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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “horsekrazibrittz3,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vRwF0(vRwF0)Adult (f)4,1551,1782
mrH41(mrH41)Adult (f)3,9171,3573
Es73p(Es73p)Adult (f)3,4261,2613
riZQ1(riZQ1)Adult (f)5,1161,0030
0Y09R(0Y09R)Adult (m)5,0317130
vpmpB(vpmpB)Adult (m)4,2158020
lYgHw(lYgHw)Adult (m)4,2568130
4JGND(4JGND)Adult (m)4,2308500
nwMLT(nwMLT)Adult (m)5,4826241
a8nSs(a8nSs)Adult (f)5,4886231
vlmir(vlmir)Adult (f)5,5736251
5t2oK(5t2oK)Adult (m)5,5616351
T0vbr(T0vbr)Adult (m)7,3106211
wJaNk(wJaNk)Adult (m)7,3626201
25A6j(25A6j)Adult (f)7,3575621
Rvzut(Rvzut)Adult (f)7,9045951
7NS2h(7NS2h)Adult (m)4,5796620
6gPU7(6gPU7)Adult (f)3,7768760
N7sli(N7sli)Adult (f)3,7818800
uehAM(uehAM)Adult (m)3,7838790
hkSCU(hkSCU)Adult (m)2,5268060
OXvnP(OXvnP)Adult (m)3,6277892
d56Wg(d56Wg)Adult (m)4,9819012
ITtZb(ITtZb)Adult (m)6,7108813
DXY9o(DXY9o)Adult (f)3,2286863
ZXjMW(ZXjMW)Adult (m)5,0698951
jEIUR(jEIUR)Adult (m)4,8558962
41CGR(41CGR)Adult (m)5,0239413
piwOu(piwOu)Adult (f)5,0749311
rQ7wg(rQ7wg)Adult (m)4,8559941
js9ef(js9ef)Adult (f)4,7529813
LC7kK(LC7kK)Adult (m)4,7729761
Cr5OU(Cr5OU)Adult (f)4,7399722
4F8cF(4F8cF)Adult (m)3,2676533
Aa1sg(Aa1sg)Adult (f)2,7837211
xLZAv(xLZAv)Adult (m)3,8637062
tTWEx(tTWEx)Adult (f)3,9617084
RP1ZZ(RP1ZZ)Adult (m)4,1339212
PxmRI(PxmRI)Adult (f)2,8786873
W4mG6(W4mG6)Adult (f)5,5778413
J4CBP(J4CBP)Adult (m)6,2179858
zHmJl(zHmJl)Adult (m)4,7971,1943
8kzND(8kzND)Adult (f)4,7931,1841
OzSNR(OzSNR)Adult (m)4,6571,1982
Pwf0L(Pwf0L)Adult (m)4,8651,2130
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