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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fntldks6,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N1nF(N1nF)Adult (f)1,1824866
kyIK(kyIK)Adult (m)1,24750812
tXJf(tXJf)Adult (m)1,42384116
MpFe(MpFe)Adult (f)93345465
IeIx(IeIx)Adult (m)1,61590515
nuBA(nuBA)Adult (m)1,59589717
Z5NT(Z5NT)Adult (m)1,55693911
ntNv(ntNv)Adult (m)1,51387229
VjHh(VjHh)Adult (f)1,2117269
ISas(ISas)Adult (f)2,9421,37760
GSQQ(GSQQ)Adult (f)4,2821,45759
SWFt(SWFt)Adult (m)5,94886256
eGqI(eGqI)Adult (f)5,36091542
s5sT(s5sT)Adult (m)5,9211,10254
mUYV(mUYV)Adult (m)5,1431,49738
2M2a(2M2a)Adult (f)6,22588619
bqY5(bqY5)Adult (f)7,04188044
i8Yd(i8Yd)Adult (f)3,74091617
foQw(foQw)Adult (f)4,2771,1055
xHZh(xHZh)Adult (f)2,95881915
vZHj(vZHj)Adult (m)9344167
iJgH(iJgH)Hatchling (f, F)5923855
9mSj(9mSj)Adult (f)9544510
H2qT(H2qT)Hatchling (F)5362127
wdKL(wdKL)Adult (f)1,2067124
a6Mf(a6Mf)Adult (m)1,7296717
Qwc6(Qwc6)Hatchling (m, F)1,3293553
NAH8(NAH8)Adult (m)1,3574373
PMbm(PMbm)Adult (f)1,2534222
Bduv(Bduv)Adult (f)1,5354729
BXLs(BXLs)Adult (f)1,3863894
niRW(niRW)Adult (f)1,5974364
4PNK(4PNK)Adult (m)1,4494062
u5bi(u5bi)Adult (f)1,8124622
oX4M(oX4M)Adult (m)1,6634231
psAp(psAp)Adult (f)1,4424222
GXOL(GXOL)Adult (f)1,4524221
8dPq(8dPq)Adult (f)1,91137912
H34l(H34l)Adult (m)1,6235282
rYQ8(rYQ8)Adult (f)1,5414990
SMXk(SMXk)Adult (m)1,5344981
7aQt(7aQt)Adult (f)9883980
QPcu(QPcu)Adult (f)9553860
i11j(i11j)Adult (m)9974101
mN2d(mN2d)Adult (m)3,7158295
CKvs(CKvs)Adult (m)1,50143512
TmJG(TmJG)Adult (m)1,6624641
Zajb(Zajb)Adult (m)1,0686866
SC0J(SC0J)Adult (f)1,0096303
aWXR(aWXR)Adult (f)1,4777181
mlu4(mlu4)Adult (f)1,5047542
34T1(34T1)Adult (f)1,5277681
jFYE(jFYE)Adult (m)1,3974710
dGqS(dGqS)Adult (f)1,4314342
QB9E(QB9E)Adult (m)1,6434502
ulvC(ulvC)Adult (m)1,8934572
igEO(igEO)Adult (f)1,2274177
e72n(e72n)Adult (f)1,5134752
IbM8(IbM8)Adult (m)1,3404350
rSTTF(rSTTF)Adult (m)2,2556729
vmWSn(vmWSn)Adult (m)2,0836650
MJOCu(MJOCu)Adult (f)2,5356650
gRNJ6(gRNJ6)Adult (f)2,4516640
I1tnL(I1tnL)Adult (m)4,6608592
sR6bn(sR6bn)Adult (m)2,4666501
FHTnq(FHTnq)Adult (m)2,5656410
fa3GM(fa3GM)Adult (f)2,0296110
IoL3W(IoL3W)Adult (f)2,0846181
IQgHo(IQgHo)Adult (m)2,4066510
gdrZM(gdrZM)Adult (f)2,9545833
qJIdX(qJIdX)Adult (m)2,7375733
VRmc1(VRmc1)Adult (m)1,8705700
RDEjy(RDEjy)Adult (m)2,7336211
nwT2P(nwT2P)Adult (m)2,5315950
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