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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “froggu_master,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UroHCAn Anachronistic AnalogyAdult (f)5,1671,0573
kte0aThe Temporal TemptationAdult (m)3,4757541
NfL2Ivory the MisunderstoodAdult (m)7254662
804KThe Sunless OneAdult (f)7704731
S18AsA Ribbon of EmeraldAdult (f)4,9119013
E9JdPPeaches and PearsAdult (m)3,7627983
Mq0LDThe Sun's Ambitious AvatarAdult (f)2,3136972
cJ3AvThe Sun's Courageous ChampionAdult (f)2,5535664
ibVmbThe Sun's Important IncarnationAdult (m)5,4161,0844
7rJvKOf Cerise BrillianceAdult (f)7,9429632
9JdfN(9JdfN)Adult (f)5,5721,0432
mk7YEAs Massive as MountainsAdult (m)3,2118091
SW7RKatelyn the SwollenAdult (f)2,0159424
Jw63eSilver Sprayed by the SeaAdult (f)4,4868573
XDLL5Gold Splashed by SaltAdult (m)4,6326494
SCZONchtysha of OblivionAdult (m)9114490
QUCbuThe Midnight WalkerAdult (f)5,3611,1424
wSRN3Too Quick Too CatchAdult (f)2,9125333
ycNuzThe Darkness Draws NearAdult (m)3,3676713
IQtxMToo Many ShadowsAdult (f)5,7581,0293
qtZvWarwick the BrashAdult (m)1,2276001
s1kj2Cathartidae the MarrowfiendAdult (m)3,5063949
mGORkThe GorkAdult (m)6,4011,1048
lcwBC(lcwBC)Adult (f)3,6486871
3hIbdMyligh the BloodthirstyAdult (m)5,6221,0062
xrIpcThe Sky's GiftAdult (f)5,8869572
ViCJWOf Sapphire SkiesAdult (f)3,1806751
cPPjEOf Static ExistanceAdult (m)6,6951,1252
oDYuElizabeth of KingscliffAdult (f)4,1342932
qPrtHarrison of KingscliffAdult (m)3,3833087
V9olVA Brutish FreakAdult (m)2,7665525
HaqbIOf Sickly NightmaresAdult (m)2,5478794
zKY2RMagentus the DisasterousAdult (f)2,4106014
qaz2zNight's Brilliant LullabyAdult (m)2,8708345
7KfY8Of Entropic EctoplasmiaAdult (m)5,6779613
fPHrRKraft CheddarsonAdult2,59783314
40XZThe Sharp Edge of the ScytheAdult (m)3,5693086
ttlLThe Smallest of MostAdult (f)1,3917003
sTXDThe Smallest of the RestHatchling (f, F)7074623
DHUnsThe Smallest of FiresAdult (m)1,8665178
7NM51Passiflora the ConstrictorAdult (m)4,7968972
ugv6The Eternal SlumberAdult (m)1,0125301
lhJpYThe Smallest of ShadesAdult (m)2,8477345
BmfEA Dream Too Good To Be TrueAdult (m)1,2926121
kCbkXDreams Too Sweet For RealityAdult (m)3,1806413
WKkcBioluminescence's LullAdult (f)3,6182654
VwCF2Melanocetus the Darklight HunterAdult (m)3,7366406
GJmtjThe Absolute TerrorAdult (m)3,4206272
0A0RLOf Glittering VanityAdult (f)2,7529093
nWupA Purple ShadowAdult (m)1,5267200
epidAn Inbred Purple ShadowAdult (m)7624060
ZIUEAnother Inbred Purple ShadowAdult (m)1,0595432
eK4RA Different Purple ShadowAdult (f)8685441
SJogA Dash of VioletHatchling (f, F)2,6303136
2D5QKadenius DorkfacesonAdult (m)7844961
no7KRA Shadow More Red Than BlackAdult (f)3,6632575
erFAbA Perfect Red ShadowAdult (f)4,2137804
p4SETesla of the EndlandsAdult (m)2,3154517
dgD0EVolta of the EndlandsAdult (f)3,6885205
2Q9k4Elyse the Eternal FlameAdult (f)4,0004601
8wFAPFallen Flames of DispairAdult (f)3,4717612
29DuMA Complete Oxygen CombustionAdult (f)4,3848145
VUcqFA Lack of Carbon MonoxideAdult (m)6,1249621
wrd7GOf Neolithic InstinctAdult (m)4,4609321
tOuPpOf Barbaric TendancyAdult (m)4,4819141
smyGZOf Primal SavageryAdult (f)6,0319573
CzFJbA Painful NeurotoxinAdult (f)3,6588061
9IRpTOf Pink and PrideAdult (m)2,0996366
Yx1UyHe Stands on One LegAdult (m)3,0164123
uPkqThe Eldest OneAdult (f)1,7167524
CQ0u4(CQ0u4)Adult (m)4,1017491
4DqPcA Cold Night's ChillAdult (f)2,9987632
wnsUhA Freaky Veridian TerminationAdult (m)3,8657903
qb8QyA Bright Red FacetAdult (m)5,7739493
D78NuUnspecified Blue MineralAdult (f)6,3821,1192
QVN8eOf Pure Baby Blue CrystalAdult (m)8,3151,3917
pbozoA Sinful Azure CrystalAdult (f)4,4157272
kMVrp(kMVrp)Adult (m)4,0687462
Oss5PThe CrystallineAdult (m)2,33845210
fRcMeOf Glacial PatienceAdult (f)4,4947433
ENN4gOf Icy ImpatienceAdult (f)3,5677743
ABA0vOf Snowy SerenityAdult (m)4,5616322
UBGLaA Facetious StatementAdult (m)1,7216806
J9y1EA Leafing of GoldAdult (f)4,3548383
gvFx4A Nugget of GoldAdult (m)5,1961,0404
irHgfA Bar of GoldAdult (m)5,4101,0722
hjN46A Flake of GoldAdult (m)4,7981,0781
PMICBA Vein of GoldAdult (f)3,4177612
XwRKYA Coin of GoldAdult (f)3,4577502
mz0PoA Solution of GoldAdult (f)2,7206262
VsVx6A Molecule of GoldAdult (m)3,6656942
Ea90NA Grave ExpressionAdult (m)3,2401,0698
01fwSlatebreakerAdult (f)1,8068264
9YXmThe Living EarthquakeAdult (m)1,2776161
sNrg9Decreed a PebbleHatchling (F)1,1734924
vAu0wCreation's AvatarAdult (f)5,1809503
Y9F3KThe Carver of LifeAdult (m)6,3068483
OrrdBOf Good IntentionAdult (m)8,5488147
HVlHProudhorn the GuardianAdult (f)8084963
h4uvClawpride the SafekeepAdult (m)8735491
StTT3A Buckler SheildHatchling (F)2,1367043
0gbhLThe Sculptor of ExistenceAdult (f)7,8201,0405
34F26(34F26)Adult (m)5,6021,0583
I5acs(I5acs)Adult (f)5,5961,0865
Lk0qOf Fire and FuryAdult (m)2,4264646
EAunOf Flame and FutilityAdult (f)2,7233626
bime9Of Embers and EntropyAdult (f)5,1271,50610
EX5sDCloven Hooves of MagmaAdult (m)4,4708774
mNJvkFrosty Step ThuwedAdult (f)4,1681,0394
VbLMFA Christmas Day HorizonAdult (m)1,2094944
vv9mtHolly's 30 Degree ChristmasAdult (m)4,1807132
Uub8FYule's Cruel Winter GraspAdult (m)4,6921,1341
puKfvA Snowstorm SeraphAdult (f)4,7211,1232
oTmJXLily's Lost Snow AngelAdult (f)3,7838062
Sk870A Plum Blossom's FestivityAdult (f)4,7121,1462
EF9AbA Ribbon of Stars and SpaceAdult (f)3,5477473
rPAC4The Festive Season's UndoingAdult (m)4,6941,1492
4uneuPrayer to a Cold ArrowheadAdult (m)3,8977012
pRTDwHaloween's Christmas SpiritAdult (m)4,6031,1722
uWSBuThe Wrap GodAdult (m)3,6637921
XQ1DEA Snowy Night's AuroraAdult (f)3,6407992
TujO5A Snowy Moonlit NightAdult (f)3,8651,0262
pbbIdRhea's Minty GardenAdult (f)4,0831,0131
8Ibc1Gaia's Mistletoe WreathAdult (f)3,6829233
o7JsIA Stag's Royal PrideAdult (m)4,8601,1301
zi8yeOf Antlers and AntiquityAdult (m)4,8841,1180
jVN83As Golden As HoneyAdult (f)4,7551,0381
ZSXxoAs Sticky As HoneyAdult (f)4,8251,0351
tFuh4As Warm As HoneyAdult (m)4,8191,0301
6b4SiAs Sweet As HoneyAdult (m)2,4786202
wkNSJRapterror the NimbleAdult (m)5,5829683
t83KGillian the InbredAdult (m)8285041
BD9WQA Howl on a Dark NightAdult (f)5,2029475
bT9BK(bT9BK)Adult (m)5,0039191
a1mklKelvin Dorkface the ChilledAdult (m)2,8911,04820
dA6VPA Friendly JestAdult (f)4,5968764
7oxkL(7oxkL)Adult (f)4,2815793
uAL94Of Solar BrillianceAdult (m)4,6149552
C3oZc(C3oZc)Adult (f)4,8729116
SKW8kSunlight Off the MoonAdult (f)5,3488513
8yX1NA Moonlit NightAdult (m)3,2638093
1FiHC(1FiHC)Adult (m)4,7617446
PxaIjThe Moon's Shining SaviourAdult (m)4,7929813
9YKmjThe Moon's Cheeky CourierAdult (m)6,6311,1892
qq8mN(qq8mN)Adult (f)3,3666302
lcN2IThe Moon's Bashful BombadierAdult (m)4,2447112
qxoXWThe Moon's Cobalt CavalryAdult (f)5,6349461
yrPWNThe Smallest of MantrasAdult (m)2,9967832
AYrKMerlin of MageriaAdult (f)1,2726251
2uUUThe Inbred of MageriaAdult (f)1,0035611
62EgPHermoine of MageriaAdult (f)2,0155636
5PF5OWegener the MoltenAdult (f)2,9601,06818
r3jDShe Is What You Would Call SmallAdult (f)2,8373987
2UHgtThe Smallest of ActionsAdult (f)2,3625604
gd72DMonarchy's ReignAdult (m)3,9288492
5rMHeThe Monarch HerselfAdult (f)4,3307121
Qb2aHButterfly's RevengeAdult (f)3,4287432
pZPCHOf Lunar BlessingsAdult (m)2,0115282
YB7nBOf Alien DesireAdult (f)1,9916014
bMaUMThe OpportunistAdult (f)4,7951,0845
ZZQBBeta the InbredAdult (m)4,3323514
Udze5The Galaxy's GuardianAdult (f)6,3731,0611
pRQXMGamma NebuleousAdult (f)6,2376225
3UQBdThe Hammer of OrionAdult (m)4,02164712
REraCapricorn of the TropicsAdult (f)4,1692992
nfK6mCancer of the TropicsAdult (f)3,7232951
qVdMuBaklava's Unstable OutrageAdult (f)3,8298341
dkA6fAn Acrobatic AnomalyAdult (f)5,2278532
jVKjEAn Aerodynamic AcrobatAdult (m)3,8537611
MnF7DThe Smallest of WordsAdult (f)2,6945894
5iNMStoneheart the HuntedAdult (f)4,6623325
RQth5Toughskin the WatchfulAdult (f)1,95947114
PRAIDarude the SandstormAdult (f)6984591
ML7NSmall DooterHatchling (f, F)7144694
9ngmdHedges Filled With ThornsAdult (m)4,6127201
etiYu(etiYu)Adult (m)3,5886901
vU6mGOrigami of PapyriaAdult3,6263569
AaFXSOf Soft Nights SleepAdult (f)2,1175553
vREp1Of Good Nights SleepAdult (f)3,0247981
4lnBAphrodite the TemptressAdult (f)1,5647302
dVXDSPriapus the LustfulAdult (m)2,9584285
eWkbwCupid the InfatuatedAdult (m)4,3778482
jYWSBScales Like SheildsAdult (m)4,1077782
IPbdfWings Like TowersAdult (m)5,1389303
9nQlZHorns Like SpiresAdult (m)3,2827112
Kt9DC(Kt9DC)Adult (m)4,6596282
kUme0Kumeo the QuickAdult (f)5,4901,1803
Cj4gsHatshepsut ThuwedianAdult (f)5,6211,3047
boYpmThutmosid DorkwedianAdult (m)7,5015017
nK8ERThe Penk Ahmose DorkwedianAdult (m)5,2219707
oQvtC(oQvtC)Adult (m)4,9159252
gQTVfAhmose-Nefeteri the PenkAdult (f)7,4051,33414
nQR2EAmenhotep the PenkAdult (m)7,8715278
1dR5VAhhotep ThuwedianAdult (f)4,0421,02320
lJk1SRamses DalekianAdult (f)6,3299463
V2RfX(V2RfX)Adult (f)5,6439835
tqDVZLatte ButternutsonAdult (m)2,7468423
qArHLilac the InbredAdult (f)1,0135262
ArFhViolet the InbredAdult (f)7364773
REScOIris the FaithfulAdult (f)2,37377412
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