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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “glass_kisses,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iKfKQExtremely CholericAdult (f)5,1721,4449
NmXUGRunning Phlegmatic iiAdult (m)8,1101,3972
LQ7iXSanguine Hysterics iAdult (f)2,6537481
KDEQMMelancholic RamblingsAdult (f)3,2457432
G2hnQIllogical and Logical iiAdult (f)2,4496566
1EdAAAlert and Sleepy iiAdult (f)2,8426211
mOVFDBlatant MelancholicHatchling (m, F)5,7651,0416
U7kC6Guard iiAdult (f)1,9006886
grWwbBright Blue Opal iAdult (m)2,0246706
Ybmn4Brightness in Opals iAdult (f)2,5378751
qfONyWho We Are iiAdult (m)2,1066581
QMsNHOpal Shine iAdult (f)3,2246337
z715DMaterial Girl iAdult (f)2,3606292
KarcwDressing You Up iAdult (f)2,4296322
58MknMany Opals iAdult (m)4,7211,1403
tDvs5You Could be Happy iAdult (m)5,8087572
p4GCqOpal Crown iAdult (m)4,2971,3154
dQXnThe Hero Complex iAdult (m)6,8241,50912
VJE16My neck is hurting iiAdult (f)4,1251,1721
FWSzYSmoothest Albino iAdult (m)3,2256332
1yxzgAlmost Transparent iAdult (f)2,1215722
w9hWQNever a SilverAdult (m)2,8635092
eUhijWith Bumpy SkinAdult (m)2,6905961
Qn5JiMarrow AlbinoAdult (m)2,4045851
59oivA Fairytale Ending iAdult (m)3,0225671
5BQ06The UnfalteredAdult (m)2,0185483
cVcR9Colourless Envy iAdult (f)2,5735282
LlcEDLIcEDAdult (f)2,4245293
n400PBlatant RefusalAdult (f)2,6395533
xze32White Palette iAdult (m)1,8435982
geXcFThe Reality of Being PaleAdult (m)2,3246401
H2pGdIncredibly Invisible iAdult (m)2,2656181
4HAQjWrinkleless iAdult (m)3,3175912
j21iGMarkless iAdult (f)2,2596312
Qp93vSparked AlbinoAdult (f)2,3435962
pmASmPale Bronze iiiAdult (f)3,3995460
LxQFLSmooth iAdult (f)2,0807040
ZVpFoSitting AlbinoHatchling (m, F)7,3151,2818
BY7m9Youngest iHatchling (F)7561483
RT1AVery Pink Balloon iAdult (f)9,4941,88027
ys6OSBlown Bubbles iiAdult (f)4,3698741
NMsn8Inflated ImportanceAdult (m)5,1801,0621
Tlg53AfloatingHatchling (F)4732691
MdjRFLook at my capeAdult (f)8,3681,1623
4vemmOh Dear Where Am I iiAdult (f)6,5861,1274
vZio4A Black iAdult (f)7,4301,1037
AmbEdDid not ALTAdult (m)6,4501,17214
X7WHRMessy DorkfaceAdult (m)4,7381,0283
cflB8Warrior MagicAdult (f)4,1898061
CIioeSilver-bloodAdult (f)6,4721,1121
RrsJ7B lack W arrior D ragonAdult (m)7,7789956
UJkjKWrapped in Paper iiAdult (f)4,4041,0251
9NLyrBlood of TinselAdult (f)4,9737402
O68nXBlack Magician iAdult (f)2,8167353
nEL3hRaised in a HazeAdult (f)3,5265313
DCnvMSteeped in Magic iAdult (m)3,1229131
GpdxUFull Blooded Black iiiAdult (f)5,2128698
ehYS6Endlessly Heroic iiiAdult (f)4,2214172
lswyEOnce Shone SilverAdult (m)2,5565932
FIBmcThe Ability of Not AltAdult (f)2,6127312
bpLC0Magnificent PastsAdult (f)3,4169132
NXHWBOnyx GemsAdult (m)2,4216345
qkOfGDarkened Shining GoldAdult (f)6,0551,1741
rPx7z(rPx7z)Adult (f)4,2751,1241
7fhvUThe Evil PastHatchling (F)1,2042521
Hm30zYouthful DarknessHatchling (F)1,6515011
xNH9GImmortal MageHatchling (f, F)3,1777511
vUlt4Frozen DimensionsHatchling (m, F)2,6494573
wfPzKValentine Silver ivHatchling (F)2,0431382
DDIKeCloak of BlackHatchling (F)1,1502863
Prv36Never ALTSHatchling (F)1,4283662
HqcBxUnwilling to ALTHatchling (F)1,2002702
DNU8eAnother Bites the BlackHatchling (F)9402051
HDuUhArmy of FrozensHatchling (F)1,0881641
r9QGTTaking the BlackHatchling (F)7371651
lEBamWanted to be SpecialHatchling (F)6862372
POtEwWishes for the DifferenceHatchling (F)1,4592761
hNoOzA Loud NoHatchling (F)9682361
TWIVROn the HillHatchling (F)1,4133042
eTc3jOh dear I keep sighingHatchling (F)4,0167683
o5pM7Will we never altHatchling (F)6053901
21LJzDark Holly vHatchling (f, F)4,0156885
g8pCtTreasures CursedHatchling (F)3,4406102
uo2GmYour attempts make me LaughHatchling (F)3,5426201
pKimJMuddled DifferenceAdult (m)2,3965844
pQs1DScented Buttefly iAdult (m)2,0826462
mNxfEOolong Tea iAdult (f)2,4857391
BQkovBitter Tea iAdult (f)1,9659605
ZpBjeDark Tea iAdult (m)2,4606132
BbVxHScattered Tea iAdult (m)2,5035973
a955NSweet Tea iAdult (f)2,7315435
kwh1TButterfly KittenHatchling (F)7983271
J7rPfWith Salty Wings iAdult (f)2,3147832
UOmAJBlacktips iAdult (m)2,1528861
HpkWTPeppery Salt iAdult (m)2,2986194
NshJ8Ground Salt iAdult (f)2,1496191
h6BgRSalty Wings iAdult (f)1,9895241
ntBOgRaw FeathersAdult (f)2,1015321
hXB3TGrey Tip iiAdult (f)1,7705831
KQPOgFish Pool iiAdult (m)3,9769561
0QhfwSalty Leaves iiAdult (f)5,1381,0301
hn1ywFish and Chips iHatchling (F)9453181
bFGrQAsh Mercury iiHatchling (F)9862361
diootShy Mercury iiHatchling (F)8382271
8gmk8Bleeding Crescent iAdult (m)2,1486774
vr5ejRising Moon iAdult (f)3,0765686
rTNW7Crowned with Blood iAdult (f)2,8995733
WQvOGIn Pursuit iiAdult (m)2,0865293
WImYxWhat Could Have Been iiAdult (m)2,0035334
PtWa1Imperial Nights iAdult (m)2,9515804
Z8ZcnNightly Radiance iAdult (m)2,2946123
soNBQNight-time Picnic iAdult (m)2,0486013
jSUWEGarland of Imperial iAdult (m)2,4195813
xrDs3Floating Imperial iiAdult (m)6,3141,1942
Mf5YJThe moon's tearsHatchling (F)1,1812933
mRZUiThe American Dream iAdult (m)3,2185643
GrPwQGeorge and Lennie iAdult (f)2,0407052
kr6jHGilded Scale iAdult (f)1,8496543
iRYp9With Blood on My Scales iAdult (m)3,3571,1482
KAxBVNarrated Carefully iAdult (f)2,7806733
HMBcSLoneliest in the World iiAdult (f)3,1717783
tfR2lArranged Meticulously iAdult (m)4,3407991
Pcrsx(Pcrsx)Adult (f)3,7577983
pFchB(pFchB)Adult (f)3,7017965
CqhIu(CqhIu)Adult (m)3,7228051
urBxY(urBxY)Adult (f)5,5518961
C5NIn(C5NIn)Adult (f)5,3431,0550
02FQ0(02FQ0)Adult (f)1,7785630
NCPlEPretty TailedAdult (f)5,2361,4302
IBd4BStreaked with BlueAdult (m)3,9441,16617
w8rQwThe Sea's DepthAdult (m)6,0111,1790
aWbNV(aWbNV)Adult (f)3,1838283
xBT4lInnocently FrozenHatchling (F)2,0562413
CQ5UQAltaria's Cousin iiiAdult (m)6,5411,2356
KBJ7FAttempting To Fly iiAdult (f)8,5091,1496
969mkOcean's Brine ivAdult (f)5,1161,1503
B2EJdAcrylic Blusang iiAdult (f)5,8811,0675
8FeKVBlue Daze iiAdult (m)3,2308643
F52CiIridescent River iiAdult (m)2,0286952
dOsHPSong of Blue iAdult (f)4,4097812
Z3qxYHalloween Blues iAdult (f)2,5695084
tuXekAttempting to WaltzHatchling (F)2,9408276
PKW7aTerrae's bloodAdult (m)4,9361,3031
BoCEeBiscuits dunked in Tea iiiAdult (m)4,8341,0843
1eXbmShiny Batman vAdult (f)2,7976761
wNZORLost in TinselsAdult (m)4,2245672
1aib3Plainly Speckled iAdult (f)4,3566062
6K0uLAttack of the Infernal DevicesAdult (m)4,4665901
pWji4Moon's Speckles iiAdult (m)4,6755681
jdUzbSpeckled iAdult (f)4,1856451
AtnWTBrightly iAdult (m)3,6767402
IadeLA Ladle iAdult (m)4,4846162
4z3NiApocalyptic Habanero iiiAdult (m)4,8195641
KnIEAPlain Satins iiAdult (m)4,3145881
dYFdsToasted Scones iAdult (m)4,4195512
s8g6sRainbow Speckles iiAdult (f)4,8166151
7gQKOApocalyptic Candy Cane iiiAdult (f)5,4045151
acGIjAgile Climber iAdult (f)4,0804661
pQKHVBreaking the EarthAdult (m)5,6173931
xH5K1Fallen in WonderlandAdult (m)5,6834051
hguiPRelatively Plain iAdult (m)4,4745994
ybEBHStripe Wyvern iiAdult (m)3,1186193
KedM1Spreading the forestAdult (m)2,5787331
PLw1YRealistic Forest iAdult (f)3,8907731
wij4ISpeckle LeavesAdult (f)3,9017251
WjNNvSo Shiny it hurts iAdult (f)8,1881,6193
QJiKgI'm clearly made of gold iAdult (m)4,2239672
qYd7iConsumed CharcoalAdult (m)3,6167906
WdZLpToxic Brimstone iAdult (m)4,5319082
DnpAeMinature BrimstoneHatchling (f, F)2,4498441
kPhXRSavage iAdult (m)3,6659772
rPmVYFull of Snarls iAdult (f)4,1739621
WTzZ2Incapable of Peace iAdult (f)3,6549521
QD6evViolence iAdult (m)3,6929951
bTQNcProud iAdult (m)3,0881,0711
E3fyGUnraveling iAdult (f)3,8971,0432
hWe3tHeading West iAdult (m)5,4201,0112
gk4qgQuestioning iAdult (f)5,1359852
8iF3hFiery Actions iAdult (f)5,2111,0292
0Er6QRuby Shadows iiAdult (m)6,3177233
NYUUdCold Silence iAdult (f)5,1308151
0APcx(0APcx)Adult (f)5,3561,0671
PJtnoI've got fruit in my wings iAdult (m)6,1031,4365
ZUKClCrawling through Canopies iAdult (f)1,8877472
0gHcgRainbow Leaves iAdult (f)2,9436814
0bz9CCrown of BrightnessAdult (m)2,2825841
o3PaWColourful Perch iAdult (m)2,2965832
Y14t8Longing for the Skies iAdult (m)2,7246053
tWpbkGreen Marigold iiAdult (f)2,5817123
cw8eRRoyal Colours iiAdult (f)4,2034922
CboUSCrown of Fruits iAdult (f)2,3215703
SDx4MLoss of Trees iAdult (f)2,3527091
GBtWrOrange CanopiesAdult (f)2,0985332
cuRAM(cuRAM)Adult (f)3,9107775
p7VWR(p7VWR)Adult (m)3,7377863
llKx1(llKx1)Adult (f)5,3589320
jurS2(jurS2)Adult (f)5,6889150
65xVQ(65xVQ)Adult (m)5,4469030
SW1aV(SW1aV)Adult (m)5,3821,0420
YETE2(YETE2)Adult (m)1,8365720
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