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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “gigglymonkey12,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cRyvzTreasure Hunter gigglyAdult5,8936534
N5eEkNom Nom Monster gigglyAdult3,1325998
Vs062Spuds Gibbs gigglyAdult7,5391,3606
XvTUimpeccably rich gigglyAdult3,49581010
wJf8qSweet Red Onion gigglyAdult5,5008487
DUN9ldelectable soul gigglyAdult4,4541,0124
CoS3Kteddy knight gigglyAdult3,8851,2452
ulvJi(ulvJi)Adult (f)9,6701,5764
VCLTa(VCLTa)Adult (m)7,4421,4454
oVNNR(oVNNR)Adult (f)5,8779403
9vEJe(9vEJe)Adult (f)3,4923950
O7eEt(O7eEt)Adult (f)4,0106611
AmoS4(AmoS4)Adult (m)4,3417852
mAfhR(mAfhR)Adult (m)3,6504812
GyNhw(GyNhw)Adult (m)3,1274621
PhS1H(PhS1H)Adult (f)3,0914351
LX7zR(LX7zR)Adult (m)3,5284763
1qHdE(1qHdE)Adult (m)3,5404942
XvVqG(XvVqG)Adult (m)3,3944180
9QRVt(9QRVt)Adult (m)4,0743611
BWEJX(BWEJX)Adult (f)4,4105871
jYEVA(jYEVA)Adult (m)5,7091,0053
sonZj(sonZj)Adult (m)6,0881,0295
aYXms(aYXms)Adult (f)4,2088672
sAw62(sAw62)Adult (m)3,5974473
uoOmh(uoOmh)Adult (m)3,8884462
rcQAC(rcQAC)Adult (m)3,9188312
LH7S8(LH7S8)Adult (f)7,0561,2596
IA8lk(IA8lk)Adult (m)4,6244352
0RlHk(0RlHk)Adult (m)4,1388242
M5Hj9(M5Hj9)Adult (m)4,5534372
eILew(eILew)Adult (f)6,9581,0973
bH8Uo(bH8Uo)Adult (f)4,7764981
w6SNh(w6SNh)Adult (f)7,2861,2961
f7eML(f7eML)Adult (f)8,3081,3655
A4qWW(A4qWW)Adult (f)8,4831,2624
FMY3I(FMY3I)Adult (m)4,4164013
4y9A4(4y9A4)Adult (m)7,1351,1002
jyBAR(jyBAR)Adult (m)8,4671,3934
wPmgc(wPmgc)Adult (f)7,3741,3653
cRj9e(cRj9e)Adult (f)2,8854302
gIjgP(gIjgP)Adult (f)6,9091,2114
InxkM(InxkM)Adult (m)3,6723961
KGQuO(KGQuO)Adult (f)5,7951,0601
v9MDe(v9MDe)Adult (f)5,4721,1065
dCQvK(dCQvK)Adult (m)7,3401,1553
IYU21CB Sore gigglyAdult (f)8,1681,0277
5UCNoCB Trust  Me gigglyAdult (m)6,9281,1084
5Yqq82gs Bountiful Gloss gigglyAdult (f)4,8838438
10AUu2gs Something Wrong gigglyAdult (f)6,7971,1042
GjJ8PCB A Posteriori gigglyAdult (f)7,3621,0093
7xk0bCB A Fortiori gigglyAdult (m)6,8861,0573
Yajm32gd Juohirg gigglyAdult (m)9,1361,4152
PAltp(PAltp)Adult (f)5,0963902
xj4by(xj4by)Adult (f)3,4753781
8LsCl(8LsCl)Adult (f)4,0384112
jswug(jswug)Adult (m)3,8454081
W228z(W228z)Adult (f)3,8783872
TTXOQ(TTXOQ)Adult (m)4,1154071
Pz6Rb(Pz6Rb)Adult (m)3,7693972
jodqF(jodqF)Adult (m)4,0874951
20x9Z(20x9Z)Adult (m)5,5425542
h7EHp(h7EHp)Adult (f)5,6545415
eEVWe(eEVWe)Adult (m)5,7745701
SwKzk(SwKzk)Adult (f)6,0455864
ZzKnb(ZzKnb)Adult (m)4,1514141
Zifr7(Zifr7)Adult (f)4,3904592
WQ4JU(WQ4JU)Adult (f)4,2544041
K5DEJ(K5DEJ)Adult (m)3,7987921
QfQ5c(QfQ5c)Adult (m)4,9931,0012
ZhOmP(ZhOmP)Adult (m)4,6284801
omjT0CB Bortezomib gigglyAdult (f)8,2409872
sEYjLCB Spurred gigglyAdult (f)7,9339714
NseH2CB Brick gigglyAdult (m)4,1308761
RhfRT2go Telling All my Secret gigglyAdult (f)4,6581,2264
dYVeDCB Adaptive Immunity gigglyAdult (m)8,0079424
8yAr12gd Grandiose Singer gigglyAdult (f)6,5641,0187
jJ2gw2gs BP Abacus gigglyAdult (m)4,2186592
3iCoo2gd Foudrad gigglyAdult (f)7,5311,2223
Xk4Px(Xk4Px)Adult (m)4,6313782
7pmyC(7pmyC)Adult (f)4,0104043
18DjA(18DjA)Adult (f)4,1184273
cYEY3(cYEY3)Adult (m)4,4824362
zEZqI(zEZqI)Adult (m)6,2151,2012
iyL7T(iyL7T)Adult (f)3,2424442
yIkCU(yIkCU)Adult (f)4,1384513
kQxov(kQxov)Adult (m)5,1401,0232
zPRjwZ' Drosophila gigglyAdult (m)6,1121,3102
9NELZ2gd Beans for Days gigglyAdult (m)7,7261,0949
UdpE6CB Deluxe Edition gigglyAdult (m)7,4299752
17kq2CB Beans gigglyAdult (m)6,3818882
UTm8U3ged Unbreakable Child gigglyAdult (f)7,6701,0253
mM4zF2gs Takten gigglyAdult (m)6,2721,2178
zUy1p2gd Raccun gigglyAdult (f)7,3721,3194
JffgO(JffgO)Adult (f)4,9874083
JCWEU(JCWEU)Adult (f)4,0473962
8SJA4(8SJA4)Adult (m)3,8123931
xGkYq(xGkYq)Adult (f)4,4263961
CocTK(CocTK)Adult (m)4,4074971
0hPIA(0hPIA)Adult (f)7,2229818
2hnpS(2hnpS)Adult (m)5,8351,1402
FBItQ(FBItQ)Adult (f)4,3289873
WVAO4(WVAO4)Adult (m)4,2538152
vytfE(vytfE)Adult (f)4,0048052
igRN1(igRN1)Adult (f)3,5304092
hkcMy(hkcMy)Adult (f)3,4273841
k4arQ(k4arQ)Adult (f)3,6123831
SSEhT(SSEhT)Adult (m)4,3674182
FSX2j(FSX2j)Adult (f)4,3618342
6cLjtCB Light gigglyAdult (m)7,5379494
Ai6ve2gd Vanilla gigglyAdult (f)6,4661,0992
tmuXxCB Shivering gigglyAdult (m)7,2441,0654
AvO49CB Passive Immunity gigglyAdult (f)7,8219287
LoNGn6ged Longing gigglyAdult (m)7,4831,0126
gduxd2gs The Wind the Shook gigglyAdult (m)7,3839692
SygwU2gs Native Nightmare gigglyAdult (m)5,0718193
wxEhN2gs Centuries Ago gigglyAdult (m)6,3791,1472
PQ7NdCB A Decade gigglyAdult (m)7,2531,0312
1X3K7CB Twins gigglyAdult (f)8,0979933
8ISJmCB A Bene Placito gigglyAdult (m)7,0001,0772
acpKG3ged Silver Dawn gigglyAdult (f)7,1081,08311
7aWNA3ge Heart Over Mind gigglyAdult (f)6,8229464
fC20N4gspd Friendlier Fire gigglyAdult (f)7,7219583
JilQW2gd String Thing gigglyAdult (m)6,0191,0127
RT2YB2gd Eagle's Egg Eating gigglyAdult (f)5,5859737
slmHY5ged Biuddar gigglyAdult (m)3,8948764
iuy9X3gsp Basge gigglyAdult (m)5,7758132
EULGW3ged Duata gigglyAdult (m)6,7991,2904
ESGDG(ESGDG)Adult (f)7,6511,2032
BBik8(BBik8)Adult (m)3,9344191
OAIpb(OAIpb)Adult (f)3,4594503
iU1bJ(iU1bJ)Adult (m)4,5579192
MaI1T(MaI1T)Adult (f)5,6588343
brNC1(brNC1)Adult (m)7,0631,0954
XCwP4(XCwP4)Adult (m)7,4851,2562
B66LB2gd Walking through gigglyAdult (m)9,1061,1242
zVW4g2gd Flames Together gigglyAdult (f)8,7851,1104
lrSRl3ges Three Times gigglyAdult (m)7,0641,0692
l1yHm3ged Veela Blood gigglyAdult (f)7,0501,0426
M4Dkz2g Money Money On My Mind gigglyAdult (f)6,6669435
aMMNx3ges Traveling Monster gigglyAdult (f)6,0691,0058
WJEOu(WJEOu)Adult (m)4,8274114
eePwC(eePwC)Adult (m)4,6643853
iVCs3(iVCs3)Adult (m)7,0051,2984
6QZHG(6QZHG)Adult (m)6,0501,0972
DzmkL(DzmkL)Adult (m)4,0258183
dquDz(dquDz)Adult (f)2,5957933
XwH4T(XwH4T)Adult (f)5,9761,1202
yb8VH(yb8VH)Adult (m)5,1338135
JpvzP(JpvzP)Adult (m)7,3921,1154
bsRBs4ged Being gigglyAdult (m)8,3531,1401
IH2dv4ged Alive gigglyAdult (f)8,3921,1762
JrkBd3ged Goodness gigglyAdult (f)8,4071,1501
bJ5Lm4ged Glam Doll gigglyAdult (f)6,9421,2752
qZr3vCB Quiver gigglyAdult (m)8,3539387
5Nxc62gs Forbidden gigglyAdult (m)7,6379805
Psxo23ged Abide gigglyAdult (f)4,3637392
KB9lB8gstd Battle Beauty gigglyAdult (f)5,15484317
jYi7bCB Moon Cactus gigglyAdult (m)6,8929965
0MWIj2gd Beautiful Crush gigglyAdult (f)6,4881,1587
WIfut2gd Artic Minute gigglyAdult (m)5,4268923
EwMtR4ged Zeadog gigglyAdult (m)5,4531,0686
ZkC0KZ' 3ged Rabrarg gigglyAdult (m)3,8118335
JKSAs(JKSAs)Adult (f)4,0933882
33PDZ(33PDZ)Adult (m)3,6804281
PTAuv(PTAuv)Adult (f)8,6981,1504
CbqlG(CbqlG)Adult (f)8,2017281
btwdh(btwdh)Adult (f)6,5235892
Av00KCB Amidst gigglyAdult (f)5,5937462
3f89R2gd Alone gigglyAdult (m)7,0861,0294
l9c5K5ged Just Let You Know gigglyAdult (f)5,2587104
z8X054ged Rose in Winter gigglyAdult (m)7,8199574
qMWlS4ged Waking Up Like a DorkfaceAdult (f)7,0911,1865
cTmHL5ged Dorkface Child gigglyAdult (m)4,6727304
ww9633ged Adaptive Immunity gigglyAdult (f)6,4909105
r1UoDCB For the 100 gigglyAdult (m)3,2494635
exgoM4ged Dorkface Life gigglyAdult (m)5,1408602
glUyy3ged House of Dorkface gigglyAdult (m)4,7169665
hVX2XCB emilie night gigglyAdult (f)5,1431,1142
l5oeeCB grand galaxy gigglyAdult (f)5,3891,3603
9p0pZ2gd full speeder gigglyAdult (f)4,1499383
AWkbE3gstd berry shake gigglyAdult (f)2,7507882
hBYsgred jellies gigglyAdult (f)3,0157793
Rtl9CB rich thrills gigglyAdult (f)3,3087213
Sb0ANG unflappables gigglyAdult (m)2,4758612
oZ6PNG night rosey gigglyAdult (m)2,6166625
O1eP2gd frostbitter gigglyAdult (f)1,5991,04727
7nfAb(7nfAb)Adult (f)3,2534161
iURAm(iURAm)Adult (m)7,3261,3213
XGupFCB beet fox gigglyAdult (m)5,3019622
lit8jCB legendary homie gigglyAdult (f)6,0881,0412
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