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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “firepelt00,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iNK8qCore PridesAdult (m)3,2737514
sCW7HOpalescent ShiningAdult (m)3,6249183
D0jDrOpalescent DeceptionAdult (m)1,7604179
O82uxTwo Heads Are Much BetterAdult (m)2,5688071
7NZ3OGive Yourself A HandAdult (f)3,3919855
5HQh7Halycon DazeAdult (f)4,1788139
rsc59Way Out of This WorldAdult (f)3,8545901
L4oCpExtraterrestrial BeingAdult (f)3,3547322
bpOp1Weirdest ExperiencesAdult (m)4,1157751
mHGsEMagical AlbinismAdult (f)3,1016632
aD1kTYes I'm On Cloud NineAdult (f)5,1381,2183
dwFI1(dwFI1)Adult (f)5,7771,2180
CGrdWDeciding FactorAdult (f)3,2933351
Pm6UUGuide by MoonlightAdult (f)2,1187040
mehxxReMATRIXAdult (f)2,9977210
5LNyBMajor GenesisAdult (m)2,4477243
OvFe2(OvFe2)Adult (m)6,0851,1660
reTng(reTng)Adult (m)3,9076145
4SLTr(4SLTr)Adult (m)3,3765623
oMxex(oMxex)Adult (m)2,7444865
nJRAdBlackberry SurpriseAdult (m)4,6241,1462
CwyqXDarkened SerenityAdult (f)4,1041,1102
nfClKWayward AbsconderAdult (m)3,4526081
idkUbI Don't Know Your BusinessAdult (m)4,6519613
WJ9bKBlack SaltineAdult (f)1,3026033
wA20GExcess PunctuationAdult (m)4,6591,1554
lx465Love Bug MoonAdult (f)2,6944723
rg26VSin the Heavenly BodyAdult (m)2,9605081
igAMHIstaigos KalnasAdult (m)4,4721,08014
YNiyyPumpin' BloodAdult (m)2,0056873
34Wq0Kraujo KalnasAdult (m)2,4367794
dRCFxKryziu KalnasAdult (f)4,9491,1864
My0bS(My0bS)Adult (m)5,6531,0921
n3i7yBand TogetherAdult (f)2,3586761
fknmGBands of WaterAdult (m)2,2336483
rgMNVAsmosisAdult (f)2,4246661
R5L0MKumari KundamAdult (m)2,2926571
IUSFCPisces the AmphibianAdult (f)1,2354644
5aq2eAstral OceansAdult (m)5,1821,0513
5agklMutual AgreementAdult (f)2,2193682
iNDcTAmazing AmphibianAdult (f)2,8978870
x7imTSodium ChloricAdult (f)4,2191,1604
rS1kdHydrohydroxic AcidAdult (m)3,8691,0034
lqFpxFerric OxidAdult (m)4,2261,0853
aRd3GAcrylic AcidAdult (m)2,5777097
VVYmoHydroxy TryptophaneAdult (f)2,7087167
SmOp7TetrahedraneAdult (f)4,9201,1932
uooJx(uooJx)Adult (m)4,8181,2131
bc5tgJungle SoldierAdult (m)4,5978663
DgBE5StrongArmAdult (f)2,7958592
bH7O9Unmovable MountainAdult (m)3,6671,1703
k1vX9Curious Road RunnerAdult (f)2,0277834
UNuV6(UNuV6)Adult (f)1,0985432
l8mL7Magical Dead ZoneAdult (f)4,6517542
7SbpcDon't Say CheeseAdult2,1324757
B5TTD(B5TTD)Adult (f)3,7231,36614
aVYpi(aVYpi)Adult (f)6,6071,0192
YKuo4Yukio CoastAdult (f)3,3167086
CpxVDDisaster Off the CoastAdult (m)4,5658841
7H0b7(7H0b7)Adult (f)4,8851,4719
QZBNbOrange OxidationAdult (m)4,6531,2382
y6IhYCopperworkAdult (f)2,40062410
fgF9OGreen OxidationAdult (f)4,1569093
O2Pm2Oxidation 2Adult (m)3,1136571
9Cb2XVerde DiabloAdult (f)3,9148147
lcI9Xbe precious momentsAdult (m)2,8903052
IPQ2yIn ActionAdult (m)1,6966193
D1g9SStarting AnewAdult (f)2,2314345
0hKRzFirst PhotosynthesisAdult (m)2,8413626
HLF3cNature's MercenaryAdult (f)2,9008372
s0XjFName of the ForgottenAdult (f)6,0526681
87TVbTaevyatAdult (m)4,3771,0513
MrCdWHow About NowAdult (m)5,6809894
Jfb1PI Still Don't KnowAdult (m)6,2261,0203
C7nyXFirst AlternativeAdult (f)2,41164410
1UTQcThe Daydream SyndromeAdult (m)3,3027882
x3xq6Randomized EmergenceAdult (m)4,4088333
FoZpkToo Young To DreamHatchling (F)2,4011682
SgzQWCrimson UnseelieAdult (f)2,7334653
oLBXPUnseelie MessengerAdult (f)2,3546261
6U51VCan't Make Up Their MindsAdult (f)4,8609891
8klTjDuel UpheavalAdult (m)4,5761,4473
EvVo0Two Great MindsAdult (m)3,3105995
jKdS0Tango for TwoAdult (m)2,4918174
y5CgRA World Under FireAdult (f)3,1902584
AsOxwPyromania InsomniacAdult (m)3,7591,1693
kbZVK(kbZVK)Adult (f)4,8661,2833
cfQ8UToo Young To BurnHatchling (F)1,8231495
fXM5QBlue Flames of the BeastAdult (f)2,5477902
JqSo0Impossible SupermanAdult (m)2,4376102
f4lFBPropane Anxiety AttackAdult (f)2,4856063
8Mnw7Jungle Fever In ManhattanAdult (f)2,6316004
0qdulEdge of CivilizationAdult (f)5,0897193
vwwiNYou Might Go FarAdult (f)2,8532992
jSv8sToo Young To LearnHatchling (F)1,9801462
c8yk9Everlasting Deep FreezeAdult (f)2,7186474
FDIFfOncoming Ice AgeAdult (f)2,5926283
ehhQxVices To VirtuesAdult (m)2,6956285
IPgIxIcicle FrostiAdult (f)4,9197765
yU1omGlory on the Edge of NightAdult (m)3,0133695
1dPaL(1dPaL)Adult (f)4,9961,50215
loC7wOrange Cream CicleAdult (m)3,8446552
pPMg5Gaia the Mother EarthAdult (f)2,8604931
rdYNuToo Young To GuardHatchling (F)1,9311393
fz4dmGolden Dragon KingAdult (m)3,2211,9718
RkLcgGold Desert SandsAdult (f)3,3877121
n80TVChiller FrightAdult (f)4,2001,0721
5i4aQ3AMAdult (m)2,6197252
2aRqlSomethin' Bad 'Bout To HappenAdult (f)3,5723575
65WfBGreat Pumpkin PatchAdult (f)3,2321,1596
77ibeRed and Gold PaperAdult (m)2,4922413
b2TzPAll Hallow's Dead TimeAdult (m)1,8175691
TlG3USilverlining of the UnderworldAdult (f)3,3793392
ekmAUOxcidized Life BloodAdult (m)1,9705940
mHxqsLittle CarrowHatchling (f, F)2,6672442
azsQMLingering SmokeAdult (f)2,6473402
i6D6qSmoke off the TeaAdult (f)2,8123742
ylWXaWaiting Silver ShadowAdult (f)2,8625124
ZsrPaWhen Smoke RecedesAdult (m)1,9435891
E6IabSoaring in the DarkAdult (f)3,2551,1479
BmzlyPurity in DiguiseAdult (f)3,2311,1465
29kAPEternal PurgatoryAdult (m)2,5132433
TtuApDreamer's NightmareAdult (f)3,2311,1359
CShMfMark of the BlueAdult (m)1,8085830
R9UXBSamhain's ArmyAdult (m)3,1213504
6ypOqUndead HauntAdult (f)3,1843682
GhSgt(GhSgt)Adult (f)3,2371,3245
7JFFl(7JFFl)Adult (f)3,2351,3234
069OQ(069OQ)Adult (m)3,2581,3063
X8Jmk(X8Jmk)Adult (f)2,2468531
1tYUV(1tYUV)Adult (f)2,2308281
AKDHR(AKDHR)Adult (f)2,1948500
UoZ94(UoZ94)Adult (f)2,3148720
FrkyY(FrkyY)Adult (m)2,1938270
oWKCh(oWKCh)Adult (m)2,2418164
R8E0n(R8E0n)Adult (m)2,2798180
SU2Co(SU2Co)Adult (m)2,1878410
JWx0lThanatos the GuardAdult (m)4,0755042
WeGmoWedged MomentAdult (f)3,1997260
q51CQRain of HellfyreAdult (m)2,8247602
f5dKyFright HorseAdult (m)2,8427463
wTepUAlpha Ancient CenturionAdult (m)2,5477732
dSKgFThe Ice AgesAdult (f)5,8331,0935
QB8T6Just on the EdgeAdult (m)5,0531,09820
EneH3Blown Into the WaterAdult (m)4,2883703
cZgyAMarianna TrenchAdult (f)4,5949324
i1qdqBlasted ClearAdult (f)3,7417502
YtyMcLets Try AgainAdult (m)6,5638478
o9OhHDestruction Dictates the PresentAdult (m)5,2611,0289
zQ8GxOne Grave MistakeAdult (f)5,4171,0235
BXRod(BXRod)Adult (m)6,1361,3602
uzKJnChange Brings The FutureAdult (m)4,3339936
bGif8Creation Shapes The PastAdult (f)4,2209597
n5vTz(n5vTz)Adult (m)5,7151,3220
mxf3u(mxf3u)Adult (f)3,9187531
rCMb2Gwydion the MagicianAdult (m)6,5191,1294
XAZaWMind Over DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7484122
hrggmof my life The painAdult (f)3,4976482
il2B4Unearthly ForcesAdult (f)4,0847061
izxNnMagic PhenomenonAdult (m)3,7738241
cUg9PAlternate IntentionsAdult (f)3,9828724
vXeM1Seelie BeautyAdult (f)2,6924454
FhT03Mage of the Hidden WorldAdult (m)1,5513826
bCRgfthat happened toAdult (f)1,7154028
xWF0J(xWF0J)Adult (m)4,9691,2693
4e6VP(4e6VP)Adult (m)3,7811,3840
c0l47(c0l47)Adult (m)3,7401,3880
S57P7Krakatoa's RevengeAdult (m)2,8068455
CUndBStaind MoonglassAdult (m)4,1748091
MZ6HcLunar ContemptAdult (f)4,9498211
NI5BHLunanoffAdult (m)3,2387041
ntCmWInterstellar EventAdult (m)3,7524323
NzJtcCosmic AnomalyAdult (f)3,2821,1297
o0OiuCepheus NGC 40Adult (m)3,0566176
K6bqjCygnus NGC 7027Adult (f)5,3611,2063
ZhsboAquila NGC 6751Adult (m)2,8906232
OnvuWHydra NGC 3242Adult (m)2,8675444
jzsT9Ophiuchus M2-9Adult (m)3,5267017
sQP6wUrsa Major NGC 3587Adult (f)5,2951,1923
BEGsKDraco NGC 6543Adult (f)5,5431,11514
OAySuThe Fate Of StarsAdult (f)4,6139062
FbzP2Big Bear Two SnakesAdult (m)4,9631,1553
KhiHK(KhiHK)Adult (f)1,15247711
HL7vC(HL7vC)Adult (m)3,4334093
PPLgDSandy the DreamerAdult (f)5,2373621
QIATnOliverationAdult (f)2,8497035
7eW6VOlives AboundAdult (m)3,9307012
rhRR1Bitter GlucosidesAdult (m)2,6634783
0PZ2tConsequence of EngagementAdult (m)3,2192863
B4yibDescending DeclineAdult (m)1,6943978
v0o1VMartini with an OliveAdult (m)1,9957443
FNJZIThe Stars of FateAdult5,9269605
fMip3Tons of FluffAdult (f)4,1568982
DpT1vSir Fluffleton the FirstAdult (m)4,4933271
x98UELord Puffball the FirstAdult (m)4,3823303
eIL3LLady Puffball the FirstAdult (f)4,4327712
IeP8zFloof of the FloofsAdult (m)4,0631,0921
97NZnMadam Fluffleton the FirstAdult (f)6,0881,3031
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