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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “freack124,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HZBt(HZBt)Adult (m)1,66685020
cKsh(cKsh)Adult (m)2,2221,17310
z3L1(z3L1)Adult (m)2,2131,16811
kSlW(kSlW)Adult (f)2,2131,17011
xTJ8(xTJ8)Adult (m)2,64058645
kcIl(kcIl)Adult (m)1,8101,1427
yBj4(yBj4)Adult (m)9135787
u4Z7(u4Z7)Adult (f)2,34765113
qz6E(qz6E)Adult (m)1,2538378
22hI(22hI)Adult (f)1,2528376
ViLg(ViLg)Adult (f)1,9761,3936
1A7C(1A7C)Adult (m)1,9731,3946
XU1i(XU1i)Adult (m)1,5117667
fIZC(fIZC)Adult (f)1,2991,0203
fTfp(fTfp)Adult (m)1,2961,0172
spZp(spZp)Adult (f)1,2809764
EnCw(EnCw)Adult (f)1,4391,1425
Ryph(Ryph)Adult (m)2,4421,63843
zNBX(zNBX)Adult (f)2,1271,4512
4cSO(4cSO)Adult (f)3,6431,9685
DbB3(DbB3)Adult (m)3,6431,9706
MR63(MR63)Adult (m)3,4861,8636
lKCh(lKCh)Adult (f)2,6701,41610
5bgL(5bgL)Adult (m)2,2407255
ZYLK(ZYLK)Adult (f)2,2337214
eTzh(eTzh)Adult (m)2,2287214
jeD6(jeD6)Adult (f)2,2367223
NM9A(NM9A)Adult (m)2,0075362
xUEU(xUEU)Adult (f)1,2359122
sTsj(sTsj)Adult (m)1,2289082
P3Ef(P3Ef)Adult (f)1,1828315
I5yV(I5yV)Adult (m)1,1558153
YyC6(YyC6)Adult (m)1,1217961
nh3x(nh3x)Adult (m)1,1788302
zSWs(zSWs)Adult (m)1,1778313
4TYM(4TYM)Adult (f)1,0976941
cHZ1(cHZ1)Adult (m)1,0906911
ZB2u(ZB2u)Adult (f)1,0816831
dAFa(dAFa)Adult (m)1,0886912
lvyl(lvyl)Adult (m)1,0866891
BPMc(BPMc)Adult (m)1,1923672
MeLP(MeLP)Adult (f)1,0843342
5n07(5n07)Adult (f)1,0594715
SFUO(SFUO)Adult (f)1,34774219
eeOU(eeOU)Adult (m)1,72486820
5GGY(5GGY)Adult (m)1,45983020
tpIi(tpIi)Adult (f)1,52387529
kjDN(kjDN)Adult (f)2,6211,20420
OdWi(OdWi)Adult (m)60640319
djkh(djkh)Adult (f)90050731
CA8E(CA8E)Adult (m)54139718
XOLR(XOLR)Adult (m)58443422
0NbYZ(0NbYZ)Adult (m)3,0897493
KUg5Z(KUg5Z)Adult (m)3,1957411
c9kJC(c9kJC)Adult (f)3,6398432
5VujG(5VujG)Adult (f)3,4998222
CXYGI(CXYGI)Adult (f)6,0159492
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