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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “flower1616,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DOU27Foxglove OpalAdult (f)5,3359584
FR7UiPearl of Thy HeartAdult (f)7,1611,2215
Zrse7I am so ConfuzedAdult (f)5,1481,5304
fOv2LFeathered PotatoAdult (m)5,0461,4201
0RISWFlamingo CarchAdult (m)4,4161,2853
qdHtzI Smell ColoursAdult (f)3,3388374
lYaAwSwiift as a Coursing RiverAdult (f)2,9859932
y9YZwSpeckled StripetailAdult (m)3,8121,1501
ibLn7Miffed by the RiffAdult (f)4,3681,2851
BLOJGBlojgAdult (f)3,1072613
AmNWqWhytepantsAdult (f)6,8099583
aynmJNoitadAdult (m)4,89484417
j1delJidelAdult (m)4,7039093
yNwU7YonawanuAdult (f)4,7449273
K9CRdFlower's Spirit WardAdult (f)6,39299920
G4vMDGot Money I'll Do Anything for UAdult (m)5,1111,0335
TthtKThihatalaAdult (f)6,4331,1733
mQ2y6Black Coffee of the PinesAdult (f)5,4506992
AP5h3AphixlAdult (m)4,0378633
qCPcPSpirited HideseekerAdult (f)3,7317605
cjjEnChickenbuttchickenbuttAdult (f)6,6621,5611
siX4YI Hatched OH NoezAdult (m)8,7851,5466
kFCdbSilky Banananut MuffinAdult (m)11,7171,6874
1YMiDI Did Patty Cake On Your FaceAdult (f)10,5251,7336
Xu2YeOh No the Muffin Caught FireAdult (f)4,4231,2261
lhRTPLes Deux CBAdult (m)8,8301,99736
kfIWVDva HolovyAdult (f)5,8891,51221
Rd7N9Twopense CBAdult (m)7,5501,74619
LdERbMister Garfunkle's SandwichAdult (m)4,5181,0092
vA1LOStennieLouAdult (f)3,8576793
A3jmoBlackbackAdult (m)9,0621,5046
R8qW8LalalovelyAdult (m)2,2237617
5jxZ7All In the HoleAdult (f)6,7471,5144
t7q8oStonecut IBAdult (m)8,9391,5452
RgPC2StoneperchAdult (f)9,3641,91426
S2YjCGramatterAdult (m)9,8191,73324
yEVXJHold on tight and Ride thruAdult (f)7,6871,0677
sQpYPS'q'paAdult (f)6,4748234
eJzIvSeagongAdult (f)4,7679603
d7keVCeagongAdult (m)3,3677185
h4aGSNot for HagsAdult (f)6,3281,0412
9dlK8Frosted StripesAdult (m)7,4081,75414
TJlsjFrost FlakesAdult (f)5,8061,49913
fKtu2White ZebraAdult (f)6,7431,69618
IgCBuWhiteisyellowwhatAdult (f)5,7931,6856
DpKNPStriped MustardAdult (m)6,7731,4015
8JLmiDude Has Too Many Yellow StripesAdult (f)8,9751,6103
Xt76oWhite MightAdult (f)4,7601,3261
9LatMMuffin CatAdult (m)4,0231,3461
kVBsqChicken FeetsAdult (m)4,4261,2674
JGxUOMuffin FlapAdult (m)4,2301,2066
Mls3gHelicopter CopAdult (f)4,0061,1952
eUXiYFickle NickelAdult (m)3,8411,2142
QfQIGTrojhan SiriAdult (f)4,8161,04318
jeSv3Path Less TravelledAdult (f)4,5418681
W7rrsNathan VaniAdult (m)3,9811,0043
3VVwiModern DanceAdult (m)4,6361,1414
1ik04Ebony Bronze IgnotAdult (m)4,5929652
uPDWAKolomyjka FyresparkAdult (m)5,7251,0641
jgUDWLadle FyresparkAdult (m)5,7131,0701
5RReFGlowing EarningsAdult (f)4,1319522
vAQ77YoYoingAdult (m)3,0848674
V57YqDare to CareAdult (m)4,4031,0191
WniQkGotta Give Me SomethinAdult (m)4,4531,0805
SZthXI'm Falling in ReverseAdult (m)3,7131,0621
sHI5zIatolaAdult (m)4,7407323
eaMhpTighty Freaky JuniorAdult (f)5,2147383
NEUVzNeuvzAdult (m)4,1267726
1i9ziYizyziAdult (f)6,5501,2223
K8a6bI'mbluedabadeedabadieAdult (f)5,3081,58522
pNff0BlueasbluecouldbeAdult (m)6,8721,5604
4NcZJBlue Raphy WatermelonAdult (m)5,2661,4614
9ditCFarts McgeeAdult (f)5,9371,2692
qbv93Blueberry CarlAdult (f)4,1341,1612
y7iUAMooperAdult (f)2,8488744
aTvjwIntense MigraineAdult (f)4,9251,3043
6Df5qHueMoAdult (f)3,4867412
1QSwQOdambataAdult (m)6,7849513
HJWHaNot Allowed to Use the StoveAdult (m)10,7081,87520
PSVCYMaroon the FiveAdult (f)6,6161,87212
pn0ZRRed Monkey Says NoAdult (m)6,9651,5066
JILH5Red Hawt FyresparkAdult (m)5,6641,0764
WsOaBGreenlightredlightAdult (f)6,0271,60913
v7PuJGreenest Not the MeanestAdult (m)6,7081,72420
YDsKIIt Actually is Easy being GreenAdult (m)6,3801,05410
ZiiWNThe CheeseBreadAdult (m)3,8761,1682
MDgJHAlice StingAdult (m)5,0021,2962
XEocMGerin OrtisisAdult (f)4,9141,3032
MUCr2YournotallowedtoparkyourcarhereAdult (f)7,5561,84812
RGLrhPot Kettle BlackAdult (m)6,0191,72011
MobF7Inventing ShadowsAdult (f)5,8091,3941
6TlWeMynlighe MynlightAdult (m)4,6291,2042
kvQKHPatagonisAdult (f)3,9518872
wrNuvIngra IngroAdult (m)5,2141,4074
Vosm7VikosamaiAdult (m)4,6418925
WZc6rSkfidAdult (f)5,0429102
BQhrZSkiddle BopAdult (m)7,0651,10823
Odb6tOdrobeltiAdult (f)6,1111,0194
n9OeiSunrise Upsidedown CakeAdult (f)9,7511,7615
iSp5vFly Me to Pluto SireeAdult (m)1,8506343
DAKGKI Wanna Be a UnicornAdult (f)4,8958065
lSoWBThe Sun Sets in the EastAdult (f)3,1991,0774
BqVBiSuliotaAdult (f)4,8879134
1MgtwMid MorningAdult (m)6,1048473
uGM0JUgymarAdult (m)6,0479757
TXXAJMoonmareAdult (f)9,5892,35037
Mf1V3Arghh I Didn't Become a SunriseAdult (f)8,4351,6575
2tnMVMontgomery Jenkins is Silly IBAdult (m)10,8981,6396
5J9lMBusiness in My FaceAdult (m)5,0611,2171
3hX0mGlow Worm MachineAdult (f)6,0241,3384
rDDX8Murple Purple CurpleAdult (f)4,6761,1267
5aF95Oh Fart Not a SunriseAdult (m)5,8271,4174
NNYOINever Claimed 2Adult (m)4,9531,2912
UKHToTo the SunsetsAdult (m)6,7881,01114
lulLgSunlikeAdult (f)5,6391,09419
8L04nIcecream Sunrise MAdult (m)3,9971,48415
wR1LlSlick QuickAdult (m)3,5151,1012
ZAfHJSave AcadiaAdult (m)5,1581,3151
YixawRawic ZavzriaAdult (f)4,2398894
2FuRmSomgsunAdult (f)5,5601,0413
MRoWiMrowiAdult (f)6,5989654
40t6ASmall Dawn of PeachAdult (f)5,8258865
0GPb4Dirty Pop NsyncAdult (m)9,1551,23927
H33T0N33TOAdult (m)7,9611,1411
XNEwvXanaspeAdult (m)5,1689792
WDJH6MAROON 5 COLLECTIONAdult (m)8,4121,64912
TE7GHHarder to BreatheAdult (f)6,4251,3262
HIaLZThis LoveAdult (m)4,9151,0981
2QSYZTangled MaroonAdult (f)5,0511,1592
KPpAGShiver MaroonAdult (f)4,7141,1763
hYJNWShe Will Be LovedAdult (m)5,0831,1783
1pIB7The Sun MaroonAdult (m)5,2191,1772
7mlIWMust Get OutAdult (f)5,2711,3733
NFe0ASunday Morning MaroonAdult (f)4,3681,2572
I0frcSecret MaroonAdult (f)3,0541,0193
g6OkfThrough With YouAdult (m)4,4191,3193
spmhtNot Coming Home MaroonAdult (m)4,9491,2676
1a3cEDuotimeAdult (m)8,4581,65913
mns0eDvichiAdult (f)6,6351,35316
kcT4gOMG a pretty ladyAdult (f)9,3171,5336
0WUmAWatch Out for the SpidersAdult (m)6,6111,3532
dKJifI Guess I'm Keeping YouAdult (m)4,7261,4126
6Z15CI Swallow TailsAdult (m)4,0851,0323
Vd4KtPizza IcicleAdult (f)3,9901,0151
rBpeiBake and ShakeAdult (f)3,0509281
nVA4HCake and ShakeAdult (m)3,1141,0202
3VI9cLake and ShakeAdult (f)3,7001,2124
nIi4SMake and ShakeAdult (f)3,3539868
7cGGGFuzz and ShakeAdult (m)3,0661,0792
dHJ2qSteak and ShakeAdult (f)2,9931,0552
znQtnTake and ShakeAdult (m)3,0701,1151
tj34EFake and ShakeAdult (f)3,5421,1553
CYRDbJake and ShakeAdult (m)4,7631,2192
BXuTcRake and ShakeAdult (f)4,9451,2152
ZHtpvSweetest of LovesAdult (m)6,8661,88920
mfcQDMy Little SweetlingAdult (m)6,4232,01417
cwWflHoney Sweetie SugarAdult (m)6,7881,1852
hAqS4Ranty DrakeAdult (m)11,0201,0411
g07ilThat Drake ThoAdult (f)6,8139953
SvmHhYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetAdult (f)4,3407052
A52pyPastel Pink DreamsAdult (f)5,7297793
XfrqYTercorn of MarchAdult (m)4,7388072
RVdZeGertalaAdult (f)5,3489792
bH1O6TerpalaAdult (f)7,5681,05218
RGMJTTerkalaAdult (f)5,5129722
XwMwUWhen Storm Clouds RainAdult (f)5,6579625
Jjm2bTwiggersAdult (m)9,2161,73629
XUHmzExhumzAdult (f)3,4347571
42yGN42 and GoneAdult (f)6,1281,0664
SIFYMTetra DreamsAdult (f)4,5218083
dU8m3Flower's TetraAdult (m)6,6231,08917
EUq2lFlower's Tetra TooAdult (f)8,1761,20627
th8dnHikariAdult (m)5,1091,46624
UAvaFZipZapZopAdult (f)7,2031,48211
422HkThunder Awesome SandwichAdult (m)5,0151,2366
p0gRGI Grew Up YoAdult (m)4,4829736
ambmTHouse KiteAdult (f)6,0961,3661
FQugHBut I Had to Let Him GoAdult (f)4,6289483
iQfSvIq'friaAdult (f)7,9801,2236
5fkirI Am Armed with a LightsaberAdult (f)4,1601,2782
ioUtaI Forgot How To SingAdult (m)4,0411,1921
tfRACHulla BallooAdult (f)4,2961,1913
8sWiFMonkey FireAdult (f)5,7621,2476
BINhVI Have a PieAdult (m)4,4719752
eh96gThe Cat's MeowAdult (m)4,0241,3294
D4UFuNot a Fuzz ButtheadAdult (f)3,0638972
lBpzYWinkerbeanAdult (f)3,4541,0432
2YsiiTwo Why SighAdult (f)1,5755761
GMQ5KYou Shrug and It's the WorstAdult (f)4,7961,3952
SCItZThree Horns a PlentyAdult (m)4,6751,4511
ifiVuI Whip My Snare Back and ForthAdult (m)6,7491,6042
HgoRUDon't Hate AppreciateAdult (f)5,9951,4864
DtTVXI Need to Shower with MustardAdult (f)5,9751,2645
KAetZI See Your HorseAdult (m)4,0871,2222
6IuZ9Little CornflowerAdult (f)4,2671,1781
JIIkaThose Sinking FeelingsAdult (f)5,0701,3252
aRrEKArrekAdult (f)4,1951,1031
rZ3QNUltimate SandboxAdult (f)5,1561,2951
PWKZnSerena RyderAdult (f)3,2901,0412
GcE3RHeiutAdult (m)6,6591,1373
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