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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “harlequinraven,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zMN9M(zMN9M)Adult (f)4,7089567
MbWXlFz AlcedineHatchling (F)3,2887152
SNmcv(SNmcv)Adult (f)6,3471,1014
A8ZXZ(A8ZXZ)Adult (m)5,2547364
m5CxQ(m5CxQ)Adult (f)3,0555728
KRlo2(KRlo2)Adult (m)7,5681,1264
Anaai(Anaai)Adult (m)5,6719168
qp8AH(qp8AH)Adult (f)6,4631,0264
7rVsQ(7rVsQ)Adult (f)6,1489977
Ra8sN(Ra8sN)Adult (f)5,9361,0073
YaAqi(YaAqi)Adult (m)6,0401,0314
0UFE2(0UFE2)Adult (f)3,3797694
GxSdh(GxSdh)Adult (m)6,5109915
4hzBd(4hzBd)Adult (f)2,5167397
3sqA4(3sqA4)Adult (f)6,0221,0206
1JDZN(1JDZN)Adult (m)6,0931,0423
9ER08(9ER08)Adult (f)5,9961,0533
FnE9q(FnE9q)Adult (f)5,9291,0494
mdxTa(mdxTa)Adult (f)6,3501,1085
jCTuT(jCTuT)Adult (f)6,3831,0605
Ji31X(Ji31X)Adult (m)6,1631,0185
hXI3K(hXI3K)Hatchling (f, F)3,7858097
HF2V0(HF2V0)Adult (m)4,5886744
30r8H(30r8H)Adult (m)4,6537072
1z3bP(1z3bP)Adult (f)2,5658232
4ee9v(4ee9v)Adult (m)5,6287492
Bx07x(Bx07x)Adult (f)5,8277613
bme4r(bme4r)Adult (f)3,8186884
Jn8yk(Jn8yk)Adult (f)3,7816572
kn3T1(kn3T1)Adult (m)3,8077162
0N8gH(0N8gH)Adult (m)3,5745688
WmPk1(WmPk1)Adult (m)4,4057011
m2Kkj(m2Kkj)Adult (m)4,4527651
cC6XU(cC6XU)Adult (f)7,0121,1993
LWDkK(LWDkK)Adult (m)3,1876153
3vAmb(3vAmb)Adult (f)5,8941,1486
tUamO(tUamO)Adult (m)3,0446391
6YcLX(6YcLX)Adult (f)5,6191,1081
2SFFa(2SFFa)Adult (m)5,3941,0992
M6qbK(M6qbK)Adult (m)3,2076851
2w10w(2w10w)Adult (m)3,9469251
TFSxr(TFSxr)Adult (f)2,6305183
oyXCl(oyXCl)Adult (m)4,5183623
sL5RQ(sL5RQ)Adult (m)4,5393545
VT9vx(VT9vx)Adult (f)3,9593264
Avidr(Avidr)Adult (m)4,7283733
e1CeS(e1CeS)Adult (m)8,2965564
IFZqL(IFZqL)Adult (m)5,1969202
9bQbj(9bQbj)Adult (f)4,8649194
Wylzk(Wylzk)Adult (m)5,5819411
3SMyX(3SMyX)Adult (f)5,2289121
4Cg0G(4Cg0G)Adult (m)5,2229302
4cn4X(4cn4X)Adult (f)5,1399243
J0MWA(J0MWA)Adult (m)5,0028941
J6vjC(J6vjC)Adult (f)5,4418823
ZCVRU(ZCVRU)Adult (m)6,5721,1282
ZQ3XN(ZQ3XN)Adult (m)6,7921,1363
Ry4Nd(Ry4Nd)Adult (f)6,6871,1243
Se7lF(Se7lF)Adult (f)5,5698362
blX1g(blX1g)Adult (m)3,23258212
L6N9t(L6N9t)Adult (m)2,63051225
8ZuqA(8ZuqA)Adult (f)3,72043812
I1cae(I1cae)Adult (f)6,1969754
k8jTN(k8jTN)Adult (m)6,2359832
ceDeC(ceDeC)Adult (f)5,5568222
VScX7(VScX7)Adult (f)5,5258643
2IXv4(2IXv4)Adult (f)5,3448963
b3DOY(b3DOY)Adult (m)5,6018772
oF5Oh(oF5Oh)Adult (m)5,0408433
ps5qq(ps5qq)Adult (m)5,0628643
IUJxU(IUJxU)Adult (m)5,0868463
5eScI(5eScI)Adult (f)8,5271,0548
bUWD4(bUWD4)Adult (f)6,2309735
C12K0(C12K0)Adult (m)5,3681,0442
9uwHH(9uwHH)Adult (f)5,4488881
eZAC7(eZAC7)Adult (m)5,3379121
OJhgc(OJhgc)Adult (f)5,2629073
ZIC5o(ZIC5o)Adult (f)5,3299023
k9smk(k9smk)Hatchling (F)2,2925052
4w11m(4w11m)Adult (f)4,5258504
zk1xp(zk1xp)Hatchling (F)2,4355184
HWVGa(HWVGa)Adult (f)4,8999113
5IzpT(5IzpT)Adult (f)4,1996741
9AQK6(9AQK6)Adult (m)4,9699343
70C56(70C56)Adult (f)4,9999153
22S6x(22S6x)Adult (m)4,6569365
MiOWr(MiOWr)Adult (m)5,0379612
mjCRd(mjCRd)Adult (m)3,7139125
JHvyp(JHvyp)Adult (m)3,6099111
54J3D(54J3D)Adult (f)3,7569393
qg4jQ(qg4jQ)Adult (f)3,9588762
hkYrG(hkYrG)Adult (f)3,9968681
wbTgV(wbTgV)Hatchling (F)2,4434013
JkgpG(JkgpG)Adult (m)4,1348872
ng0jT(ng0jT)Adult (f)3,0949002
eBx6q(eBx6q)Adult (f)2,6407862
52KKO(52KKO)Adult (m)2,7627920
1U4UR(1U4UR)Adult (f)2,7758100
5RpgO(5RpgO)Adult (m)2,7078101
Aw68y(Aw68y)Adult (f)2,8288031
glffB(glffB)Adult (m)2,8468351
hD4iu(hD4iu)Adult (f)2,7168103
jdUvP(jdUvP)Adult (m)3,4287801
1SN1P(1SN1P)Adult (f)5,0801,1594
QBbZH(QBbZH)Adult (m)5,3751,0781
WrOkC(WrOkC)Adult (m)2,5668311
pRYV5(pRYV5)Adult (m)2,6087881
AxEvh(AxEvh)Adult (m)4,2421,1171
9wAxl(9wAxl)Adult (m)4,2901,1193
HJhI7(HJhI7)Adult (m)2,5214752
8cCS5(8cCS5)Adult (f)4,1851,0357
QivsB(QivsB)Hatchling (m, F)3,6779272
E4wc7(E4wc7)Adult (m)4,1879983
WFS5j(WFS5j)Adult (f)4,1529922
0BxiM(0BxiM)Adult (f)2,9875275
9fbmLFz Alcedine WyvernHatchling (f, F)3,0786943
EwukkFz Cloud EwokHatchling (m, F)3,1197052
QVKs8Fz Puppy DogHatchling (F)2,2095082
JwjvPFz Pargulus RedHatchling (F)2,1592142
Io3BvFz SandwasteHatchling (F)2,0242023
gT93gFz SapoHatchling (F)2,5845235
A31ynFz  SapoHatchling (f, F)3,0216632
MD07TFz Skystrider S1Hatchling (F)2,0902302
xsn8aFz SkystriderHatchling (m, F)4,1809064
KYtULFz Xeno AquiloHatchling (F)2,4432402
DNIurFz Xeno  AquiloHatchling (f, F)4,6458522
mJHtxFz Xeno  AsoHatchling (F)3,1136902
XeMIuFz Xeno AsoHatchling (m, F)3,6788204
P8iUFFz Xeno  Ke'maroHatchling (F)2,1054772
mAFDMFz Xeno Ke'maroHatchling (m, F)4,8848792
DA2giFz Xeno  UmbraHatchling (F)3,1237413
cCtoMFz Xeno UmbraHatchling (m, F)3,9208653
GSwdaFz XolHatchling (F)3,6327373
GauzfFz  XolHatchling (f, F)3,1496932
qOIvB(qOIvB)Hatchling (F)2,5522485
8Lch2(8Lch2)Adult (f)5,5021,0283
rJGj5(rJGj5)Adult (m)4,8209435
QLdIl(QLdIl)Adult (f)5,6221,0306
DVZiA(DVZiA)Adult (m)4,9501,0054
uM2qf(uM2qf)Hatchling (F)3,3157423
8CUZd(8CUZd)Adult (f)3,7259974
OEaNb(OEaNb)Adult (f)4,6798145
GWXm5(GWXm5)Adult (m)5,1639632
KU4CX3EG Alternate DeathAdult (f)4,9299036
JE1im4EG Fevered ThuwedAdult (m)3,3808277
JT8Sq4EG Worst OkraAdult (f)4,5451,1033
4EQUe3EG Alternative JapanAdult (m)5,6141,1151
IgtZY2G Shy Petunia - Golden FloretAdult (m)6,4931,3531
FTE5Dxx -- WAITING ON MATES -- xxHatchling (F)2,4951702
bBRzmTHIS SCROLL IS BURNING OMGHatchling (F)3,1083611
LLXogALL HAIL FIRE LORD ZUKOHatchling (F)1,8301451
oWPKgONLY DOING 2G SWAPS SORRYHatchling (F)1,9341311
FZukoZuko the FirelordAdult (m)23,7722,005332
w0ktWNEGLECTED COLLECTIONHatchling (F)2,0151553
qyXcAPOOR NEGLECTEDSHatchling (m, F)3,3572533
1NpbwIT'S OK I LOVE YOUHatchling (F)3,1053491
ihUIXSO FEEL BETTERHatchling (F)2,2261631
ouin2Have You Seen My EarAdult4,2243529
wjgGUI Might Have Seen Your EarAdult (m)6,78686615
MY9vvI Think He Has Your EarAdult (f)6,7961,25642
W4lS2I Don't Have Your EarHatchling (m, F)5,26755316
XmiUUOops Was That YOUR Ear I AteHatchling (F)3,68848141
kZQpQRANDOM THUWED PAIRHatchling (F)2,7406373
lGLBTBECAUSE YAY THUWEDSHatchling (F)1,9621391
eCWtN2G Colour Me PinkAdult (m)4,6091,2123
feGTdPastelled ThuwedAdult (f)4,6291,23518
sxEacNEXT ARE THEHatchling (F)2,4483636
Gm1qXCBS BY BREEDHatchling (f, F)2,9818076
vqm4XPLUS PUREBREDSHatchling (F)3,0604442
49nI8THEN CB WORD CODESHatchling (F)2,2526524
Y2MHzPAIRED DRAGONS ARE NEXT BY GENHatchling (m, F)3,7807443
p2uxmNEED MATES THEN UNBREEDABLE LASTHatchling (m, F)4,2429153
qSISuFz AeonHatchling (F)3,8336242
6ekwwFz Aeon S2Hatchling (f, F)6,2706583
j1GAGGlimpse BeyondAdult (m)6,1421,0186
1pdBdSight UnboundAdult (f)5,9401,0236
vgC70Romani MathAdult (m)5,5541,1393
uYsv6Time Management SkillsAdult (f)5,5201,1494
70XfLTime to Really LiveAdult (m)10,3557938
2OwdLTimeless BoundsAdult (f)4,7041,0370
vFxT3Foreseen ActionsAdult (m)1,9354583
DbRALTime is LimitlessAdult (f)2,4853144
VfsO0Time For a New WatchAdult (m)4,1287092
6PeGnTime to Really ShineAdult (m)7,3721,2246
qGSGl2PB The Other SideAdult (m)4,9688513
y3lOA2PB Future SightAdult (f)7,7618754
Nz7yuFz Aeria GlorisHatchling (F)2,9055802
0OsWAFz SpikelarvaHatchling (f, F)4,0038511
34y5CFz DrippingHatchling (m, F)4,6898784
IeewNSubnautic ElectronicAdult (m)3,1088210
O6rgkChaotica SubnauticaAdult (f)3,2158341
fIhkXSubnotic HarmonicAdult (m)4,3019935
fCtamSubnotic ChaoticAdult (f)4,0829731
kOG2fSubnautic ProtonicAdult (m)3,3806132
ujUNZJunzAdult (f)6,8131,0243
t0fjGFz AetherHatchling (F)3,9026054
vCAYyFz WristwalkerHatchling (f, F)4,6071,0031
aq4FfFz Stiff BreezeHatchling (m, F)4,8448981
cMu49Fz Barely ThereHatchling (f, F)4,3881,0543
396LdThrice BlueAdult (m)6,8101,2573
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