,8327312
HVeWSLisa Blatty CBAdult (f)5,3088711
H95SP(H95SP)Adult (m)3,9534262
GDGSfHobart Thomas IIAdult (m)5,7558692
BBBIbWade Thomas IIIAdult (m)5,2039306
UZWRmKhadga Cosgrave PBIIAdult (m)4,8115684
ONkDASouthgate IIIAdult (m)3,7434731
2MZMgLinLin Field CBAdult (f)3,8527753
XngHeCia Field IIAdult (f)4,4128243
wG3DoTiera Field IIAdult (f)2,2474853
uJFCkLouhi Jhabvala IIAdult (f)2,8915892
dWQbqMay Halloran PBIIAdult (f)4,5428204
4Tf3U(4Tf3U)Adult (f)3,5798644
5oxtX(5oxtX)Adult (m)3,0575252
bjJzZMarie Hoggan CBAdult (f)3,3234025
Elwj3Karl Hoggan CBAdult (m)3,7874347
01DBgWW Field CBAdult (m)3,1644781
CNXIU(CNXIU)Adult (m)3,2044841
u4wHU(u4wHU)Adult (m)2,7584820
buAtd(buAtd)Adult (f)3,4404080
kCHgeEartha Garcia CBAdult (f)3,9664012
oOjyP(oOjyP)Adult (m)4,1094401
XjMRb(XjMRb)Adult (m)3,4114710
mu5e2(mu5e2)Adult (f)2,6536673
fWVcE(fWVcE)Adult (m)3,8124611
V1M91(V1M91)Adult (f)2,8904923
hHdruCelia Dvorak CBAdult (f)2,6387110
1GzUR(1GzUR)Adult (f)2,3797131
FJHYeRob Lilieth CBAdult (m)2,5987181
GHbBeGustav Fiel CBAdult (m)2,1267680
jqjkd(jqjkd)Adult (f)3,1054531
iTnMu(iTnMu)Adult (m)3,7984461
pnzUe(pnzUe)Adult (m)3,6876552
F6BoBGavin Field CBAdult (m)3,0888029
PIQHlRihaku Lilieth PBIIAdult (m)4,5998210
ybWKSBarlow Koskinen PBIVAdult (m)5,3588351
k6JI6Cara Blatty CBAdult (f)5,0928803
4Mb4nSteve Fiel CBAdult (m)3,5907910
1LN3mPete Field CBHatchling (m, F)2,62370613
t3HWiGrace Semmelweis CBAdult (f)3,8618802
iaeoTSake CBAdult (m)4,4978602
BRbjtBarara Lon CBAdult (f)3,8088161
ldNp0(ldNp0)Adult (f)3,0456161
TJQos(TJQos)Adult (f)3,2654851
3AMww(3AMww)Adult (m)3,9103612
stHVy(stHVy)Adult (m)4,3764311
zPhBvKata Garcia CBAdult (f)5,1739059
1VADLMark Hoover CBAdult (m)4,2308932
JNdQl(JNdQl)Adult (f)3,8218271
7nIrN(7nIrN)Adult (f)3,4884531
l26Ra(l26Ra)Adult (f)3,8954010
Dq4P2Archibald Ab Field IIAdult (m)2,9327313
o8DXpRoosa Field CBAdult (f)3,0907813
KagBAHowar Blatty CBAdult (m)5,6309233
y6V5TAntony Fiel CBAdult (m)4,0433635
wgBeB(wgBeB)Adult (m)3,6807063
halqo(halqo)Adult (m)3,2056672
pGdeTPay Bennett IIAdult (f)3,9948564
auG08Catarina Field IIAdult (f)3,0478071
w5sxPIl mio tesoro IIAdult (m)3,7788533
oS873(oS873)Adult (m)2,6524502
tidCp(tidCp)Adult (m)3,59249231
Obh0S(Obh0S)Adult (f)4,5194564
wyOLEAyamu Mao CBAdult (f)1,7056251
llk0kRiichi Mao CBAdult (m)1,7436531
kmdptSemu Mao CBAdult (f)1,9915970
cql9N(cql9N)Adult (m)4,9967582
LBIpS(LBIpS)Adult (m)3,7543560
Uicxf(Uicxf)Adult (m)2,9566043
h1YEx(h1YEx)Adult (f)3,6975902
msr8G(msr8G)Adult (m)3,5134581
B19GHDebby Blatty CBAdult (f)3,4937632
NW3qSRichard Blatty IIIAdult (m)6,1288171
bvfQZKenneth Ruzici PBIIAdult (m)6,1217943
euXBuJoachim Blatty CBAdult (m)4,5217131
FmuQTTaylor Dvorak 12GAdult (f)3,0256421
cSZ3x(cSZ3x)Adult (f)3,1814721
VfPZ3(VfPZ3)Adult (f)3,6993640
ZqwuQBess Simon CBAdult (f)3,4694260
4RKDrGuillermo Dvorak CBAdult (m)2,8804460
4EfgR(4EfgR)Adult (m)2,9444390
UdEap(UdEap)Adult (f)3,5364461
zpCS2(zpCS2)Adult (f)3,1026480
Mf91X(Mf91X)Adult (f)4,2054351
EJRZj(EJRZj)Adult (f)3,0726063
sFVF7(sFVF7)Adult (f)6,0219193
lq7RI(lq7RI)Adult (f)3,9445043
YqLZKYelena Cosgrave CBAdult (f)4,0684330
VpK73Uin Velvet CBAdult (m)3,2974101
MKDIM(MKDIM)Adult (f)3,2253910
8fJZG(8fJZG)Adult (m)3,4453961
8pD1M(8pD1M)Adult (f)3,2654121
1scyn(1scyn)Adult (m)3,4654592
2g38yAlva Mao IIIAdult (m)6,5138495
0gTPtBruno Fiel CBAdult (m)5,7629302
P0HZLBella Fiel CBAdult (f)6,0269301
3EjYA(3EjYA)Adult (m)2,7908731
VLgM8(VLgM8)Adult (f)3,4704130
sgnyD(sgnyD)Adult (f)3,7654911
UrOcT(UrOcT)Adult (m)3,2647991
NoPpE(NoPpE)Adult (f)3,5414501
SdJlk(SdJlk)Adult (m)3,4633961
CiOK3(CiOK3)Adult (m)3,6905862
DRFV8Terry Albrecht CBAdult (m)1,9217731
5P5fzJoely  Albrecht CBAdult (f)1,9767920
4G1eh(4G1eh)Adult (m)1,9977771
P3ncp(P3ncp)Adult (f)3,4247550
pTKx1(pTKx1)Adult (f)3,6477691
7TlLS(7TlLS)Adult (f)2,2066471
JBIcZ(JBIcZ)Adult (m)2,8056630
Mhcrd(Mhcrd)Adult (f)2,8657371
TBO3L(TBO3L)Adult (m)2,8618472
p1ZBs(p1ZBs)Adult (f)2,9156451
KYmMrSalvinia PBIIAdult (m)4,6217851
51zra(51zra)Adult (m)3,9834641
AhmXs(AhmXs)Adult (m)3,5364752
GDYBx(GDYBx)Adult (m)3,8415272
JPvx2(JPvx2)Adult (f)3,6315340
kbPLV(kbPLV)Adult (f)2,9965351
hVuUJJim Cosgrave CBAdult (m)3,3085391
Su2wp(Su2wp)Adult (f)4,4505402
dCL2L(dCL2L)Adult (f)4,1455200
zPQ5W(zPQ5W)Adult (m)3,3755441
3iSAK(3iSAK)Adult (m)2,6064941
sShzw(sShzw)Adult (f)4,7767522
e6yt4(e6yt4)Adult (m)3,9803892
VQilzRio Mao IIAdult (m)2,7407474
rrMIJSeako Mao CBAdult (f)3,5497403
3y0stCecil Mao CBAdult (m)5,7607794
UFMQt(UFMQt)Adult (m)2,6716852
AP3je(AP3je)Adult (f)3,6684672
14a6oMegan Blatty CBAdult (f)4,1809061
RlFadMorgan FitzGerald CBAdult (m)4,3218700
kCgcVRonald Cosgrave CBAdult (m)6,1207832
CL93KKirsten Samain CBAdult (f)6,2557602
jHQzjKatharina Samain CBAdult (f)5,1348661
XTdKU(XTdKU)Adult (m)4,6419311
w91qp(w91qp)Adult (m)2,3087100
Pl3uoLucien Cosgrave CBAdult (m)4,9888571
yIRJjPrudence Cosgrave CBAdult (f)4,9118843
hZe9cMaxwell Cosgrave CBAdult (m)4,7009341
fBak6Susan Field CBAdult (f)1,94574212
ECsylIkuhiro Field CBAdult (m)4,7069640
DKf2r(DKf2r)Adult (f)4,9567222
66tiZ(66tiZ)Adult (f)2,8097020
2diY7(2diY7)Adult (f)2,0247782
2SdZaJelawat Nowak CBAdult (m)2,7633981
mvlv4(mvlv4)Adult (f)3,1464302
UhR1XOgden Cosgrave CBAdult (m)4,2458021
GLIfWStacey Hawkins  CBAdult (f)3,7568831
pG7z0Barbarina Dvorak CBAdult (f)3,9808362
599zF(599zF)Adult (f)5,9357231
K5pjNMarion Menezes CBAdult (f)4,5517990
jS4pQYves Samain CBAdult (m)4,4507990
nHhQZFereydun Canning CBAdult (m)4,0727374
5D6hHPi Doe CBAdult (m)3,1364831
4aTTbSanba Nowak CBAdult (m)3,7214541
wwzDI(wwzDI)Adult (m)3,0296102
gyTCR(gyTCR)Adult (f)3,7324553
eeD5fDouglas Field XAdult (m)2,64572517
31mTlCandice Field PBIIAdult (f)2,54684321
gr9fpConstantin Field CBAdult (m)3,6127724
TPUSiClaire Field III XAdult (f)3,68789021
6YnW6Carter Field IIAdult (m)2,36578323
j55AuParker Field XAdult (m)2,41978620
C1MVpRandy Field IIIAdult (m)4,00183723
t6XkkMaximilian Field IIIAdult (m)3,07376933
K512hBianka Field IIIAdult (f)3,27065224
QkTuOEnjott Field IVAdult (m)1,74853024
AiJ0GKiu Mao IVAdult (m)3,05967921
bOn2MPrimo Field VAdult (m)3,79566710
QWndDAbel Mancini IVAdult (m)1,9015742
ZuQSVClifford Pedersen PBIIAdult (m)2,4494864
mEX4sBerton Mao IIAdult (m)1,53566421
eVuZ2Rosalyn Field PBIIIAdult (f)1,9506105
XSKTdElla Blatty IVAdult (f)1,9105996
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