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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Magikarp
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You pick up the scroll labeled “goldiekiki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mpxky(Mpxky)Adult (m)5,0207063
t9ibJ(t9ibJ)Adult (m)6,0867262
3XDYf(3XDYf)Adult (m)5,8757701
c9bO4(c9bO4)Adult (m)4,9776763
MkJDq(MkJDq)Adult (f)5,2727101
SHzNt(SHzNt)Adult (f)5,0546731
PK400(PK400)Adult (f)4,8787331
h5aHn(h5aHn)Adult (m)5,7286903
SigaV(SigaV)Adult (m)5,7556752
p4Bbv(p4Bbv)Adult (f)5,6506852
A9cjA(A9cjA)Adult (m)6,6387141
rt9pBNC with dayAdult (m)2,2055325
qPDKrNC with day maleAdult (f)3,8469084
tqcKF(tqcKF)Adult (m)4,9191,2077
BRmzN(BRmzN)Adult (m)3,3199905
y9I7g(y9I7g)Adult (m)4,6861,3033
EFCTY(EFCTY)Adult (f)7,0576621
2I0x0(2I0x0)Adult (f)5,6207162
wUkMP(wUkMP)Adult (m)5,0986842
PXn3n(PXn3n)Adult (f)6,2037281
hJEmg(hJEmg)Adult (m)2,4298781
e3oj6(e3oj6)Adult (f)2,4238711
rFNzx(rFNzx)Adult (m)2,4238791
2l0t6(2l0t6)Adult (m)2,4518771
rGKHn(rGKHn)Adult (f)2,4418752
q6Pq3(q6Pq3)Adult (f)5,2607162
W73Pg(W73Pg)Adult (f)4,7276952
0nkBy(0nkBy)Adult (f)5,4877622
ps8jM(ps8jM)Adult (f)5,7646341
iL0X0(iL0X0)Adult (m)6,1606702
aAzl0(aAzl0)Adult (m)4,9026912
AjQlw(AjQlw)Adult (m)4,5877741
QxO33(QxO33)Adult (f)4,7687023
Kwm27(Kwm27)Adult (f)5,7727523
P7thg(P7thg)Adult (m)5,1787031
WcExL(WcExL)Adult (f)5,5457032
YkVlo(YkVlo)Adult (m)4,4427701
6yt4G(6yt4G)Adult (f)5,3187453
dzCP3(dzCP3)Adult (f)7,3647862
xQXi6(xQXi6)Adult (f)5,2666521
E5G1M(E5G1M)Adult (m)5,9787141
1Vf5I(1Vf5I)Adult (m)4,9777151
CM2l2(CM2l2)Adult (f)5,8416886
aaBNo(aaBNo)Adult (f)7,0077391
CGOOZ(CGOOZ)Adult (m)7,7687091
7IGGn(7IGGn)Adult (f)5,9886231
rM8PW(rM8PW)Adult (m)6,7638732
F7nvS(F7nvS)Adult (m)4,3847751
qhIjB(qhIjB)Adult (m)5,2546321
1p90D(1p90D)Adult (f)4,8936942
FujRU(FujRU)Adult (f)7,0868352
ydafc(ydafc)Adult (m)6,6176431
A8KnU(A8KnU)Adult (f)5,8117481
y5c3o(y5c3o)Adult (f)4,8396941
Yo933(Yo933)Adult (m)5,1976703
MCQZa(MCQZa)Adult (f)5,2047083
1QgGg(1QgGg)Adult (m)5,6557662
kNFNv(kNFNv)Adult (m)5,2057092
QVxbU(QVxbU)Adult (m)5,5347351
G7pH7(G7pH7)Adult (m)4,1659394
QwxE2(QwxE2)Adult (f)3,8601,0203
9SwJO(9SwJO)Adult (m)5,3147191
JDFke(JDFke)Adult (f)5,4387901
vrRU0(vrRU0)Adult (m)4,5076741
Corrw(Corrw)Adult (m)4,5156561
1pUGu(1pUGu)Adult (f)6,6517581
a0L2O(a0L2O)Adult (f)6,7375812
s8DZJ(s8DZJ)Adult (f)6,2936621
nSGva(nSGva)Adult (f)5,3087062
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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