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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “hebikey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5Uj9v(5Uj9v)Adult (m)5,3951,2827
6nhqn(6nhqn)Adult (m)4,7091,0222
AKM4c(AKM4c)Adult (f)4,4351,0621
RMNy4(RMNy4)Adult (f)4,4881,0730
r4Sex(r4Sex)Adult (f)4,9529045
ITCdo(ITCdo)Adult (f)6,0181,3641
BY7Sq(BY7Sq)Adult (f)6,0961,4050
kkqu7(kkqu7)Adult (m)2,7346694
v08ZM(v08ZM)Adult (m)4,1871,8012
PYOS6(PYOS6)Adult (m)4,3311,8021
CKD8O(CKD8O)Adult (m)3,5051,2692
rQthg(rQthg)Adult (f)3,3911,2170
vFjjW(vFjjW)Adult (f)3,3601,3141
w5a30(w5a30)Adult (f)3,4451,0910
cdshj(cdshj)Adult (m)3,4111,4030
o3wI6(o3wI6)Adult (f)3,4071,3820
etgHqPresent from Goom BugAdult (f)3,9587912
6gTL7Love for HebikeyAdult (m)3,6968243
r9UWe(r9UWe)Adult (m)2,4146471
DgMv1(DgMv1)Adult (m)2,0256763
MFvJR(MFvJR)Adult (m)1,9657011
fLMUl(fLMUl)Adult (m)2,2366212
4rdRq(4rdRq)Adult (m)2,1216504
gVSFR(gVSFR)Adult (m)2,3625812
QrQ9f(QrQ9f)Adult (f)2,5265652
dcuu9(dcuu9)Adult (m)2,4495652
fG3sE(fG3sE)Adult (m)2,4775723
3qgOF(3qgOF)Adult (f)2,5965983
phX71(phX71)Adult (f)2,4735932
qvObC(qvObC)Adult (m)6,7131,1825
fISx5(fISx5)Adult (f)7,6651,1683
NRT3W(NRT3W)Adult (m)7,6711,1454
Efo2U(Efo2U)Adult (f)7,0601,1683
cLQp6(cLQp6)Adult (m)7,1041,1494
irVWG(irVWG)Adult (f)7,1821,1562
f4EP2(f4EP2)Adult (m)6,5221,2514
SrcJh(SrcJh)Adult (m)3,8528322
I0Hql(I0Hql)Adult (m)4,2728085
uVkU5(uVkU5)Adult (m)3,0717565
CVqmb(CVqmb)Adult (m)4,6651,0083
bnyPH(bnyPH)Adult (m)4,7889965
sfE3s(sfE3s)Adult (m)4,8901,0172
hBZG4(hBZG4)Adult (f)4,6051,5252
CthZp(CthZp)Adult (m)4,3161,4762
YUbfR(YUbfR)Adult (m)4,5231,4174
76VwA(76VwA)Adult (m)5,1911,4190
KkYrK(KkYrK)Adult (f)4,9351,4512
8Qp2i(8Qp2i)Adult (m)6,3061,3303
QUad(QUad)Egg (F)
UpYTo(UpYTo)Hatchling (F)1,3541514
IF5HEney Emilen WinstonHatchling (f, F)3,8845248
hrV1Reynold Cedric WinstonAdult (m)5,7351,385129
NaDdFrederick Alvin WinstonAdult (m)4,4332,08853
WnEFLambert Mandel WinstonAdult (m)4,6292,33045
Z4k1Leopold Brook WinstonAdult (m)5,4322,44457
BZpmBradley Drew WinstonAdult (m)2,0771,11010
AZdTGerald Harvey WinstonAdult (m)1,9111,08910
pwmAHugo Dick WinstonAdult (m)2,7641,37513
gIS8Sidney Yves WinstonAdult (m)1,2165028
XPYlJean Claude WinstonAdult (m)1,70351115
Z7aDHoward Hughes WinstonAdult (m)1,68750811
wPaNOliver Louis WinstonAdult (m)2,9801,34213
U934George Maksim WinstonAdult (m)3,5501,33814
YKd7Theodore Victor WinstonAdult (m)3,2321,45813
gPiWMilroy Hibiscus WinstonAdult (m)2,0478695
H6NJFerdinand Blanca WinstonAdult (m)2,1049756
iUvRRoderick Hibiscus WinstonAdult (m)1,79494829
cIEbKenneth Hale WinstonAdult (m)1,32466915
yrJpTyrone Saxon WinstonAdult (m)1,4266372
SxqqEmmanuel Hibiscus WinstonAdult (m)1,5085517
ByBeSilvester Hibiscus WinstonAdult (m)1,4626787
m1sKXavier Ted WinstonAdult (m)1,4718208
uYpBElroy Lorraine WinstonAdult (m)2,5621,0751
ZBPlAdonis Derick WinstonAdult (m)2,2031,0447
shRvJeremy Ron WinstonAdult (m)5,6201,53526
g6oBBartley Raye WinstonAdult (m)3,4631,18715
ETIXFernando Ulliel WinstonAdult (m)4,1751,04118
isE0Gennandi Iev  WinstonAdult (m)3,9341,24919
gb6jVincente Paul Winston - LupinusAdult (m)2,31384216
gd1tTerence Yale Winston - LupinusAdult (m)5,3171,64719
XEJFAlgernon Pearl WinstonAdult (m)5,3811,24211
eNFcMackenzie Crocus WinstonAdult (m)3,5461,38729
B572Curtis Duke WinstonAdult (m)4,2141,55034
aTMqAbraham Tedd WinstonAdult (m)2,56955324
uuvRPietro rick WinstonAdult (m)3,32498010
6rJFPedro Adrian WinstonAdult (m)3,2811,0168
p7KWAntoine Gary WinstonAdult (m)3,24994511
kPfiAllen Luiz WinstonAdult (m)5,1947088
nBa4Graham Tonny WinstonAdult (m)5,1291,52815
vGPIAlexander Nat Winston - LupinusAdult (m)8,77575629
kAR1Steven Eric Winston - D'HennegelAdult (m)2,29192114
iHoIIHol Crocus WinstonAdult (m)4,0891,18227
uRF6Jape Armand WinstonAdult (m)4,3601,35925
RbFrMarlon Jay WinstonAdult (m)3,1741,18614
l5BpWayne Polecus WinstonAdult (m)4,7431,46321
ZUeoClorixe Hibiscus WinstonAdult (m)3,8501,28213
qNr8Siruka Chizuru WinstonAdult (m)3,7431,25324
T3lZReminen Nell WinstonAdult (m)1,68176214
6RbTRaymentto Mandry WinstonAdult (m)2,4131,20819
g2VALeslie Wade WinstonAdult (m)5,5891,12320
XKiNXekin Polecus WinstonAdult (m)2,9831,29911
4NcPGerald Peal WinstonAdult (m)3,1381,28511
AaPWAaron Hiller WinstonAdult (m)3,1121,3435
FHSeRon Mandry WinstonAdult (m)3,1811,2964
ARqlPamier Totmen WinstonAdult (m)3,7971,03711
gi6TNathan Mandry WinstonAdult (m)2,18049316
6BZILloyd Buffy WinstonAdult (m)3,58499221
0YapTalikana Olelon WinstonAdult (m)6,6961,0757
XFWGRushien Obion WinstonAdult (m)5,2258906
lkqlPatterson Polecus WinstonAdult (m)7,66799911
RA8ZJ(RA8ZJ)Adult (m)6,2211,01911
tfFOEQuandelon Polecus WinstonAdult (m)4,2574284
J9Kd8Rash Polecus WinstonAdult (m)5,6474525
YeHNRTerian Polecus WinstonAdult (m)3,9237956
dU9iM(dU9iM)Adult (m)3,9058054
eRyFdOlmonde Gencus WinstonAdult (m)4,0349994
R2nlfEricamy Gencus WinstonAdult (m)3,8801,0314
POvNVPounv Polecus WinstonAdult (m)3,9781,0271
CWU3aCrownn Polecus WinstonAdult (m)3,9771,0024
ujbXvCloloy Gencus WinstonAdult (m)3,3367212
KjxdcVernald Silcus WinstonAdult (m)3,6959758
2BslUPaddy Crocus WinstonAdult (m)2,2931,0186
HPYK4(HPYK4)Adult (m)2,2839388
kjEPnKanvela Silcus WinstonAdult (m)2,6696926
cAjq1(cAjq1)Adult (m)4,0341,0095
1VDuJoshua Mandy WinstonAdult (f)5,3551,93598
LnYeLauren Mandeline WinstonAdult (f)5,2832,18389
5UmpRebecca Izzy WinstonAdult (f)4,4351,93187
9MgCMartha Charlotte WinstonAdult (f)2,8191,57040
V29uAbigail Delia WinstonAdult (f)2,5801,31039
EVIrElizabeth Gail WinstonAdult (f)2,3111,09415
wIWGMavis Hazel WinstonAdult (f)2,3861,1489
SE4aFlora Hannah WinstonAdult (f)2,6791,38516
ItIhHazel Lilith WinstonAdult (f)2,8181,40914
3H51Truda Mandel WinstonAdult (f)2,3831,15011
KqJFHillary Meredith WinstonAdult (f)1,95191025
I2psAnastasia Liz WinstonAdult (f)2,55573150
ujXlAdelaide Mabel WinstonAdult (f)2,13072945
LhQ3Pandora Lorraine WinstonAdult (f)2,26562550
nJMiGwendolyn Martha WinstonAdult (f)1,79956114
HlFLDolores Ellen WinstonAdult (f)1,84565820
wAN0Whitney Delia WinstonAdult (f)3,6951,44425
3638Melanie Jennifer WinstonAdult (f)2,3711,08123
eg3tAlexis Jean WinstonAdult (f)2,7761,14539
NFETShannon Sunny WinstonAdult (f)2,23481437
avR1Rosemary Irene WinstonAdult (f)2,24032138
VgjtSharon Angela WinstonAdult (f)1,54273121
EtlDFlorence Hibiscus WinstonAdult (f)1,53375412
so2aAtalanta Pearl WinstonAdult (f)1,4756464
1SEbAudrey Irene WinstonAdult (f)2,7691,0566
Q1ZkWinifred Betsy WinstonAdult (f)1,7801,0254
ZmIzCeleste Doris WinstonAdult (f)1,5448555
i7XKElla Atineble WinstonAdult (f)1,48683512
pblbQuintina Tina WinstonAdult (f)1,4678228
LmT7Ophelia Raye WinstonAdult (f)3,1691,0352
RyrxNancy Rose WinstonAdult (f)2,1821,0298
6MbXRiley Aaliyah WinstonAdult (f)4,9201,42010
v9VjAvril Sara WinstonAdult (f)3,8631,1636
rXLTKayla Plume WinstonAdult (f)2,36492011
5rn0Candace Mendny WinstonAdult (f)2,7641,01112
jNYIQueena Tina WinstonAdult (f)3,6181,0959
9ppYMercy Zora Winston - LupinusAdult (f)2,9479447
nVKjOctavia Raye WinstonAdult (f)4,8731,02911
DFelCathy Winston - LarsAdult (f)1,57962017
fKBGPaula Novia WinstonAdult (f)5,20570612
T0dWPenelope Ruth WinstonAdult (f)4,3571,3649
iLIEIlie Jennet WinstonAdult (f)2,63193124
M0iEJulian Leah D WinstonAdult (f)2,67987413
abblDianalan Ava Winston - LupinusAdult (f)9,37180427
2XXiRiley Crocus WinstonAdult (f)6,0291,35232
sbWFRenee Mandry WinstonAdult (f)4,0601,36031
TUgtHorace Crocus WinstonAdult (f)6,7091,18330
4apuDane Hiller WinstonAdult (f)1,48268112
Ucd9Cynthia Jolly WinstonAdult (f)2,7141,20514
4bijMaxine Crocus WinstonAdult (f)2,6511,18814
5f5SAstrid Hiller WinstonAdult (f)2,9141,19612
qdrIJulianne Aly WinstonAdult (f)9825612
PQ1tEmery Emma WinstonAdult (f)1,1286142
lF9rLaxy Hiller WinstonAdult (f)1,1035921
nWs3Aurora Beryl WinstonAdult (f)3,2731,4647
fEVrXaviera Sandra WinstonAdult (f)3,0901,3735
rYsmRoxanne Nell WinstonAdult (f)3,6461,03711
kdpbBella Mandry WinstonAdult (f)6,7261,4717
LT7WVertiny Winston- LupinusAdult (f)10,9221,63919
WAlCRirenche Mandry WinstonAdult (f)9,1991,59117
JickJick Terilyn WinstonAdult (f)9,8211,79710
AJbsAlexa Crocus WinstonAdult (f)9,8171,00512
FbbBuHoliern Proxy WinstonAdult (f)3,76793028
qOmBL(qOmBL)Adult (f)3,40091511
eh8DWCatherina Polecus WinstonAdult (f)4,6869205
oDDDR(oDDDR)Adult (f)3,4088253
wPwin(wPwin)Adult (f)3,3638967
r3fLg(r3fLg)Hatchling (F)6,9061,3053
TedaU(TedaU)Hatchling (f, F)7,1201,2852
RgdgEmber Agustin WinstonAdult (m)4,5759537
hGu9Ember Aidan WinstonAdult (m)4,1361,1863
hQISEmber Austin WinstonAdult (m)6,6268076
F7hb(F7hb)Adult (m)5,7439003
ikdA3(ikdA3)Adult (m)4,3826475
5giNC(5giNC)Adult (m)3,8669654
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