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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “grammydragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cf8RAldono DragonfireAdult (m)2,86050615
dtnMlEPIC Spirit of OnenessAdult (f)5,2788695
VIGl2Albina DragonfireAdult (f)4,6649682
SFKOfAlbino del DragonfireAdult (m)4,5511,0381
fsPfVChristmas Night MagicAdult (f)3,6278762
qB6ddGolden Shimmer DragonfireAdult (m)3,4127381
VtXVgThe Alchemy of MajixAdult (m)3,8738772
ZG9MrAlchemy is Dragonfire MajixAdult (m)2,7509945
ec422Magic of HalloweenAdult (f)2,4596231
O5sXkEPIC Spirit of Oneness 10Adult (f)3,4365714
tu4FHPeddler of Dragon FleshAdult (m)3,3604941
YAgW1(YAgW1)Adult (f)3,0835712
GvY8ABonbon d'RoseAdult (f)3,18346111
Jpk02(Jpk02)Adult (m)2,8885833
PA3wx(PA3wx)Adult (f)4,2914304
S1YvO(S1YvO)Adult (m)4,5684552
5mZi1(5mZi1)Adult (f)3,6074142
9feqH(9feqH)Adult (m)3,6644388
Dbat6(Dbat6)Adult (m)3,0993972
pndiq(pndiq)Adult (m)2,8384202
YDvfi(YDvfi)Adult (m)2,8604213
7dBTi(7dBTi)Adult (f)2,7854224
Lexuz(Lexuz)Adult (m)3,8474694
ErAeP(ErAeP)Adult (f)2,8144143
4rXfl(4rXfl)Adult (m)3,3284290
TaCET(TaCET)Adult (m)3,3253666
diSwl(diSwl)Adult (f)2,4984391
KUcoL(KUcoL)Adult (m)3,3973507
vD6Bw(vD6Bw)Adult (m)3,6363805
qsWcb(qsWcb)Adult (f)3,6123873
vn8IB(vn8IB)Adult (f)3,6643765
BREwv(BREwv)Adult (m)4,4087973
zjWON(zjWON)Adult (m)3,8984042
qNXER(qNXER)Adult (f)3,1614161
SoI9l(SoI9l)Adult (m)5,2646304
YVUdC(YVUdC)Adult (f)2,4564822
EDbcDetour Route 1Hatchling (F)2,33641714
NNeQK(NNeQK)Adult (m)3,4474414
Mrws0(Mrws0)Adult (f)3,5424402
CYPr7(CYPr7)Adult (m)3,8744404
lbq7Z(lbq7Z)Adult (m)3,0624721
dZQcO(dZQcO)Adult (f)3,5634352
N40Hb(N40Hb)Adult (m)2,6774815
jppTQ(jppTQ)Adult (f)2,8105644
2b5iR(2b5iR)Adult (f)3,4094593
1ZwgC(1ZwgC)Adult (f)3,1924232
6520p(6520p)Adult (m)3,5014462
gaJfw(gaJfw)Adult (f)2,5844376
8upQr(8upQr)Adult (m)3,0924576
HSF91(HSF91)Adult (m)2,8035151
nDaLB(nDaLB)Adult (f)2,9154941
8HLRi(8HLRi)Adult (m)2,2036501
yJaHW(yJaHW)Adult (f)2,1616630
zhbcu(zhbcu)Adult (f)3,0614931
g0PKp(g0PKp)Adult (m)2,9607072
ZjwB3(ZjwB3)Adult (f)4,5623061
zZyqU(zZyqU)Adult (m)5,1413492
a7hD9(a7hD9)Adult (f)4,2185672
WAUOs(WAUOs)Adult (m)4,4115820
24S40(24S40)Adult (f)4,7165791
UGWVh(UGWVh)Adult (f)4,7875790
cPJwr(cPJwr)Adult (m)4,5825770
BkKJA(BkKJA)Adult (m)4,7535780
v0iPH(v0iPH)Adult (f)3,8153790
CNlgY(CNlgY)Adult (f)3,6953711
ZiWrN(ZiWrN)Adult (m)3,7683750
W18YG(W18YG)Adult (m)3,8183700
nYG6Z(nYG6Z)Adult (m)5,2303541
vpcsISangria DragonfireAdult (f)2,1785402
fT1DNSweetness DragonfireAdult (f)2,7815856
nap99(nap99)Adult (f)2,6244811
Hyzw1(Hyzw1)Adult (f)4,2451,0752
lnxKS(lnxKS)Adult (f)2,6187831
Yy7WC(Yy7WC)Adult (f)2,3928022
IdLdI'm Not Superman I'm A ThuwedAdult (m)4,81468512
ObfLUp Up And Away DragonfireAdult (f)5,8991,58613
uihHaA Rainbow Of BalloonsAdult (m)3,6598052
VZm4HVizzy DragonfireAdult (m)3,9064031
VU1q1(VU1q1)Adult (m)2,3837162
pzsSQ(pzsSQ)Adult (f)3,6315201
kHySz(kHySz)Adult (m)1,5976011
7PkLZ(7PkLZ)Adult (f)3,8114003
1L4Mj(1L4Mj)Adult (f)1,9914861
mv1y5(mv1y5)Adult (f)3,8944821
hj98F(hj98F)Adult (m)2,7935012
0LnjkAlts in the AirAdult (f)5,1097533
gqai7(gqai7)Adult (m)3,7394601
EOFXf(EOFXf)Adult (f)4,7757922
EUntj(EUntj)Adult (f)3,3626650
drFUl(drFUl)Adult (f)3,1584620
QiKks(QiKks)Adult (m)4,9953331
KwYEm(KwYEm)Adult (f)4,3164633
xnf8T(xnf8T)Adult (f)3,6544226
7pSNr(7pSNr)Adult (m)1,9494363
Z7pTV(Z7pTV)Adult (m)3,1076620
y2VCP(y2VCP)Adult (m)6,4095282
gqdVu(gqdVu)Adult (f)3,4063852
v2tu(v2tu)Hatchling (F)1,4841713
hJvg(hJvg)Hatchling (F)1,0811698
X2CFIt's a TwerpHatchling (F)8892236
c6aPnTeimarr DragonfireAdult (f)4,4509152
Tsf4ET'Marr DragonfireAdult (m)4,4189292
yH5ANYansan DragonfireAdult (f)4,1499422
q6tvsQuotient Tei DragonfireAdult (m)4,0939183
QAM3n(QAM3n)Adult (m)2,2321,0881
ha44O(ha44O)Adult (f)2,2695860
T1qpp(T1qpp)Adult (m)3,2476082
wGopf(wGopf)Adult (f)2,6674431
51QKJ(51QKJ)Adult (m)2,6535393
XLUOn(XLUOn)Adult (m)1,9466491
Ga0Mj(Ga0Mj)Adult (m)2,6505193
C2wQI(C2wQI)Adult (f)4,8238202
ICuCu(ICuCu)Adult (m)3,0565172
yQlZw(yQlZw)Adult (f)3,4574914
3EoNC(3EoNC)Adult (f)3,5514112
Nl1L9(Nl1L9)Adult (m)2,8054453
0NIhz(0NIhz)Adult (m)2,7564513
zzvrSZ'Zouave Sr DragonfireAdult (m)4,5173081
zu4he(zu4he)Adult (m)4,0942920
ZpN82(ZpN82)Adult (m)4,6153081
ZU1K9(ZU1K9)Adult (f)2,9355663
ZdJRU(ZdJRU)Adult (m)3,1724696
Z7Rhi(Z7Rhi)Adult (m)5,1486454
zZEeH(zZEeH)Adult (f)2,7813512
3oDuGrammy's IB Black OneAdult (f)2,91643716
YCTjRaven In The NightAdult (f)3,19144214
q8Q7Midnite IB Dorkface Sox ThuwedAdult (m)4,45642011
EQVaGigolo Black DragonfireAdult (m)3,64244021
ahv0dHalloween With MagicAdult (f)2,8477633
RLpTVDark TurpentineAdult (f)3,3336483
WXIgVMardi Gras Night ParadeAdult (m)4,3531,0491
V8JKYBlack Magic DragonfireAdult (f)5,68873218
QQgnKDark Nigel DraconisAdult (f)1,59272730
Dp1K2Sixth Sense For HolidaysAdult (f)1,7005454
Kg7iIDark Night PrinceAdult (m)1,9415136
6dIu5Dark RavenAdult (m)2,0938907
NKVX6Viar DragonfireAdult (m)1,79156411
jFHiVMarie La Veau DragonfireAdult (f)2,7107656
HhcnsHRH Noir DragonfireAdult (m)2,64653812
9gp4vThird Man ThemeAdult (m)3,7066574
7ZSEBCarnivale Drago Blake-TigrisAdult (m)4,0466492
LEV0cDragonfire Majix Keeps Rockin'OnAdult (f)2,6076784
W7JsGRoyal Knight of LoveAdult (f)2,1966863
cpUdnDark VoodooAdult (f)1,8096311
TJuL9Dark Knight DragonfireAdult (m)2,9179363
vFBhqDark Faithful Unholy DragonfireAdult (f)2,9687941
oCjgPShining Glow in  DarknessAdult (f)2,4386272
qJSI9Obsidian Joins Mardi Gras FunAdult (f)2,8848627
tGiNLDragonfire NinjaAdult (f)3,5235432
1STeaPekoe IS TeaAdult (f)3,2227351
fTg3bGee Wiz the Night is GoldenAdult (f)2,6675197
FtEGQStealthy Unholy FaithfulAdult (m)3,6154912
855YcStealthy Ops DragonfireAdult (m)2,1475326
ujmcMZorro DragonfireAdult (m)2,4765738
690h8Zorro-ina DragonfireAdult (f)4,1528684
t30E7Unholy Darkness DragonfireAdult (m)3,22851218
EnmrdDragonfire of the NightAdult (m)3,5077553
qofGjQueen of Dark DragonfireAdult (f)2,73451010
QHjteAn Autumn DragonfireAdult (f)3,0714475
5gUeNAm a Devilness DragonfireAdult (f)3,80944513
QJtv4Dev-L DragonfireAdult (m)2,96146513
9SdQaWith Black MarrowsAdult (m)3,9113747
B6gt6Found My HeartAdult (m)3,0405094
DMsS9UToT Tombstone CAdult (m)3,3256063
XuXCI(XuXCI)Adult (f)2,9096032
GKvY3Southern Sabre NinjaAdult (f)2,3086015
41V2LSouthern Sabre NightsAdult (f)2,6676585
fTu5vCoal Tar DragonfireAdult (m)3,17137016
cc3mtLicorice of DragonfireAdult (f)2,7495342
h0CNZSweetness DarknessAdult (f)2,5924811
onppP(onppP)Adult (m)2,9036265
9PZZZ(9PZZZ)Adult (m)2,7805233
AL0k5Alkoloid DragonfireAdult (f)1,7176826
WYDL9Why Do It DragonfireAdult (f)2,6076121
ylZnBNot a Zebra DragonfireAdult (m)1,9436196
iJlPvI'll Jump For Joy DragonfireAdult (m)3,2885511
jpLLnJumpin' Leaps DragonfireAdult (m)3,4715863
phAkXPhoenix Rising DragonfireAdult (f)3,4175605
wbXWpBlack as Night DragonfireAdult (m)3,6465823
0SG68(0SG68)Adult (m)2,6164837
m9k9q(m9k9q)Adult (f)2,6334878
8YR3k(8YR3k)Adult (f)1,7586342
iag0N(iag0N)Adult (f)2,2946262
l1N4P(l1N4P)Adult (m)2,0926744
YiusK(YiusK)Adult (m)1,8155805
Gi0ck(Gi0ck)Adult (m)2,3675624
cpW2J(cpW2J)Adult (f)3,6498304
Cmea4(Cmea4)Adult (m)1,8876403
rCoRJ(rCoRJ)Adult (f)3,2424357
wt6mD(wt6mD)Adult (f)2,0834154
z3ePiZ'EppyAdult (m)4,0294184
5owKG(5owKG)Adult (f)3,9189144
BWlEt(BWlEt)Adult (m)6,0806352
ZcZMLZ'Quenchel BlackAdult (f)3,4744124
mJdDuUToT Tombstone AAdult (f)2,9384386
HhvN9UToT Tombstone BAdult (f)2,8724266
eHd5gUToT tombstone EAdult (m)2,9834562
LdWvOUToT Tombstone FAdult (f)3,0464412
ZXCiTZ'ExciteAdult (f)2,6846452
jFJUf(jFJUf)Adult (f)3,8734482
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