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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “foxfeather88,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9LlfP(9LlfP)Adult (m)2,4326871
jjxrn(jjxrn)Adult (m)2,7386851
Wgfg8(Wgfg8)Adult (f)2,4976481
mVzEB(mVzEB)Adult (f)3,6737983
yQWqq(yQWqq)Adult (f)5,0109003
Lc60L(Lc60L)Adult (m)3,0897422
SiFxi(SiFxi)Adult (f)2,4136932
9x2il(9x2il)Adult (m)3,4511,0512
kOg3p(kOg3p)Adult (f)2,8386632
3YI42(3YI42)Adult (f)4,8998883
I0FUU(I0FUU)Adult (m)3,4901,0441
ZnZhU(ZnZhU)Adult (f)3,5906962
RC4OJ(RC4OJ)Adult (f)3,9598732
C3wQb(C3wQb)Adult (m)6,0129903
fL2Jk(fL2Jk)Adult (m)3,0484975
Kjs2D(Kjs2D)Adult (m)2,5176972
nRama(nRama)Adult (m)2,5966311
46T7L(46T7L)Adult (f)3,3696522
MOv62(MOv62)Adult (m)2,7536711
3LKKVixen's Sunset StriperAdult (m)4,90674815
7Y5wW(7Y5wW)Adult (m)2,5086221
2TMw2(2TMw2)Adult (m)4,2946231
49kc5(49kc5)Adult (f)2,4386651
mCQBo(mCQBo)Adult (m)6,1421,1772
DFvEO(DFvEO)Adult (f)5,7239323
WXVWb(WXVWb)Adult (m)2,7187162
ZZNlZ(ZZNlZ)Adult (m)3,5906641
Y2FmeVixen's Nature loreAdult (f)5,8779115
kYKK5(kYKK5)Adult (f)4,4468402
4ZPwVVixen's ZinogreAdult (m)3,7948292
F2GRE(F2GRE)Adult (f)3,7368603
rY0gG(rY0gG)Adult (m)2,8406323
VBI4r(VBI4r)Adult (f)3,9077135
XzdT3(XzdT3)Adult (m)6,4681,1384
JcLwU(JcLwU)Adult (m)3,0405894
hZghS(hZghS)Adult (f)4,0967773
cXUQVixen's VempiressAdult (f)1,6976276
ZJema(ZJema)Adult (f)5,3561,0964
1aaE2(1aaE2)Adult (f)3,4647212
6uxKu(6uxKu)Adult (m)4,3758362
e1OB5(e1OB5)Adult (m)2,4366321
3ikUfVixen's AquariousAdult (m)2,69963416
LPyPO(LPyPO)Adult (m)2,6374645
OIPvp(OIPvp)Adult (m)2,9888131
TeC5Vixen's Swamp WalkerAdult (m)6,86958431
C9FZLVixen's SerenityAdult (f)2,0426536
b3qe0Vixen's Pink RibbonAdult (f)4,6908982
i8Q0EVixen's GummywyrmAdult (m)5,2991,13216
iqBRPVixen's LightsaberAdult (m)3,9826382
Qj8iG(Qj8iG)Adult (f)2,3056572
dzjzl(dzjzl)Adult (m)2,3726101
6vieu(6vieu)Adult (m)8,7131,4592
oL5eK(oL5eK)Adult (f)6,3331,0364
0uzOU(0uzOU)Adult (f)2,9366432
w3AKK(w3AKK)Adult (m)3,1286412
fv1Zs(fv1Zs)Adult (f)4,6988702
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