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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “firesfantasy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    YMBB(YMBB)Adult (f)6,6361,40627
    gMZI(gMZI)Adult (m)6,2731,35334
    aAEN(aAEN)Adult (f)5,3301,29715
    W6RM(W6RM)Adult (m)6,0891,13615
    Ipy5(Ipy5)Adult (f)6,2501,16916
    5CRp(5CRp)Adult (f)5,8021,08122
    HUjZ(HUjZ)Adult (m)5,2391,12723
    WYnJ(WYnJ)Adult (f)5,6381,02720
    QlQk(QlQk)Adult (f)5,7801,02820
    cmro(cmro)Adult (m)5,51996720
    EEzQ(EEzQ)Adult (f)5,29798825
    qprr(qprr)Adult (f)5,3881,72234
    SryL(SryL)Adult (f)4,7591,32417
    PCEs(PCEs)Adult (f)5,31288618
    HYMr(HYMr)Adult (m)5,03083821
    AHUU(AHUU)Adult (m)4,59371723
    YAsp(YAsp)Adult (f)2,39133717
    EEJ9(EEJ9)Adult (f)3,40146426
    smvH(smvH)Adult (f)2,21449517
    aphU(aphU)Adult (m)2,4443576
    cAwu(cAwu)Adult (m)2,97530612
    XTxB(XTxB)Adult (f)3,18933012
    HtVp(HtVp)Adult (f)6,62069111
    xaug(xaug)Adult (m)3,98339914
    SIrP(SIrP)Adult (f)4,58632620
    1AKZ(1AKZ)Adult (m)3,95847614
    xNfd(xNfd)Adult (m)3,35131813
    G4CD(G4CD)Adult (f)3,38431713
    S8p5(S8p5)Adult (m)2,62428613
    J34q(J34q)Adult (m)3,58232710
    np3m(np3m)Adult (m)2,94430111
    CstV(CstV)Adult (f)3,0553169
    5m0z(5m0z)Adult (f)2,9823187
    RLQK(RLQK)Adult (m)2,9313198
    YjZP(YjZP)Adult (m)2,9213237
    CMF5(CMF5)Adult (f)2,2932607
    03Ee(03Ee)Adult (f)3,3562947
    TGkn(TGkn)Adult (f)2,81631012
    2uMn(2uMn)Adult (f)1,8803637
    bMK9(bMK9)Adult (f)3,29322112
    IK8a(IK8a)Adult (m)3,52623712
    IK8o(IK8o)Adult (f)3,27421914
    5vzu(5vzu)Adult (m)3,13320911
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