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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “honghwa0405,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bEFR(bEFR)Adult (f)2,0156974
u4AH(u4AH)Adult (m)2,2006878
fO7X(fO7X)Adult (m)2,61091513
OtAI(OtAI)Adult (m)1,6485914
3KuhP(3KuhP)Adult (f)2,9478082
PFgg(PFgg)Adult (m)2,5608074
t7IF(t7IF)Adult (f)2,1398551
01BL(01BL)Adult (f)2,0967312
21Ef(21Ef)Adult (f)1,9706771
IfaU(IfaU)Adult (f)1,4535172
l6Jo(l6Jo)Adult (m)1,9736402
f2WV(f2WV)Adult (f)1,6545883
RWph(RWph)Adult (m)2,0837213
3ivI(3ivI)Adult (m)2,6407816
4Uri(4Uri)Adult (m)1,9386481
RUY9(RUY9)Adult (f)1,9616701
2n9W(2n9W)Adult (f)1,9466833
6DUc(6DUc)Adult (f)2,1297035
UH9s(UH9s)Adult (m)2,1157366
ckkM(ckkM)Adult (f)2,2445194
I4JoQ(I4JoQ)Adult (m)1,4906010
Y0nr(Y0nr)Adult (f)1,9497433
W62f(W62f)Adult (m)1,9456785
MI8Z(MI8Z)Adult (m)3,2498219
rhF3(rhF3)Adult (f)1,9907824
0Ham(0Ham)Adult (m)3,5201,2064
KELE3(KELE3)Adult (m)1,4976233
7qm3(7qm3)Adult (f)1,8916569
2VoC(2VoC)Adult (m)2,1677985
9is4(9is4)Adult (m)1,3324582
kgQY(kgQY)Adult (m)2,5037846
PgZCH(PgZCH)Adult (f)3,2867800
aqUI(aqUI)Adult (m)1,6315896
RLbR(RLbR)Adult (m)2,1207282
KZWG(KZWG)Adult (f)2,1557734
pFg8Y(pFg8Y)Adult (m)1,4625922
Bgco(Bgco)Adult (m)3,0068589
LFA7(LFA7)Adult (f)1,9858251
74JK(74JK)Adult (m)1,4764772
O3J6(O3J6)Adult (m)1,8304981
CHCm(CHCm)Adult (m)1,5545542
Q3hs(Q3hs)Adult (f)2,4927633
4IgUd(4IgUd)Adult (f)1,2395410
Sqbk(Sqbk)Adult (m)2,1107193
B9pE(B9pE)Adult (m)2,9489307
KIVG(KIVG)Adult (f)2,2647563
Htue(Htue)Adult (m)2,1756647
f2oT(f2oT)Adult (m)2,1556574
7vfE(7vfE)Adult (f)1,5626214
mHYS(mHYS)Adult (f)2,2947653
EjRn(EjRn)Adult (f)3,4821,18411
K2AB(K2AB)Adult (m)1,9886776
oUlR(oUlR)Adult (f)2,1337562
S37R(S37R)Adult (m)4,3638976
Jjp0(Jjp0)Adult (m)2,5428253
rIWf(rIWf)Adult (m)1,2214062
7gNv(7gNv)Adult (f)2,7758863
rZtg(rZtg)Adult (f)1,6445883
mTjK(mTjK)Adult (f)1,7556292
kZds(kZds)Adult (f)2,2917852
1fgo(1fgo)Adult (f)2,0436677
HRMW(HRMW)Adult (f)2,0688062
IbTT(IbTT)Adult (f)1,9726462
E8A4(E8A4)Adult (m)2,5957416
e2sd(e2sd)Adult (f)2,1267245
r6HXg(r6HXg)Adult (f)2,9197831
ZcJB(ZcJB)Adult (m)2,3815204
BmZZ(BmZZ)Egg (F)
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