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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “gummywyvern,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7AlH5(7AlH5)Hatchling (f)3,9549960
061QEwizard of hardback coversAdult (f)4,5641,0043
4tcKvwizard that never cleans dishesAdult (m)4,5388115
LMUbCgothic architecture fan wizardAdult (m)3,8418621
px8CWwizard watching early 2000's tvAdult (f)5,8729374
BnvBf(BnvBf)Adult (f)6,9871,2564
NfWWX(NfWWX)Adult (m)3,8809282
wMr1wsilicon valley wizardAdult (f)3,9118081
zBBugwizard of cool bugsAdult (f)3,6468511
4GDmScigerette wizardAdult (m)6,2291,3671
4U9f3evil wizard curses youAdult (m)4,1638624
xIyyU(xIyyU)Adult (f)4,5861,1252
aaM47patty melt wizardAdult (f)4,0438072
lzcNt(lzcNt)Adult (m)2,7593632
9nQ85crinkley old wizardAdult (m)3,9781,0692
N5lxxhigh fantasy wizardAdult (m)2,5123232
YhMjH(YhMjH)Adult (f)3,0453421
6iIBh(6iIBh)Adult (m)4,0887330
otPH9cheap chocolate wizardAdult (m)3,8781,2642
xlNY2wizard of bad tvAdult (m)4,0019420
th0Egwizard princessAdult (m)4,8799402
oh0rD(oh0rD)Adult (m)3,8617721
7wLBe(7wLBe)Adult (f)3,4828114
8jRwWwizard of loose changeAdult (m)5,0738823
idkQjwizard of lost 20 dollar billsAdult (m)10,0591,3234
E01jxwizard of overgrown bonsai treesAdult (m)4,8607622
hPwAC(hPwAC)Adult (m)4,2228291
IfiAx(IfiAx)Adult (m)3,2798181
Zaqo8(Zaqo8)Adult (m)3,4468101
3L90x(3L90x)Adult (f)3,4757603
6lrHtcheese puff wizardHatchling (F)1,8744842
ucvujsanta the toy wizardAdult (m)6,3161,4182
yl3fapain wizardAdult (m)7,0401,2344
p7zmXtrident wielding wizardAdult (m)4,7841,0263
VnVzrhaughty wizardAdult (f)3,7207691
xummr(xummr)Adult (f)5,3441,1804
A1oL4cursed cartography wizardAdult (m)4,0257762
ZqfjQwizard of amber jewelryAdult (m)3,9078071
4EWGxwizard of street foodAdult (m)4,0238163
67EhQ(67EhQ)Adult (m)4,1488431
FhxrZ(FhxrZ)Adult (m)4,1457404
ne8Vp(ne8Vp)Adult (f)4,3487752
ZiQ23nacho cheese wizardAdult (f)4,7059162
dovKD(dovKD)Adult (m)5,2611,1500
Pyv6cfancy wizardAdult (f)4,5959022
IzYTPwizard working on a doctorateAdult (m)3,8758271
vfP3Ioverconfident wizardAdult (f)6,7179354
vsq6wchapstick wizardAdult (f)6,7351,0202
Yn2JKwizard without mercyAdult (f)3,5037681
dhlW6(dhlW6)Adult (m)5,0329880
Lkvk3(Lkvk3)Adult (m)3,7348141
Dgqun(Dgqun)Adult (f)3,5258201
gBrSwwizard with a curseAdult (m)4,4217992
4Uy6A(4Uy6A)Adult (f)4,7588622
4ur9C(4ur9C)Adult (f)3,4198111
D4BDYboiled peanuts wizardAdult (f)6,1831,0841
vtv2fwizard that hands out mintsAdult (f)5,8921,0303
06HXcwizard was a theater kidAdult (m)4,6741,1792
Ubvfftin foil hat wizardAdult (m)3,2387713
6u67i(6u67i)Adult (m)3,8918072
MayHK(MayHK)Adult (m)3,5968403
VDxqz(VDxqz)Adult (m)3,3948081
VRvTwfanciful wizardAdult (m)7,5779747
NRaCabell pepper wizardAdult (m)4,6117252
BVZEDfancy latte drinking wizardAdult (f)5,4431,2961
z3OG2eyelash wizardAdult (m)5,2581,3301
9c5j3red solo cup wizardAdult (m)4,4169591
EJqzPwoodblock print wizardAdult (m)3,3928731
CR2Ab(CR2Ab)Adult (m)3,8347531
BIJVJThis wizard is on fireAdult (m)5,8531,0564
xQtxXreckless torch bearing wizardAdult (m)4,7798124
Gfm4v(Gfm4v)Adult (f)4,8697194
sNzwfwizard with a flower crownAdult (f)4,4528873
OrEKJwizard flash mob leaderAdult (f)3,8408392
5cUq2(5cUq2)Adult (m)3,3837921
x7KbWwizard raising fancy pigeonsAdult (m)3,8307953
to3EKbarbaque pit wizardAdult (f)5,7811,2422
jyZwj(jyZwj)Adult (m)5,2561,1590
qD5Ntdangerously snarky wizardAdult (m)3,7678071
J31X6paper towel roll wizardAdult (m)3,8798472
Yy27R(Yy27R)Adult (m)4,5698062
9DjkMwizard that is really coolAdult (f)5,9041,0461
yQl3Fwizard of icy streetsAdult (m)4,0537992
ufWPxdisgusted wizardAdult (f)3,6487613
idWAD(idWAD)Adult (m)4,3837972
DMJSz(DMJSz)Adult (m)3,1933622
icOt5plastic 90s toy wizardAdult (m)5,3879803
tUNZi(tUNZi)Adult (f)5,0399711
drefRwizard chefAdult (f)5,5461,0312
MI2Ycegg yolk wizardAdult (m)5,1438683
UqATq(UqATq)Adult (f)4,8649502
1FB1Farchmage wizardAdult (f)3,8717842
zCcAQmetallic sounding wizardAdult (m)4,5278092
accT4(accT4)Adult (f)3,5128362
pUlo8(pUlo8)Adult (f)4,2817912
5eHyu(5eHyu)Adult (m)5,3099737
6SdHYwizard listening to classic rockAdult (m)4,4584653
xxPUdpuff the magic wizardAdult6,0641,0085
nJju5wizard of odd smellsAdult (f)4,6907553
cGe1Lwizard of pleasant smellsAdult (f)3,1255743
u4gWwwizard of kite flyingAdult (m)3,6647802
WAbD4wasabi wizardAdult (f)4,1947654
shzRk(shzRk)Adult (m)4,3018990
X7cXNtasty wizardAdult (m)4,1809042
zVGWv(zVGWv)Adult (m)3,9348025
h7DE8(h7DE8)Adult (f)5,2551,1540
cLnbQjingly wizardAdult (f)4,2129001
5Xkja(5Xkja)Adult (m)4,5651,1381
25A4Avine reference wizardHatchling (m, F)3,1533333
gFOlyfoley wizardAdult (m)2,7545873
WL9Vewizard in their wolf phaseAdult (m)5,8848644
wa5zqplanetarium wizardAdult (m)5,8468373
kzUxZwizard who is a narcAdult (m)6,9441,1082
NqdjWplastic spoon wizardAdult (m)5,9221,1151
hZgqOwizard splashing in puddlesAdult (f)3,7148052
jw5v6vegan wizardAdult (m)5,9751,1512
AMVbF(AMVbF)Adult (f)3,5298121
AN531(AN531)Adult (f)3,5808120
ff6WOyakitori chef wizardAdult (f)3,8227612
DBgXb(DBgXb)Adult (f)3,4867781
NRtrE(NRtrE)Adult (f)3,5188273
Oxq1bwizard playing wizard 101Adult (m)7,4261,1035
y7KxB(y7KxB)Adult (m)4,7351,1141
di8WY(di8WY)Adult (f)4,8571,1581
zj025its a WIMDY wizardAdult (f)9,1289884
esF4B(esF4B)Adult (f)4,3488041
5RCcX(5RCcX)Adult (m)3,8607142
sFFQc(sFFQc)Adult (m)3,5127891
3jjAP(3jjAP)Adult (m)4,0048151
Y27ncwizard smells like ocean breezeAdult (m)5,7289941
3U7nWyogurt crafting wizardAdult (f)4,4211,0193
rtQrEwizard of blue glass collectionAdult (m)3,9107881
xlXAs(xlXAs)Adult (f)3,6298201
ATIfE(ATIfE)Adult (m)4,4771,1211
PuIPzgrillmaster wizardAdult (f)2,6535393
AUJ6g(AUJ6g)Adult (m)4,5158821
3af2kwizard of reciting shakespeareAdult (m)3,9778283
kUFWdwater bed wizardAdult (m)4,1478102
yoyEx(yoyEx)Adult (f)3,1436712
3OSyQ(3OSyQ)Adult (f)4,5279104
9l6Z9barista wizardAdult (f)3,6877692
6ngqmmineral water wizardAdult (m)4,7048132
aWvmSwizard that collects glass eyesAdult (m)3,9208243
RH1h0(RH1h0)Adult (m)4,7659522
5LaTt(5LaTt)Adult (m)4,5741,1422
SbFCGwizard of jumpingAdult (f)3,1218993
3RovOa wizard that's in jailAdult (m)4,8481,2501
h48IN(h48IN)Adult (m)4,4387932
2HOGgprofessor wizardAdult (m)6,3051,0692
bpwW0(bpwW0)Adult (f)3,5587701
NqYztstatic electricity wizardAdult (m)4,6598853
hCUsK(hCUsK)Adult (f)3,5238213
gUAlr(gUAlr)Adult (f)3,6738261
w9ecS(w9ecS)Adult (f)4,8101,0873
xnEuz(xnEuz)Adult (m)3,2937821
sbB1G(sbB1G)Adult (f)3,4778291
DDdihdance dance revolution wizardAdult (m)3,8877663
MlujS(MlujS)Adult (f)3,9817922
NefEY(NefEY)Adult (f)5,0379172
FUjaP(FUjaP)Adult (f)3,4648252
w5cdwwizard on vacationAdult (f)3,8787183
h5uWwwizard of seasonal depressionAdult (f)8,2129752
pSdeypudding cup wizardAdult (f)5,6579371
hdyXRpewter wizard statueAdult (f)5,6959944
s2nXs(s2nXs)Adult (m)3,6268361
yMd37uselessly inept wizardAdult (m)3,4577672
MsX21volunteer lifeguard wizardAdult (f)5,9041,0871
9byUVwizard of computer scienceAdult (m)3,5037353
x68oD(x68oD)Adult (m)4,8399470
EgthXcareless wizardAdult (f)4,5471,0342
1GNCPgender non conforming wizardAdult (f)4,1818141
EqxHA(EqxHA)Adult (m)4,6251,0412
UsSIt(UsSIt)Adult (m)3,3137892
yyTvJboard game wizardAdult (m)3,7407862
qFjWiaerobics wizardAdult (f)4,5576863
vVVdSwizard from party cityAdult (f)4,5898931
GyXD0wizard duel mastersAdult (m)3,4568943
sriiP(sriiP)Adult (m)4,3818891
889eQ(889eQ)Adult (f)6,6799271
BCguX(BCguX)Adult (m)5,6327343
WiNGpwizard eating chicken wingsAdult (f)6,2741,0941
jx1nr(jx1nr)Adult (m)3,3587862
DPotgequalibrium wizardAdult (f)6,1161,1542
HaPSepewter wizard that stands stillAdult (f)5,9571,1133
Trd8Mpower stance wizardAdult (f)4,2687871
2TuOmspaceship wizardAdult (f)6,1721,2891
Za2wSumbrella engineer wizardAdult (f)3,3687633
gc8H9wildfire wizardAdult (f)6,0659292
4pWrYparty wizardAdult (m)5,3301,0182
nrksmburning wizardAdult (f)5,0021,0452
IxWYN(IxWYN)Adult (m)5,9989973
QJOvG(QJOvG)Adult (m)4,8129253
jGs3Gsnake wizardAdult (f)3,9718272
3eMEBwizard that only draws horsesAdult (f)6,1171,3361
riFRqwizard that mastered volleyballAdult (f)4,5337894
B8u57(B8u57)Adult (m)4,5851,1341
9Ao5Vprehistoric wizardAdult (f)3,8837702
7K4NBbusiness major dragonAdult (f)6,1591,1051
wkLbA(wkLbA)Adult (m)4,1688992
MKSRh(MKSRh)Adult (f)4,7608053
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