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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “gregregreg,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
i4ZQkSplit BluesAdult (m)3,9081,1332
u2Fz0Cavern SplitAdult (m)4,7101,2012
v8LC5Siamese BluesAdult (f)4,7711,2113
R0yG4Two-Faced Two-HeadAdult (f)5,4879512
GHcqwYou Have Been AXEDAdult (f)5,0021,1601
d640rBluish OpalAdult (f)2,6468691
GtmjZPurplish OpalAdult (m)3,6551,3642
DsYOAGreenish OpalAdult (f)2,8099654
D39naGrayish OpalAdult (m)6,6781,0152
i3jnYWhite TransparencyAdult (f)2,0527044
C0iwXAlbiniusDragAdult (f)2,6227424
D4q7LSounds Like AlbanyAdult (m)2,5147174
RT834Al Bi No Drah GonAdult (m)2,4187106
0FI2GAlbinoiumAdult (f)2,6516871
k9RhOSeeing The DragonAdult (f)2,4106901
Px74QBefore The Shell Is GoneAdult (m)2,3166802
VnpOPAnd There IsAdult (f)2,7656981
f9oyzA Small HatchlingAdult (f)2,2636871
u2vr2With A Very SmallAdult (f)2,3216951
eN3rrAmount Of The PigmentAdult (m)2,5306953
1PcsCThat All Of Us HaveAdult (m)2,6417031
5mf18And Will Have - Mrs 150Adult (f)2,6897141
TpOmmAlbinoinessAdult (f)2,9187371
6juuEAlbiniessAdult (m)2,4857103
W4XDJThe AlabinoAdult (f)2,5796991
iAZekNo PigmentAdult (m)2,6177102
Lg0CEClear-SkinnedAdult (f)3,0159062
ptJOO(ptJOO)Adult (m)5,7958731
6Nbmk(6Nbmk)Adult (f)5,4277981
piEUsLaughing ConfettiAdult (f)4,2901,2532
YgTDlConfetti's LaughterAdult (m)4,2341,2343
Zk7t8AntalienAdult (f)5,2621,1051
4AWGnTisSupernatural ExtraTerrestrialAdult (m)5,4551,0891
2jcvXArial PinkAdult (m)4,2481,1401
h0mRCAncient MelodicAdult (f)4,4518082
Ji32J(Ji32J)Adult (m)4,1971,0850
pne2BiFloatzorsAdult (f)1,5656201
SxlxaGreen-Eyed BlackoutAdult (f)1,6835818
7y07hGreen-Eyed AggresiveAdult (f)1,5606561
jMbsnBlackout Night-VisioAdult (f)1,5696622
Ra5HUBlack BodiedAdult (m)2,2187594
oXxAoPinkish TeaDragAdult (m)2,1411,0746
1jA4tDragon FisherAdult (m)2,8041,4841
U3AL7Off-White With SaltAdult (f)3,1409533
iMPLrMoon BleederAdult (m)2,2418882
GTMaJTwo-Head RedAdult (f)2,1751,0064
LB8XJThe Banded BluesAdult (f)3,7051,23212
n6h0dBands of BlueAdult (m)3,3901,3054
yDspuBlusang From The CaveAdult (m)2,7499244
icTshCaveBrineAdult (f)3,0337937
pJTlGBlue SingAdult (m)4,2521,19011
wmaMvStolen BlusangAdult (m)5,7301,0536
IwRtsBright Breasted WyvieAdult (f)2,5687053
Ok8fpWyvern With The Bright BreastAdult (f)7,8229135
2fkebWyvern Being Bright BreastedAdult (f)2,4737383
reqmXBrightBreastedWyvernAdult (f)2,5857354
vZ9cXBright BreastsAdult (m)2,6217302
D51JsBrightly BreastedAdult (m)2,6417481
CeCqUSo I Forgot What Breed This IsAdult (f)4,3891,0174
eFWPIStrength of BrutesAdult (f)4,0081,2562
7Ha5JFatal BrutalityAdult (f)4,0441,2453
7S5fEOrbs of GloryAdult (m)4,2621,1571
vfhxfWicker EffectAdult (f)4,5328272
DVm4j(DVm4j)Adult (f)5,1981,0231
8pUvy(8pUvy)Adult (m)5,1471,0162
lCWKdWyvern of CarmineAdult (f)2,9661,2595
vdmFLFrom Carmine- A WyvernAdult (m)3,0381,3332
qy4gsDragon of CassareAdult (f)2,9371,2545
Fkdh4The Cassare DragonAdult (m)2,8841,3091
5ssFtImagination DragonationAdult (f)5,5838891
CUxXdReality ImaginedAdult (m)5,5828901
4DtxfTranscorporealHatchling (f, F)5,4548241
r4DspTransparent CelestialityHatchling (m, F)5,3338401
0ZphwPrimary ParmesanAdult3,7181,0443
znhxJCritical CheddarAdult5,6001,1039
rymQQFatal FetaAdult5,0271,1812
aJvrzPeaceful PelardonAdult5,1721,0833
fd0g3Magical MozzarellaAdult5,5021,0401
RGiHVLieutenant FeatherrufflesAdult (f)3,0829904
24oxrSargent EggAdult (f)1,4214523
MOi8IAdmiral ChickieAdult (f)3,4771,1013
iIVIRCorporal GallusAdult (f)4,4961,27943
2xA72Private PolloAdult (f)4,0961,1173
joS5rHonorary HollyAdult (m)4,6981,1531
Mnf1CGolden Glimmering HollyAdult (m)4,7771,1023
ly98RTruly A Wintry SpiritAdult (m)4,7471,1371
AI1DiYule DollarAdult (m)3,7011,3419
GWtKiGiver Of Money At ChristmasAdult (m)4,7461,1352
iT8JBSnow Of AngelsAdult (f)4,6631,2627
yNjAUSnow Of The HeavensAdult (f)4,3361,3166
fvfmURhythmic GymnasticsAdult (f)4,7151,2784
hOLhUDancer- Now With RibbonsAdult (f)4,7211,2836
p5NssYou're Not OrangeAdult (m)4,6921,2715
rkC3kWinter WizardryAdult (m)4,2431,2997
YSdd9The Gift Is In Our WingsAdult (m)4,6221,2554
oCC9TWrap CityAdult (m)4,6201,2676
19WUcWinter BeginningsAdult (f)5,9681,1138
7kzBPWith This The Winter ComethAdult (f)5,9421,0979
xmosLMerry XmosAdult (f)3,8281,18020
Nwp7RMiss Me Under The MistletoeAdult (f)3,8951,1828
DBObyShield Of The GreeksAdult (m)3,6031,0321
cvxFOViolent WindstormAdult (m)3,6321,0662
FsM9r(FsM9r)Adult (m)4,0279471
7gsDe(7gsDe)Adult (m)3,9269521
qDVto(qDVto)Adult (f)5,8491,0500
N9OkN(N9OkN)Adult (f)5,9091,0601
FyLywCoastal WalkethAdult (f)4,4361,1911
WvAWEI AM TEC-TAW-AWNNN-ICAdult (f)5,4581,1353
dcD0PColossal PlateAdult (m)2,9381,1521
Rrv1HReddish Liver Of SulfurAdult (f)2,1851,1902
LlAB4Copper Of Liver Of SulfurAdult (m)5,2301,0665
ZUFV5Reddish RainbowAdult (f)2,2261,1972
mOkhNCopper Of RainbowsAdult (m)5,5441,0794
LJ9zBReddish VerdigrisAdult (f)2,2001,1723
FgquoCopper Of VerdigrisAdult (m)5,8631,0673
2oTTE(2oTTE)Adult (f)5,2881,1562
OKxyGDragVineAdult (f)1,8888181
Xf8u8Born In A Cave From VinesAdult (f)2,7938732
bPlTXCaveVinedAdult (f)2,7188631
k4NraDoth For Thou VineAdult (m)3,6911,2872
LSecYDer WeinstockAdult (m)4,6111,0595
PPioSThe Vines Are CreepingAdult (m)3,5031,3674
BDcnxCavern's VineAdult (m)3,5951,1411
NOdRPNOdRPAdult (f)4,6521,1553
LmzNAJungle Dragon GodAdult (f)4,3891,2502
L8VuXthis is VINEAdult (m)4,6179951
ZyNsKNo Grapes On These VinesAdult (f)4,9201,1194
2be44Forrest VineAdult (m)4,8131,1471
rnXnlBorn In A Cave Of VinesAdult (m)4,9991,1791
xldjxMein VineAdult (m)5,0721,53417
CAkDHThe Vine Doth Rise Once MoreAdult (f)5,0381,1382
lbOV6Dis Is Mein VineAdult (f)6,8976602
s8VjzDevilish VineAdult (f)6,6057201
EdTEVVine Of Mine How Art Thou FineAdult (f)6,6657081
4LoDFGift Of VinesAdult (m)4,6038674
bbGc9Whose Vine Is It AnywayAdult (m)4,5758722
JTaMQA Vine Of An ArmyAdult (f)5,0291,2181
nrGKSVines Rise As OneAdult (m)5,6741,0903
XK9vXVines AriseAdult (f)5,1541,1242
qrtrTVine CorporationAdult (f)5,0981,2211
08HgMVinewoodAdult (f)6,4761,0102
G88G1Thine VineAdult (f)4,8031,2061
xFwj1Accidental ExperimentAdult (m)7,0221,1084
VwBaaThe Vine That Was A SheepAdult (f)4,1471,2581
VyK7YVines of Birth - NEVER FORGETAdult (f)3,9956762
KsX8rVine of The MineAdult (f)5,4158111
KYR5pOf Vines And MenAdult (f)4,8691,1791
liEMVA Fine Grapevine For WineAdult (f)5,3479921
O42OQVineyards Of WrathAdult (m)5,5678971
39MUm(39MUm)Adult (m)5,1331,1252
5Vjgg(5Vjgg)Adult (m)5,2881,1562
QOxXAFrozen Cavern VineHatchling (F)3,1467971
PxGhwThe Vines Of RarityAdult (m)4,7311,2435
TpKJMPurely Alternative VinesAdult (f)4,3741,2224
yfO2XThe Vines Less TakenAdult (m)5,1201,0532
1pPfsDream Package DropperAdult (m)2,2547042
CaV5bDeep Sea DreadAdult (f)2,4285873
iTnUD(iTnUD)Adult (f)5,2521,0830
3ZiaT(3ZiaT)Adult (f)5,2001,1643
1pSLk(1pSLk)Adult (f)5,3281,1782
126iaSuspicious TricolorAdult (f)1,3346142
ovo4BDorsal Purple TriColorAdult (f)1,9606142
SVPa5RSVP To A5 - The Tardy RoomAdult (m)8,1831,19310
KmFdvAlternate DorsalAdult (m)6,1321,2183
Wj0gaPurple Without A Hue Of BlueAdult (f)5,2161,1293
SgE8qRed-Purple SplitAdult (m)2,8479891
umAQKPurple-Red SplitAdult (f)2,6108942
qBOUUSpark LusterAdult (f)1,5334135
cs1IORadiating Fallen FlameAdult (m)1,4056373
NDkiYWyvern'd FalconiformAdult (f)3,1731,2381
CbSYKFlames of FreezingAdult (m)3,1581,2021
dkkBA(dkkBA)Adult (m)4,1871,0861
hUnCyFever FrillAdult (f)3,7341,2323
aHr1E(aHr1E)Adult (m)5,8091,2051
iRNbbAn Imperial FleshcrowneAdult (m)2,2069202
Y9hQFImperialistic FleshcrowneAdult (f)3,1211,0254
vJbJiThe New Mill Of FrillsAdult (m)4,2401,1213
sHLndA New FrillosophyAdult (f)4,7758493
raqW6Frosted BitesAdult (f)3,2171,2291
yGKepJaws of FrostAdult (m)3,1431,2111
AokrGGemshards of JadeAdult (m)4,6671,0632
PfjeUJaded GemshardsAdult (f)2,6317234
57kFH1killfodder2017 JUST DIE ALREADYAdult (m)4,5958942
5B3WXRuby's GemshardsAdult (f)3,8521,3511
b87mFGemshards of RubyAdult (m)2,6448693
bGp65Gemshards of AzureAdult (m)3,9541,3133
7mt3bAzure's GemshardsAdult (f)4,4308216
nYcbGGlaucusianAdult (m)3,5171,2283
XBZYFGlaucAdult (f)3,5531,2543
VJl7HPharaoh of LightAdult (m)1,7527812
qRp9vClassical GoldAdult (m)4,4411,2855
oQFYROrange-Finned Blue-EyesAdult (m)2,18177910
ytxbOShallowed Water ThuwedAdult (m)3,7671,1744
tPSCEDark SkylightAdult (f)1,9754396
NfdutSpotted GreatnessAdult (m)4,1461,1871
BwOZqGreatness in SpotsAdult (f)4,2161,1430
QO0ubGreenwing With SpotsAdult (f)5,9101,0632
nYhmxYellow-Eyed ShielderAdult (m)1,7246864
xfQnuProtective TailAdult (m)1,5848272
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