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You pick up the scroll labeled “flamestar1315,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RAOL(RAOL)Adult (f)6,1521,30013
eKvl(eKvl)Adult (f)3,4938963
nuUG(nuUG)Adult (f)6,7931,37317
PIEP(PIEP)Adult (f)6,0681,30911
bEJt(bEJt)Adult (f)1,5045334
7vGl(7vGl)Adult (m)1,5815315
Ytl2(Ytl2)Adult (m)7,4541,63414
1HHt(1HHt)Adult (m)3,3731,0084
RVkU(RVkU)Adult (f)3,5056436
51oI(51oI)Adult (m)7,5201,50115
FLnq(FLnq)Adult (f)7,6061,41119
sKSP(sKSP)Adult (m)8,1451,46016
2L7c(2L7c)Adult (f)3,4099375
u65l(u65l)Adult (m)5,00094310
NI5R(NI5R)Adult (f)1,6905545
5arG(5arG)Adult (m)5,02995815
HLU4(HLU4)Adult (m)6,1801,1647
aHO9(aHO9)Adult (m)6,4041,3488
rZV0(rZV0)Adult (m)6,5461,36210
rVK6(rVK6)Adult (f)5,1641,2619
cERl(cERl)Adult (f)5,8311,2277
GF5I(GF5I)Adult (f)5,3721,2754
5Qbv(5Qbv)Adult (m)4,7101,1766
TViP(TViP)Adult (m)3,4879518
P1jv(P1jv)Adult (f)8,4891,7927
pjBo(pjBo)Adult (m)3,3419804
ZlM0(ZlM0)Adult (m)3,5909954
XBT8f(XBT8f)Adult (f)2,0888761
1IZp(1IZp)Adult (m)3,0249133
dtdF(dtdF)Adult (f)3,0599265
5Yqd9(5Yqd9)Adult (m)2,2449011
I8cK(I8cK)Adult (f)3,0849384
CTqRS(CTqRS)Adult (m)2,2899121
9rBfW(9rBfW)Adult (f)2,3379271
CJT9Z(CJT9Z)Adult (m)5,3661,2299
jle0L(jle0L)Adult (m)6,4471,40112
u3itM(u3itM)Adult (f)4,4211,2288
P15uC(P15uC)Adult (f)4,4081,2138
7Vs4J(7Vs4J)Adult (m)4,4591,2127
NOEpC(NOEpC)Adult (m)4,5201,2338
PHoEr(PHoEr)Adult (m)2,3797660
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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