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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “geminia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0Vje8Oberon SummerDream CBAdult (m)5,9011,2414
vPuQPDream Catcher CBAdult (m)6,0301,2629
IWucyThe Dreamer CBAdult (m)4,4801,2212
A9f2AJoyous Daydreamer CBAdult (m)8,0191,2624
mH72Daydreaming I could've been goodAdult (m)4,1391,26017
FksobDawn's Sobbing Dream ThuwedAdult (m)8,6751,52114
J28tQBeauty Of Stolen Dreams CBAdult (f)4,1521,0305
2WekGJoyful Dream CBAdult (f)4,0869681
D0OnuLady Cloudseeker CBAdult (f)7,9191,3963
uJHMRLady Dreamcast CBAdult (f)7,3621,48612
scSADaydreem SkylightAdult (f)5544585
68YieWeah CBAdult (m)6,3331,6351
aJEqDorsaleene CBAdult (f)4,4859032
c1eqPurple MessAdult (f)5514574
7mbnhDa MessiHatchling (m, F)1,23551453
qYN5Drogone Red CBAdult (m)4,80588517
5PTASRed Stiky CBAdult (f)1,9387501
SZJFmRed Jungle Warrior CBAdult (m)5,5631,0193
cekNLake Fairy CBAdult (f)1,1748078
GEMxZWater Gem CBAdult (f)2,6627795
SveNHSven The Dancing Queen CBAdult (f)4,7991,31582
wEKYVWeekeyAdult (f)4,1881,1974
PZaXqLake Elf CBAdult (m)1,4524060
Yxee9Aerial Yoda CBAdult (m)7,3021,3954
kNdGKAprilia The First CBAdult (f)6,7141,3176
D6anTiny Toon CBAdult (m)1,3779214
WlxGbAlbinaria CBAdult (f)8,2361,0253
XCnVZAlexander The Great CBAdult (m)4,3159773
Yo2vAlexander The Not So GreatAdult (m)1,1577846
NLrCNovember Rain CBAdult (f)4,0911,0257
59NNFalling Leaf CBAdult (m)1,85888612
FsgmTiny FallHatchling (m, F)3,4298988
tgk6Minnie AutumnHatchling (f, F)3,0437165
U3toChilly King CBAdult (m)5,4151,13010
3IjiIBeaming Aurora CBAdult (f)4,9431,1292
OcvPGlacia IcyAdult (f)6044309
KfW6Chillin' DorkfaceHatchling (m, F)2,4018776
gNXlGlacia SmurfHatchling (f, F)2,3858557
vMRVI am The SnowHatchling (F)2,1563591
hyHQyGarlando Bloom CBAdult (m)3,5911,1697
uUo2April Bloom CBAdult (f)4,6451,66816
1cBmMarch SmurfAdult (m)3,35468718
hM8eSpringo BlossomHatchling (m, F)3,7196262
3REBAprilla SmurfHatchling (f, F)3,7456371
dGuJWhen Roses BloomHatchling (F)2,4594291
ztW5RSandy Beaches CBAdult (f)4,3871,2511
65QpAugust SmurfAdult (f)4,8942,09310
EXKaJuly CBAdult (m)7,7501,78112
Pvp9July SmurfHatchling (m, F)3,4529434
C7MtIm CB Y U Freeze MeHatchling (f, F)3,09488712
b0V0The Zombie's DaughterHatchling (f, F)1,6444833
gBEmSunset Knight CBAdult (m)3,6197925
rYZnSunset BoogieAdult (m)6194418
mv74HCrepusular Light CBAdult (f)5,8381,0782
Sb8xtSunsette CBAdult (f)6,9989204
vihtvDreams At Sunrise CBAdult (f)6,9821,3375
1N4zvDreams At Dawn CBAdult (f)7,9851,4699
i908Sunrise PixieAdult (f)6,6921,45325
vIIlSunrise DumbledoreAdult (m)3,7361,2225
QVBJOMorning JuiceAdult (m)5,3201,2697
K5lEqLost Daughter Of SinHatchling (f, F)4,7738277
Rk0BElectron CBAdult (m)6114357
0IBsjElectabuz CBAdult (m)2,8216543
CZAubElectra Watt CBAdult (f)4,4911,0302
Yoc5HelekctraAdult (f)6,1762,3546
nC1bMElectrobuzz CBAdult (m)4,2911,1473
2HAg6Thundering Storm CBAdult (f)3,4091,004169
rsybmJolteon CBAdult (m)3,4331,13715
ZNJdzThundering Nature CBAdult (f)7,5811,4264
1bRo3Thunderbro CBAdult (m)5,5911,474172
mJYzuZap Cannon CBAdult (m)5,6951,90482
1grKMai Thundera CBAdult (f)7,2951,48418
mB0MThundragon CBAdult (m)3,8011,45215
zPkaEFrozitta CBAdult (f)6,5991,2081
Gw0vWAlpine Frost CBAdult (m)6,3421,4414
SN4mGlacia Queen CBAdult (f)3,40996221
ZAtD6Iceberg CBAdult (m)4,2571,2223
weGaxFrozita CBAdult (f)5,4261,4694
MhOGCMr Hogs CBAdult (m)4,7151,0714
Kp7JeIcy Aurora CBAdult (f)5,8261,2155
RGEPpIcy Frozen CBAdult (f)3,7277043
4D6OIcicle RaiadAdult (m)1,1657558
EF8fDSassy Family Is SassyAdult (m)3,5941,075185
a1aLNHayabusha CBAdult (f)4,9781,22911
kSW2RVolcana CBAdult (f)3,4387410
PutJHLava Soul CBAdult (f)5,9911,2172
BHOWtLavathia CBAdult (f)3,9521,0983
rLxKXThe Roof Is On Fire CBAdult (m)3,7637054
30woDBlazing Lava CBAdult (f)5,2341,4732
LtNzDLieutenant Pyro CBAdult (m)5,8131,4511
dqUKFDark Ulkfer CBAdult (m)4,8159014
JsnUrMagmatron CBAdult (m)7,1181,18112
heuWHephestus CBAdult (m)2,9511,07010
KkuLJVolcanotor CBAdult (m)9,2151,1921
gZ2AhGzillia CBAdult (m)5,9561,0664
qAQ0FMagma TouchAdult (m)5,9531,551194
QfTlSDaMagmaAdult (f)4,4271,2136
EHgq1Midas's QuilavaAdult (f)3,2781,0819
usZZ7Untouchable MagmortarAdult (m)2,5538024
DduLEmber VolcanoidAdult (m)1,27949312
EU2QTFlaming OlympusAdult (m)3,4259735
8qua8Magma In AquaAdult (f)3,5021,200158
1TzIRGalatea CBAdult (f)4,1181,2388
3LmoWAlkestis CBAdult (f)6,1721,2477
Ik167Hestia CBAdult (f)6,4911,2358
2cgXPSparta CBAdult (f)5,9101,15312
pFYSTigra D'EclairAdult (f)2,0059926
b448dHermes CBAdult (m)7,0681,2819
LA0rvSokrates CBAdult (m)6,5851,26510
4V04jGrechko ThuwedAdult (m)4,7071,4905
IpajGolden TigraAdult (f)2,2016547
QYHTBlue PantherAdult (m)5,4391,26931
MNMX4El Diablo CBAdult (m)4,5229901
fqOJBloody PantherAdult (m)2,7141,3606
cMVVVerde PantherAdult (m)9,6002,1277
KX5ZPantheritoHatchling (m, F)3,2518434
5XUk6Incubous CBAdult (m)7,9381,2413
cBSX8Chilly Bean CBAdult (m)7,1631,794246
oQQEDWarm Fuzzies CBAdult (f)4,1501,1062
OJlnTCognac Brandy CBAdult (f)4,8521,1454
9H8JrRed Hot Chilly Pepper CBAdult (f)3,9549195
g0JPUPeperone CBAdult (m)4,3531,110124
qizu9Ash Of Ashes CBAdult (m)6,8371,2751
coH1DChilious CBAdult (m)6,6051,3657
ZB2flIncubas CBAdult (m)8,9511,1371
M0cGCrimson Red CBAdult (m)3,4351,0869
gdYYCosy Fire CBAdult (f)4,4801,2096
vZjMVZewa CBAdult (f)6,1771,6101
KWlLCrimson NepentheAdult (m)1,9389665
qm4EThrileonAdult (m)4,5111,26514
KtULUAloo Masala CurryAdult (m)6,2831,701175
ULf8EGerbits Gerbits Voooo GerbitsAdult (f)5,7271,1286
2w9NmMarble Knight CBAdult (m)5,65396710
eVJJGargoyle Beauty CBAdult (f)5,25576516
DpEUI should have been a BlackAdult (m)6694667
24GnURainbow Burst CBAdult (f)5,4081,1743
PKxsvMr Pants CBAdult (m)2,3671,01564
rNLGSoaring RainbowAdult (m)6664617
r4AvShinning RainbowAdult (f)7,4592,34212
Cyo6KLos Del DivoZ CBAdult (m)3,9731,666135
WPBAStunning Friezian CBAdult (m)4,0999647
IH3KJWandering Stallion CBAdult (m)6,7921,3468
5K4BGeminia Deviant CBAdult (f)2,6461,0846
2ZWUSVenus ThuwedAdult (f)4,5691,2909
9RWAmMagica CBAdult (f)2,8486670
40CcXPallando CBAdult (m)5,7641,2175
ESlJQWhispy Warloc CBAdult (m)5,6291,1023
XuHeCPowerfull Mind CBAdult (m)5,3621,0832
O6WB6Parry Hotter CBAdult (m)5,3031,2738
aQkAQMerlin The Great CBAdult (m)5,7821,1952
HmNJ8The Wise Prince CBAdult (m)4,6171,1196
fYL6TMakin Magic CBAdult (f)4,5861,0232
8cHeCirce CBAdult (f)4,5729629
ikWJfYanventoriAdult (m)5,3631,0025
FrBtThe Warlock of Palladia CBAdult (m)5,5812,4399
7skSGandalf CBAdult (m)5,0861,22012
X2IVxThe Gifted One CBAdult (f)2,8891,005116
4L7BPhoebe MagiAdult (f)1,2425196
Ds9lFrodo The magicalAdult (m)4,1191,1279
SRTVhMagica De FrilledAdult (f)5,0758789
W9FkCastor an' Pollux CBAdult (m)5,23774512
2T05GRomulus and Remus CBAdult (m)2,9927070
Cj1bHeracles an' IphiclesAdult (m)5,5631,31128
kuCoHelen an' ClytemnestraAdult (f)1,1634258
JW3YUrsula and SabinaAdult (f)4,5439537
8LPYSandy Drake CBAdult (f)5,57989710
pEmkSandos SandAdult (m)4,4741,26415
IZA1Neptune CBAdult (m)4,0349419
0oTGiRihaine Bloom CBAdult (m)4,1719802
CAh0Blue Ripple IllusionAdult (m)3,21562713
dSEOChilly WaterAdult (m)4,5261,09512
4ZXvThe Lady Of The Lake CBAdult (f)4,5411,23014
0h46Ellegant Ripple CBAdult (f)5,5562,4278
P7t6hOcean Mystique CBAdult (f)3,7417958
qVuBKWater Illusion CBAdult (f)1,5934481
z199UOokamiRyuu's Big VortexAdult (f)7,2411,0606
0RrdTiny Ord CBAdult (m)5,8881,64627
EmVITiny EnvyAdult (m)2,2545849
WD4K4Blipsy FlazzerAdult (f)6,1781,2375
vIYcMystery Shadow CBAdult (m)5,0231,2397
cnoHDMisty Fog CBAdult (f)4,4941,0153
Y2IjGrey Shimmering ShadowAdult (f)3,6881,72211
mHYrGreen Ivo CBAdult (m)3,8768294
1hEDThe Green Cowplant CBAdult (m)5,0871,12914
VeZ68Poisonus Kissus CBAdult (m)1,5073832
51MQMushu Ivy CBAdult (f)4,0241,10814
qrC8LMimbulus Mimbletonia CBAdult (f)3,5589333
XFuZaPoisonus Amaranthous CBAdult (m)3,9779943
iPXp4Devil's Snare CBAdult (f)4,5209944
CDr0Dark Green IvoAdult (m)2,7991,21511
ADBtPoisonus FloraAdult (f)8,5251,66939
aQNm9Hydrangea KlakAdult (f)1,4045663
60BWIVine FrozitoHatchling (m, F)4,3216652
MPqLMossy Green CBAdult (m)5,6521,75933
VqDFaGreenya CBAdult (f)2,1309086
a0h1Dracona Verdia CBAdult (f)5,5981,28918
2EAIPeashooter CBAdult (m)3,8431,0436
jW52ErlfernaAdult (f)3,3451,0418
bBQMhKnight Guardian CBAdult (m)3,1506671
ayBV9Ebony Shield CBAdult (f)2,9249902
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