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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “hctilG,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DXQt(DXQt)Adult (f)4,9661,1225
eOdO(eOdO)Adult (m)3,4818313
Y7LG(Y7LG)Adult (m)4,0477304
PUTH(PUTH)Adult (f)4,53381411
MaaA(MaaA)Adult (f)3,1265073
Cla3(Cla3)Adult (m)3,8855434
HuE7(HuE7)Adult (f)2,7754344
HNe4(HNe4)Adult (m)2,0185843
8TJN(8TJN)Adult (m)2,0305234
d74S(d74S)Adult (m)2,6546433
fEFQ(fEFQ)Adult (f)1,7605665
pdek(pdek)Adult (m)2,1024038
MuNK(MuNK)Adult (m)2,4154109
cSWC(cSWC)Adult (f)2,31738614
kCSS(kCSS)Adult (f)3,1154995
dN1j(dN1j)Adult (m)2,03344910
fGcn(fGcn)Adult (f)1,5523635
fcqp(fcqp)Adult (f)1,9033829
dClm(dClm)Adult (m)1,4914826
nANZ(nANZ)Adult (f)1,45851010
asQo(asQo)Adult (m)1,9024785
lQCR(lQCR)Adult (f)2,1444503
3C1O(3C1O)Adult (f)1,8644546
vC2A(vC2A)Adult (m)1,26336856
I7i0(I7i0)Adult (f)1,94344218
jjHq(jjHq)Adult (f)1,4033936
TfoF(TfoF)Adult (f)1,9194586
mjuA(mjuA)Adult (m)1,7854163
UoFf(UoFf)Adult (f)2,37740511
Vntd(Vntd)Adult (f)2,3584077
5oKm(5oKm)Adult (m)1,40647020
vKCK(vKCK)Adult (m)2,11037511
abp2(abp2)Adult (f)1,3694176
J6Z1(J6Z1)Adult (f)2,13739215
SIan(SIan)Adult (f)4,4094778
ll90(ll90)Adult (f)4,32346810
qDU5(qDU5)Adult (f)2,02852411
jnIO(jnIO)Adult (m)1,5984105
aAMY(aAMY)Adult (f)1,7865095
ECMf(ECMf)Adult (f)1,5924672
R8M7(R8M7)Adult (f)2,06554411
EgrT(EgrT)Adult (f)1,87134312
5VlL(5VlL)Adult (f)1,8995226
LrmS(LrmS)Adult (f)1,3675045
jRn5(jRn5)Adult (m)1,8774816
s5vQ(s5vQ)Adult (m)1,3524097
TJ8l(TJ8l)Adult (f)4,28285128
biTZ(biTZ)Adult (m)1,80043523
KATu(KATu)Adult (m)1,6535331
3vZ2(3vZ2)Adult (m)1,3864812
sVsI(sVsI)Adult (f)1,3254339
DYou(DYou)Adult (f)5,04280714
j8NJ(j8NJ)Adult (f)3,5409399
4045(4045)Adult (f)2,27242613
p7Ps(p7Ps)Adult (f)1,3164653
6CBQ(6CBQ)Adult (m)1,6434258
gehr(gehr)Adult (f)1,4323946
h0gW(h0gW)Adult (f)1,5615016
U0Gu(U0Gu)Adult (f)1,8104657
EWqJ(EWqJ)Adult (m)1,4544863
SePM(SePM)Adult (f)2,14139715
hO1W(hO1W)Adult (m)1,9815029
Tq8X(Tq8X)Adult (f)1,6564886
I2ED(I2ED)Adult (f)1,7745072
ev5a(ev5a)Adult (f)2,70482711
Cu8r(Cu8r)Adult (f)1,6964881
XPtZ(XPtZ)Adult (f)1,9805089
Droj(Droj)Adult (f)2,22239415
CCUD(CCUD)Adult (f)1,9635365
nSt2(nSt2)Adult (m)1,8974805
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