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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “hoshidoragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ch4L(ch4L)Adult (f)7,0971,439180
eUeA(eUeA)Adult (m)6,8961,18962
KWtC(KWtC)Adult (f)7,5921,24738
Pq3B(Pq3B)Adult (f)7,7961,24546
laV8(laV8)Adult (m)7,7591,24040
S7wQ(S7wQ)Adult (f)7,0931,082371
dKSV(dKSV)Adult (f)7,0691,06736
rvr4(rvr4)Adult (m)7,0771,07442
RHWv(RHWv)Adult (m)5,76178730
RpaP(RpaP)Adult (f)5,78979144
ixjb(ixjb)Adult (f)5,78078931
xMKK(xMKK)Adult (m)1,95374224
SrCe(SrCe)Adult (m)3,3791,56029
6wog(6wog)Adult (m)3,6151,61554
SKMz(SKMz)Adult (m)4,3401,80332
mdrk(mdrk)Adult (m)3,8291,49736
HYMI(HYMI)Adult (f)2,52992726
Kmpf(Kmpf)Adult (m)2,51592424
LNj2(LNj2)Adult (f)2,9331,06423
c9mO(c9mO)Adult (f)1,6705143
ih2I(ih2I)Adult (m)1,7705343
Qrph(Qrph)Adult (m)1,6945063
TTGp(TTGp)Adult (m)1,6095286
hYE4(hYE4)Adult (f)2,15875210
P3Im(P3Im)Adult (f)1,4344855
YKPd(YKPd)Adult (m)1,0774314
hzpl(hzpl)Adult (f)1,4215946
EzAf(EzAf)Adult (m)2,2201,1705
IHh7(IHh7)Adult (m)2,6501,0475
bS2P(bS2P)Adult (m)2,5471,0886
ipXZ(ipXZ)Adult (m)2,5237899
2UN0(2UN0)Adult (f)2,6278563
OKSU(OKSU)Adult (f)3,5531,1947
e6Ws(e6Ws)Adult (m)2,3278318
inMG(inMG)Adult (m)2,1147504
Vj63(Vj63)Adult (m)1,9857116
ocMM(ocMM)Adult (m)1,8719185
3TXA(3TXA)Adult (m)1,7698987
XDKq(XDKq)Adult (f)1,7779513
nNoa(nNoa)Adult (f)8945332
66E9(66E9)Adult (f)1,2668447
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