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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fosterson,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JsXNs(JsXNs)Hatchling (m)3,2024970
KlREP19-10-19Hatchling (m)2,7275881
KVEQY19-10-18Hatchling (m)2,6165931
VBZNhChronometer of BonvoyageAdult (m)6,3715626
5RSA9Dead Inside FSAdult (m)5,3918757
gQz7MBent Spacetime of FAstudent12Adult (f)7,1619148
n9PIFEternity of Chaos FSAdult (m)4,8971,1484
AGsTXDark Designs FSAdult (f)6,9251,1072
0KDQDCompass of Gold FSAdult (f)5,5387103
dDGg6Dangerous Liberties FSAdult (f)5,3577251
oLyAMo0 Archon Aolyam 0oAdult (f)5,2998844
w4E7pFaultless D'Hennegel Thuwed FSAdult (m)2,8505654
zclYwZ'Dangerous Aeons out of Time FSAdult (m)5,4351,0761
zEQZPZ'Baleful Aeons of MaeTMAdult (m)3,5418734
BNAUSCthulhu Bnaus Fnord FSAdult (f)4,3998572
lXE04Celestial Connundrum FSAdult (m)4,5948283
mpkQtDidaskaleinophobia FSAdult (f)4,9868282
I77nnEternal Bamboozlement FSAdult (m)4,9579653
lL8uQDaeon FS 19-03-29Adult (m)7,3321,3179
ZWrOsZ'Dread of Time FS 19-03-28Adult (f)5,8121,0840
cyblVDirection of Time FS 19-04-22Adult (m)6,4481,1951
33CvEAYoD Aeon FS 19-05-02Adult (m)4,7011,1561
9wMneCurious Aeons FS 19-07-11Adult (f)4,5711,1291
7aoLJDark Scion FSAdult (f)4,7271,1283
KG7moDark Days FS 19-07-12Adult (m)5,9601,2522
hp0WrAheprowria Gloris 19-05-23Adult (m)3,8651,1364
vTbe5Avetbresia Gloris 19-05-27Adult (m)5,0069424
ZMXmaZ'Amexima GlorisAdult (m)4,5661,0372
0HrrIAherrila Gloris 19-06-02Adult (f)4,2531,0531
RP1C2(RP1C2)Adult (m)4,3039183
pOXWZAe-AhohteayAdult (m)3,3231,0242
PCmYvAe-AshesteyAdult (f)3,3161,0191
yXWETAe-AthayaeahAdult (m)3,3761,0361
7iE2pAe-AlfaeiltiyAdult (f)3,3431,0354
UOCjFBeholding FitzAetherAdult (m)3,0078681
pEtXHBeguiling FitzAetherAdult (f)3,1258773
T2HoeBessoffey of NandeenahAdult (m)3,2019083
iLnnsBhaemmeaey StarsiredAdult (f)4,8071,1322
IjscBBashtiay StarbornAdult (m)4,6691,1483
1IqZHBowie Major TomAdult (m)3,6738691
zu7F1Z'Cahmey Starsired DescentAdult (f)2,6567281
fUKFO(fUKFO)Adult (m)3,3498015
UzzzE(UzzzE)Adult (f)5,9971,2151
zbZhFZ'Ae-AbzehfaeAdult (f)4,6331,1771
EwWw2(EwWw2)Adult (f)5,3831,2171
SMiNT(SMiNT)Adult (f)4,0279072
uduoNAe-AuduonAdult (m)5,1271,1121
3xbvGAe-AexAdult (m)4,6081,1023
up9mhAe-Bei of Tsinjora 19-07-22Adult (m)4,2211,0744
z2yipZ'Ae-Ayip 19-08-23Adult (m)6,3081,0563
pUcHPuch the ColorlessAdult (m)8,7601,1737
6MiPShriekingInGriefForDeadEggsAdult (f)4,3769183
zHA5KZ'Hask the ColorlessAdult (m)2,8163291
YSF1OBysfio the AlbinoAdult (m)4,9208361
zME6cZ'Amegce the ColorlessAdult (f)2,9046023
ioUZs(ioUZs)Adult (m)4,3138703
sCYKo(sCYKo)Adult (m)2,1916823
1p1PCBipip FflooffakinAdult (m)2,0196551
6NJYqBajyq the ColorlessAdult (f)4,3391,1342
hJIM2(hJIM2)Adult (f)5,1621,1032
sAS1uBorn of SilenceAdult (m)3,8698693
fMz4MAmma the ColorlessAdult (f)4,1215812
wE4RBCwearb the Colorless 19-03-01Adult (f)2,7566241
qcZSZAcquiesce the ColorlessAdult (f)3,0535971
ZnfWYZ'Crying Call - X9 19-03-18Adult (m)4,8351,0861
ZuubGZ'Aguub the ColorlessAdult (f)6,1671,1382
ZII6TZ'Aiigt the ColorlessAdult (f)4,7769124
zyhn5Z'Dyhns of FlofoxAdult (f)3,5488671
C62YmC-62 of Emetib92Adult (m)4,0938442
xFG8hDeathscream of DraketeethAdult (m)4,0788254
jIIfs19-09-16Adult (f)4,2149022
9n6COBouzu Midorishou-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)8,6436103
sX4eYA Sexy Almerald LadyAdult (f)4,5244576
Pr7G9Chikin Midorishou-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (f)3,3397431
ZF5zhZ'Chiko Midorishou-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)3,5428572
f8R5uBrus Alma Ai of Saila 19-08-21Adult (f)4,5121,0685
Z30orZ'Ceoor the Downward SlopeAdult (f)7,0591,2173
yXgnYYx'gny of the DesertAdult (m)7,2791,2913
CsCucCs'Cuc of the DesertAdult (f)9,6241,2035
0Ec0mBoecom Khusakin of MaeTMAdult (m)3,0218283
T6kuEB'Tb'kue FlooffakinAdult (f)5,1151,0282
ZtgN5Z'Tg'ns of the DesertAdult (m)3,5006733
Ksf7hB'ksefth FflooffakinAdult (m)1,7616960
ZNipvZ'B'Nip of LossAdult (m)4,2211,1183
ZODzXZ'Bodzax of LoGDAdult (f)3,9641,0941
SrF0GSr'Fog of the DesertAdult (f)1,8484471
kWg34Penk's Tangle - XI 19-08-20Adult (m)5,9939505
ZLZU7(ZLZU7)Adult (f)6,2429822
ZsQ6WZ'Antarean of AntaresAdult (m)7,2091,1062
KnBHDBright Antarean of bahamablushAdult (m)4,7663802
rq8FaCharming Antarean FreakyAdult (m)6,0336152
mykhi(mykhi)Adult (m)4,6036412
oGpz5Antares the AimlessAdult (m)10,2821,0613
DkB9lBright Antarean FflooffakinAdult (m)3,6147383
NP1QwBrilliant Antares of WavelengthAdult (f)5,0531,0593
1GO92Aquarius I Go 92Adult (m)6,4231,1683
MdKCLAquarius Mad Potassium ChlorideAdult (f)6,0901,1672
ZNagOZ'Aquarius Nag OAdult (m)4,1701,1334
ddDUDAquarius Double D DudAdult (f)4,1308932
7F2exBharani Seven F to XAdult (m)5,5509074
svKDlAquarius SvkdiAdult (m)4,2001,0363
WOmdrBootes Womb DoctorAdult (f)4,1979292
ritOhBootes Right-OAdult (m)3,7988293
s1hixBharani You'll Go BlindAdult (f)3,7867631
5KVPXDhanishta Spookypants 19-10-01Adult (f)3,7737341
2yVEvChitra 2 Ys III of JolteonTailsAdult (m)3,5777322
JM96bBharani Jim's Hagchild 96bAdult (f)3,9378042
94akOAquarius 94 Was A-OkAdult (m)4,3641,0141
Kr74PBharani of JolteonTails 19-10-13Adult (m)10,5008221
ar45c(ar45c)Adult (f)3,1777821
MAvewArcane AbracadabraAdult (f)3,0991,1141
1GMdkArcane ArchmageAdult (m)2,8761,0941
BDVahAria AmkissraAdult (f)7,5461,1453
NrhhMAria AdadaliaAdult (f)8,6421,3065
CQYGaAria BellimissiaAdult (f)8,6311,2743
3LOCEAria Beloce NoeyAdult (m)6,5211,0811
t0n4kAria AtonakAdult (f)8,0541,0394
HZq3nAria Calligraphy FSAdult (f)6,3606962
KtzjKAria Beautiful PinkyAdult (m)1,7595072
osUQ9Aria AllamundoAdult (m)4,0707023
xeWjmAria Aria 19-01-28Adult (f)3,1786321
z0CgDZ'Aria ArabelliaAdult (f)4,7859715
RtYABCaptain Pompadour III FreakyAdult (f)4,0029141
vJl2IAria AlonzoAdult (m)4,1121,0793
XzLRuAria Celestial RainfurAdult (f)3,7437672
YhNCKBeloved of EvilNecromancerAdult (f)8,6721,4135
zExT0Z'exto the FirstAdult (f)6,2971,4873
zOuhSZ'Beautiful Monarch ZouhsAdult (f)6,9079863
Zzh2qZ'Beautiful Doll of PurplehazeAdult (f)2,3353452
ZGywwZ'Cutie of Soroka 19-02-11Adult (f)4,5896332
9gKJkAll You  Need  Is LoveAdult (f)3,3766161
zQ9REZ'ErosiaAdult (f)3,7355981
1uPejCandied Dreams 19-02-14Adult (f)7,4691,3554
n8erCCherry Banana Smoothie 19-02-18Adult (f)4,3408461
d62uaAdzua PygmyperchAdult (m)4,5661,1231
uUOyfAuuoyf PygmyperchAdult (m)4,4641,1691
OOAXcAooaxc PygmyperchAdult (m)4,4071,1431
BMJIM(BMJIM)Adult (m)4,3211,0781
yg4HXAygax PygmyperchAdult (m)4,3921,1051
Zes1iZ'Besli of JolteonTailsAdult (f)2,6247971
UvshwPhoenix Stone of LucereAdult (f)2,8345623
ZZdWrZ'A Zed Pygmyperch 19-01-24Adult (m)3,6194432
ZgL8XZ'Ashen Pygmyperch 19-03-20Adult (m)6,2201,2871
ZoCIC(ZoCIC)Adult (m)4,0411,1452
bWMCXBash of JolteonTails 19-03-31Adult (m)5,2611,1303
HsiwNB'Hsiwn of JolteonTailsAdult (m)4,1421,1511
ZyFog(ZyFog)Adult (m)7,0949602
PoZry(PoZry)Adult (f)4,0571,0371
FVU3eAfvuee AveaAdult (f)4,4351,0991
6eTYhAbetyh AveaAdult (m)4,3531,0640
TJova(TJova)Adult (m)6,5029641
Sc5bCAscsa AveaAdult (f)3,3777882
CdIJHBecdi Avea 19-08-22Adult (m)4,1939162
RRYiq(RRYiq)Adult (f)4,4867704
sPEgY(sPEgY)Adult (f)3,1635001
9DPfdBombshell Action Hero of DewsongAdult (f)6,9821,0793
ST3gXAstegexAdult (m)5,9351,1792
TbFrtAtabfratAdult (f)7,6041,0782
P2PN1B'PezpeniAdult (m)3,3095561
NyjVeAnyjveAdult (f)4,7953907
gR61YBegregiAdult (m)5,5316992
W2uYCCourageous Action Hero FSAdult (m)12,7121,1253
zhJ2VZ'Chjiziv FrostbiterAdult (m)2,6497622
OfNdrCofnedr KhusakinAdult (f)5,4671,0314
4yua9Cayua KhusakinAdult (m)1,7565991
zTQHKZ'Dar Khazhutt NethpactAdult (m)3,3327854
NFxwwBenfexAdult (f)4,3459554
I1BMcAilbAdult (f)4,7961,0694
FBrLHStudy For Trapped Edge 1Adult (m)7,7581,2333
AtgfGThe Overwhelming Morphism 1Adult (m)6,8321,1292
jL99nMovement and Energy 1Adult (f)6,7121,0963
gECI4Nudist Describing Nature 1Adult (m)7,1771,1491
XDpdyAbsentminded Compilation 1Adult (m)6,2221,0582
QC8MQIntensity of God in Distance 1Adult (f)5,2435373
pWlETLonely Joke of Hate 2Adult (m)5,7218503
0a9tWTransparent Incident of Greed 1Adult (f)6,5779825
8j6kzPurity of Fear in Retrospect 2Adult (m)7,0759906
SYLcNJudas in Journey 2Adult (f)2,9817404
owekLSt George of God Rearranged 2Adult (f)3,0116272
EdWL6Impression of Screaming Tube 1Adult (f)6,1181,0224
sbL65Peasant Deserting an Idea 1Adult (m)6,2331,0631
8FwEWThe Tremulous Purpose 2Adult (f)2,7096082
l3qGUPainted Ode to Cranial Birth 3Adult (f)5,8651,0802
BMxAHNun Deceiving the Left Corner 1Adult (f)3,1497233
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