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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “gabriellaabby,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1OFPaBlack and BluesAdult (m)4,4471,2794
MmXqCPaestan HydraAdult (m)3,6078622
L1Au8Chthonic HydraAdult (m)4,8511,2602
sSNV6Re0ccurrenceAdult (f)4,9121,1860
hEkX6HekxxAdult (f)4,5431,0661
e0pYhCBlue HydraAdult (m)2,7779600
nVlvvTyphon's HydraAdult (m)2,6088532
sUpPXCIicheAdult (f)2,1466322
QKbUIJames Dean and Audrey HepburnAdult (f)2,4036371
R6jNzHydra of NyteAdult (m)2,5336344
xOC4bCave Born from SapphiresAdult (f)1,9387443
IwhGsHydra of the NyteAdult (m)2,2787912
Sjk5OSkeldeniAdult (m)3,0049291
DVujNZylou NyteAdult (m)4,1501,0833
olUi7Pure Canbroome of IgaAdult (f)4,2131,1343
kMHzOlntroductionAdult (m)4,0881,1566
76dOiAgedenAdult (m)3,3081,1130
1kQmH(1kQmH)Adult (m)2,1888450
1wCMP(1wCMP)Adult (m)2,5346104
KU1H9(KU1H9)Adult (f)2,6467561
FC5YnBangoroo NutshellsAdult (f)4,7271,1574
YWGaqChampagne BabyAdult (f)6,1881,3511
t9RtZThin as SkinAdult (m)2,6787990
0p9AYFIaxenAdult (m)2,7409700
QTpqAYuor EyezAdult (f)2,7399700
anlIiAnlli NyteAdult (m)2,3276641
6HFzyWaiting For the WeekendAdult (f)2,0056300
RlDNcPhantasmagoric NyteAdult (f)4,9491,2141
tGaoCLast Blues For Bloody KnucklesAdult (m)1,9328140
l6BFAlnfinity On HighAdult (m)1,8807951
CpftpIlluminate NyteAdult (m)2,3459161
v6yqbCave Born from Black NyteAdult (f)2,7066320
JTGDmBlack Paper Moon NyteAdult (f)3,1328563
Wrv4RSiama der NyteAdult (f)3,0444965
4vmtgLost Soul NyteAdult (m)2,0237513
FieX3Fiexe NyteAdult (f)1,8627751
UCnCONyte LozanovAdult (m)2,3806976
n4kc3Un-Alted NyteAdult (m)2,0437572
Bu1YRFolie A Deux NyteAdult (f)1,8666791
ABMq1Brother MeiAdult (m)2,1056602
s6ByhNyte HurricaneAdult (m)2,5198641
Aphdi(Aphdi)Adult (f)1,9197220
dcCA4(dcCA4)Adult (f)2,7659191
ykcpJ(ykcpJ)Adult (f)2,6956384
vBiYG(vBiYG)Adult (f)1,5056302
oBKxk(oBKxk)Adult (m)2,7267711
8A3ir(8A3ir)Adult (m)3,5278222
J6iCCVioIenceAdult (m)2,1988171
ViQculf Looks Could KillAdult (m)2,6617102
8yCSqThe Bomb Dot Com V20Adult (m)3,3856331
uAPT2In Case Of Emergency Dial 411Adult (m)3,3276590
no8Df(no8Df)Adult (f)2,6576742
FOiX4(FOiX4)Adult (m)2,4716051
ynWCn(ynWCn)Adult (m)2,8146790
0vLYI(0vLYI)Adult (m)2,8306622
ODKdT(ODKdT)Adult (m)2,7148992
7T09p(7T09p)Adult (f)2,7419112
iqYyL(iqYyL)Adult (f)2,6289210
FWhMS(FWhMS)Adult (f)2,5599260
sqTin(sqTin)Adult (m)1,5916310
vkich(vkich)Adult (m)2,3168520
st0Ye(st0Ye)Adult (m)1,8397910
juvuD(juvuD)Adult (m)2,8999000
46xLn(46xLn)Adult (m)2,9946571
pGNup(pGNup)Adult (m)2,1617402
TGY9Z(TGY9Z)Adult (f)2,1917323
SOa3oArt of DrowningAdult (f)1,8627051
g6BZFTotalimmortalAdult (m)1,8707295
IS018Isyo NyteAdult (f)1,8517231
GXUfXHere To Collect Your HeartAdult (m)4,2711,0784
FGaHFA Dustland Fairytale NyteAdult (f)2,0537970
SvhSNDeadlines and CommitmentsAdult (m)2,2168382
YgTyE(YgTyE)Adult (m)2,6849681
gnx3RCemetery WeatherAdult (f)4,4951,2613
y6cJEClushAdult (m)2,1899151
SI2APCreeping Death NyteAdult (f)1,9637172
YnqR1Empty Sighs and WineAdult (m)2,4768580
C8YRDVeins Of the Way That We LoveAdult (f)2,4178002
UmWIk(UmWIk)Adult (m)2,4078350
2aRUM(2aRUM)Adult (m)1,2436790
Ut4kt(Ut4kt)Adult (f)1,6895962
MFJx0(MFJx0)Adult (m)2,3908062
NmW2b(NmW2b)Adult (f)2,3898040
JBUHO(JBUHO)Adult (f)2,3308610
w69fB(w69fB)Adult (f)2,2978970
HU2Ol(HU2Ol)Adult (m)2,2478302
GZLwV(GZLwV)Adult (m)2,1948791
Tm5lu(Tm5lu)Adult (m)2,6285632
E6x9n(E6x9n)Adult (f)3,5108341
WuJboMystic Bluna NyteAdult (f)5,6331,3343
xFM8xI Prefer Corn N' OilAdult (m)2,0777058
QMpLLYour Heart Is A Empty RoomAdult (f)1,65864619
Ja89bRan's Silent WavesAdult (f)2,4008178
ASuhZShiksa NyteAdult (m)2,8528943
JtiVy(JtiVy)Adult (m)3,7248254
hO5bo(hO5bo)Adult (f)2,4986561
NDoZG(NDoZG)Adult (m)2,5476653
uz2zQ(uz2zQ)Adult (f)2,4336652
uhsvw(uhsvw)Adult (f)2,2056252
DJ40D(DJ40D)Adult (m)2,0175990
ryhYY(ryhYY)Adult (m)2,1327332
KXA7I(KXA7I)Adult (m)3,5661,1982
aENlL(aENlL)Adult (f)3,6591,2282
WbYyu(WbYyu)Adult (m)3,6441,2100
PnL3t(PnL3t)Adult (m)2,5007670
WimLE(WimLE)Adult (m)2,6297752
OHiSt(OHiSt)Adult (m)2,5587762
6xIM3(6xIM3)Adult (f)2,5107241
4S1CS(4S1CS)Adult (m)2,4737282
fL432(fL432)Adult (m)2,5147691
Ffwoq(Ffwoq)Adult (f)2,5747691
N9lYh(N9lYh)Adult (f)3,3137942
PLro5(PLro5)Adult (m)3,3508081
iNp9r(iNp9r)Adult (m)2,2068371
Du9Yd(Du9Yd)Adult (f)2,1068310
zOfG6(zOfG6)Adult (f)2,1698500
eV1YNFirst of the CheesesAdult2,1137650
KWbDiYuletide ChristmasAdult (m)1,7027792
u1i88Fresh As Five GumAdult (m)1,6906950
LI9pLFM Dial StyleAdult (f)2,9768034
hSZWGSlight Fear of FlyingAdult (f)2,6267485
5W5JBGreen Spirit of ChristmasAdult (f)2,9198114
jZmgCColorful Spirit of ChristmasAdult (f)2,6357654
N0RIkZiIIyhooAdult (m)2,3019680
8pMuZZillywhatAdult (m)2,1569630
ypZQ4Death For My BirthdayAdult (f)2,2336041
Yt1E9(Yt1E9)Adult (f)2,1456010
n57pG(n57pG)Adult (f)2,1236992
MGBhxNorthern-DownpourAdult (f)2,5956361
B0Zp0A Crippling BlowAdult (m)1,7747162
hsDYPSir BrightsideAdult (m)1,9587434
2yhQdShache XueAdult (m)2,1947283
RzcvDHaxy NyteAdult (f)2,0917584
wF7Y0(wF7Y0)Adult (m)3,6468591
N61MGarden IAdult (f)1,0484355
ideVmGarden IIAdult (m)2,8031,2263
ooUi7Garden IIIAdult (f)2,9739712
XssJDGarden IVAdult (f)5,0811,1390
O3N47Garden VAdult (f)2,6531,0163
QmUNiGarden VIAdult (m)5,3811,4798
t2S2bGarden VIIAdult (f)2,8779412
4kthmGarden VIIIAdult (m)2,0238081
HaQjfGarden IXAdult (f)2,5121,1191
1aJPcChamber the CartridgeAdult (m)3,4576780
6ScOHCave Born from DirtAdult (f)3,1978560
sbg3CGarden of NyteAdult (m)1,8026501
1u0VbVenus' NyteAdult (f)2,2906052
sdwLWRosemary NyteAdult (f)2,0536322
lQVBZ(lQVBZ)Adult (m)2,4966452
TSvEcHeirfareAdult (f)4,6069520
B1X5XDreams Light as CloudsAdult (f)3,6121,0421
GCRcPDon't You Know Who I Think I AmAdult (m)3,0036231
1TbySIsaihaAdult (m)2,4477971
z9y9nSiren Song Of Counter CultureAdult (f)2,4087811
aS8WYHarder HarmoniesAdult (f)3,1251,0383
rQgEdYou and I in UnisonAdult (m)2,7931,0163
zWQFoBattle Born NyteAdult (f)1,8737033
4q9q0Suicide and RedemptionAdult (m)1,8786583
cPEmR(cPEmR)Adult (f)2,1587490
oFj1p(oFj1p)Adult (m)2,1177770
bmiDFlickering In the OceanAdult (m)1,7303158
hIde2Hidden TwoAdult (f)5,4971,3411
oc1GYOh EightAdult (m)5,3961,3883
gctMCMC OceanAdult (f)2,8501,0080
XlZUfOcean FloorbedAdult (m)2,4228811
qw8LeThe Killing WavesAdult (m)1,9326272
OneghOnegh NyteAdult (f)2,7407303
n0GtMMemories and MeltdownsAdult (m)2,5128422
D2sZSSo Long FarewellAdult (f)2,2326711
oY1M0(oY1M0)Adult (m)2,2007232
AO4O6(AO4O6)Adult (f)3,4938824
AKTsNDalorsa NyteAdult (f)3,3521,0761
ncHqLDalorsa's PrinceAdult (m)8,5441,7243
tgcuiCuinyteAdult (f)2,4726841
flQ4G48 Hours Of the Second DayAdult (f)2,4917032
SogrFPostcards From A Plane CrashAdult (f)2,3616762
vksNqThanks For the VenomAdult (f)2,3226911
nPvLiVynenyteAdult (m)2,7147181
UuJXoUjo NyteAdult (m)2,8697102
8xxNq(8xxNq)Adult (m)2,7769460
rj4q7Kin of DorsalAdult (m)7,6541,3667
1TiKIStriped Kin DorsalAdult (f)5,7421,4935
nJYOGThe Daughter Of the DorsalsAdult (f)2,6309232
XcmTySabbra CadabraAdult (m)2,9988860
0MRQ8The Call of Ktulu NyteAdult (f)2,3768650
k8EjsBlitzkrieg NyteAdult (m)2,4227862
UdtIiMy Favorite AccidentAdult (f)2,5757941
GPQbBThrough Haze and SteamAdult (f)2,8968710
OnpX8(OnpX8)Adult (m)2,5998780
ukACR(ukACR)Adult (m)2,7238910
FL6XZ(FL6XZ)Adult (f)2,8199161
XmBJe(XmBJe)Adult (m)3,4188091
Ll7eiHigh VoItageAdult (f)3,1391,0571
gHs3GKerauno WraithAdult (m)3,3531,0481
jZbGEThunder NecromancerAdult (f)2,7871,0001
h7ff6S-hockingAdult (f)2,3528810
R1E75Rie NyteAdult (m)2,3334954
txeOOTxe-00 NyteAdult (m)2,3176674
ZnRCkATl's Ember NyteAdult (m)6,1861,3656
Q9IUUCave Born from EmbersAdult (m)4,5971,2211
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