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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “herobrine111,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uiIEb(uiIEb)Adult (f)3,1117411
TVyqy(TVyqy)Adult (m)2,7266640
bC8Uv(bC8Uv)Adult (f)4,6378251
94rTBA Red and Pink and BlackAdult (f)4,0521,17218
CW6uwRainbowfailedAdult (m)3,3358248
LybCWRainbow DashiAdult (f)2,5888048
UMAcAUmaca FrostAdult (f)3,1948503
ERlvqErlvq FrostAdult (m)3,4237391
r290c(r290c)Adult (f)3,8185501
4X8K1Ki Ki K1Adult (m)2,0576373
CpyNgfite me brosephAdult (m)5,8446190
7rmnA(7rmnA)Adult (m)3,3896282
CxUl6Red Pygmy StoneAdult (f)3,7585161
RbdQKDully PinkishAdult (m)3,4538063
S5Gs4(S5Gs4)Adult (f)3,4806433
A3FIOAefioAdult (m)2,6168281
hEMxWRed NovaeAdult (f)4,1677312
zm6W7Z'May I Go BackwardsAdult (f)1,7076836
igriCIgriAdult (f)2,0617933
F4CngLittle Nebbie StarAdult (f)4,8951,3224
SEKiHSekihAdult (f)3,2126518
eZsu9Backwinging HomeAdult (f)2,1106540
THEHwThehwAdult (f)2,5026754
biDjs(biDjs)Adult (f)3,5735592
5UZf8Sharp Male Vampire IIAdult (m)2,5895294
zz8hgZ' VampireAdult (m)2,3238666
Z2lLYZ'ILYAdult (f)2,6288011
9zYdA(9zYdA)Adult (f)3,4556402
2UjqB(2UjqB)Adult (m)4,0876570
coUukCouukAdult (m)2,9771,0304
tBiDUHAHA I am royaltyAdult (f)3,3751,08310
m37neLion Flame Of CrimsonAdult (m)2,6839804
Z78d1Z'Too Royal For YouAdult (m)1,6906746
yDTwcEnvy Me LotsHatchling (m, F)1,5826611
7TEKb7 Tek BeesAdult (f)2,7737802
Q5j3E(Q5j3E)Adult (m)3,4226291
KcJ4MSpeckled BagansAdult (m)2,1077187
xsQfW(xsQfW)Adult (m)6,4249752
Y1snfChanging times - changing tidesAdult (m)7,7877824
2DRnYRadiant Chocolate QueenAdult (m)3,3221,1055
tl375Look Up Look DownAdult (m)2,8069951
8sVwrDon't be so stuck upAdult (f)2,7227184
3em2UReddish gemAdult (f)2,8827292
lMzmLLegs SoThin They Break As I StepAdult (m)2,6195145
xFwdnstrike a pose and WALK BABYAdult (f)5,2477551
AQZ6F(AQZ6F)Adult (m)4,2156331
8bBFgLittle Frozen SunHatchling (f, F)2,6646524
maOFMSpeckle-Throated Awesomeness IAdult (f)3,4981,1342
ZzRhiZ'leeping RhiAdult (f)3,8697173
kFcuQMine Forever AfterAdult (f)1,7716693
czaGfYay SpecklesAdult (f)2,2886497
S1royS'RoyAdult (m)1,5116243
hzLHMCohe ExtoAdult (m)4,1801,0302
6uuXrFirey ShimmerfailAdult (m)4,2611,1789
O2R6NFlight of HellAdult (m)2,8337513
PUftMPuft StripeAdult (f)2,7499764
JIwhuRed Sun StripeAdult (f)2,8998552
FriBGHorse From Hell And FartherAdult (m)3,5758074
MQUzHHorse From Hell And DeeperAdult (m)2,7437567
i8aZ5Iaz5Adult (f)2,7631,0362
pYgVWRising CopperAdult (f)5,9906782
2WiefEmber Flames BelowAdult (f)3,6651,0322
fkojOBurning Hot Embers OUCHAdult (f)2,4307978
8yWwHEmby of a Dying FlameAdult (f)2,7479982
Fj2azNar YoungAdult (f)3,2011,0272
MS3KqEmbered Lesser YoungAdult (f)1,8396790
zLHKcEmbered ShimmerfailAdult (f)2,4497877
GjePg(GjePg)Adult (f)3,7435373
WWfJNBitten By A Former AlbinoAdult (f)1,7996304
aJnktVampire BatsyAdult (f)1,6846272
1VcWf(1VcWf)Adult (m)2,7737080
XDPua(XDPua)Adult (f)2,9187360
FLffG(FLffG)Adult (f)3,0797701
PH9ik(PH9ik)Adult (m)3,2245300
66e98Volcano EveningAdult (f)2,6321,0921
Z1TV9Z'CassereAdult (f)4,5281,29914
PnMKmSileza BagansAdult (f)2,8017777
HROIqHrolqAdult (f)2,6906583
ygfXRJump For ItAdult (f)5,8306170
XMi6aX-MigaAdult (m)6,8466540
RsXkLThinning OrangeAdult (m)3,6538073
ERLxvColdest Autumn LightHatchling (f, F)2,5767133
9Xh7JFlames PondAdult (m)2,0247823
dcuyUBEAN DOES THE SCREAMAdult (m)5,1226740
DzwxDLunar Winters FallAdult (m)1,8125906
DP1w6Sunglory Magi PuffAdult (m)3,0035112
QeN4YSunglory MagiAdult (f)2,6358412
yiq59Sunglory Magi DorkwedAdult (f)5,4921,4536
mqeApM'kay AP Sunglory PuffHatchling (F)1,0124933
hJB9jHello I Am ColdHatchling (m, F)2,2826696
gGXyfSunglory Magi Puff IIAdult (f)4,2581,1555
vZnK3Sunglory Magi Puff IIIAdult (m)3,6129752
qjkvcKentucky Vexed ChickenAdult (m)4,6771,0785
twGtyTwig TyAdult (f)1,9176734
CoVYwCovy WAdult (f)2,6724033
u2xb2You 22Adult (m)2,1703941
5dGTNSunglory Puff IIIAdult (m)1,7867112
hfoZkSunglory Magi Puff IVAdult (f)5,1258224
hxxsO(hxxsO)Adult (f)3,6236640
P2ZtuBeautiful FierisAdult (f)2,9388712
MPaZzM'PazzAdult (m)2,2766395
dTvC1Magma Flame SummonerAdult (f)6,4281,5825
KzbJoRelic Of Bronze And GoldAdult (f)4,5131,13315
vrzu9Akne Sora ExteAdult (m)5,9361,2139
WTqS9Choclate TinselAdult (f)6,7831,0375
04FGyBronze Of MineAdult (m)4,7751,15011
vkotxVkotxAdult (m)7,2187781
S8j4LGrave FierisiAdult (f)1,7686353
mDxOyScreaming FacesAdult (f)5,1346691
LWLZ0Splishy Splashy MagikarpAdult (m)1,9068948
TS31MSplash You With NothingAdult (m)1,6316402
LDSQmSone ExtoAdult (f)2,2357902
t84VSNace ExtoAdult (f)3,5191,0677
nOrmiNormiAdult (f)2,7116102
ZVC46Leaky Casino NightZoneAdult (f)2,9448976
p6xziJorel DeckerAdult (m)2,3538923
JGZzcMagi Of Winter StormsAdult (m)4,0771,1676
sWMtWPygmy Puff -YellowAdult (m)2,8575524
Ykj3HPoof Poof Poof PoofAdult (m)3,2341,0650
onW1dTo This Day I POOFAdult (m)1,7516510
AgizwGrave FierisAdult (m)2,8811,0644
rXnxYFieris GraveAdult (m)3,1051,1336
cjShqFierisi GraveAdult (m)2,6559372
MiuCpAlso Magestically GoldenAdult (m)2,9524992
jdkUMMagestically Golden Dorkwed IIAdult (m)2,3037672
bJmXsRoarer Of ClawsAdult (m)4,1931,44413
QLmIoQ LmioAdult (f)6,0011,15817
pFEvRP FeverAdult (f)4,2531,06114
KN8DhTwins Watching BlursAdult (f)2,4799080
c50WcCareful With Your TongueAdult (f)2,4879140
N8WHiBL URRYF ACEAdult (f)2,5069080
7h0KbVolcanis FierisAdult (m)4,1288222
0sQ65PSHOOOOO FIREAdult (m)5,3597205
SkaoYSkaoyAdult (m)5,5936113
Xy9PNA Curze Of AgesAdult (m)2,4899090
DgEhdJareuaAdult (m)3,3121,1014
jxBeVMagestically Golden DorkwedAdult (f)3,6113885
R10z3Minecraft the WarriorcatAdult (f)2,8719574
JJCPpMin HarknessAdult (f)2,4568861
uaCSCDreaming HarknessAdult (f)1,7106860
SeAsgSee You Later ForeverAdult (m)2,1667651
DC0ubMina YoungAdult (f)2,45191413
GXuBtGolden HarknessAdult (f)3,0578307
gk011Sky HarknessHatchling (F)1,3554594
MAHIzMahiz ThiessenAdult (f)3,3178024
QDlDVDidv HarknessAdult (f)2,6086713
5YUFIPillow Puff the PuffleAdult (m)3,9911,2125
7zSFVPillow Puff the CooolAdult (m)3,0207542
17DWnA Puff Of SungloryAdult (m)2,1308293
4SOofAnd It Goes Boing Boing BoingAdult (m)1,6516880
nZPcONzocoAdult (m)2,2356730
Xfx6XHarvester Of GoldsAdult (m)3,7198398
RTmA1King RTm UniverseAdult (m)4,1998877
XGPflHarvester Of EverythingAdult (m)3,7491,1163
sSRbpHarvest For HarvestAdult (m)4,2761,0475
tJsWNPrince TJ UniverseAdult (m)4,5191,2772
wb3MQCount WeB3 Universe YoungAdult (m)2,8287395
whXNbPillow Puff SungloryAdult (f)2,0066754
bm7v8Ase Ana IV Heartseeker MarineAdult (f)3,7267833
DkEtRA Little Bit Of PuffAdult (f)3,0119682
3NPqYStolen PuffAdult (f)3,0409602
g0ujkPoofy Poofy Sunglory PuffAdult (f)1,6846451
kBrqhK Birk AKA KirkAdult (m)3,0708382
7NSgCIt's ghost time -The DoctorAdult (f)1,6616603
4sIHASpit FyrisAdult (f)4,3807621
aWxSnAwxsnAdult (f)3,4108655
ReZ1gIM TRYING TO MAKE A JOKE BUTAdult (f)2,8467843
5wB5PUp up and aw-AHHHHHAdult (m)2,6525526
tW9ta(tW9ta)Adult (f)3,4196262
H7Ge0(H7Ge0)Adult (f)3,4665451
AuUitPrincess Auuit UniverseAdult (f)1,8346221
VXapiLady Vxapi Universe YoungAdult (f)2,3517143
Ctkvd(Ctkvd)Adult (f)2,5836002
zfb1xZFB PumpkinAdult (f)2,2149597
9EXuGPumpkin of Iaz5Adult (f)1,7087113
YbgFWPumpkini PieAdult (f)3,3981,1864
AehmPSee This - See NahAdult (f)4,8447230
5DwpH(5DwpH)Adult (f)4,4776281
gxqo4(gxqo4)Adult (f)3,6177502
f1JRYThe Jury's DutyAdult (f)3,7578311
h9Ot6The Twentyfirst PilotAdult (f)4,0658330
5UwJ2Three Winged WonderAdult (m)3,9268351
PC5HxShining EdgesAdult (f)7,1596641
uF477Proud To Be GoldAdult (m)2,6048605
LgO9YHYPER HYPER HYPER OchreAdult (f)2,5638073
M4u2KA Hint Of OchreAdult (m)3,1888133
zzOegA Hint Of BeutyAdult (f)2,59191111
emG5xShiny LeviosaAdult (m)5,6461,13355
WqyPNLightning -Rainbow- DashAdult (f)4,3921,1023
psbewShining Shimmer StepAdult (f)3,3798856
FuX4kRainbowed LeviosaAdult (f)3,8221,0099
pbxbUGolden Awesomeness and SHINYAdult (f)5,35560216
xq54bGolden Of GoldAdult (f)3,7841,03520
4fri74 Friday GoldAdult (f)3,2181,02612
MSd7MGolden Goldy GoldAdult (f)2,4227637
E4KT2Golden BilledAdult (f)2,6778183
6eh8UBest Golden FindAdult (f)2,33673015
WsOJeWosJAdult (m)3,8766971
xS4kMAnd A Flying LEAPAdult (m)1,9026962
3FIBVGemSoulAdult (m)3,7421,1324
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