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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “funtimefoxy213,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3lqkXCassare Dragon 1-1Adult (f)2,5076394
zCHyhBleeding Moon Dragon 2-1Adult (m)2,0815665
lNbSFXenowyrm Py 3-1Adult (f)2,2536772
YVfEjScimitar-wing Wyvern 4-1Adult (m)2,3046433
lzVUcFever Wyvern 5-1Adult (m)2,6016803
BPyCcBright-Breasted Wyvern 6-1Adult (f)3,0786772
jvl8pTri-Horn Wyvern 7-1Adult (f)3,2206592
upeLHDaydream Dragon 8-1Adult (f)2,7097171
HKbGSMagi Dragon 9-1Adult (f)2,5308111
NGLo1Antarean Dragon 10-1Adult (f)3,4827731
4b6LgAnagallis Dragon 11-1 XAdult (f)3,4767642
cqpmfCoastal Waverunner 12-1Adult (m)3,8847593
c1pMUCelestial Dragon 13-1Adult (f)3,0038231
QSSKABlack Capped Teimarr 14-1Adult (f)3,7507741
3AsVOSpeckle-Throated Dragon 15-1Adult (f)4,1418012
yoEqZBrimstone Dragon 16-1Adult (f)4,5288093
aznBzDaimondwing dragon 17-1Adult (m)4,2857792
VOknhBleeding Moon Dragon 18-2Adult (m)4,3618283
97oKuAeria Gloris Amphiptere 19-1Adult (f)4,2877513
6a2FXBrute Dragon 20-1Adult (m)4,2207934
d9DdtTurpentine dragon 21-1Adult (m)4,1827221
GgqjbSkywing Amphiptere 22-1Adult (m)4,4607892
EHeTbWhiptail Dragon 23-1Adult (m)4,1578032
0O2XhScimitar-wing Wyvern 24-2Adult (m)4,8698284
Ceeh9Antarean Dragon 25-2Adult (m)4,3288062
kBL50Hellfire Wyvern 26-1Adult (m)4,3658151
IP8EAWaterhorse Drake 27-1Adult (f)4,1188211
oipJDFever Wyvern 28-2Adult (f)4,8038412
Pczt9Water Walker Drake 29-1 XAdult (m)3,9598212
Oq26gWater Serpent 30-1Adult (f)4,0688171
d9V4VSpotted Greenwing Dragon 31-1Adult (m)4,1278401
8QtKzXenowyrm U 32-1Adult (f)4,2008462
nUWEIDorsal Drake 33-1Adult (f)3,3697121
hwzwvTemple Wyrm 34-1Adult (f)3,9458174
ALvBlCarmine Wyvern 35-1Adult (f)3,5137071
kvtrrFrostbite Dragon 36-1Adult (m)3,5886921
ihhvoNilia Pygmy 37-1Adult (m)3,8398042
Oam3KCanopy Dragon 38-1Adult (f)3,5927233
KTAPAOracle Wyrm 39-1Adult (f)3,9878132
ISYAeSwallowtail Dragon 40-1Adult (f)3,7976942
RIa8RDuotone Dragon 41-1 XAdult (f)4,2568061
oyW4uXenowyrm Ao 42-1Adult (m)3,6967163
qVBLpHooktalon Dragon 43-1Adult (m)3,8007502
AtGZsYellow-Crowned Dragon 44-1Adult (f)4,0947681
jobJ5Harvest Dragon 45-1Adult (m)4,1278024
CkDIASpitfire Dragon 46-1Adult (m)4,0418133
6Ym4jStorm Dragon 47-1Adult (f)3,8307712
l5ztdSunset Dragon 48-1 XAdult (f)4,0987974
HZ0A1Fever Wyvern 49-3Adult (m)4,4128292
MQKKMNilia Pygmy 50-2Adult (f)3,9127462
CxdoKOracle Wyrm 51-2Adult (m)4,2738353
vgDFCBlack Capped Teimarr 52-2Adult (m)4,5728252
t6YyxOlive Dragon 53-1Adult (f)4,1817721
JznRrTarantula Hawk Dragon 54-1Adult (f)4,4608363
vwnjeSandwaste Dragon 55-1Adult (f)5,2657561
5iXS0Aeria Gloris Amphiptere 56-2Adult (f)4,3658301
UB0t9Yellow-Crowned Dragon 57-2Adult (f)4,3428291
LFw76Plated Colossus Dragon 58-1Adult (m)4,4098331
pmlH5Xenowyrm Ao 59-2Adult (f)4,3708422
rRW54Fever Wyvern 60-4Adult (m)3,9968372
XKEwHTemple Wyrm 61-2Adult (f)3,9418431
X5cqeAntarean Dragon 62-3Adult (f)4,0898631
H7PXWXenowyrm Ph 63-1Adult (m)3,8138551
Ynw8VRed Dragon 64-1Adult (m)3,8198205
vRWjNXenowyrm U 65-2Adult (m)3,8128471
YlwoTLeodon Eastern Dragon 66-1Adult (f)3,7668042
01alTDeep Sea Serpent 67-1Adult (f)3,0668214
OTKXgMoonstone Dragon 68-1Adult (f)4,1008363
YJQvcWhiptail Dragon 69-2Adult (m)4,1288441
6yTx0Cloudplume Dragon 70-1Adult (m)3,8057811
UnZmNMagelight Pymgy 71-1Adult (f)4,0848082
Mg7rNSabertooth Bull Dragon 72-1Adult (m)4,0358162
nRLACMistlet Pygmy 73-1Adult (m)4,1948241
H6lbCGalvanic Wyvern 74-1Adult (m)4,0918342
BpRS9Duotone Dragon 75-2Adult (f)4,3728371
NBreiCrimson Flare Pygmy 76-1Adult (f)4,3468251
5GumEScimitar-wing Wyvern 77-3Adult (m)4,3478391
3AV9ALumia Dark Dragon 78-1Adult (f)4,3378762
65eooStorm Dragon 79-2Adult (f)4,6168452
cnZEONilia Pygmy 80-3Adult (f)4,2848622
HiRfpKhusa Dragon 81-1Adult (f)3,9778281
PAkfoXenowyrm Ai 82-1Adult (m)4,5538443
WqFxhBlack Tea Dragon 83-1Adult (f)4,5958492
jiqDLMonarch Dragon 84-1Adult (m)4,2808432
5Cn6PStorm Dragon 85-3Adult (m)4,1158681
FOzr6Ochredrake 86-1Adult (m)4,1818651
td2T7Deep Sea Dragon 87-2Adult (m)4,1068711
6ecYbPyrovar Dragon 88-1Adult (f)4,1308721
lvsiXXenowyrm G 89-1Adult (f)4,1408821
1yxMcMonarch Dragon 90-2Adult (f)4,0678871
iBkn4Shumoga Dragon 91-1Adult (m)4,1198482
aslDrZyumorph 92-1Adult (f)5,8931,0372
EfgGmImperial Fleshcrowne Dragon 93-1Adult (m)4,3328421
5mvdvSwallowtail Dragon 94-2Adult (f)4,1468411
U1wLTMagnesium Amphiptere 95-1Adult (f)4,0828461
3jHkTTetra Dragon 96-1Adult (f)6,5198466
tLx8tKhusa Dragon 97-2Adult (f)3,1148193
gBhKjAther Wyvern 98-1 XAdult (f)5,5318323
1HvG7Melismor Eastern Dragon 99-1Adult (f)3,8588293
Gz0R7Xenowyrm C 100-1Adult (m)3,7808375
y4KoKTideweaver Lindwyrm 101-1Adult (f)3,8658336
6hP50Astaarus Dragon 102-1Adult (f)4,0618513
gUXuCCommon pygmy 103-1Adult (m)4,0398513
FsTjgXenowyrm M 104-1Adult (m)9,9271,2803
0O345Greater Spotted Drake 105-1Adult (f)3,8968342
4QaJIYellow-Crowned Dragon 106-3Adult (m)4,1958571
wrHwmZyumorph 107-2Adult (m)6,0119812
xwv8jLeodon Eastern Dragon 108-2Adult (f)4,1708381
bTekrXenowyrm Ph 109-2Adult (f)3,8647901
rgbe1Xenowyrm Ao 110-3Adult (m)3,6527991
aYToHXenowyrm T 111-1Adult (f)4,1105572
7eljFFloret Wyvern 112-1Adult (f)4,2655342
8Mgy5Ather Wyvern 113-2Adult (f)3,8115941
XsaYKSunstone Dragon 114-1Adult (f)3,7848051
1c0FlSunbeam Drake 115-1Adult (m)3,7148192
XUQYYScymrian Pygmy 116-1Adult (f)3,6858241
37u4tSeawyrm Pygmy 117-1Adult (m)3,8148412
CrJbbAlcedine Wyvern 118-1Adult (m)3,4546492
Mdd8EZ'Ra Shade 119-2Adult (f)4,0525783
svotIZ'Ceswhastra iii 120-1Adult (m)4,1245583
g1ZMeHoney Orzcles 121-1Adult (f)3,8985612
hskEAGuardian Dragon 122-1Adult (m)3,5526064
zYdZ8Anagallis Dragon 123-2Adult (f)3,9986093
oiNEUNocturne Dragons 124-1Adult (f)4,0305952
oVGMaElux Lucis Amphipere 125-1Adult (f)3,8457874
mokhSMagelight Pymgy 126-2Adult (m)3,7668133
qjhVnLabradorite Lung Dragon 127-1Adult (m)3,6228563
Y2qwFGreater Spotted Drake 128-2Adult (f)3,6768022
RtroiUltraviolet Dragon 129-1Adult (f)3,3455992
7PeuBPyrovar Dragon 130-2Adult (m)3,6158143
OeZD2Scymrian Pygmy 131-2Adult (f)3,6818252
NFH0rTarantula Hawk Dragon 132-2Adult (f)3,0617542
77UrLNilia Pygmy 133-4Adult (f)3,6758621
Qr9zkMistra Dragon 134-1Adult (f)3,8388983
mBOFzSunbeam Drake 135-2Adult (m)4,0419072
78lLpMagi Dragon 136-2Adult (f)3,9979181
PNt7oGalvanic Wyvern 137-2Adult (m)4,0759131
7AhASMelismor Eastern Dragon 138-2Adult (f)3,9289174
dzsDSNebula Lindwyrm 139-1Adult (m)3,1967932
MX8GzZyumorph 140-3Adult (f)6,0471,1612
fKNs9Scymrian Pygmy 141-3Adult (f)5,4301,1902
YpE9KOracle Wyrm 142-3Adult (m)5,5111,2053
ZPlCQBright-Breasted Wyvern 143-2Adult (f)7,4431,3203
7OZloWisteria Eastern Dragon 144-1Adult (m)8,2361,4783
VXrGRWhite Dragon 145-1Adult (m)8,9671,4825
1ewbkKyanite Pygmy 146-1Adult (m)10,4861,5974
JS0EtImperial Fleshcrowne Dragon147-2Adult (f)10,3171,5923
8B819Razorcrest Wyvern 148-1Adult (m)7,0371,3311
bX52QLacula Amphipere 149-1Adult (f)6,8851,3081
XMZZEZyumorph Drake 150-4Adult (f)12,2331,6164
u4bUiShumoga Dragon 151-2Adult (f)7,6911,4174
W24sjScymrian Pygmy 152-4Adult (f)7,6611,4597
Z6MrVDark Green Dragon 153-1Adult (f)9,3931,5453
oNUQzSunset Dragon 154-2Adult (m)9,7871,4414
syFPhStriped River Dragon 155-1Adult (f)7,8251,3903
1qjAQCrystalline Dragon 156-1Adult (m)8,5471,4214
tvnkUGolden Wyvern 157-1Adult (m)8,3601,4347
tbkm6Swallowtail Dragon 158-3Adult (f)8,6711,4492
iUyBmVremya Drake 159-1Adult (f)7,6251,4042
82hWNBolt Lung Dragon 160-1Adult (m)7,3681,4042
c5XyhHooktalon Dragon 161-2Adult (m)7,4721,4492
QYNErCloudplume Dragon 162-2Adult (f)7,4351,4353
ut8lgBlazeback Dragon 163-1Adult (f)8,0361,4322
1g59lScript Lindwyrm 164-1Adult (m)8,3041,4794
koCy6Crimson Flare Pygmy 165-2Adult (m)8,6111,4741
lUFCxSophrosyne Dragon 166-1Adult (f)8,6721,4693
KZHTuWater Serpent 167-2Adult (f)8,8081,4721
hLpTgMagelight Pygmy 168-3Adult (f)9,3571,6412
gYrxkTercorn Lung Dragon 169-1Adult (f)9,3991,6095
7wLt0Kovos Pygmy 170-1Adult (m)9,7101,5932
gSLtBXol Drake 171-1Adult (m)9,5931,6422
Sv46HAlcedine Wyvern 172-2Adult (m)9,7281,6312
7iTLESeawyrm Pygmy 173-2Adult (f)9,7861,3805
2UkGAKingcrowne Dragon 174-1Adult (m)11,4881,7214
Bb3dTAsh Drake 175-1Adult (m)9,2311,5761
7eZT5Serrati Wyvern 176-1Adult (f)8,2341,5163
BrRppStratos Amphipere 177-1Adult (m)8,3911,5332
XbWcnEmber Dragon 178-1Adult (m)9,8181,6552
QD4ebNilia Pygmy 179-5Adult (f)9,3371,6761
J8eWqPseudo-Wyvern 180-2Adult (f)9,4921,6834
Li6rwTetra Dragon 181-2Adult (m)6,8731,5364
azpQ6Purple Dragon 182-1Adult (m)6,8941,5281
QCclMGilded Bloodscale Wyvern 183-1Adult (m)6,8061,5336
IhxxtSandwaste Dragon 184-2Adult (f)7,7611,5369
mlDOKGolden Wyvern 185-2Adult (m)6,3321,4611
oEQvbLotaan Serpent 186-1Adult (m)8,1291,5516
ghmABSkystrider Amphipere 187-1Adult (m)7,7661,4303
Y0s1aGhanser Wyvern 188-1Adult (f)7,7191,49013
Ri0huPyrovar Dragon 189-3Adult (f)7,5021,4834
kDh7JHorse Dragon 190-1Adult (m)8,2611,12310
Q006BGlowback Pygmy 191-1Adult (f)9,8661,6061
c2lzrMisfit Pygmy 192-1Adult (m)9,8491,6011
dMGLJFalconiform Wyvern 193-1Adult (f)9,8841,5901
fEIM8Skywing Amphipere 194-2Adult (m)9,8371,6144
zzX1uStone Dragon 195-1Adult (m)9,7371,5652
OCLtfGeminae Dragon 196-1Adult (m)10,3981,5631
9IbL8Aranoas Drake 197-1Adult (f)10,3151,5372
Mf9EXDuotone Dragon 198-3Adult (f)10,2441,5282
6LJDoTideweaver Lindwyrm 199-1Adult (m)10,2331,5553
oxu1UBlazeback Dragon 200-2Adult (m)10,4851,2171
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