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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “gravija,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hDQZ(hDQZ)Egg (F)
IrJx3(IrJx3)Adult (f)3,4395260
8aFvL(8aFvL)Adult (f)5,2047371
KaSRC(KaSRC)Adult (m)2,6136421
sQ2gF(sQ2gF)Adult (f)3,5146273
2HhmX(2HhmX)Adult (m)3,6386324
KNyuq(KNyuq)Adult (m)2,5636660
d3i6j(d3i6j)Adult (m)4,0227550
Is5Er(Is5Er)Adult (m)8,4618702
UliIOrmr FlamencoAdult (m)3,7582511
MbkBOrmr AbraxxusAdult (m)4,23628310
l8rkOrmr LarkHatchling (m, F)2,2878779
5q85Q(5q85Q)Adult (m)3,7306711
Ol6ROrmr VumisAdult (m)4,0515018
tAV9Ormr GamascoAdult (f)3,3512385
Qwx35(Qwx35)Adult (f)3,3096101
gjhkQ(gjhkQ)Adult (m)5,2907332
amuLW(amuLW)Adult (m)2,7844736
uDJ1U(uDJ1U)Adult (m)6,3891,25211
BQTC0(BQTC0)Adult (m)4,2865802
4mUiI(4mUiI)Adult (m)2,2945881
vJEM3(vJEM3)Adult (m)3,3834754
87zHC(87zHC)Adult (m)3,4256473
DgqMg(DgqMg)Adult (m)3,7524891
A3ABe(A3ABe)Adult (f)4,5808262
9lsnOrmr Andromeda of the NightAdult (f)4,4036143
JEoMOrmr Carafe of the NightAdult (f)8,6261,48111
ddFd7Ormr Baade of the NightAdult (f)2,5738057
JRPFPOrmr Circinus of the NightAdult (f)2,40952012
iQf45Ormr Helix of the NightAdult (f)1,7956369
qHss8Ormr Malin of the NightAdult (f)3,1949288
MN1TSOrmr Holmberg of the NightAdult (f)2,9772817
cIpqc(cIpqc)Adult (f)3,2413543
8nsJh(8nsJh)Adult (f)2,7253197
xa9L7(xa9L7)Adult (f)2,9641,0222
FniEo(FniEo)Adult (f)3,3576164
ksmnOrmr Esurio CruorisAdult (m)1,33649418
5g2DOrmr Adficio SanguisAdult (m)6,67090130
96KMSpaghetti CatAdult (m)2,0706128
91vfLord March 18 2011Adult (m)1,1093935
d8uiOrmr LeechAdult (m)3,0276522
KRniJ(KRniJ)Adult (f)2,4135582
ynFDy(ynFDy)Adult (f)3,1316262
hV7uh(hV7uh)Adult (m)3,3375250
puhJN(puhJN)Adult (m)3,4345320
YqYzo(YqYzo)Adult (m)3,4735030
hFh7O(hFh7O)Adult (m)3,9915182
K563g(K563g)Adult (m)3,4475501
Lbu7V(Lbu7V)Adult (m)3,3913685
rpTqc(rpTqc)Adult (m)3,4823825
DaDXT(DaDXT)Adult (m)1,9995923
m8RI0(m8RI0)Adult (m)2,2636201
WsfOA(WsfOA)Adult (m)3,6783946
t6ekE(t6ekE)Adult (m)3,1882192
PQTAOrmr MolinonAdult (f)4,5551,28414
agP2Ormr EaminAdult (m)1,77180212
54ttOrmr SrochofAdult (m)4,2501,18916
vjbrh(vjbrh)Adult (m)2,4195786
l2BJ7(l2BJ7)Adult (m)2,8787060
Gg0CU(Gg0CU)Adult (m)3,7156211
0isKsOrmr TruffleAdult (m)2,8614764
33jRP(33jRP)Adult (m)2,9064752
GXa2t(GXa2t)Adult (m)3,6527031
76Fmp(76Fmp)Adult (m)3,7887192
nCp67Ormr Red YoshiAdult4,8035424
RcEOB(RcEOB)Adult (f)4,6738257
JxcDe(JxcDe)Adult (m)5,0677135
mvv4y(mvv4y)Adult (m)2,9953225
07ztc(07ztc)Adult (m)4,3484168
tP1dg(tP1dg)Adult (f)4,8446023
X8xEs(X8xEs)Adult (f)4,8636795
im6W2Ormr TaiyouAdult (f)3,9253251
qLSJDOrmr SolarisAdult (m)2,9434083
uZ2MmOrmr OuroreAdult (f)3,0483316
1pNI8Ormr HolairiAdult (m)7,2731,3361
1lTlSOrmr XesurenAdult (m)3,9465296
WNgtmOrmr WelisnAdult (m)3,8345183
gfElnOrmr YilapirAdult (m)6,9671,3201
3KCQ4Ormr LiafrouAdult (m)3,3702802
XKodqOrmr VanadiumAdult (f)4,7673184
UrM0YOrmr EleventhAdult (m)3,4236532
mtqVuOrmr Solar FlareAdult (m)2,8238073
7iuqCOrmr TinkererAdult (m)1,6346802
iAMTDOrmr Wrong GenderAdult (f)3,8653764
W8TUJOrmr TheimAdult (m)3,6763606
rnZtDOrmr CopilAdult (f)3,3907963
tpOnV(tpOnV)Adult (f)2,8693955
OJ0m6(OJ0m6)Adult (f)2,4376712
L0heOrmr MalcorlosAdult (m)9,1311,35417
8BtNqOrmr IvritahAdult (m)3,1692674
SbDViOrmr BalikosAdult (m)4,1002796
n7AU0Ormr SoulAdult (m)3,7326863
VdgUOrmr RomumAdult (m)5,73983410
DPOPOrmr CineprAdult (m)3,6863513
KCQfOrmr HellsongAdult (m)6,0275065
o10mv(o10mv)Adult (m)3,1965272
DD4GT(DD4GT)Adult (m)3,1165273
LzqPOrmr OrmondAdult (f)1,75084842
WbhaOrmr ContucidumAdult (f)4,3391,55210
sbusOrmr TwizzlerAdult (f)6,73764010
CRuguOrmr Red VelvetAdult (f)1,8226843
TMexOrmr DirusaAdult (f)20,57210,119107
gwQ3Ormr ReverentiaAdult (f)14,6956,78873
FZKPOrmr InfestumAdult (m)2,4568803
9E2uOrmr TinentiaAdult (m)4,3029711
Vp0iOrmr PavidusAdult (f)2,9952022
SsfHOrmr MagusAdult (f)4,0583796
2f28SOrmr Switching 2nd genAdult (f)2,9163135
YhmQKOrmr MerlinAdult (m)3,7642835
rkovK(rkovK)Adult (m)1,5994261
5lIYZ(5lIYZ)Adult (m)2,8853463
2LJZm(2LJZm)Adult (m)4,4803854
2T3B7(2T3B7)Adult (m)4,9827324
7YupD(7YupD)Adult (m)3,0653091
otWuOrmr AbaddonAdult (f)3,16754510
nNYSOrmr NourAdult (f)3,8727352
gYm0Ormr EmrakulAdult (f)2,8954245
QZt7x(QZt7x)Adult (f)3,5465742
8MvLp(8MvLp)Adult (m)4,1463421
AT6iB(AT6iB)Adult (m)3,9346361
Watxk(Watxk)Adult (m)5,7187030
qODAOrmr CruentaAdult (f)16,2377,569110
VrLbOrmr Segl LongAdult (f)3,3051,08316
Kn1vOrmr FlavirthAdult (f)3,15693715
H0kjR(H0kjR)Adult (f)3,5253976
jarH3(jarH3)Adult (f)2,4736671
Tt19n(Tt19n)Adult (m)3,8174892
oYCKa(oYCKa)Adult (f)3,9804750
UwTtS(UwTtS)Adult (f)4,4016293
50UxZ(50UxZ)Adult (f)3,7626453
wJf36(wJf36)Adult (f)3,3195522
bgFx9(bgFx9)Adult (f)5,1776953
6t4Wp(6t4Wp)Adult (m)3,2475611
AyJXf(AyJXf)Adult (m)2,9495580
iZoQ5(iZoQ5)Adult (m)2,2385042
KyqyN(KyqyN)Adult (m)3,9735382
UKyR2(UKyR2)Adult (m)2,7135887
q7SmI(q7SmI)Adult (f)3,7066371
mvtxM(mvtxM)Adult (f)4,4076011
CUtpl(CUtpl)Adult (m)4,5403044
G1V1e(G1V1e)Adult (m)6,1076703
LgKGOrmr AutumnaliseAdult (f)16,1875,59121
AWLcOrmr NemorosAdult (f)2,2738718
v7G4Ormr Seasonal ShiftAdult (f)3,9432644
oqp9Ormr MessisAdult (f)3,9972774
jevoXOrmr SS 2nd genAdult (f)3,6633095
4ugGi(4ugGi)Adult (f)3,9238733
B2WZOrmr FlagrumiAdult (m)98458968
aFdIOrmr VerbareAdult (f)1,05659132
rFb3Ormr JeristrAdult (m)2,32088424
HN9kGOrmr WhippedAdult (m)4,1413755
L9tl3(L9tl3)Adult (m)3,3256761
g3iuOrmr AuricomaAdult (m)13,0655,62482
epcvOrmr FrondeusAdult (m)13,1525,33061
N9BzOrmr AesticaAdult (m)11,3044,93247
NDl5Ormr Celtic FallAdult (m)2,68148324
aBpfOrmr Autumn LeavesAdult (m)2,5921,0018
IUTDOrmr Tatsu HasakiAdult (m)3,2272735
mY95b(mY95b)Adult (m)3,2913208
u27FT(u27FT)Adult (m)3,5242714
niubv(niubv)Adult (f)2,3886531
B2lCh(B2lCh)Adult (m)2,6117396
g3wvg(g3wvg)Adult (m)3,9647270
Ym1eq(Ym1eq)Adult (m)3,9233061
nVVJG(nVVJG)Adult (m)2,4144621
3YfaF(3YfaF)Adult (m)3,7375522
crGeOrmr TophusAdult (m)3,32674111
9WUCOrmr FidrurAdult (m)6,92282110
rroBOrmr MoltenAdult (m)3,6236406
TTlSOrmr CoturothAdult (f)2,83125511
Xfc1Ormr MagneousAdult (f)2,18063312
uQfNOrmr DirususAdult (f)4,2939733
qv9jOrmr LavaAdult (f)4,8465292
DsjCQOrmr TineluAdult (m)3,1851,07918
Dk0oh(Dk0oh)Adult (m)3,1663705
9etlIOrmr Vaenn EirAdult (f)8,40196027
cZmABOrmr Chimney SweeperAdult (m)5,1121,34215
Z7bbNOrmr Five Card StudAdult (m)6,1201,04618
cUY1NOrmr SyidaAdult (f)7,8567059
sM1BqOrmr SherlockAdult (m)5,63774125
4tdpZOrmr AnosAdult (m)7,10352412
A3LdeOrmr AgadeemAdult (m)9,4306469
We3tQ(We3tQ)Adult (m)6,5684384
Oo3D7(Oo3D7)Adult (f)5,6915738
K1hFNOrmr SimcityAdult (m)7,1841,0125
CTcPh(CTcPh)Adult (m)8,98667213
2XiIT(2XiIT)Adult (m)8,6839296
jHVbd(jHVbd)Adult (m)8,1686139
gEuaq(gEuaq)Adult (f)9,7916559
KYqnw(KYqnw)Adult (f)4,4447344
0aoMOrmr HestumAdult (f)3,4022733
BqGVOrmr Splishy SplashAdult (f)4,6687145
ad59Ormr JynxyAdult (f)3,22760210
wwfp3(wwfp3)Adult (f)2,2294343
QErrR(QErrR)Adult (f)3,2355412
qR3Ju(qR3Ju)Adult (f)3,9577950
LCCSo(LCCSo)Adult (m)4,1906580
6znSOrmr PeraniaAdult (f)1,71085258
o3fMOrmr Filigree MaiblumAdult (f)4,8811,10913
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