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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • Wreath Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “fernfrost,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kAfSAffrost GeminiAdult (m)3,5966071
ZcEag(ZcEag)Adult (f)4,3866611
1Mp1u(1Mp1u)Adult (m)5,1367222
D2RSW(D2RSW)Adult (m)3,4196004
4wuhoffrost Ask My SisterAdult (f)5,1088231
KsdKoffrost Frat BrosAdult (m)5,1418040
8X9dxffrost Twin TerrorsAdult (m)4,2507491
i5QEzffrost Is Two Better than OneAdult (m)4,1737113
FT2ehffrost RoommatesAdult (f)3,4255291
ncixqffrost Hot and RodAdult (m)3,8446303
rTym7ffrost Team SpiritAdult (f)5,5729190
UdIGmffrost PB and JellyAdult (m)3,3395482
CnflOffrost Sister to InfinityAdult (f)4,5487112
T7mdUffrost Mother of EternityAdult (f)2,6877582
u1aD8(u1aD8)Adult (m)3,5836431
trSk3(trSk3)Adult (f)2,1786203
X8nlC(X8nlC)Adult (m)3,9986271
OhFW1(OhFW1)Adult (m)4,3456472
O0iiS(O0iiS)Adult (m)4,1706773
UuRCN(UuRCN)Adult (f)6,9448121
2leb1ffrost SilkyAdult (m)3,3486281
YYp6Q(YYp6Q)Adult (f)4,2375733
gJAhRffrost EtheriaAdult (f)2,8385331
zJNcxffrost Cornflower BlueAdult (f)3,5036131
2fVBRffrost CumulusAdult (m)3,7475531
oidIEffrost Cloud GodAdult (m)3,5585801
3pRiTffrost High Speed WindsAdult (f)3,7985992
r8EkW(r8EkW)Adult (m)4,9489575
yRz3y(yRz3y)Adult (m)3,9595002
nf2rffrost Ghostly ComplexionAdult (f)2,2764557
Ks1pP(Ks1pP)Adult (m)6,2217410
cXh6j(cXh6j)Adult (m)4,4426051
go2TP(go2TP)Adult (f)4,2196760
9iKXL(9iKXL)Adult (f)3,5916060
vfSJc(vfSJc)Adult (m)5,9387230
EuMcv(EuMcv)Adult (m)4,2966141
Yrm5Pffrost China in EmeraldAdult (m)3,9096671
rIfh4(rIfh4)Adult (f)4,8147161
fOpSC(fOpSC)Adult (m)3,5515452
uDEk6(uDEk6)Adult (f)5,4838602
N7TSX(N7TSX)Adult (f)5,8028381
YFebzffrost Ivy on BrickAdult (f)3,1475962
9vid4ffrost A Wise HorticulturalistAdult (m)3,8866682
A80K8(A80K8)Adult (f)3,6916234
DWNiW(DWNiW)Adult (m)3,7155661
O9TmG(O9TmG)Adult (f)3,5856792
1xVUR(1xVUR)Adult (f)4,2775121
FNIwk(FNIwk)Adult (m)4,4695562
LUtRE(LUtRE)Adult (f)4,1935893
FbbsQ(FbbsQ)Adult (m)4,2655983
MDgJE(MDgJE)Adult (f)2,5245091
9LkQr(9LkQr)Adult (m)4,5927152
5ch7zffrost A Mountain like OlympusAdult (f)3,2426572
jnZGTffrost Feather GodAdult (m)3,9117591
8Q15Fffrost Hell Hath No FuryAdult (m)3,4766551
rZgI8(rZgI8)Adult (f)3,2164921
zJRRt(zJRRt)Adult (f)4,1365033
Xj8OW(Xj8OW)Adult (f)3,7735301
Fp8jTffrost Rage OnAdult (m)3,3405761
qWNj5ffrost Tide ChaserAdult (m)3,2665791
DGTYMffrost Pretty SilverfishAdult (m)3,9387091
US1mDffrost Sunset on the WaterAdult (f)3,8057361
WU6hDffrost Golden HueAdult (m)3,8527471
KBzsW(KBzsW)Adult (m)6,1731,0933
5BuLd(5BuLd)Adult (f)5,0825952
mUbWY(mUbWY)Adult (f)4,5886931
Do0v2(Do0v2)Adult (m)4,2405922
5YrnW(5YrnW)Adult (f)4,8047262
3xE10(3xE10)Adult (m)4,5696940
YuPLD(YuPLD)Adult (f)5,7838083
ls3wo(ls3wo)Adult (f)5,8067912
Zjse1(Zjse1)Adult (f)4,8297253
LxU5iffrost Fuschia RivalAdult (m)4,8488230
bFCNHffrost A British AccentAdult (m)4,8237841
C8SMA(C8SMA)Adult (m)3,9415181
vkifd(vkifd)Adult (f)3,6187701
hudZL(hudZL)Adult (f)3,8975883
4wwY6(4wwY6)Adult (f)3,0885910
RTGXJ(RTGXJ)Adult (f)3,9585453
5lLi7ffrost Fit for an OrcAdult (f)3,3386171
3WgsKffrost NoseAdult (f)3,4276052
wAmtrffrost AmatureAdult (f)3,5186141
sFOsX(sFOsX)Adult (f)4,8697072
HCsKnffrost Morphological CharacterAdult (m)3,2455772
mPXjw(mPXjw)Adult (f)4,5166333
8yq2N(8yq2N)Adult (f)4,1325272
Sc0GQffrost Mesolithic BeastAdult (f)3,7005651
1aRN2ffrost River MonsterAdult (m)4,5768411
szIRJffrost Hidden in VinesAdult (f)3,7425531
qsCNkffrost Under the FreshwaterAdult (f)4,2477831
tc2uuffrost Green RiverAdult (m)4,9958192
xY9jx(xY9jx)Adult (f)5,1108001
5vQK6(5vQK6)Adult (f)5,0817800
5jkqffrost RadiaAdult (f)2,73747620
UBvHffrost Cherry PieAdult (m)1,2616232
7bJzY(7bJzY)Adult (f)4,3888112
CzoHS(CzoHS)Adult (m)3,7685482
DoZk1(DoZk1)Adult (f)3,8347051
0qLSSffrost Crowned RulerAdult (f)5,0617401
B8gmCffrost King's GuardAdult (m)3,4327951
ArAeJffrost Joker's TwinsAdult (f)4,8208861
dsnr0(dsnr0)Adult (f)4,6728426
rvP0Y(rvP0Y)Adult (m)5,4337931
Afmzi(Afmzi)Adult (m)5,0358123
DGLhffrost Black EdgeAdult (m)2,72447422
UCkjffrost Into the Deepest PitAdult (f)1,3636713
AoXKffrost The Darkest SolsticeAdult (m)7514976
dnbbpffrost FuriousAdult (f)2,7007113
53yUmffrost Black PeonyAdult (f)4,8327782
5Pi5Rffrost Black CrestAdult (m)3,0785413
PkaZsffrost Black RadianceAdult (f)3,5915275
4sAFXffrost BlacklightAdult (m)5,0796494
9Rgzbffrost Black LilliesAdult (f)4,4447321
xxbDDffrost Black SunsetAdult (f)3,0965692
nKeT1ffrost Black DemonAdult (m)4,8998491
VIK39ffrost Black WaterAdult (f)4,4148041
qEntxffrost Black ObsidianAdult (m)3,8196631
uXjS9ffrost Black CallaAdult (f)4,4566540
NSomE(NSomE)Adult (m)3,9777251
inWoV(inWoV)Adult (f)4,2427773
Jy0oH(Jy0oH)Adult (m)4,0197671
kHNnN(kHNnN)Adult (m)4,8098082
IcVHm(IcVHm)Adult (m)5,6289232
S3ObX(S3ObX)Adult (f)5,7597841
xD7kn(xD7kn)Adult (f)6,7459313
mOQLH(mOQLH)Adult (f)5,2256610
IJWzl(IJWzl)Adult (f)4,6236122
ozYaI(ozYaI)Adult (f)3,8526732
67opS(67opS)Adult (m)6,2928751
KFUkJ(KFUkJ)Adult (m)3,8177343
JoJSW(JoJSW)Adult (m)3,6395522
JHOPa(JHOPa)Adult (f)3,3675172
Pr4k0(Pr4k0)Adult (m)4,5995691
BT1J6(BT1J6)Adult (m)4,9076841
ZreGR(ZreGR)Adult (m)4,7976641
yLyhZ(yLyhZ)Adult (f)4,0926252
ASBK5(ASBK5)Adult (m)5,5058461
D8MD3(D8MD3)Adult (m)5,1557951
0ErtS(0ErtS)Adult (m)4,9688281
TSu5v(TSu5v)Adult (m)3,1754501
EY3Nq(EY3Nq)Adult (f)2,7624792
Vi5zq(Vi5zq)Adult (m)3,3545740
znL5Effrost Unexpected PrinceAdult (m)4,6497543
yLAjg(yLAjg)Adult (f)3,9286232
PFunK(PFunK)Adult (f)2,9564853
dRbHSffrost Reading the LeavesAdult (f)3,1856081
3VIFL(3VIFL)Adult (f)4,3227233
UExKL(UExKL)Adult (f)4,0195732
3Za6t(3Za6t)Adult (f)4,1675491
tHr4q(tHr4q)Adult (m)3,6286882
ixELI(ixELI)Adult (m)5,1596981
VMqZA(VMqZA)Adult (f)3,9066471
hHcWm(hHcWm)Adult (m)3,7606421
Pr39d(Pr39d)Adult (m)4,1555261
V1cVI(V1cVI)Adult (f)4,6887202
32PV9ffrost Albino BatAdult (f)4,3937201
YjMOX(YjMOX)Adult (f)3,8184374
59W3J(59W3J)Adult (m)2,8216094
Kg2xGffrost Black GoldAdult (f)3,2746171
LyhzMffrost ForagerAdult (m)3,6337461
USDG2ffrost MasterclassAdult (f)3,0308442
JB06Cffrost ThunderkinAdult (f)4,5987120
UBTLIffrost Woods CreatureAdult (f)3,9886392
WMaiO(WMaiO)Adult (f)4,8836852
42iBM(42iBM)Adult (m)3,8677572
stpjz(stpjz)Adult (m)4,5656282
lVfq9(lVfq9)Adult (m)4,2256820
hPuIR(hPuIR)Adult (f)4,1135712
SL76tffrost Freckled Frenzy BansheeAdult (f)5,1148453
UaxRzffrost A Paler SortAdult (m)4,0716750
Og3umffrost Sketch ArtistAdult (f)3,4185912
emPTJffrost Pied BeautyAdult (m)3,9518161
42a32(42a32)Adult (f)4,1676093
6o6ZM(6o6ZM)Adult (m)4,4498110
ZtePtffrost Red Ivory TusksAdult (m)3,5546122
uGYuOffrost GlasscutterAdult (f)3,2995601
8N15f(8N15f)Adult (f)3,0065001
PRIoeRhion TargaryenAdult (m)3,7814633
t5ZJCffrost Didn't See it ComingAdult (m)3,2936572
4augfffrost Gold Fringe SuitAdult (m)4,1666111
e1uxMMaraena TargaryenAdult (f)3,9176802
UAnfoVayenna TargaryenAdult (f)3,5645703
JtkDM(JtkDM)Adult (m)3,5875832
JZEJaffrost Tiger Blue Tiger BlueAdult (m)3,1296251
aEFHA(aEFHA)Adult (f)3,7655021
lW9iq(lW9iq)Adult (m)3,8627024
XtjzZ(XtjzZ)Adult (m)3,0514842
z1w46ffrost Sunset off the CoastAdult (m)3,3196142
zCnN3ffrost Sun GloryAdult (f)3,4676141
3LRdd(3LRdd)Adult (m)4,6836561
dBiTE(dBiTE)Adult (m)3,9675511
pkMlO(pkMlO)Adult (f)4,5916932
D5ZZi(D5ZZi)Adult (f)3,6845211
fUgDo(fUgDo)Adult (f)3,8445151
d31Qffrost Poseidon in the SeaAdult (m)1,0615694
MT3uffrost Neptune's FamiliarAdult (m)1,0746545
wzLvsffrost Bouncing on a WaveAdult (f)2,8835553
iDIJMffrost Swoop-ditty-scoopAdult (m)5,0927631
qqJRtffrost Rising Crest Over WaterAdult (f)2,4057086
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